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New York City Cycling Championship - NE

USA, August 1, 2004

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Commentary by Kristy Scrymgeour, with additional reporting from Mark Zalewski

Complete live report

Live coverage starts: 12:30 EDT
Estimated finish time: 14:45 EDT

12:27 EDT    0km/100km to go

Racing in downtown NYC
Photo ©: Jon Devich/CN
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Welcome to the live coverage of the BMC New York City Cycling Championship.It had been raining hard all morning for all the lead up races but now the rain has stopped and the sun is out. The roads will probably dry up totally mid way through the race.

The race is 100 kilometres and takes place in Lower Manhattan with the start finish on Wall St. The course is 1.2 miles/1.9km in length and it a dog bone shape, with the main street being Water street. At each end there is a turn around loop that circles two small blocks.

12:32 EDT    2km/98km to go
The race is underway. Right from the fun and to the surprise of nobody, Ofoto are on the attack. Peter Lopinto made the move which was covered by Ben Brooks of Jelly Belly and Colby Pearce (US National Team).

12:34 EDT    4km/96km to go
As they come through the finish line after two laps Brooks and Lopinto are sitting 200m in front of the peloton.

12:35 EDT   
Pearce is preparing for the Points race on the track at the Olympic Games. His races start in about three weeks.

12:37 EDT   
Lopinto and Brooks are still in the lead. They now have about a 400m gap. TIAA Cref have a couple of riders on the front of the peloton. Fred Rodriguez is also sitting safely up near the front as they now see 46 laps to go

12:43 EDT    16km/84km to go
The leading pair maintain their lead. Back in the bunch, Ivan Dominguez has just made a huge jump to move up from the back of the bunch. As a former winner of this race, he will be out to win this again and knows he needs to be up near the front.

12:46 EDT   
The roads are getting somewhat dry. There are still large puddles on the corners. There is one particularly large puddle just after a small cobbled section on a corner that the riders have been avoiding.

12:50 EDT    23km/77km to go
Brooks and Lopinto have been caught, so it's all back together. Chris Horner has pulled into the Mavic service tent with a flat tyre. He had a fall but is back in the bunch now and is attacking.

12:52 EDT   
Horner has just come straight from Tour de Toona where he was leading right up until the last day when he was attacked by Health Net. Eventually John Lieswyn got the gap and won the tour. Horner placed third.

12:54 EDT   
Horner didn't get far because it was a prime lap. Sebastian Alexandre from Colavita took the $200 prime. He is one of the three Argentinean riders in the Colavita team today.

12:56 EDT   
There is now another break going with about nine riders. Most of the major teams have someone in the group. Back in the bunch Robbie Ventura is leading the chase. Ventura recently won two stages of Superweek.

13:01 EDT    30km/70km to go
There are ten riders in the break, which has a good gap now. Mark Walters (Navigators) in up there, along with Jesse Lawler (Jittery Joes), Mariano Friedick (Jelly Belly), Chris Wherry (Health Net) and Lopinto again.

13:02 EDT   
The break has now been caught, but Lopinto is trying to go again. He's not getting anywhere right now but he is driving the pace at the front.

13:05 EDT   
Defending champion Marty Nothstein is back here this year to defend his title. He will join Pearce at the Olympic Games in a few week.

13:08 EDT   
The riders have just completed another prime. With a lap to from the prime Ofoto attacked again, this time it was Jackson Stewart. He held the lead until 250m from the line, but it was TIAA Cref rider Timmy Duggan, riding for the US National Team taking the sprint.

13:08 EDT   
Ofoto are being very persistent today. Now Eric Saunders has attacked and has opened up a 400m gap.

13:11 EDT    39km/61km to go
A few riders are trying to bridge but the pace is picking up in the bunch because they are on another prime lap. If Saunders holds on, he will take the $300.

13:15 EDT   
Freddy Rodriguez was involved in a crash near the back of the field, but is back in the field now and moving back towards the front.

Saunders held onto the lead and took the prime. Just as he was crossing the line Vassili Davidenko (Navigators) was bridging to him. He waited for him and the pair took off together. The bunch are sitting up.

13:16 EDT   
The bunch is spread out across the road, not chasing the break. Davidenko and Saunders now have 15 seconds on the field.

13:20 EDT    45km/55km to go
The gap is coming down now as the bunch starts to get organized. Davidenko and Saunders now have 12 seconds.

13:25 EDT    49km/51km to go
The field is chasing hard but Davidenko and Saunders still have 11 seconds. They just rolled through the finish line of a prime lap. They didn't sprint, but at they rolled through Davidenko picked up $300.

13:28 EDT   
The crowd is building up now as the weather is getting better. The promoters expected crowds of 150,000. When the race started the crowds were only about 10,000, probably due to the weather.

13:34 EDT   
The gap is holding at eight seconds. The pace is still fast but the bunch are just letting the break sit out there at this point. Health Net are leading the chase. There are a few guys getting shelled at the back because of the consistently fast pace.

13:37 EDT    57km/43km to go
The gap is falling. Colavita are chasing hard now and it looks like Davidenko and Saunders will get caught very soon

13:43 EDT   
The break is still out there and the gap is going up again. Colavita are trying to get the chase working, but Davidenko and Saunders are persistent.

13:45 EDT   
In the women's race this morning, Mari Holden took the win in a solo break away.
Taking the sprint for second place was Gina Grain (Victory Brewing), followed by Shannon Hutchinson (Colavita), Lara Kroepsch (T-Mobile), Brenda Lyons (Velobella) and Sarah Uhl (Quark).

13:48 EDT   
Cyclingnews correspondent Mark Zalewski caught up with the Jelly Belly team this morning who are obviously very disappointed with the recent doping incident of Adam Bergman. Kirk Albers commented that most of all "it is sad for the sport that anything like this happens." He also said that he was glad the director Danny Van Haute made the decision to fire Bergman from the team, agreeing with zero tolerance.

13:51 EDT   
The break is still holding and this time it's Jelly Belly on the front chasing. Ernie Lechuga is leading the chase. Colavita are helping and the gap is now six seconds.

13:54 EDT    70km/30km to go
The break has now been caught and Navigators are sitting at the front of the bunch. Cyclingnews reporter Zalewski is standing next to the Director of Navigators Ed Beamon who is instructing the team over the radio. He just told them to "get ready for the push."

13:56 EDT   
Peter Lopinto (Ofoto) has attacked for about the fifth time today. He is slightly off the front with a Health Net rider in tow. They are working together.

14:00 EDT   
The break didn't go anywhere and as the field comes through the start finish the pace is very slow. Nothstein is sitting at the very front of the pack.

Aaron Olsen (Colavita) is now attacking and is covered by Siro Camponogara (Navigators) covers the move. It is a prime lap and the field are chasing and strung out at the front.

14:02 EDT   
The pair made it around the lap to take the prime. Olsen took it after a game of cat and mouse with Camponogara. They still have a gap.

14:03 EDT   
Much to the dismay of some of our readers, there have been no cows spotted on Wall Street today!

14:05 EDT    79km/21km to go
Davide Frattini (Monex) has bridged to the leaders, Olsen and Camponogara and the gap is about six seconds.

14:07 EDT   
It's all back together now and Navigators are back on the front waiting for the next move. Beamon is telling them to be patient.
Andrew Randell (Jet Fuel) just took a sprint for sprint points.

14:10 EDT   
Horner has attacked down the back straight and has taken four guys with him. Mark Walters covered it from Navigators. Health Net are also in there and Colavita as well as Scottie Weiss from Subway-Express. They have about 400m on the bunch

14:11 EDT   
Weiss was National Elite Champion in 2001 and this past week had great legs in Altoona. He was in a long break on the penultimate day which nearly stayed away.

14:12 EDT    87km/13km to go
The break has been caught as we reach the business end of the race. Rodriguez in sitting in good position near the front.

14:16 EDT   
Colby Pearce went down at some point during the race and has hurt his wrist. This is not good timing for him with only a few weeks until the Games start. He is currently in the medical tent getting it checked out.

14:17 EDT   
Cameron Hughes (Subway-Express) just attacked and Nothstein followed him, but it didn't go anywhere. Nothstein staying very attentive at the front.

14:19 EDT    92km/8km to go
Only four laps to go now. Scottie Weiss (Subway) just took the final prime of $500 and crossed the line with a big smile on his face.

14:21 EDT   
Speaking of Olympic athletes in the field, the Health Net team have three riders in the race going to the Games. Gordon Fraser for Canada, and Greg Henderson and Hayden Godfrey from New Zealand.

14:25 EDT    94km/6km to go
The race is still all together with three laps to go and the sprinters teams are all trying to find position.

14:28 EDT   
Zalewski just caught up with Pearce who is icing his wrist. He said "I just got really tired out there and tried to go through a gap that wasn't there." He hit his wrist on a barrier. Now it hurts but he is now sure how bad it is.

The pace is really fast in the bunch now. Colavita and Jelly Belly are dominant at the front working for Ivan Dominguez who won this race in 2002 and Jonas Carney respectively.

14:29 EDT    98km/2km to go
One lap to go now. Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly) is on the front and has two Navigators riders on his wheel. Carney is right up there as is Henk Vogels for Navigators.

14:31 EDT   
Health Net are moving to the front and have a good lead out going.

14:31 EDT   
The sprint is fast, it looks like Health Net are going to get it. Henderson is there and Gord, both great sprinters.

14:32 EDT    100km/0km to go
..........and it is Henderson taking the win!

14:35 EDT   
Taking second place is Fraser, so Health Net One, two. In third place was Ivan Dominguez in a very close sprint.

14:40 EDT   
Thanks for tuning in to our live coverage. Check back later for a full report.


1 Greg Henderson (Health Net)
2 Gord Fraser (Health Net)
3 Ivan Dominguez (Colavita Olive Oil)

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