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Tour de France Tech – July 11, 2005

Edited by John Stevenson

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The bikes of the sprinters: Stuey's speedster

Stuey O'Grady's Wilier Triestina Le Roi
Photo ©: Anthony Tan
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Shod with the raunchy rouge Mavic Ksyrium ES hoops featured in our Tour Tech News a few days ago, Stuey O'Grady's Wilier Triestina Le Roi is one of the best looking bikes of the 2005 Tour peloton.

No further!
Photo ©: Anthony Tan
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While we're on the subject of wheels, probably the biggest difference between Boonen and McEwen's bikes and Stuey's speedster is the choice of hoops, the new Ksyrium ES rims are far shallower than the 50mm of Boonen's Fulcrums or McEwen's Campagnolo Bora G3s.

Another striking aspect of O'Grady's bike is the ITM's K-Sword carbon monocoque bar and stem. As well as being much sleeker than their counterparts from other manufacturers, they're claimed to be considerably stiffer. The K-Sword pairing gets its looks from some clever concealment of the clamps; instead of a two- or four-bolt front cap, the bar is held in place with 'grip wedges' behind the bar.

Both the bar and stem
Photo ©: Anthony Tan
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O'Grady obviously likes a well rearward saddle position as evidenced by the position of his Selle Italia SLR - as far back as the markings on its hollow titanium rails will allow!

To round off the crank theme, O'Grady is a carbon user; motive power from the O'Grady thighs to his Wilier passes through FSA carbon cranks.

O'Grady and Cofidis run on Campagnolo brakes and derailleurs, Vittoria tyres.

Mavic brakes
Photo ©: Anthony Tan
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Images by Anthony Tan/Cyclingnews.com

  • Stuey O'Grady's Wilier Triestina Le Roi - carbon, carbon everywhere. Given the spec and the low weight of the Le Roi frame, Cofidis will be dancing with the 6.8kg UCI weight limit.
  • ITM's K-Sword bar and stem is right up there in the 'sleek' stakes. The handlebar clamp is hidden behind the bar for a very different look from the widely-used four-bolt stem caps.
  • Mavic brakes seem to be popping up on quite a few more bikes this year.
  • Mizuno's drome fork weighs just 340 grams.
  • The Le Roi frame has a claimed weight of 950 grams but nevertheless passes the toughest EFBe 'top performance' standard for fatigue life.
  • Both the bar and stem are a one-piece monocoque design. The clamp bolt can be seen tucked away just next to the computer.
  • Selle Italia SLR saddle and Selcof monocoque two-bolt carbon seatpost.
  • No further! O'Grady's saddle is pushed as far back as the markings on its hollow titanium rails allow.
  • ITM K-Sword handlebar has the increasingly-common flat top section for aerodynamics and - more importantly - a broad, comfy place to rest your hands.