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Rutgers Gardens Criterium

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, March 2, 2003

Princeton, Boston College take wins at Rutgers Gardens Criterium

By Mark Abramson

Princeton University and Boston College scored respective Division 1 and 2 collegiate team victories at the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) season opener hosted by Rutgers University on March 2, 2003. As they pull into the lead of the season- long ECCC points standings, both teams have made a bold statement to their competition.

After a weather-related cancellation of March 1st's circuit race, the Rutgers team worked throughout the night to prepare the course for Sunday's criterium. The closed course on the beautiful grounds of the Rutgers Botanical Gardens featured several technical corners, long straight-aways, and a fast, flat sprint finish.

With an incredible 176 competitors despite the absence of several large teams following Saturday's race cancellation, the ECCC season looks to be heating up early. Many first-time racers took to the road for the Men D, Men C, and Women B events. As these fields raced around the rain-soaked course, many riders gained valuable race experience and improved their bike handling skills.

The Men's B event saw a number of moves launch off the front of the tightly stacked field. Boston College riders Torey Walsh and Jonathan Keephart rode visibly at the front for much of the race, covering attacks and controlling the field. In the final field sprint, they managed to net second and fourth places to gain many critical points for their school.

The Women's A event was wide open after the graduation of a number of stars from the 2002 season, and the field wasted no time in sorting out the who's who of the lead group. The front group of four was created after Harvard team tactics set up Amy Kerdok (Harvard) for a blistering attack. Marissa Kellogg (Yale), Emily O'Brien (Boston University), and Rutgers' own Julia Kameron were the only ones to follow as Harvard and Rutgers both controlled the pace back in the field. Despite many attempts for riders to bridge across to the front of the race, the tactics in the field proved insurmountable. As the leaders set up for the finish, it was sprinter Kellogg clearly taking top honors and the first Women's A ECCC Leader's Jersey.

The Men's A start line saw a number of competitors sizing up their competition, wondering if all those hours on the trainer this winter would stack up to a victory. The searing pace immediately strung out the field as Princeton took turns at the front setting up their riders for a break. The move finally went when the aggressor David Berryman (UMass) seized the reins and went clear with Bobby Lea (Penn State), Waclaw Godycki (Columbia), and Princeton riders Tyler Wren and Peter Peumans. A crash created an opportunity for Lea and Godycki to move clear of their breakaway companions and they worked together to lap the field. In the final sprint, it was the trackie Lea edging out Godycki to take the victory and the Men's A ECCC Leader's Jersey.

In addition to the incredible racing happening over the course of the day, many competitors enjoyed the company of their conference friends. As the event wound to a close, race co-promoter Simon Koster remarked, "It's been raining all day, the temperature is in the 40's, and everyone is having a great time."

The Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) includes colleges in Delaware, New England, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. As they compete from early March through April, ECCC teams vie for the top of the season-long team points standings, Collegiate Nationals qualification team spots, and the Ivy League trophy. The inexpensive races feature team-oriented bicycle racing for all abilities with team pride, glory, and honor as the only prize list.


Overall Team Results
1 Princeton                           368 pts
2 Harvard                             192
3 Penn State                          170
4 Columbia                            133
5 Rutgers                             125
6 BU                                  115
7 UNH                                 111
8 BC                                   93
9 UPenn                                91
10 USMA                                90
11 Yale                                89
12 UMass                               68
13 Bates                               36
14 Bucknell                            35
15 Tompkins Cortland                   31
16 Wesleyan                            29
17 MIT                                 22
18 Wentworth IT                         7
19 Cornell                              7
20 Maryland                             5
21 Drexel                               5
22 Tufts                                1
Men A - 31 Starters
1 Bobby Lea (Penn State)               70 pts
2 Waclaw Godycki (Columbia)            64
3 Tyler Wren (Princeton)               58
4 David Berryman (UMass)               52
5 Peter Peumans (Princeton)            46
6 Alistair Sponsel (Princeton)         41
7 Nate Rogers (Bates)                  36
8 Scott Rickard (Princeton)            31
9 Ben Turits (Bucknell)                27
10 Joe Whitman (Penn State)            23
11 John Turbeville (USMA)              19
12 Orion Berryman (UNH)                15
13 Ben Ollett (Rutgers)                12
14 Patrick Hourihane (UNH)              9
15 Elliot Holland (Princeton)           7
16 Brian Carolan (Columbia)             5
17 Jason Houck (Princeton)              4
18 Corey Piscopo (UNH)                  3
19 Nick Hight-Huf (UNH)                 2
20 Jay Ku (Harvard)                     1
DNF Jason Sears (MIT)
Women A - 11 Starters
1 Marissa Kellogg (Yale)               70 pts
2 Emily O'Brien (BU)                   64
3 Amy Kerdok (Harvard)                 58
4 Julia Kameron (Rutgers)              52
5 Lori Romero (Rutgers)                46
6 Catherine Dudley (UNH)               41
7 Kim Rothman (Harvard)                36
8 Michelle Arnold (USMA)               31
9 Ilana Brito (Harvard)                27
10 Kristina Scott (UNH)                23
Men B - 36 Starters
1 Scott Gregory (UPenn)                41 pts
2 Torey Walsh (BC)                     35
3 Brian Donato (Tompkins Cortland)     31
4 Jonathan Keephart (BC)               27
5 Chris Akana (Harvard)                23
6 Jeffrey Kralik (UPenn)               18
7 Frank Zgoda (Penn State)             15
8 Corey Lev (Penn State)               13
9 Ben Holskin (Princeton)              11
10 Bradley Gates (USMA)                 9
11 Shane Mulrooney (Wentworth IT)       7
12 Erik Fetterman (Maryland)            5
13 Louis Devlin (Penn State)            3
14 Leonard Christo (BU)                 2
15 Justin Finn (UMass)                  1
16 Jonah Tower (Columbia)
17 Alvin Nordell (UMass)
18 Michael Angel (Penn State)
19 Nicholas Bennette (BU)
20 Nicolas Maier (Yale)
21 Jeffrey Garnett (UNH)
22 Aaron Oakes (UMass)
23 Jeremy Davis-Turak (Princeton)
24 Brian Keegan (UNH)
25 Asher Rolfe (Wesleyan)
26 Jordan Kahlerberg (Penn State)
Women B - 26 Starters
1 Laura Stark (Princeton)              41 pts
2 Kate Gracheck (BU)                   35
3 Michelle Hammat (Princeton)          31
4 Claire Lutgendorf (Wesleyan)         27
5 Elizabeth Ashley (Harvard)           23
6 Lindsey Melki (USMA)                 18
7 Jessica Schenk (Columbia)            15
8 Blair Elefant (Columbia)             13
9 Catherine Tuglus (Columbia)          11
10 Elizabeth Burke (Columbia)           9
11 Amy Todd (Cornell)                   7
12 Annalise Paaby (UPenn)               5
13 Jean Ryoo (Harvard)                  3
14 Emilie Weed (UNH)                    2
15 Erin Luckhardt (UNH)                 1
16 Sarah Charlesworth (UPenn)
17 Paige Atkinson (Yale)
18 Kimberly Yee (Yale)
19 Amanda Alexander (Princeton)
20 Vanessa Portra (BU)
21 Christine Lemerise (BU)
22 Lauren Sanders (USMA)
23 Janine Pierce (MIT)
24 Kate Swearengen (Princeton)
DNF Laura McGinnis (USMA)
DNF Caitlin Bever (MIT)
Men C - 41 Starters
1 Guy Bresler (Princeton)              22 pts
2 Adrian Gerrits (UPenn)               16
3 Stan Jurga (MIT)                     13
4 Marc Verdiel (Princeton)             10
5 Mark Parrett (Princeton)              9
6 Ted Blyth (USMA)                      8
7 Adam Swank (Bucknell)                 6
8 Simon Koster (Rutgers)                5
9 Julius Chen (Princeton)               4
10 Adam Joelsson (Penn State)           3
11 Charn McAllister (USMA)              2
12 Paul Novosad (Harvard)               1
13 Jason Halaby (Harvard)
14 Erik da Silva (Drexel)
15 Timothy Holland (USMA)
16 Joseph Kopena (Drexel)
17 Michael Fragleasso (UNH)
18 Joe Wassif (Penn State)
19 James Devlin (UPenn)
20 Kieran Culligan (MIT)
21 Sam Dangremond (Tufts)
22 James Gronek (Tufts)
23 Chris Apostolides (Maryland)
24 Matt Brischetto (Harvard)
25 Brad Tisdahl (Colgate)
26 Marc DeBergh (BU)
27 Jordyn Drayton (Penn State)
28 Eric Diamond (Yale)
29 Chris Wynnyk (Princeton)
30 John Genovese (BU)
31 Ken Stokes (UNH)
32 Joshua Moraczewski (Columbia)
33 Michael Hardin (Maryland)
34 Laxmikant Joshi (Columbia)
35 Noah Schwartz (UPenn)
36 Bryan Hains (Yale)
37 Adlar Su (BU)
38 Alexander Yip (MIT)
Men D - 31 Starters
1 Benjamin Carbonetti (UNH)            12 pts
2 Evan Fader (Penn State)               9
3 Justin Wagner (Penn State)            7
4 Zachary Dennett (Yale)                6
5 Michael Zajac (Drexel)                5
6 Gregory Lorenzo (BC)                  4
7 Mike Grafstein (UNH)                  3
8 Joseph Davis (Rutgers)                2
9 Gregory Bonci (Tufts)                 1
10 Kenneth Freije (Yale)
11 Kelson Danielson (UNH)
12 Michael Repka (Columbia)
13 Matthew Schultz (Penn State)
14 Jonathan Sherman-Presser (Yale)
15 Eric Hollingsworth (Columbia)
16 John Cawthorne (Penn State)
17 Jamie Wong (Harvard)
18 David Matlin (Penn State)
19 Brent Durand (Penn State)
20 John St. Onge (UNH)
21 Frank Passero (UPenn)
22 Kevin Grigorenko (Penn State)
23 Razmig Boladian (Harvard)
24 Eugene Gurhoff (Harvard)
Courtesy of PEP Results 

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