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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Cow Skin Circuit Race

Tulsa, OK, March 30, 2003


1 Nick Kiernan (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
2 Jason Waddel (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
3 Steve Cate (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
4 John Brest (St Francis/CTE)
5 Danny Kaukola (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
6 Aaron Smathers (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
7 Greg Saunders (St Francis/CTE)
8 Ryan Keels (Team Power Train)
9 Chad Cagle (St Francis/CTE)
10 Gary Loafman (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
11 Tom French (Team Power Train)
field Andres Angulo (Fayetteville Wheelmen)
field J Rod Barcenilla (Tyson)
field David Billingsly (St Francis/CTE)
field Randall Clayborn (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Kary Cummins (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Marc Delametter (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Bruce Dunn (Tyson)
field Chris DuRoy (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Bryan Duvall (St Francis/CTE)
field Peter Erdoes (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Ralph Hamerla
field W Shawn Harris (Team Diabetic)
field Aron Huerta (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Jacob Irwin (Tyson)
field Jacob Lasley (St Francis/CTE)
field John LaSorsa (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Tony Mayse (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Blake McMahon (Team Power Train)
field Darrell Meinen (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Eric Melton (CRRC)
field Johnathon Orr (Team Diabetic)
field Jason Pratt (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Jason Ruby
field Randy Schwers (St Francis/CTE)
field Adam Vanderburg (Team Power Train)
field Tim Way (CRRC)
field Alex Welch (Team Power Train)
Women's Open
1 Magen Long (OBRU)
2 Helene Carabin (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
3 Julie Thomas (OK Velo Sports)
4 Miranda Quigley (OBRU)
1 Trey Hoobler (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
2 WB Sephus (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
3 Paul Pierce (Pedalers Racing Team)
4 Janne Hamalainen (Tulsa Wheelmen)
5 Wade Colwell (Tyson)
6 Jeff Williams
8 Sheridan Marquardt (OBRU)
10 Chad Shanks (CRRC)
11 Jason Scates (Tyson)
12 Joe Gross
field Jim Bohanan (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Bob Cable (Tyson)
field Steve Colton (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Aaron Gober (Pedalers Racing Team)
field Rick Gutierrez (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Ryan Heydenrych
field Timothy King (OK Velo Sports)
field Jeffrey Kragh (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Don Lee (Unattached)
field Michael Leland (Unattached)
field Tom Loeffelholz (CRRC)
field Michael Mertz
field Dale Mondloch (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Kevin O'Connor (CRRC)
field Ben O'Toole (Mercy)
field Raton Parmain (OK Velo Sports)
field Sante Pelot (Unattached)
field Scott Powers (St Francis/CTE)
field Matthew Reynolds (OBRU)
field Chris Robinson (OBRU)
field Grant Rodiek (CRRC)
field Stokely Samuel (CRRC)
field Jeremy Stitt (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Sean Turbeville (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
DNF Chris Crowder (CRRC)
DNF Zach French (CRRC)
DNF Dave Hydrick (Tulsa Wheelmen)
DNF Russell McMahon (Tulsa Wheelmen)
DNF Ben Silk (Team Power Train)
Masters 35+
1 Greg Saunders (St Francis/CTE)
2 Gil Summy (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
3 Keith Winn (Tulsa Wheelmen)
4 Peter Erdoes (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
5 Gary Loafman (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
6 Bruce Dunn (Tyson)
7 Keith Franklin (Tulsa Wheelmen)
8 Kary Cummins (Tulsa Wheelmen)
9 Doug Werhane (Tulsa Wheelmen)
10 Tim Carrigg (Tulsa Wheelmen)
11 Gregory Shinn (Tulsa Wheelmen)
12 Dave Billingsly (St Francis/CTE)
13 Randall Clayborn (Tulsa Wheelmen)
14 Steve Webb (Tulsa Wheelmen)
15 Malcolm McCollam (Tulsa Wheelmen)
16 Stokely Samuel (CRRC)
field Gary Breipohl (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Rich Chillingsworth (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Marc Delametter (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Chris DuRoy (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Janne Hamalainen (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field John LaSorsa (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Tony Mayse (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
field Darrell Meinen (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Ken Norton
field Adam Pratt (Tulsa Wheelmen)
field Jeff Williams
DNF Len O'Toole (Mercy)
DNF Adam Vanderburg (Team Power Train)
1 Jacob Irwin (Tyson)
2 Donald Waggoner (Team Power Train)
3 Alex Schneider (Team Power Train)
4 Alex Lewis (Team Power Train)
5 Jeff Shepherd (Team Power Train)
DNF Jesse Waggoner (Team Power Train)
Citizen/Cat 5
1 Chad Sharks (CRRC)
2 Trey Hoobler (Los Malos/Mathis Bros)
3 Sante Pelot (Unattached)
4 Kevin O'Connor (CRRC)
5 Tom Loeffelholz (CRRC)
6 Brent Wilson (KORS)
7 Joe Lederer (Mercy)
DNF Jim Marshall (Tulsa Wheelmen)

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