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Green Valley Grand Prix #1

New Braunfels, Texas, January 26, 2003

Home-cooking for Cody

By Robert Kane

JT Cody, racing on familiar roads, gave the newly-formed San Antonio-based Team Solar Eclipse their first victory at the inaugural edition of the Green Valley Grand Prix. The Pro-1-2-3 race was contested over seven laps of an 8.5 mile circuit northeast of San Antonio. The racers were greeted with wet roads, 15-20 mph winds and temperatures not too much above freezing.

The race was marred by a huge first-lap wreck on a fast, winding tailwind section. Suffering worst from the pile-up was Specialized rider Geoff Godsey who broke his wrist. A number of other riders saw their frames - including two of the three Trek/VW riders in attendance - destroyed in the carnage.

After a lap of the race, between the wreck and the feverish pace through the crosswind and headwind sections, the main field had been halved. Fortunately, the second lap was less eventful. However, at the end of the second lap, three riders - James Corletta (Quattro Assi), Justin Green (Pfizer), and Randy Eller (Team FDM) - escaped on the finishing climb. Over the next lap, the three escapees managed to extend their lead to 90 seconds. Later in the lap a two-person chase group of Cody and Brent Turner (Texas Flyers) rolled off the front of the decimated 20-rider peloton. A promising bridge attempt by Tom Bain (Matrix), Chris Lutz (Team Diabetic), Will Ross (Quattro Assi), and Dan Opdyke was neutralized by the officials for a yellow-line violation. As the four returned to the main group, Cody and Turner were able to sneak out of sight.

Up front, Green was at the end of his rope and had to bid adieu to his breakaway companions. Meanwhile, Turner and Cody were in full pursuit mode, some 45 seconds behind the now two leaders. Another minute back was the ever-dwindling main field with perhaps 15 riders.

On lap 5, the two groups merged up front leaving four at the head of affairs - Cody, Turner, Corletta, and Eller. Corletta began to sit on, leaving the work to the other three. Behind, the field continued to shrink and Lutz decided to venture out on his own.

The penultimate lap saw no real changes up front. Lutz was still in between the two groups. The field now consisted of about 10 riders, who were too busy attacking one another to mount a concerted chase.

On the last lap, Corletta started to suffer cramps and was ultimately dropped before the finish, leaving three up front who continued to share the work until the last kilometer when the games began. Cody got stuck leading out into the headwind but he still had enough gas to hold off Turner and Eller. Corletta, who had recovered slightly over the last mile or so and nearly caught the leaders in the last kilometer, rolled in a few seconds adrift. In fifth, Lutz was able to hold off the pursuit from the remnants of the field.


1 JT Cody (Team Solar Eclipse)
2 Brent Turner (Texas Flyers)
3 Randy Eller (Team FDM)
4 James Corletta (Peloton Racing Org.)
5 Christopher Lutz (Team Diabetic)
6 Tom Bain (Matrix Cycling Club)
7 Daniel Opdyke (Unattached)
8 Brian Goins (HHH/MSU)
9 Scott Kasin (Team Bunnzoni)
10 Scott Veggeberg (Violet Crown Sports Assoc)
11 Troy Dunton (United Youth Sports Inc.)
12 William Ross (Unattached)
13 Jason Davis (Team FDM)
14 Mike McEnaney (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
15 Michael Olstad (Velocity)
16 Ken Pittaway (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
17 Steen Rose (Frisco Cycling Club)
18 Jay Cobb (Team Diabetic)
19 Barry Lee (Unattached)
20 Christian Williams (Texas Flyers)
DQ Michael Nelson (Gulf Coast Cycling Association)
DNF Kelly Brown (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
DNF Edgar Ibarra (Mirage)
DNF Eric Burkhart (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
DNF Burke David (Texas Flyers)
DNF John Reed (Unattached)
DNF William Short (Trek/VW/Richardson Bike Mart)
DNF David Layfield (Texas Flyers)
DNF Leo Frayre (Trek/VW/Richardson Bike Mart)
DNF Bret Crosby (Unattached)
DNF Russell Carr (United Youth Sports Inc.)
DNF David Bradfield (Lone Star Racing Team)
DNF Christopher Watson (Lone Star Racing Team)
DNF Phil Nava (Team Diabetic)
DNF Arvana Jarrard (Team FDM)
DNF Eric Jordan (Lone Star Racing Team)
DNF Chad Christian (Team OFF! Repellents)
DNF Brenten Sawyer (Polycom Racing)
DNF Mark Dearing (Alkek Velodrome Racing Assoc.)
DNF Nathan Phillips (Team Diabetic)
DNF Eduardo Flores (Unattached)
DNF Juan Ramirez (Alamo Bike Club, Inc)
DNF Nathan Miller (United Youth Sports Inc.)
DNF Andrew Beres (South Texas Area Racing)
DNF W. Shawn Harris (HHH/MSU)
DNF Will Black (Lone Star Racing Team)
DNF Randall Leedy (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
DNF Joel Grimmett (Quannah Racing)
DNF Geoff Godsey (Specialized)
DNF Justin Green (Lippert Sports Cycling)
DNF Michael Molak (Team Diabetic)
DNF Michael Springborn (Peoria Bicycle Club)
DNF Chris Aarhus (Solar)
DNF Robert Kane (Ambush Racing)
Cat 4
1 Kevin Callaway (Woodlands Cycling Club, The)
2 Thomas Hallock (U of Texas Cycling Club)
3 Jeffrey Townes (Mirage)
4 David James (REI Austin Cycling Team)
5 Freddy Brito (Texas Lone Star Racing)
6 Jay Burton (Ride Away Cycling Club)
7 Jason Henry (Jack Johnston Bicycles)
8 Trey McNabb (Ciclismo SA)
9 Stacy O'Halloran (Texas Lone Star Racing)
10 Christopher Crane (Woodlands Cycling Club, The)
11 Jeff Campbell (Solar Eclipse)
12 John Hobbs (Action Bikes)
13 Doug Foxworth (Unattached)
14 Roberto Ochoa (Lone Star Racing Team)
15 Bradley Gunter (Gulf Coast Cycling Association {GCCA})
16 Jeff Park (Joes Pro Bike)
17 John Bentley (Team Diabetic)
18 Charles Batey (Unattached)
19 Hector Hernandez (REI Austin Cycling Team)
20 Michael Shaddock (Southwest Cycling Club)
21 Ted Nitka (REI Austin Cycling Team)
22 Joey Machado (United Youth Sports Inc.)
23 Richard McCrocklin (Matrix Cycling Club)
DNF David Kay (Unattached)
DNF Nicholas LaBarba (Mirage)
DNF Eugenio Lugo (Unattached)
DNF Kevin Lynch (Woodlands Cycling Club, The)
DNF Richard Wharton (Mirage)
DNF Nick Schilling (Team Hot Links)
DNF Kevin Yeh (United Youth Sports Inc.)
DNF Julian Ibarra (Texas Lone Star Racing)
DNF Sean Ahmadi (Unattached)
Cat 5
1 Brad Christianson (Bicycle Heaven)
2 Kevin Holubar (Wheels in Motion/Cannondale)
3 Jeffrey Smith (Unattached)
4 Sergio Angulo (
5 Mason Quintana (
6 Robert Betchel (Team Diabetic)
7 Kyle Poole (Hammerhead Bikes)
8 Jordan Jalbert (Texas Flyers)
9 Ryan Dionne (Gulf Coast Cycling Association {GCCA})
10 Steve Waters (Texas Flyers)
11 Paul Ray (Texas Flyers)
12 John Farugia (Unattached)
13 Chris Armstrong (
14 Freddy Moore (Texas Flyers)
15 Dan Baker (Austin Tri-Cyclist)
16 Brad Limmer (Team Diabetic)
17 Chris Waller (Unattached)
18 Tobin Behling (Texas Flyers)
19 Robert Sprague (Unattached)
20 Ashton Prejean (United Youth Sports/Bicycle Sports Shop {UYS})
21 Lee Barton (Unattached)
22 Thomas McMinn (Violet Crown Sports Assoc)
23 Travis Enmon (Team Diabetic)
24 Jason Moore (Team Diabetic)
25 Jeffrey Caudle (Unattached)
26 Randy Posey (Unattached)
27 Brett Mueller (Team Diabetic)
28 Preston Payton (Unattached)
29 Jeb Lock (Unattached)
31 Matt Widzer (Unattached)
32 Oscar Romero (Wolf Pack Bicycle Club Inc)
33 Michael Morgovnik (Unattached)
34 Joe Warner (Unattached)
35 Carlos Moreno (Wolf Pack Bicycle Club Inc)
36 Michael Shirk (Unattached)
37 David Shaw (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
38 Jorge Villasenor (Texas Lone Star Racing)
39 Edwin Braun (Ciclismo Sportivo Ardagna)
40 John Pearson (Unattached)
41 Everett Garcia (Bicycle Heaven)
42 Randall Kemper (Unattached)
DNF Lazaro Adame (Unattached)
DNF Hicham Badawi (Unattached)
DNF Aaron Bolin (First Colony Racing {Southwest Cycling Club})
DNF Clint Buss (Gulf Coast Cycling Association {GCCA})
DNF Matthew Delisa (
DNF Stephen Keithley (Unattached)
DNF Ray Monroy (
DNF Thomas Moon (Unattached)
DNF Lawrence Ocampo (First Colony Racing {Southwest Cycling Club})
DNF Thomas Pittman (Unattached)
DNF Ben Sadler (Unattached)
DNF Kris Sanders (Team Diabetic)
DNF C.J. Stafford (Wheels & Fitness in Motion Cycling Team)
DNF Kurt Weisinger (Southern Elite)
DNF Robert Thorn (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
DNF Eric Novaez (
DNF Robert Ramirez (Unattached)
1 Wes Weissgarber (Bicycle Heaven Racing Club(BHRC))
2 Adam Portmann (Team Hotlinks)
3 Luke Weissgarber (Bicycle Heaven Racing Club(BHRC))
4 Jordan Hester (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
5 Francisco Castro (United Youth Sports Inc.)
6 Nick Styler (Unattached)
7 Isreal Surita (United Youth Sports/Bicycle Sports Shop {UYS})
8 Ruben Castillo (United Youth Sports/Bicycle Sports Shop {UYS})
DNF Juan Abeta (Unattached)
1 Deborah Randall (Texas Flyers)
2 Jennifer Willhite (Team Diabetic)
3 Lezlie Smith (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
4 Teresa Edwards (Team Diabetic)
5 Susan Jensen (First Colony Racing {Southwest Cycling Club})
6 Betty Schaefer (Peloton Racing Org.)
7 Sarah Wasmund (Unattached)
8 Lisa Shaw (Permian Basin Bicycle Assoc)
Masters 30+
1 William Short (Trek/VW/Richardson Bike Mart)
2 Brett Crosby (Unattached)
3 Tom Lattig (Mirage)
4 Jorge Merle (Unattached)
5 Daniel Joder (Ciclismo SA)
6 Peter Staneland (Matrix Cycling Club)
7 Russell Carr (United Youth Sports Inc.)
8 Jay Cobb (Team Diabetic)
9 Daniel Lazarine (Ciclismo SA)
10 Michael Olstad (Velocity)
11 John Bratton (Matrix Cycling Club)
12 John Eder (Mirage)
13 Steve Elliott (Ciclismo SA)
14 Marco Chalaby (Team Diabetic)
15 Jesus Cruz (Texas Cyclone Racing)
16 James Karthauser (Violet Crown Sports Assoc)
17 Kenneth Lloyd (Texas Cyclone Racing)
DNF R Blair Jones (Action Bikes)
DNF Martin Roesch (Arnie's Doors Cycling Team)
DNF Jay Swann (Peloton Racing Org.)
DNF Joseph Patronite (Mirage)
DNF David McIver (Bicycle Heaven Racing Club(BHRC))
DNF Phillip Sladek (Velocity)

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