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Results and Reports for May 4-5, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Jiminy Peak Road Race

Hancock, MA, May 4, 2002

The one that got away

Women's race insider's report by Helen Kelly, Team Verizon

The Jiminy Peak Road Race, in Lanesborough, Massachusetts, is dedicated to the memory of a promising young rider, Shaun Thornton who tragically lost his life at the age of 22. The top five place getters, in conjunction with their prize money, were presented with memorial mugs in his honour.

A field of 75 women lined the start at 11.30am in the car park of the Jiminy Peak ski fields. The course was undulating, windy in sections, with a gradual big ring climb at the 22km mark while the last 1.5km up to the finish had a steeper climb up that flattened in the middle and then kicked up to the top.

We had an impressive Verizon-Wireless Cervelo presence with 14 riders including Erinne Willock, Hiroko Shimado, Petra Ford, Julia Farell, Ann Marie Miller, Julie Monagle, Dawn Richardson, Karen Nash, Kathleen Shaw, Brenda Nevins, Yvonne Ilton, Pam Alessio, Amanda See, and myself.

Our plan was to have a continuation of Verizon-Wireless Cervelo girls going off the front to demonstrate aggression, but to also try and break things up and soften the other riders' legs a little. I shadowed Laura Van Gilder (Trek), wanting to get in a break with her if she attacked. Julie Monagle, Julia Farell, Ann Marie Miller and Petra Ford did a lot of work in this lap, and were often left dangling 100m off the front fighting a vicious headwind. Notwithstanding their efforts, the peloton stayed together on the first lap with all breaks being shut down.

Erinne attacked midway into the second lap and with one other rider, quickly got a sizeable gap. A number of Verizon-Wireless Cervelo girls moved to the front to try and slow the peloton down for her. Laura set a steady pace up the climb to the finish on the second lap and Petra and I were stuck to her wheel. Petra just lost contact near the top and sat up expecting the peloton to roll around her. However, we had put a 50m gap into the field on the climb and so six of us snuck away down the hill while Petra drifted back into the peloton to control the tempo and minimise further breaks.

We had Erinne up the road on her own (as she had dropped the other girl early on), so Ann Marie and I were not going to do any work in the break. We sat on for a free ride while Laura Van Gilder (Trek Plus), Louise Barriss and Catherine Bearce (CCB International), and Catherine Powers (Terry Precision) worked hard, and yelled at us but to no avail. As soon as we caught Erinne, with about 25km to go, we all started rolling turns to put time into the peloton.

The peloton was not in sight and we were working hard, so we knew our chances of being caught by them were slim. I wanted to avoid an uphill sprint, so shortly after the gradual climb at the 82km mark, I dropped off the back of our break, waited until Laura had just rolled her turn and then attacked into a flat headwind section. I caught them all by surprise and they didn't react. I then set out on a 6km threshold time trial to the finish. I didn't hold anything back and soon my lungs and legs were screaming. I rounded the final corner with only the 1.5km hill to go and prayed I would be able to hang on. I hit the first part of the hill and grimaced with pain. I felt like I was getting no-where but still had a 15sec gap on them. My breathing was really laboured.

I overtook 3 guys who were also racing on the course who yelled encouragement to me. I tried to increase my speed through the flat midsection and then looked up to the remaining 600m to the finish. I looked back and I could see the break behind the guys I had just passed. With only 20m to go, I looked back over my right shoulder one final time (big mistake) and heard someone scream "Go Laura". Laura had broken clear of the break, came sprinting up on my left side and edged over the line in front of me.

I hung my head in disappointment as I rolled across the line. We had all ridden so well and my solo attempt at the end was the right move, but I had looked back at the wrong moment, instead of throwing everything towards the line, and perhaps that look had cost me the victory. However, I don't want to take any credit away from Laura who is a really strong and experienced rider and who rode an intelligent race.

Verizon-Wireless Cervelo ended up with four girls in the top 10 so a fantastic job to all who helped us have another successful race.


Men Pro/1/2 130 Starters 150km
1 Matthew Svatek (Cannondale/Wheelworks)                      3.34.00
2 Nat Faulkner (Kissena)
3 Oscar Pineda (7Up/Nutra-Fig)
4 Michael Mueller (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
5 Mike Jones (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
6 Oliver Stiler-Cote (Saturn Development)
7 Marc Lanoue (Bca/Tosk Chiropractic)
8 Tyler Wren (Fuji T.E.A.M.)
9 Jonathan Husk (Skirack/Necsa/Coyote Hill/Fly Cycles)
10 Greg Wolf
11 Peter Brennan (Trek/VW Goodales East Coast Factory Team)
12 Seth Hosmer (NHCC/Team NH)
13 Scott Plante (Trek VW East Coast Factory Team)
14 Kurt Hackler (CCB/Volkswagen)
15 Ian Mcleran (Stage1 Cycling)
16 Matt Hawkins (Kissena Sports Club)
17 Bret Williamson (Hawley/Racksmith.Com)
18 Christopher Benoit (Essex County Velo)
19 Josh Anthony (Saturn Development Cycling Team)
20 Fabio Piergentili (Trek-Volkswagen Ecfrt)
21 Chris Samuel (Team Express)
22 Lawrence Perera (CCB/VW)
23 Gilbert Martin (Team Volkswagen Trek (Canada))
24 Ian Beilby (Green Mountain Bicycle Club)
25 Bruno Langlois (Team Volkswagen Trek (Canada))
26 Mukunda Feldman (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
27 Stephen Badger (Remax/CRCA)
28 Eric Fleming (Pro Cycles-Giant)
29 Matthew Okeefe (Atabike.Com/Giantbicycles)
30 Adam Garlapow (Shickluna)
31 Allen Horton (Pro Cycles/Giant)
32 Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development Cycling Team)
33 Roger Aspholm (Thinkracing)
34 Alec Donahue (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
35 Michael Rosenhaus (Northeastern Hardware/Central Jersey CT)
36 Alex Weil (Kissena)
37 Michael Norton (Mike Frayse'S Sports Resort)
38 David Sommerville (CRCA Think Racing)
39 Chris Peck (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
40 Will Letendre (Boston Road Club)
41 Juan Pineda (7Up Nutra Fig)
42 Michael Dietrich (Fuji/Upmc)
43 Aaron Applebaum (Bca/Tosk)
44 Inson Wood (Ecaps/CRCA)
45 Mariusz Brinken (Kissena Sports)
46 Charles Issendorf (GS Mengoni)
47 J P Partland (Kissena)
48 Alexandre Lavallee (Team Volkswagen Trek (Canada))
49 Shawn Mccormack (Trek/Volkswagen/Goodale'S)
50 Justin Lillie (Trek Volkswagen East Coast)
51 Craig Upton (CRCA/Thinkracing)
52 Todd Bowden (Cvc - Pig Iron)
53 Eneas Freyre (Kissena)
54 Robert Bailey (Hawley-Racksmith.Com)
55 Keith Miller (Kissena Sports)
56 Ben Stafford (Kissena Sports)
57 Jean Paul Desrosiers Jr (Hawley-Racksmith.Com)
58 Daniel Opdyke
59 Jon Hamblen (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
60 Martin St-Laurent (Team Volkswagen Trek (Canada))
61 Joshua Gewirtz (Necsa Umpc Fuji)
62 Wade Summers (Webevent.Com / HVVC)
63 Donny Mills (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
64 Shawn Milne (Wheelworks\Cannondale\Srt)
65 Ryan Pinkham (G.S. Mengoni USA)
66 Chris Sacramone (Procycles/Giant)
67 Doug Gowen (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
68 Sean Mannion (CRCA/Think Racing)
69 Matt Loftus (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
70 Marc Bertucco (Athletes By Design)
71 F. Mitchell "Skip" Foley (Trek Racing Team)
72 Jacob Proctor (Harvard University Cycling)
73 Adam Hodges Myerson (GS Mengoni USA)                          8.36
74 George Suter (CRCA/Think Racing)
75 Johannes Huseby (CCB/VW)
76 Eugene A. Boronow (Century- SBCG)
77 Jerald Yu (Team Express/Pro Pedals Bike Shop)
78 Jonathan Lowenstein (Arc En Ceil)
Women 1/2/3, 75 Starters, 90km
1 Laura Van Gilder (Trek Plus)                                2.25.45
2 Helen Kelly (Verizon Wireless-Cervelo)
3 Ann Marie Miller (Verizon)
4 Louise Barriss (CCB Volkswagen)
5 Erinne Willock (Verizon Wireless - Cervelo)
6 Catherine Bearce (CCB International)
7 Catherine Powers (Terry)
8 Sophie St-Jacques (Trek Plus Women'S Cycling Team)
9 Andrea Cox (CCB/Volkswagen)
10 Petra Ford (Verizon Wireless/Cervelo)
11 Amanda Lawrence (Yale University)
12 Sarah Foulkes (NHCC)
13 Penny Buchar (Webevent.Com/HVVC)
14 Susan Del Pino (Corner Cycle Racing Team)
15 Sarah Uhl (Wheelworks/IF/Dansko)
16 Elizabeth Renaud (CRCA/Women'S Sports & Fitness)
17 Heather Peck (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
18 Sharon Harvell (NHCC)
19 Sara Barker (Webevent.Com/HVVC)
20 Brenda Bahnson (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
21 Zoe Owers (Middlebury College// New Hampshire Cycling Club3)
22 Michele Smith (3)
23 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks/Srp)
24 Brenda Nevins (Verizon Wireless - Cervelo)
25 Leslie Ludtke (New Hampshire Cycling Club/Team NH)
26 Hiroko Shimada (Verizon Wireless-Cervelo)
27 Kerry Litka (NHCC/Team New Hampshire)
28 Caryl Gale (San Diego Cyclo Vets)
29 Shelley Reynolds (HVVC/Webevent)
30 Laura Schmidt (Terry Precision)
31 Lisa Jellett (CTS/Cranford Bike Club)
32 Rosemary Coleman (Terry Precision)
33 Brooke O Connor (Nebc/Cycle Loft)
34 Kathryn Roszko (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
35 Janet Proctor (Sunapee/Banagans)
36 Elisa Gagnon (Trek Plus Women'S Team)
37 Julie Walsh (Rlx Polo Sport)
38 Becky Sox (Dansko Wheelworks/IF)
39 Katrina Davis (Trek Plus)
40 Lisa Maxwell (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
41 Aubin Sullivan (CRCA-SBCG)
42 Sarah Sauvayre (CRCA/Womens Sports And Fitnes-Setanta)
43 Julia Farell (Vzw-Cervelo Cycling Team)
44 Robin Gilmore-Barnes (CCB/Volkswagen)
45 Cassandra White (Nebc)
46 Katheryn Curi (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
47 Yvonne Ilton (Verizon Wireless-Cervelo)
48 Susan Maclean (Bob)
49 Lenore Imhof (CTS / Cranfo2)
50 Amanda See (Verizon Wireless - Cervelo)
51 Kristi Roberts (CRCA/Women'S Sports & Fitness-Setanta)
52 Jessica Truslow (Northeast Bicycle Club)
53 Dawn Richardson (Bam/Komen)
54 Elizabeth Lefavour (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
55 Karen Nash (Verizon Wireless - Cervelo)
56 Jenny Olbrich (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
57 Robin Shea (Eect)
58 Veronica Jennings (CTS/Velocity)
59 Nina La Rosa (Invensys/Gmbc)
60 Kathleen Shaw (Verizon Wireless - Cervelo)
61 Christa Jeavons (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
62 Pam Alessio (Verizon Wireless - Cervelo)
63 Janet Lussier (Gmbc Invensys)
64 Michelle Kersbergen (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
65 Julie Monagle (Verizon Wireless-Cervelo)
66 Michele Smith (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
67 Kira Krenichyn (CRCA-Axis)
Men 3, 135 Starters, 90km
1 Ralph Hassard (Axis/Century)                                2.12.53
2 Lee Rosenthal (Soho Capital)
3 Isaac St. Martin (New Hampshire Cycling Club)
4 Waclaw Godycki (CRCA/Kaplan)
5 Elliot Holland (Princeton University Cycling)
6 James Mcdade (CRCA/Kaplan)
7 Daniel Staffo (Handlebars Cycling Co.)
8 Karl Strauss (Capital Velo Club)
9 David Hobson (Procycles/Giant)
10 Gregg Galletta
11 Michael Cody (Uvm/Necsa)
12 Jeffrey Fisher (Rainbow Bikes / Mcc)
13 Ian Mensher (Wesleyan University Cycling Club)
14 Benjamin Peters (Necsa)
15 Alec Stall (University Of Vermont)
16 Luke Braun (Miya Shoji)
17 John Bayley (Northeast Bicycle Club/Cycleloft)
18 Craig Kennedy (Eastern Bloc Cycling Club)
19 Curtis Boivin (Providence Velo Club)
20 John Caruso (Carl Hart/Gbsc)
21 Robert Campos
22 Marc Mauceri (CRCA-Axis/Furniture Co.)
23 Jorge Ortiz (Tarrytown Cycles Club)
24 Justin Medeiros (Afd)
25 Erik Schmidt (Onondaga Cycling Club)
26 Gregg Loprete (Colavita/Mbs)
27 Eugene Ruiter (Trek/VW Goodales)
28 Jason Elfenbein (CRCA Metro Sanchez)
29 Conor Coffey (CCB/Volkswagon)
30 Christopher Raymond (Team Bike Alley)
31 Carlos Restrepo (Tarrytown Cyclery)
32 Sal Abbruzzese (Moneygram/CRCA)
33 Sam Morse (Mass Bay Road Club)
34 Gary La Sala (Montclair Cyclist)
35 Greg Montello (Essex County Velo)
36 Kevin Joyce (Montclair Cyclists)
37 Ed Norris (Northeast Bicycle Club/Cycle Loft)
38 Anthony Canger (CRCA/Miya Shoji)
39 Richard Battaglia (Southern Maine Cc)
40 Paul Rhodes (Ciclismo Sportivo Ardagna)
41 Ryan Larocque (Team Bike Alley)
42 Marc Risigo (Stage 1 Cycling)
43 Alan Buday (Unattached)
44 Mickey Denoncourt (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
45 Shepherd Myers (Finger Lakes Cycling Club)
46 Gregory Bartick (Tokeneke Road Club)
47 Michael Spangenberg (Bca/Tosk)
48 Sean Marvel (Axis/CRCA)
49 Tim Huneck (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
50 Steven Burget (Shickluna/Bbc)
51 George Fisk (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
52 Pete Martel (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
53 Rich Hollenbeck (Necsa/Fraysee'S Sport Resort)
54 Jomathan Bruno (B2C/Comunity)
55 Tom Giordano (Nebc/Cycle Loft)
56 Nathan Rice (Catamount Cycling Club)
57 Paul Carbonara (Century Road Club /SBCG)
58 Nate Simms (Bca/Tosk)
59 Dan Cherkis (Necsa)
60 Tom Ziermann (Gbsc/Carl Hart/Festo)
61 Diego Atehortua (Tarrytown Cycle C)
62 David Sandifer (Capital Velo Club- Pig Iron Sports)
63 John Foley John Foley (Team Bicycle Alley/Trek)
64 Khari Gates (Boston Bicycle Club/Community)
65 Derek Walsh (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
66 Carlos Rivera (Metro/Sanchez)
67 Mikael Eliasson (Boston Road Club/Ata Cycles)
68 Byron Holt (Brc/Vintage/Ata)
69 Mark Cunningham (Capital Velo Club - Pig Iron Bicycle Works)
70 Jorge Caviedes (Tarrytown Cycles Club)
71 Michael Shireman (Bob Racing Team)
72 Scott Maislin (Trek-Volkswagen-Goodale'S)
73 Michael Parr (Cycleloft/Nebc)
74 Jon Knight (Team Colavita / Mbs)
75 Chuck Quackenbush (Cbrc/Ck Cycles)
76 Harold Chan (Webevent.Com - Hudson Valley Velo Club)
77 Ian Farrar (Le Chateau)
78 Zebulon Nelessen (Kissena Cycling Club)
79 Oscar Osorio (Tarrytown Cycling Club)
80 Stephen Jamison (CRCA - Miya Shoji)
81 Peter Peumans (Princeton University)
82 Jim Grasso (Privateer)
83 Andrew Moran (CRCA/Kaplan Inc.)
84 Peter Rhodes (C.S. Ardagna)
85 Chris Lussier (Invensys / Gmbc)
86 David Cavallo (CRCA/Axis-Furniture Co)
87 Robert Larocco (Capital Velo Club / Pig Iron Bicycle)
88 Lee Moser (Pedalhome.Com)
89 James Carrington (Bob)
90 Jeff Papineau (Bob)
91 Christopher Delisle (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
92 Ruben Dario Hurtado (CRCA/ Moneygram)
93 John Morales (Tarrytown Cycling Club)
94 Scot Willingham (Metro Sanchez)
95 Kipp Bradford
97 Joseph Cady (Boston Road Club/Ata)
98 Joe Rodrigues (Team Bicycle Alley)
99 Michael Cole (Rotations)
100 Jason Bremer (CRCA-Axis)
101 Keith Ryan (Axis/CRCA)
102 Brad Cronk (Axis-Furnitureco/CRCA)
103 James Joseph (CRCA Moneygram)
104 Mark Alden (Westwood Velo)
105 Matt Steidler (Bike Alley)
106 Daniel Byrne (CRCA/Metro-Sanchez)
107 Chung Chiang (CRCA/Metro-Sanchez)
108 Jorge Vasquez (Metro Sanchez)
109 Henoch Henoch (Kissena)
Men 4/5, 120 Starters, 90km
1 Paul Cox (CCB-Volkswagen)                                   2.18.00
2 Blake Booysen (Boston Road Club ("Brc/Vintage/Ata"))
3 Matthew Purdy (NCC)                                            0.20
4 Kevin Parsons (Bca/Tosk)
5 Dachs Sachs (Alberto'S Sport)
6 Matthew White (Capitol Velo Club/Pig Iron)
7 Ezekiel Volkert (Brooklyn Velo Force)
8 Stewart Campbell (New Hampshire Cycling Club)
9 David Smith (CRCA)
10 Justin Brown (Boston Road Club)
11 Eric Kenney (Team-B2C)
12 Brian Rabuse (Bca/Tosk)
13 William Raleigh (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
14 Dan Vaillancourt (Uvm)
15 Joshua Pulver (Bvf (Brooklyn Velo Force))
16 Joseph Brazil (CRCA)
17 Christophe Wilkes (CRCA/Axis Furniture Co.)
18 Jamey Driscoll (Gmbc Excite Smartfuel)
19 Gordon Ferris
20 John Kuhn (CRCA)
21 Kenneth Shidler (CRCA/Setanta)
22 Rick Trojanowski (Essex County Velo)
23 Corey Piscopo (Unattached)
24 Dennis Humphrey (Cbrc)
25 Ben Vanmarcke (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
26 Brett Durham (Dream Bikes Cycling Club)
27 Matt Wilson (The Bicycle Link)
28 Jay Provencher (Earl'S Cyclery)
29 Michael Mchale (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
30 Shawn Standen (Onion River Sports)
31 David Katz (Boston Bicycle Club)
32 Mark Sumner (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
33 Brian Carolan (CRCA/Kaplan Inc.)
34 Kevin Haley (Jersey Rock N' Road)
35 Dan Stasz (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
36 Alvin Nordell (NCC/Bikereg.Com)
37 David Wren
38 Torrey Lincoln (CRCA/Axis)
39 Michael Cavros (Osvc/Afd)
40 Carlos Cordoba (Westwoodvelo)
41 Charles Towe (Dreambikes Cycling Club)
42 Jorge Ramirez (Team Bike Alley)
43 David Connery (B2C/Community)
44 Mark Dakoulas (Killington/Pico)
45 Thomas Butler (Cbrc)
46 Kenneth Hochman
47 Dan Boozan (University Of Vermont)
48 Shaun Berry (Missing Link Bicycle Club)
49 Rich Marquardt (NHCC/Team NH)
50 Joseph Ahearn
51 Dr. Scott Fuller (B.O.B.)
52 Robert Tobey (Bicycle Link)
53 Dwight Bonn (HVVC/Webevent.Com)
54 William Henke (Racers Of The Adirondack Region)
55 Tom Luther (NHCC/Team NH)
56 Richard Song (CRCA Axis-Furniture Co.)
57 Brian Hahn (Onondaga Cycling Club)
58 Marty Haire
59 Dean Cromwell (Team Invensys/Gmbc)
60 Jeff Kanter (CRCA/Setanta)
61 Rob Spillman (Kissena)
62 Brad Ferguson (Onion River Sports)
63 Brian Grundstrom (Kissena Cycling Club)
64 Christopher Owen (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
65 Dennis Ryan (NCC)
66 Matthew Baldwin (Fiora Difruitta/ Ridgefield Bank)
67 David Glass (Sleepy Hollow)
68 Nathaniel Mendell (Brc Boston Road Club)
69 Charles La Punzina (Kissena Cycling Club)
70 Craig Milano (HVVC Web Event.Com)
71 Jon Hicks (CRCA/Metro Sanchez)
72 Stephen Collins
73 Thom Reid (Team Horst)
74 Edward Burlem (Kissena)
75 Dean Brizel (CRCA)
76 Alvin Morson
77 Len Battifarano (Metrosanchez/CRCA)
78 Matt Mallet (Unattached)
79 Kevin Atkinson
80 Michael Passetto (Bca/Tosk)
81 David Pinkos (Team Bicycle Alley)
Women 4, 56 Starters, 60km
1 Marissa Kellogg (Yale University Bulldogs)                  1.42.37
2 Elizabeth Harrison (Necsa)                                     0.05
3 Jeanne Curtis (Gmbc)                                           2.43
4 Darcy Cornell (Team Bicycle Alley)
5 Tracey Schaeffer (Thread City Cyclers)
6 Tami Buhr (Nebc)
7 Daphne King (Kissena)
8 Caitlin Mcvarish (Kissena)
9 Kimberly Kaufmann (Unione Sportiva Italiana)
10 Leslie Jennings (CRCA - SBCG)
11 Nancy Ford (Kissena)
12 Aimee Savard (CCB/Volkswagen)
13 Sara Coffman (Team Envision/NCC)
14 Carrie Rhodes (Ciclismo Sportivo Ardagna)
15 Rebecca Wellons (Nebc/Cycle Loft)
16 Suzi Hill (Eastern Bloc/Benidorm)
17 Regina Hammond (CRCA/Miya Shoji)
18 Stephanie White (NHjca)
19 Karena Paukulis (Nebc)
20 Jaimie Epstein (Renaissance/CRCA)
21 Cheryl Smith
22 Lynn Faulhaber (CRCA/Dash-Renaissance)
23 Lori Whynot (Northeast Bicycle Club)
24 Miriam Kornitzer (Wheelworks/IF)
25 Cindy Ma (Metro Sanchez/CRCA)
26 Laura Jensen (Eastern Bloc Cycling Club)
27 Jennifer Cromie (Sleepy Hollow Bicycle Club)
28 Cara Viggiano (Unattached)
29 Elizabeth Carroll (Nebc/Cycle Loft)
30 Abby Keiser (Farinas)
31 Andrea Grossman (CRCA/Dash-Renaissance)
32 Jane Hayes (Dwi)
33 Linda Luther (NHCC/Team NH)
34 Ann-Marie Brady (CRCA/Metrosanchez)
35 Dorothea Van Camp (Unattached)
36 Carol Dunn (Gmbc Invensys)
37 Susan Nicholson
38 Andrea Bialick (Team Invensys/Gmbc)
39 Shelley Lutz (Invensys/Gmbc)
40 Hannah Sarnow (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
41 Karen Rojeski (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)
42 Claire Whelan (Team Invensys/Gmbc)
43 Vonruden Kelly
Men Master 35+, 135 Starters, 90km
1 Randy Rusk (Arc-En-Ciel)                                    2.10.00
2 Stephen Gray (Bethelcycle)
3 John Mckone (Gmbc/Excite-Smartfuel)
4 Michael Shore (Bob)
5 Andy Ruiz (Gmbc/Invensys)                                      0.20
6 Scott Bodin (Bethel)
7 Morgan Stebbins (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)
8 Troy Kimball (Westwood Velo Cycling Team)
9 Brian Wirtz (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)
10 Greg Pelican (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)
11 Joseph Regan (Laurel Bicycle Club)
12 Patrick Lynch (Zephyr Cycling Team)
13 Erich Gutbier (Green Mountain Bicycle Club)
14 David Kellogg (Arc En Ciel)
15 Rich Foley (Laurel)
16 Juan Darias (Union Velo)
17 Jon Monson (Ridgefield Bank)
18 Eric Juzysta (Invensys/Gmbc)
19 Joel Brown (Swamp Yankee Road Club)
20 Kurt Gustafsson (CRCA/SBCG)
21 Charlie Bedard (Sunapee/Banagans)
22 Wayne Prescott (Eastern Bloc Cycling Club)
23 Mark Stotz (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
24 Rod Quiros (Westwood Velo)
25 Christopher Ryan (Century Road Club)
26 John Stonebarger (Dreambikes)
27 Colman O'Connor (Nebc/Cycle Loft)
28 Abdul Kabia (CTS/Cranford Bike Team)
29 Larry Towner (Liberty Cycle)
30 John Mcgovern (Bethel Cycle Sport)
31 Bladdymir Coronel (Westwood Velo)
32 Stephen Harvey (CRCA)
33 Matthew Domnarski (Cyclonauts Racers)
34 Edward Gravelle (High Speed Cyclists)
35 Ed Scheetz
36 Michael Allaire (Kissena)
37 John Idone (Remax)
38 Brian Blondin (B.O.B.)
39 Olaf Mundigl (Team Psv Weilheim Germany)
40 Dan Collins (Mbrc)
41 David Cormier (Capital Velo Club/Hartford Hospital)
42 Stephen Hudyncia (Mvbc)
43 Brett Rutledge (Arc-En-Ceil)
44 Art Podgorski Jr. (Cyclonauts Racers Inc.)
45 Jeff Gauthier (Gmbc/Invensys)
46 Eric Pearce (Bob Cycling)
47 Bob Roldan (Pro Cycles/Giant)
48 Michael Dameron (Cox Communications Cycling Team)
49 Jon Ornstil (G.S. Lombardis)
50 David Rusnak (Gearworks)
51 Paul Chludzinski (Team Bicycle Alley)
52 Thomas Cromie
53 Miguel Pagan (Fiordifruta Ridgefield Bank Cycling Team)
54 Gary Dalton (Cox Communications Cycling Team)
55 Skip Kuzel (Cox Communication)
56 Shawn Doran (Cox Communications)
57 Andrew Diekema (Onondaga Cycling Club)
58 Paul Anderson (Arc En Ciel)
59 Geoffrey House (Bca/Tosk)
60 Eric Wegweiser (Century Road Club Association)
61 Richard Broderick (Richard Sachs Ct.Yankee)
62 Emory Creel (Onondaga)
63 Karl Arnason
64 Eric Marro (Team Bob/Skofield Builders)
65 Christopher Naimie (Sunapee-Banagans Bike Club)
66 Arnold T. Kalmbach (Team - Ibc)
67 Daniel Coleman (Team Colavita/Mbs)
68 Kevin Farley (Bca/Tosk)
69 John Funk (Fiordafrutta/Ridgefield Bank)
70 Brian Plouffe (Powder Ridge Cycling Club)
71 Christopher Guglielmo (CTS/Velocity)
72 Bryan Atwood (Ridgefield Bank/Fiordifrutta)
73 Patrick Mcnamara (Fiora Difrutta/Citius Altius Fortius)
74 William Nichols (Peerless Insurance Cycling Team/Hnecc)
75 Dennis Foster (Webevent.Com / Hudson Valley Velo Club)
76 John Tomlinson (Century-SBCG)
77 Charles Foley (Northeast Bicycle Club)
78 Paul Nyberg (Eastern Bloc Cycling Club/ Benidorm Bikes)
79 Gregor Bernard (B.O.B.)
80 Steven Bonadio (Nebc/Cycle Loft)
81 Rob Gerowe (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)
82 Vinny Vicari (Metro Sanchez)
83 James Escobar (New Canaan)
84 Rich Garabedian (Bca/Tosk)
85 William Caligari (Berkshire Cycling Association)
Men Master 45+, 80 Starters, 90km
1 Doug O'Neill (CTS)                                          2.18.26
2 William Black (Portland Velo)
3 Brian Wolf (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)
4 Benjamin Haydock (Gmbc/Team Invensys)
5 James Veliskakis (CCB/Volkswagen)
6 Trevor Sears (East End/Kreb Cycle)
7 Graydon Stevens (Portland Velo)
8 William Sawyer (Nebc)
9 Greg Hall
10 Jack Hutchinson (New Hampshire Cycling Club)
11 Scott Klion (CRCA/Kaplan Inc.)
12 Daniel O'Neill (New Hampshire Cycling Club)
13 Doug Chiasson (NCC / Bikereg.Com)
14 Mark Luzio (Arc-En-Ceil)
15 David King (CCB-Volkswagen)
16 Dave Wallace (Arcadian Shop)
17 Carl White (Green Mountain Bike Club)
18 Eugene Pringle (Tri State Velo)
19 Samuel Hoar
20 David Bradford (Putney Bicycle Club)
21 Paul Dimartino (Arc -En Ciel)
22 Paul Bertinato (Westwood Velo)
23 Nick Suozzo (Central New York Cyclists)
24 Donald Labonte (Julio Bicycle)
25 John Morgan (Bethel Cycle Sport)
26 Jonathan Grasz (Mass Bay Road Club)
27 David Leblanc (NHCC/Team N.H.)
28 Jeffrey Vogel (CRCA/Setanta)
29 Ken Fallon
30 Robert Guatelli (Metro Sanchez/CRCA)
31 Glenn Burgner (Bca/Tosk)
32 John Kolios (Cvc/Pig Iron)
33 Horacio Ahumada (Tarrytown Cycles Team)
34 Robert Eckstein (Westwood Velo)
35 Timothy Groesbeck (CCB Volkswagen)
36 Hajo Thiele (Usi)
37 Paul Gerstein (Competitive Edge Racing Team)
38 Robert Gray (Moneygram/CRCA)
39 James Themig (Mystic Velo Club)
40 Mark Hagen (CCB)
41 Philip Beliveau (Team Invensys/Gmbc)
42 James Odorisio (Team Invensys/Gmbc)
43 Dan Anderson (Powder Ridge Cycling Team)
44 Eddie Luban (Onondaga Cycling Club)
45 John Horton (Zephyr Cycling Team)
46 Matthew Moore (Unattached)
47 David Birrell (Bca/Tosk)
48 Allan Bates (Bca/Tosk)
49 George Stergiou (NHCC - Team New Hampshire)
50 Greg Avon (Kissena Cycling Team)
51 Phillip Hershberger (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
52 James Mucia (Bca/Tosk)
53 Robert Maisonpierre (Zephyr Cycling Team Inc.)
54 Ronnie Poplar
55 Norm Smith (Web Event Hvcc)
56 David Genest (Richard Sachs)
57 Charlie Messina (Bca/Tosk)
58 Marc Berman (Cranford Bike Team/CTS)
59 Vincent Mcdonald (CRCA)
60 Will Kraham (Putney/West Hill)
61 Paul Lombardi (New Hampshire Cycling Club/Team N.H.)
62 Bill Ale (Zephyr Cycling Team)
63 Jim Devery
64 Paul Carrier (Northampton Cycling Club)
Men Master 55+, 29 Starters, 90km
1 David Kliger (Competitive Edge)                             2.18.45
2 Doug Dale (Century Road Club Of America)
3 Robert Clifford (Sony/ Global Locate)
4 James Hunt (CCB/Volkswagen)
5 Patrick Clark (Zephyr Cycling Team Inc)
6 Richard Martin (Master'S Velo Club)
7 Arthur Berger (CRCA/Mya Shoji)
8 James Owers (NHCC)
9 John Shea (Eect)
10 Frank Holt (NHCC/Teamnh)
11 Edward Juskowiak (Laurel Bicycle Club)
12 Edward Cronin
13 John Green (CCB/Volkswagen)
14 Ed O'Hearn (Bca/Tosk)
15 Chuck Dominick (Onondaga Cycling Club)
16 James Kaufman (Les Cyclistes)
17 Daniel Maneely (Tosk Berkshire Cycling Assoc)
18 Clive Woakes (Competitive Edge/Amherst Racing Club)
19 Gordon Soule (Unattached)
20 Pete Murphy (Capital Velo Club---Cvc)
21 Stephen Davis
22 Gary Millett (Berkshire Cycling Ass.)
Courtesy of PEP Results

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