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Wake Habitat Cycling Challenge Road Race

Cary, NC, May 24, 2003

Laura Weislo, Spin Cycle/TRO Racing Team

One week after Cary, North Carolina was awarded a bronze-level Bicycle-Friendly Community national award by the League of American Bicyclists, the town was the site of the Wake Habitat Cycling Challenge Road Race.

The race course, held in a rural pocket of this burgeoning community, was half rolling hills and half pancake flat, favoring breakaways. A generous prize purse attracted riders from all over the southeast for the Pro, 1,2,3 Men's field, and the racing was aggressive from the very first lap.

Local Masters National and former Master's World Road Race Champion David LeDuc (Mercy) and Ryan Blickem were the first to breakaway on lap one. The two quickly opened up a 30 second gap, and hovered there for three laps before being joined by six other riders including LeDuc's teammate Randy Parker, also a Masters National Champion.

Even with reinforcements, the breakaway could not extend their lead from the field, and with three laps remaining, the peloton was back together again. LeDuc tried again to get away, but wasn't able to hold off the pack, and with two laps to go, it appeared as if the race would come down to a bunch sprint.

However, when the bell rang for the last lap, Thad Dulin (Colavita Bolla) and Hatcher Rosebrock (Cycles de Oro) took advantage of a slight lull in the pace to attack hard and by the time the pack decided to chase, the two had built a 25 second advantage. Dulin forced Rosebrock to the front with two kilometers left to race, and after a brief rest attacked his companion and soloed in the last kilometer for the win. Ryan Trebon (Krystal) and Joseph Stone (WV Go Mart) escaped the field to take third and fourth, then Ben Faulk of Easton/ClifBar won the field sprint.

In the women's race, an early breakaway consisting of duathlete Patty Shoaf (Hammergel), Laura Weislo (Spin Cycle/TRO) and Kathleen Gleason (Tri-Cyclists BRC) dissolved in an extended game of cat and mouse with two kilometers to go, and the race came back together. In the end, Shoaf won the field sprint over Amber Kreiger (Cycling Spoken Here) and Laura Weislo.


Pro 1,2,3
1 Thad Dulin (Colavita Bolla)
2 Hatcher Rosebrock (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
3 Ryan Trebon (Krystal)
4 Joseph Stone (WV Go Mart)
5 Ben Faulk (Easton/Clif Bar)
6 Johnny Wall (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
7 Radisa Cubric (Easton/Clif Bar)
8 Michael Royal (Piedmont Flyers)
9 Christopher Vigna (Carolina VW)
10 David Leatherman (Carolina Volkswagen)
11 Joel Branscomb (Vic Chisolm Racing)
12 Charles Pendy (Krystal)
13 Mark Griffin (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
14 Patrick Weddel (Easton/Clif Bar)
15 Darren Fuller (Subaru/Athlete's Foot)
16 Colin Barry (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
17 Jay Charles (Cycle Center)
18 Todd Stout (Atlantic Velo)
19 John Degele (Cycling Spoken Here)
20 Torsten Wambold (Team Earthfare)
21 Blair Palmer (Paceline Bicycles)
22 Jason Laxton (Boone Bike/Mellow Mushroom)
23 Daniel Doub (Cycling Spoken Here)
24 Blair Craig (Easton/Clif Bar)
25 Keith Johnson (Atlantic Velo)
26 John Hart (Knox Velo/YMCA)
27 Jason Spence (Colavita--Bolla)
28 Sean Dinges (Cycling Spoken Here)
29 Jason McCarter (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
30 Dahron Johnson (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
31 Curtis Staples (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
32 Tom Arsenault (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
33 Mike Eberlein (Atlantic Velo)
34 Jay Cox (unattached)
35 Matt Mason (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
36 Phil Kielty (Richmond Ciclismo)
37 Joel Darden (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
38 Jeremy McDaniel (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
39 Daryl Rains (Piedmont Flyers)
40 Jody Dumond (Spin Cycle/TRO)
41 Martin Lawing (Cool Breeze/DeFeet)
42 Graham Slater (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
43 Eric Greene (National Capital Velo Club)
44 Mac Canon (Hincapie Sports)
45 Pat Raines (Cycling Spoken Here)
46 Ryan Blickem (Aidas Bail Bonds)
47 Randy Parker (Mercy )
48 A.T. Stamp (Subaru-Athlete's Foot)
49 Stephen Spencer (Colavita Bolla)
50 Daniel Corum (Easton/Clif Bar)
Women 1,2,3
1 Patty Shoaf (Hammergel)
2 Laura Weislo (Spin Cycle/TRO)
3 Kathleen Gleason (Tri-Cyclists BRC)
4 Lisa Klatt (Tri-Cyclists BRC)
5 Suzie Hosman (Tri-Cyclists BRC)
Women 4
1 Amber Kreiger (Cycling Spoken Here)
2 Dana Lovelace (Bohemia)
3 Patricia Durrell (Sandhills Cycle Club)
4 Sarah Ivey
5 Page Grimstead
Category 4
1 Phil Wikoff (Doughnut Boy Racing)
2 Julian Brown (Lanterne Rouge)
3 Jenerette Springs (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
4 Matt Lee (Elite Fitness)
5 James West (Spin Cycle/TRO)
6 Taylor Jones (Cycling Spoken Here)
7 Marc Hewitt (Capital Cycling Club/Spin Cycle Racing)
8 Todd Denzler (Frankin Street Cycles)
9 Nick Galloway (Raleigh)
10 Robert George (Cycling Spoken Here)
11 Jonathan Kane (NC State)
12 Stephen Jones (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
13 Stefan Rogers (Tri-Cyclists BRC)
14 Hayden Tuttle (Team CRMC/Bohemian Cycles)
15 John Dockery (Cycling Spoken Here)
16 Timothy Glenn (Cycling Spoken Here)
17 Mark Jellous (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
18 Justin Kraft (Team Charlotte)
19 Emory Ball (Spin Cycle/TRO)
20 Miles Lankford (Charlottesville Racing Club)
21 Mike Lockhart (Raleigh All-Stars)
22 Michael Morgan (NC State)
23 William Rieter (Lowcountry VW)
24 Dale Christensen (Spin Cycle/TRO)
25 Alain Borthaire (Bike Rack)
26 Eric Beatty (Spin Cycle/TRO)
27 Mike Tino (Frankin Street Cycles)
28 Bryan Lovelace (Bohemian)
29 William Morgan (Cool Breeze/DeFeet)
30 Geoff Hill (CRMC/Bohemian)
31 Josh Stevens (Frankin Street Cycles)
32 Dan Upchurch (Raleigh All-Stars)
33 Jerry Muir (Spin Cycle/TRO)
34 Scott Frederick (Spin Cycle/TRO)
35 Darrin Dexter (Spin Cycle/TRO)
Category 5
1 John Hewitt (Spin Cycle/TRO)
2 Charles Walsh (Paul's Aqufina)
3 Jimmy Schneider (Raleigh All-Stars)
4 Alex Moore (Doughnut Boys)
5 Sam Estridge (SBS)
6 Erick Griffin (Cycling Spoken Here)
7 Jay Walsh (Paul's Aquafina)
8 thomas chamberlin (Tri-Cyclists BRC)
9 Thomas Sitzman (unattached)
10 Brian Hackathorne (Team Harrells Bike)
11 James Badia (unattached)
12 Andrew Winch (Hampton Roads)
13 Jay Cunningham (Tri-Cyclists BRC)
14 Brendan Shanley (NCSU Cycling Club)
15 Tomas Vasiliauskas (Tri-Cyclists BRC)
16 Stephen O'Hare (unattached)
17 Andrew Lorenc (Richmond CC)
18 Andrew Chan (Cycling Spoken Here)
19 Matt Clancy (Team Window Gang)
20 Alec Durrell (UNC-Chapel Hill)
21 Scott Pate (Spin Cycle/TRO)
22 Eric Rakoske (Cycling Spoken Here)
23 Doug Deaton (ABC/Elon Bike Shop)
24 Troy Jones (Cape Fear Cyclists)
25 scott pleasants (Doughnut Boy Racing)
26 Eric West (unattached)
27 Dan Carrington (unattached)
28 Geoffrey Brace (unattached)
29 Peter Schwaller (unattached)
30 Randy Rine (Team Window Gang)
31 Gary Rohlke (unattached)
32 Jay Stewart (DBRT)
33 Paul DePenning (Cycling Spoken Here)
34 David Matajasik (unattached)
35 Cy League (unattached)
36 Bruce O'Connell (unattached)
37 Steve Jordan (unattached)
38 Bernie Reyes (unattached)
39 Gary Shaffer (Team Shafustonafer)
1 Ross Bowden (Clean Machine)
2 John Hill (Team Elon)
3 Lewis Hannah (Rainbow Cycles)
4 Player Barrett (unattached)
Masters 35+
1 John Allen (Raleigh All-Stars)
2 Ronnie Hinson (Raleigh All-Stars)
3 Richard Creed (Cycling Spoken Here)
4 Carl Woodworth (Squadra Vecchio)
5 Michael Vandenhewel (Sandhills Cycling Club)
6 Matt Mason (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
7 Michael Ventola (Sandhills Cycling Club)
8 Geoff Tindall (Spin Cycle/TRO)
9 Peter Hymas (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
10 Rodney Simpson (Pace Line Bicycles)
11 Steven Sherman (Cycling Spoken Here)
12 Jimmy Bruner (Cycling Spoken Here)
13 David Petree (Greensboro Velo Club/North State Chevolet)
14 Doug Deaton (ABC/Elon Bike)
15 Charles Eller (Cool Breeze/DeFeet)
16 John Baxter (Cycling Spoken Here)
17 Kurt Massey (Raleigh All-Stars)
18 Andrew Brockway (Doughnut Boy Racing)
19 David Easter (Spin Cycle/TRO)
20 Jeff Needham (Cycling Spoken Here)
21 Jim Mead (Squadra Vecchio)
22 Dean Hesterberg (Spin Cycle/TRO)
Masters 45+
1 Peter Leousis (Carolina Masters Cycling)
2 Kerry Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling)
3 Bill Holder (Raleigh All-Stars)
4 Thad Fischer (OLP Racing)
5 Paul Steagall (ABC Racing/Elon Bike)
6 Gerald Espy (Spin Cycle/TRO)
7 Eddie Greene (Magic Cycles)
8 James Austin (Sandhills Cycling Club)
9 Rob Weaver (Raleigh All-Stars)
10 Paul Pugliese (Tri-Cyclists BRC)
11 David Proffit (unattached)
12 Steadman Ayers (Raleigh All-Stars)
13 Dean Lyons (Boone Bike/Mellow Mushroom)
14 Charles Moschel (OLP Racing)
15 Robert Land (Piedmont Flyers)
16 Albert Mills (Elon Bike Shop)
17 Ken Johnson (SCSC)
18 David Fuller (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
19 Philip Whitman (Freewheelers of Spartanburg)
20 Richard Howard (Cycles de Oro/Northstate Chevrolet)
21 Ralph Branscomb (unattached)
22 Randy Shields (Carolina Masters)
23 Neal Kaplan (Tricyclists BRC)
24 Harry Williamson (Mako)
25 Curtis Mills (Hearts)
26 Bruce Wassel (Carolina Masters Cycling) 

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