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Ontario series #1

Ontario, California, February 22, 2004

Lane reigns in the rain

With heavy rains in the forecast, 300 riders still came out to race the first of five race Ontario Series. Light rains in the morning were a portent for the afternoon's pro race. 71 riders lined up main event with thunder cracking and bulging black rain clouds hanging just overhead. 3 laps in and the skies opened, pelting the riders with hail and sideways rain. The roads flooded about two two laps later leaving the riders to find some creative lines to avoid the 10 inch deep water. Mercifully, the pro race was shortened to 1 hour.

Despite the difficult conditions, Team DARE put in attacks from the gun in an attempt to wear down the field. Several moves got as much as 20 seconds up but the determined Velo RPM and Monex squads brought everything back until the break had the right riders in it.

With about 6 laps to go a six man break formed containing Edgar Yepez & Emilio Cervantes ( DARE), Ryan Lane ( Velo RPM), Robert Kamppila (Monex), Jason Bausch (Ofoto) and Joel Kath (So Cal Cycling). Ryan Lane displaying the best legs, shed the two DARE riders, drove the break and won with sheer horsepower on the 400meter finishing straight.


Pro 1/2/3
1 Ryan Lane (Velo RPM)
2 Robert Kamppila (Monex)
3 Jason Bausch (Ofoto)
4 Joel Kath (So Cal Cycling)
5 Mike Tillman (Velo RPM)
6 Gregory Wolf (Monex)
7 Paul Che (SBW)
8 Rigo Meza (DARE)
9 Kenneth Toman (Velo RPM)
10 Bryce Mead (Monex)
11 Chris DeMarchi (Velocity)
12 Juan Bravo (DARE)
13 Nathan Golding (SDBC)
14 Michael Stroud (DARE)
15 Joel Austin (Simply Fit)
16 Patrick Fetzer (Monex)
17 Ruben Meza (DARE)
18 Robert Granham (So Cal Cycling)
19 Keith Miller (DARE)
20 Mark Gustafson (So Cal Cycling)
Women 1/2/3
1 Sandra Kolb (Bicycle Johns)
2 Susan Cooper (Bicycla Johns)
3 Dorothy Wong (Bicycle Johns)
4 Anna Webb (Red 5)
5 Kara Vidarca (SBW)
6 Corinn Danielli (Bicycle Johns)
7 Michelle Webster (Bella Nova)
8 Lisa Toneilo (Bella Nova)
9 Alisha Lopes (Lighting Velo)
10 Alexandra Tavata (Bella Nova)
11 Laura Perdew (Bella Nova)
Masters 60+
1 Robert Llamas (PAA)
2 Danaiel Ferioli (SDCV)
3 Robert Paganini (PAA)
4 Jim Rrebuck (DARE)
5 Harold Richardson (SDCV)
6 Mario Seri (LaGrange)
7 James Fitzgerald (PAA)
8 James Kloss (Velo Avanti Verizon)
9 Jerry Tetreault (PAA)
10.Robert Hillseth (SBW)
11 James Winn (SDCV)
12 David Madison (Santa Clarita Velo)
13 Robert Shimasaki (PAA)
14 Kurt Kamm (LaGrange)
15 Dave Ward (PAA)
16 Jacob Melcer (SDCV)
17 Gary Devoss (SDCV)
18 Louis Brooks (PAA)
Masters 55+
1 Richard Llilleberg (Union Bay)
2 Rocco Orsini (Helens)
3 David Bermhardt (Amgen Abici)
4 Michael Fleming (DARE)
5 Joseph Wells (Team One Racing)
6 Andrew Lambert (Helens)
7 Stephen Whitsitt (SBW)
8 Ernest Hoffer (PAA)
9 Robert Paganini (PAA)
10 Horold Richardson (SDCV)
11 Robert Llamas (PAA)
12 Robert Barney (Excel Sports)
13 James Fitzgerald (PAA)
14 Edward Keck (Velo Avanti Verizon)
Masters 50+
1 Eugene Poyorena (Acme Racing)
2 Rick Swanson (Radsport)
3 Dale Luedtke (Acme Racing)
4 Kalman Szkalak (Excel Sports)
5 Hemi Volotsky (Encion Velo)
6 Dave Lang (DARE)
7 Bob Wright (Santa Clarita Velo)
8 William Carvin (Monex)
9 Richard Bustos (SC Velo)
10 Alejandro Quinmtenn (San Diego Cycle)
Women 4
1 Geirgene Vairo (Bella Nove)
2 Stehanie Williamson (Encino Velo)
3 Jill Moore (Jelly Belly)
4 Irene Tang (SBW)
5 Loren Somevile (Hi Tech Women)
6 Priscilla Callderon (SC Velo)
7 Vitoria Briggs (SBW)
9 Kristine Fuller (SBW)
10 Jan Shearing-Skalak (SBW)
Masters 45+
1 Keith Ketterer (JAX Timmons VW)
2 Mitch Meyer (Cycle Veloce)
3 Dale Luedtke (Acme Racing)
4 Mark Chrysler (DARE)
5 Malcolm Hill (JAX Timmons VW)
6 Lawrence Shannon (Excel Sports)
7 Rick Swanson (Radsport Edge)
8 Kalman Szkalak (Excel Sports)
9 Michael Gourley (Amgen Abici)
10 Rocco Orsini (Helens)
11 Carlos Cruz (Well Fargo)
12 Alan Sponholz (Major Motion)
13 Eugene Poyorena (Ame Racing)
14 David Tonello (Tailwinds)
15 Bruce Hartley (Radsports Edge)
Masters 40+
1 Thorlow Rogers (JAX Timmions VW)
2 Criag Miller/Taylor Made (24 hrs)
3 Mark Whitehead (Gothan Cyclist)
4 James Wiznura (Velocity)
5 Jeffrey Woolsey (Central Coast Masters)
6 Richard Mitchell (Anthony's Cyclery)
7 Ken Probst (Velo Avanti Verizon)
8 Roger Worthington (Labor Power)
9 Dave Worthington (Labor Power)
10 Mark Sauer (Excel Sports)
11 Jon Nest (DARE)
12 Malcom Khill/Jax Timmons (VW)
13 Mark Duvall (SBW)
14 Armando Requejo (Echelon SB)
15 Lawrence Shannon (Excel Sports)
16 Stanley Bunn (Taylor Made 24 hrs)
17 Daniel Cervantes (Sol de Oro)
18 Keith Ketterer (JAX Timmons VW)
19 Kevin Landry (Taylor Made 24 hrs)
20 Alan Flores ()
Masters 30+ 4/5
1 Doug Maccready (So. Sierra Cyclists)
2 Tony Sanches (AFP Velo Sport)
3 Russell Fortin (Velo Sport)
4 Bradley Galindo (PAA)
5 Charles Herbst (Unattahed)
6 Tony Edeson (SC Velo)
7 Jim Sevely (Unattached)
8 Antonio Hernandez (Team Redlands)
9 Steve Landry (SDCV)
10 Scott Guyett (Canyon Velo)
11 Charles Hummphrey (Cyclo Vets)
12 Aaron Jones (Unattached)
13 Chris Hoyt (Ben Valley Bikes)
14 Thomas Oba (PAA)
15 Alain Levi (SBW)
16 Brian Schroeder (SDCV)
17 Alvaro Paredes (LA Wings)
18 Tony Tran (Canyon Velo)
19 Gordon Carr (SBW)
20 Joshua Kerr (SC Velo)
Sr 3
1 Eric Fraer (Team Alelante)
2 Alex Boyd (Major Motion)
3 John Macpherson (Diamond Bar)
4 Alex Martinez (Excel Sport)
5 Anthony Morrow (Velocity)
6 Sergei Cemenenkoff (SBW)
7 Richard Mitchell (Anthony Cyclery)
8 Christopher Thompson (Canyon Velo)
9 Al Villamic (SBW)
10 David Jackson (Phils BBQ)
11 Merrick Cohn (Amgen Abici)
12 Victor Caraballo (Simply Fit)
13 Stuart Allman (Ranchos)
14 Frank Albanez (SBW)
15 Jorge Yepez (DARE)
16 Luis Zamudio (Excel Sports)
17 Wesley Seely (Paramont Racing)
18 David Mendoza (Excel Sports)
19 Jon Tarklagen (Northern Rockies Cycling)
20 Hamlet Avetisian (LA Wings)
Men 4/5
1 Wes Bredin (Velowork Racing)
2 Brian Schroeder (SDCV)
3 Max Hernandez (So Cal Cycling)
4 Guillermo Boza (Met-Rx Alliance)
5 Sergio Hernandez (SC Velo)
6 Charles Herbst (Unattached)
7 Tomas Roba (Met-Rex Alliance)
8 Fabian Guzman (Velowork Racing)
9 Anthony Velebil (Velocity)
10 Timothy Fleming (SBW)
11 Jolon Sabo (So Cal Cycling)
12 Thomas Oba (PAA)
13 Paul Hubbell (Met-Rx Alliance)
14 Marvin Madlangayan (Amgen Abici)
15 Steve Landry (SDCV)
16 Alain Levi (SBW)
17 Cordon Carr (SBW)
18 Joh Jacobson (Velocity)
19 Aaron Jones (Unattached)
20 James May (SC Velo)
Masters 30 1/2/3
1 Thurlow Rogers (JAX)
2 Michael Anderson (Team Carina)
3 Chris Demarchi (Velocity)
4 Dave Worthington (Labor Power)
5 Andrew Padilla (Jelly Belly)
6 Joel Austin (Simply Fit)
7 Jason Lilje (Team Carina)
8 Hans Fischer ()
9 Mark Whitehead (Gotham Cyclists)
10 Roger Worthington (Lobor Power)
11 John McKinney (Team Adelante)
12 Eric Fraer (Team Adelante)
13 Darrick McVay (Redlands)
14 Julio Flores (Velocity)
15 Anthony Morrow (Velocity)
16 Adam Smith (Guinness)
17 Erick Poston (Taylor Made)
18 James Roggins (Vegas Velo)
19 David Howell (Phils BBQ)
20 Brent Vanbenberg (Long Beach Elite)
Boys 10-12
1 Hamlet Avetisian (LA Wings)
2 Adolfo Garcia (Major Motion)
3 Edwardo Meza (DARE)
4 John Diaz (Excel Sports)
Girls 10-12
1 Jessica Meza (DARE)
2 Amands Duarte (SD Bike Club)
Boys 13/14
1 Alexander Garcia (Major Motion)
2 Alfanso Meza (Socios)
3 Ruben Horta (Excel Sports)
4 Frank Albanez (Major Motion)
5 Alfredo Cruz (Major Motion)
6 Alexander Quinetro (SD Bike Club)
7 Ethan Rae (Bike Barn Racing)
8 Peter Boyod (Major Motion)
9 Edward Sykes (Excel Sports)
10 Steven Cox (Bike Barn Racing)
11 Zachary Warden (SD Bike Club)
12 Rogelio Horta (Socios)
Girls 13/14
1 Lauren Levy (SD Bike Club)
Boys 15/18
1 Alex Boyd (Major Motion)
2 Spencer (Excel Sports)
3 Michael Sheppard (Major Motion)
4 Alexi Martinez (Excel Sports)
5 Luis Zamudio (Excel Sports)
6 Jorge Castillo (SD Bike Club)
7 Wesley Seely (Paramount Racing)
8 Nico Cianfrucca (Major Motion)
9 David Mendoza (Excel Sports)
10 Benny Lolotzry (Encino Velo)
11 Jacob Landman (SD Bike Club)
12 Ed Dial (SD Bike Club)
Girls 15/18
1 Loren Somerville (Hi Tech Women) 

Local results 2004