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Ride it like you stole it crit

February 15, 2004

Teske schools the youngsters

By Chris Lotts

Vera remembers (to this day) when we paid for 2 full entries at Porterville crit (years ago) and they NEVER refunded the difference from paying a 2nd race...even after voicing our concerns to the promoter. She also remembers that a lot of people were miffed that year, as many racers got jammed. What's the point of this story? Crap like that NEVER happens at our race. Our racers forget to deduct their CBR license from their entry fee, we tell them about their refund, then they refuse it! Wassup wit dat? Slowly but surely, our CBR crits are mirroring El Dorado: people are having fun at our races! Evan Teske, 40+ years young, took the younger racers to school Sunday by easily winning the Elite Men's field. We don't think he'll enter another Masters event until he's 84. His dogs also took the barking contest away from April Henderson-Anderson's dogs!

Mo' money, mo' primes: CBR's MARCH CRIT: The BAR/BAT categories will have either $10 or $20 cash primes for the first ten laps of the race. Due to advertising constraints, we cannot change the purse, but we can increase the CASH in the primes. What are ya gonna do? Go for the primes, the win, or both?

HIGHLIGHTS of the Ride It Like You Stole It Bike Race:

1. 2003 CBR-BAR Series winner Mike McMahon won the 30+ field.
2. US Postal racer Richard Meeker won the 40+ event
3. Largest Elite Women field in CBR history: 29 racers!
4. Racers LOVED our world-famous CountDown Timer.
5. Bill Mock & Jim Wiznura took a record-breaking 10 minutes to post race results!
6. Mauna Loa became a CBR sponsor! Wow! Yummy!
7. Claude Isambert has the smoothest bike handling skills.

LESSONS LEARNED: the Category V/Public race did not receive their coaching clinic, and that is my fault. That will NOT happen again, and I apologize. We have listened to the Elite Women, and we're working on changing start times. Unfortunately, the March flyer is done, so any changes will take effect for April's race.

We had GREAT support: the volunteers were outstanding, the officials kept the race on time with minimum disruption, and everyone had a lot of fun. Here are the CBR leaders:

(BAR) Best All-around Racer, after 1 of 5 races

Elite Men: Evan Teske/Team Monex, 21 points
Elite Women: Suzanne Sonye/Helen's, 24 points
Masters 40+: Richard Meeker/US Postal Service, 21 points
Masters 30+: Mike McMahon/Team Velocity, 21 points

(BAT) Best All-around Team, after 1 of 5 races

Elite Men: Team Monex, 39 points
Elite Women: Bella Nova/Fuel Up, 44 points
Masters 40+: Cycles Veloce, 43 points
Masters 30+: Labor Power, 62 points

If you're still reading this, it means you're actually interested in our updates. Two more weeks until the start of El Dorado, and four more weeks until our 2nd BAR Series race, the 2nd Annual Nike Vision Crit. Annual members can DEDUCT $7 from their entry fee. For ANNUAL members, it's the same entry fee as before. We encourage people to support local racing for the local racer by buying the annual license. 100% of the fees is applied to our cash prizelist... it's being returned right back to the local racers, so support something that will make you feel good! On 02/29/04, the annual membership jumps from $25 to $30 (late fee). Don't delay, and we hope to see everyone on March 2 (El Dorado), then on March 21 (Nike Vision Crit). Have fun, train hard, stay safe! Chris Lotts-CBR (714-356-1214,


Elite Men [BAR/BAT] (78 racers) 
1 Evan Teske (Monex)
2 Paul Che
3 Jason Bausch
4 Keith Horowitz (RPM/Helen's Bicycles)
5 Antony Galvan (Team DBL/BB-BS)
6 Miguel Meza
7 Todd Terlecki
8 Nicholas Onate
9 Juan Bravo
10 Gregg Medinilla (Monex)
11 Eugenio Vega
12 Harold Martinez
13 Joel Austin (Simply Fit/Fuel Up)
14 Patrick Fetzer (Monex)
15 Paul Read (Coast Velo)
16 Matt Sadauchas
17 Chris DeMarchi (Team Velocity)
18 Edgar Yepez
19 Josh Kerkhof
20 Drew Deters
Masters 30+ I-III [BAR/BAT] (78 racers)
1 Mike McMahon (Team Velocity)
2 Scott Cochran
3 Richard Meeker
4 David Worthington (Labor Power)
5 Chris Walker (Labor Power)
6 Mark Scott (Labor Power)
7 John Wike (Labor Power)
8 Chris DeMarchi (Team Velocity)
9 Joel Austin (Simply Fit)
10 Armin Rahm
11 Dan Reback (Team Velocity)
12 Thurlow Rogers
13 Eric Romney
14 Claude Isambert
16 Scott Raymond (Taylor Made)
17 Michael Sommo (Big Orange Racing)
18 Craig Goodin (Radsport)
19 Eric Shirins
20 Mark Whitehead
Masters 40+ [BAR/BAT] (80 racers)
1 Richard Meeker
2 Thurlow Rogers
3 Brad Jones (Taylor Made)
4 Jim Wiznura (Team Velocity)
5 Mark Whitehead
6 Dennis Sisemore
7 Alan Flores (Cycles Veloce)
8 Calude Isambert
9 Kevin Landry (Taylor Made)
10 David Worthington (Labor Power)
11 Tino Riverson (Cycles Veloce)
12 Ivan Beltran (Cycles Veloce)
13 Ernie Osuna
14 Steven Richardson (Cycles Veloce)
15 Dave Prechtl (Radsport)
16 Tim Roth
17 Edwin Rojas
18 Michael Sommo (Big Orange Racing)
19 John Hershock (Cycles Veloce)
20 Joseph Weickgenant
Elite Women [BAR/BAT] (29 racers)
1 Dotsie Cowden
2 Suzanne Sonye (Helen's)
3 April Henderson (Red 5)
4 Maegan Daigler (Helen's)
5 Anna Webb (Red 5)
6 Janene Maxwell (Helen's)
7 Deborah Durand (Helen's)
8 Simone Harvey (Big Orange Racing)
9 Lisa Tonello (Bella Nova/Fuel Up)
10 Alisha Lopez (Lightning Velo)
11 Cathy Keeley
12 Nancy Seidler (Bella Nova/Fuel Up)
13 Carli Figueroa (Paramount Racing)
14 Alex Tabata (Bella Nova/Fuel Up)
15 Michelle Webster (Bella Nova/Fuel Up)
16 Georgene Vairo (Bella Nova/Fuel Up)
17 Sara Laimon (Big Orange Racing)
18 Sharon Beckman (Bella Nova/Fuel Up)
19 Jill Gass (Bella Nova/Fuel Up)
20 Keli Roberts
Masters 45+ (40 racers)
1 Mitch Meyer (Cycles Veloce)
2 David Tonello (Bike Barn)
3 Tito Del Sid
4 Thomas Peterson (Cycles Veloce)
5 Rick Swanson (Radsport)
6 Cameron Phillips (Cycles Veloce)
7 Guido Quezada (Long Beach Elite)
8 Howard Miller (Paramount Racing)
9 Dan Nicolette (Taylor Made)
10 Rocco Orsini
11 John Boyd
12 Randi  Perkins
13 Gregg Stern (Labor Power)
14 Vic Viscio (Long Beach Elite)
15 Richard Stahlberg
16 Deogracias Asunscion
17 Albert Shorts (Velo Allegro)
18 Kenny Stewart (Radsport)
19 Mitch Smith
20 Dan Agaganian (Cycles Veloce)
Category III (49 racers)
1 Anthony Morrow (Team Velocity)
2 Tim Coleman
3 Robert Ramirez
4 Aron Gadha
5 Al Villamil
6 Stephen Janke
7 Frank Albanez
8 Jared Shimizo
9 John MacPherson
10 John McKinney
11 Marc Ewell
12 Cid Castillo (Team Velocity)
13 Richard Mitchell (Anthony's Cyclery)
14 Bruce Dvorak
15 Earl Detrick (Team Velocity)
16 Sergei Cemenenkoff (CBR)
17 Matthew Howard
18 Todd Castillo (Bog Orange Racing)
19 Marco Fantone
20 Jason Short
Masters 30+ III/IV (75 racers)
1 Eric Fraer
2 Sergei Cemenenkoff (CBR)
3 Richard Mitchell (Anthony's)
4 Billy Mercier
5 Tony Sanchez
6 Aron Gadha
7 John McKinney
8 Randall Broussard
9 William Hammock
10 Jeff Monken
11 Marc Ewell
12 Tim Roth
13 Bob Rich
14 Frank Albanez
15 Derek Brayton
16 Victor Caraballo (Simply Fit)
17 Alan Morissette (Big Orange Racing)
18 Bryan Martinez
19 John MacPherson
20 Casper Casparian
Category IV (73 racers)
1 Stephan Andranian
2 Tony Sanchez
3 Jorge Alvarado
4 Bill Dean
5 Geoff Sims
6 Nathan Swift
7 Scott Guyett
8 Clement Kim (Radsport)
9 Tony Tran
10 Bruce Gitmed (Velo Allegro)
11 Ron McKiernan
12 Eric Barlevav
13 Jon Stark (Big Orange Racing)
14 Scott Webb
16 Virgil Ford
17 Oscar Gutierrez
18 Robert Onofre
19 Geoff Olin
20 Carter East
Category V/Public (49 racers)
1 Billy Mercier
2 Robert Minn
3 Fabian Guzman
4 Timothy Fleming
5 Hector Pulido
6 Wes Bredin
7 Ernie Krueger (Cycles Veloce)
8 Nicholas Jones
9 Carlos Castillo
10 Robert Blaswich
11 Alan Bub
12 Matthew Fischbach
13 Yamashita Nao
14 Mark Planellas
15 John Boyer (Sandpiper)
16 Robert Martinez
17 Shawn Supernau
19 Jake Chapman
20 Bruce Temesy

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