Interbike International Bicycle Expo
Las Vegas, USA, Sept 29 - Oct 3, 2001
Light Titanium: Litespeed employed the scales to demonstrate the weight of its new Ghisallo sloping top tube model. Herbert Krabel from Litespeed said the Ghisallo frame weighed less than two pounds, but was also guaranteed for life. The model on the scales at Interbike weighed in at 6.536 kilograms, and Krabel said a pair of standard clincher-style wheels would tip it over 6.8kg, maiking it a legal race bike. This bike featured the Sydney model wheelset from Lew Composites. Expect to see the bikes from this Chattanooga, Tennessee firm in use by the Division 1 Lotto Adecco squad next year.
Photo ©: Gerard Knapp/Cyclingnews

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