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Tour de Toona - NE

USA, July 24-30, 2006

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Stage 1 - July 24: Altoona time trial, 5.6 km

Toona time trial sets the stage

By Kirsten Robbins in Altoona, PA

Men: Menzies sprints to early lead

Karl Menzies (Health Net-Maxxis)
Photo ©: Mark Zalewski
(Click for larger image)

Health Net’s Karl Menzies won the Tour De Toona’s technical prologue four seconds ahead Navigator’s Shawn Milne and his Health Net-Maxxis teammate Jeff Louder.

“It was a great start to the race,” said Karl Menzies. “We want to win the bike race over all. Toyota-United and Navigators both had awesome squads last week at the Cascade Classic and that is great. Having good teams means that not one team will control the entire race. There will be lots of attacking and tactics that will make this race exciting for the whole week.”

Toona opened up with a blistering 5.6 km time trial. The course was technically demanding and well suited for the risk takers. “The course was not too bad– it was as dangerous as you wanted to make it,” said Menzies. “The accidents happen when guys lose control of their bikes. It is a fine line…Mark McCormack won last year and he has all the good skills in the world. It is that type of rider who does well on a course like this. Obviously we all have to take risks because it is such a short stage and it comes down to seconds.”

“But, I liked the course it was good and the first bit was the hardest,” said Menzies. “After the first half I didn’t have to pedal too hard because it was all down hill with fast corners to the end.”

Jeff Louder (Health Net-Maxxis)
Photo ©: Mark Zalewski
(Click for larger image)

The second corner of the circuit was the demise of several riders this evening due to its rough surface and changing terrain. Toyota-United’s top riders: Ivan Stevic and Heath Blackgrove slid out through the rough surface of this corner but were able to recover from their accidents and continue on to the finish. Each suffered the loss of a little time and a little skin.

“We pre-rode the course the night before and I thought that that second corner was the easiest and least dangerous of them all,” said Toyota-United’s Heath Blackgrove. “It was a nice wide and fast corner with lots of room but the surfacing of the road was bad. It was a little slippery and maybe some gravel on it. The surface changed part way through and there was a concrete lip that I just slide over. I’m not too badly hurt, just some skin off my shoulder and the same with Ivan.”

The time gaps between the riders after the prologue is very small and in the case of the second through fourth it is a difference of tenths of a second. “Luckily we lost just a little bit of time,” said Blackgrove. “We will just have to go on the attack, get up the road and gain some time back. We will also be helping out our teammates and just wait and see what happens.”

Powers puts one over on Armstrong

The women's podium.
Photo ©: Mark Zalewski
(Click for larger image)

Team Advil-Chap Stick’s Alison Powers surprised everyone but the U.S. time trial champion by winning this evening’s prologue. Powers won the time trial by five seconds over Team Lipton’s US national champion Kristin Armstrong and nine seconds over Team Biovail’s Canadian national champion Alex Wrubleski. “Going into the time trial tonight I thought that Alison was the biggest threat,” said Kristin Armstrong. “She was a down hill skier and this is a five minute race – all about power. This time trial was all about raw power and she has short prologue power that can be a specialty for her.”

Powers is in her second year for racing and is quickly claiming her space on the podium. “I came into this race wanting to do really well,” said Alison Powers. “I saw the course this afternoon and all of its turns and speed. I knew it was calling my name, the turning, the technique and dealing with the speed. I just want to win this and I knew I could do it. It was like a ski race the whole way.”

Powers has been developing as a cyclist along side the US development program directed by Michael Engleman. “It is my first year involved with the US Development Program and it is awesome,” said Powers. “The support that they provide, equipment and finances are amazing. Michael is a wonderful person who cares so much and who I have learn a lot from – I feel honored to be apart of his program.”

National champion Kristin Armstrong (TEAm Lipton)
Photo ©: Mark Zalewski
(Click for larger image)

Powers admits that it will be difficult for the young developing team to protect the leaders jersey all the way through the tour. “It is not realistic to challenge for the leaders jersey until Sunday,” said Powers. “I have never done this race and never raced ninety-mile days. I am just happy to bring the leaders jersey to our team Advil at the beginning of this race.”

Many of the teams have brought with them their strongest riders and all of the teams have several riders that can contest for the win of the yellow jersey. “I have some teammates pretty stacked up there after the prologue,” said Armstrong. “I am happy that there are strong teams here and the depth is good. I just really like to race my bike and I think that there will be some good racing going on. There is some tough climbing to come. This is just the first five minutes of a long stage race and there are so many things that can happen. You can get the yellow jersey as quick as you can lose it.”


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Images by Mark Zalewski/


Pro men
1 Karl Menzies (Aus) Health Net pb Maxxis                     5.09.15
2 Shawn Milne (USA) Navigators Insurance                      0.04.38
3 Jeff Louder (USA) Health Net pb Maxxis                      0.04.62
4 Bernard VanUlden (USA) Navigators Insurance                 0.04.70
5 Greg Henderson (NZl) Health Net pb Maxxis                   0.05.11
6 Christopher Baldwin (USA) Toyota - United                   0.05.43
7 Mark McCormack (USA) Colavita - Sutter Home                 0.06.78
8 Davide Frattini (Ita) Colavita - Sutter Home                0.07.06
9 Nathan O'Neill (USA) Health Net pb Maxxis                   0.08.53
10 Friedick Mariano (USA) Toyota - United                     0.08.76
11 Christopher Wherry (USA) Toyota - United                   0.10.11
12 Frank Pipp (USA) TargetTraining                            0.10.81
13 Edward King (USA) Priority Health                          0.10.82
14 Glen Chadwick (USA) Navigators Insurance                   0.10.97
15 Jason Donald (USA) Team Einstein's                         0.11.09
16 Tom Zirbel (USA) Priority Health
17 Tyler Wren (USA) Colavita - Sutter Home                    0.11.13
18 Brian Sheedy (USA) Priority Health                         0.11.21
19 Juan Haedo (Arg) Toyota - United                           0.11.51
20 Joseph Moody (USA) Kenda/Raleigh                           0.11.60
21 Jonathan Page (USA) Colavita - Sutter Home                 0.11.98
22 Scottie Weiss (USA) Abercrombe & Fitch                     0.12.09
23 Justin England (USA) Toyota - United                       0.12.17
24 David O'Loughlin (Irl) Navigators Insurance                0.12.19
25 Scott Moninger (USA) Health Net pb Maxxis                  0.12.49
26 Ryan Trebon (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork                   0.12.79
27 Ben Brooks (USA) Navigators Insurance                      0.12.99
28 Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators Insurance                  0.13.04
29 Kyle Wamsley (USA) Colavita - Sutter Home                  0.13.12
30 Eric Keim (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork                     0.13.19
31 David Veilleux (Can) Equipe du Quebec                      0.13.29
32 Scott Zwizanski (USA) Nevada       0.13.47
33 Bruno Langlois (Can) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork                0.13.89
34 Andrew Bajadali (USA) Jelly Belly                          0.14.07
35 Robbie King (USA) Priority Health                          0.14.41
36 Timothy Johnson (USA) Health Net pb Maxxis                 0.14.43
37 Michael Jones (USA) Health Net pb Maxxis                   0.14.45
38 Russell Langley (USA) Rite Aid                             0.14.47
39 Brian Dziewa (USA) Mercy Cycling Team                      0.14.58
40 Alberto Tiberio (Swi) Health Net pb Maxxis                 0.14.68
41 Matty Rice (Aus) Jelly Belly                               0.14.82
42 Viktor Rapinski (Blr) Colavita - Sutter Home               0.15.70
43 Glen Mitchell (NZl) Priority Health                        0.16.44
45 Barry Wicks (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork                   0.16.57
46 Richard England (Aus) Priority Health                      0.16.73
47 Nicholas Clayville (USA) Broadmark/Hagens                  0.16.76
48 Clayton Barrows (USA) Team Einstein's                      0.17.10
49 Dwight (Whitey) Debroux (USA) Team Einstein's              0.17.14
50 Valeriy Kobzarenko URK Navigators Insurance                0.18.39
51 Patrick Walsh (USA) CCB/Volkswagen                         0.19.32
52 Johnney Hayes (USA) CRC/Sakonnet Technology                0.19.40
53 Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance                    0.19.42
54 Manion Caleb (USA) Jelly Belly                             0.19.48
55 Todd Henriksen (USA) VMG Racing                            0.19.53
56 Stefano Barberi (Cub) Toyota - United                      0.19.91
57 Roy Mathieu (Can) Equipe du Quebec                         0.19.98
58 Daniel Greenfield (USA) TargetTraining                     0.20.16
59 Powers Jeremy (USA) Jelly Belly                            0.20.26
60 Ryan DeWald (USA) Rite Aid                                 0.20.27
61 Bradley Viera (USA) Rite Aid                               0.20.33
62 Dustin MacBurnie (Can) TargetTraining                      0.20.53
63 Matt Shriver (USA) TargetTraining                          0.20.69
64 Zach Bell (Can) Rite Aid                                   0.20.74
65 Eric Boily (Can) Equipe du Quebec                          0.20.79
66 Phil Cortes (Can) Equipe du Quebec                         0.21.62
67 Alexander Boyd (USA) VMG Racing                            0.21.70
68 Andrew Applegate (USA) Abercrombe & Fitch                  0.22.53
69 Chad Cagle (USA) Mercy Cycling Team                        0.22.74
70 Chris Jones (USA) TargetTraining                           0.23.03
71 Michael Norton (USA) Nerac/               0.23.09
72 Brice Jones (USA) Jelly Belly                              0.23.50
73 Elliot Gaunt (USA) Watchung Wheelman                       0.23.53
74 Jonathan Wirsing (USA) Rite Aid                            0.24.11
75 Derik Archibald (USA)                         0.24.65
76 Scott Nydam (USA) Team Einstein's                          0.25.20
77 Rudy Robaina (USA) VMG Racing                              0.25.27
78 Andrew Fischer (USA) Broadmark/Hagens                      0.25.71
79 Eneas Freyre (USA) TargetTraining                          0.26.19
80 Stefan Rothe (USA) Mercy Cycling Team                      0.26.58
81 Jorge Humberto Martinez (USA) Caico                        0.26.62
82 Caleb Fairly (USA) CRC/Sakonnet Technology                 0.26.70
83 Kirk Albers (USA) Jelly Belly                              0.26.87
84 Jean-Sebastien Perron (Can) Calyon / Litespeed             0.26.89
85 Ben Raby (USA) Mesa Cycles                                 0.27.01
86 Pierre-Olivier Boily (Can) Equipe du Quebec                0.27.72
88 Fullerton Chase (USA) VMG Racing                           0.27.82
89 David Wiswell (USA) CRC/Sakonnet Technology                0.28.11
90 Todd Herriott (USA) Colavita - Sutter Home                 0.28.42
91 David Sachs (USA) Kenda/Raleigh                            0.28.43
92 Daniel Holt (USA) Nerac/                  0.28.49
93 Ward Solar (USA) IBC/NERAC                                 0.28.60
94 James Driscoll (USA) Watchung Wheelman                     0.28.71
95 Clovis Auger (Can) Equipe du Quebec                        0.29.10
96 Hugh Moran (USA) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork                    0.29.14
97 Jamie Sparling (Can) Bicisport Calgary                     0.29.15
98 Jaimie Lamb (Can) Equipe du Quebec                         0.29.53
99 Hayden Brooks (Aus) Subaru                                 0.30.03
100 Tim Henry (USA) Subaru                                    0.30.25
101 Alexander Welch (USA) Mercy Cycling Team                  0.30.37
102 Tommy Nankervis (Aus) Priority Health                     0.30.56
103 Nebojsa Jovanovic (SCG) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork            0.30.60
104 Justin Spinelli (USA) Nerac/             0.30.68
105 Jonathan Hamblen (USA) Nerac/            0.30.92
106 Keith Moore (Can) Jet Fuel                                0.31.00
107 Predrag Prokic (SCG) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork               0.31.09
108 Michael Lanyon (USA) Mesa Cycles                          0.31.11
109 Agustin Font (USA) Caico                                  0.31.47
110 Jason Harpp (USA) Kenda/Raleigh                           0.31.51
111 Adam Myerson (USA) Nerac/                0.31.83
112 David Robinson (USA) Nevada       0.31.84
113 James Camut (USA) Watchung Wheelman                       0.31.89
114 Trevor Mays (USA)                            0.32.21
115 John DeLong (USA) Rite Aid                                0.32.23
116 Bennet Ban der Genugten (USA) Abercrombe & Fitch
117 Chris Kuhl (USA) CRC/Sakonnet Technology                  0.32.33
118 Dominique Perras (Can) Equipe du Quebec                   0.32.65
119 Tim Swain (USA) Abercrombe & Fitch
120 Phillip Gaimon (USA) VMG Racing                           0.32.83
121 Peter Penzell (USA) Rite Aid                              0.32.86
122 Abraham McNutt (USA) Abercrombe & Fitch                   0.33.03
123 Charly Vives (Can) Calyon / Litespeed                     0.33.15
124 Keith Jennings (USA) Independent Fabrications             0.33.57
125 Eudaldo Asencio (USA) Caico                               0.33.78
126 Shane Peltonen (USA) Eclipse Racing                       0.33.80
127 Chad Nikolz (USA) Broadmark/Hagens                        0.33.88
128 Brian Kendall (USA) Team Einstein's                       0.33.90
129 Erik Lyman (Can) Calyon / Litespeed                       0.34.15
131 Robert Sweeting (USA) IBC/NERAC                           0.34.51
132 Aliaksandr Bialiauski (Blr) CCB/Volkswagen                0.35.38
133 Jonathan Garcia (USA) Team Einstein's                     0.35.41
134 Omer Kem (USA)                               0.35.60
135 Per Strom (Can) Bicisport Calgary                         0.35.65
136 Jered Gruber (USA) Abercrombe & Fitch                     0.35.73
137 Jason Baer (USA) Kenda/Raleigh                            0.35.81
138 Jake Rytlewski (USA) Priority Health                      0.35.98
139 Ian Manning (Can) Jet Fuel                                0.36.12
140 Adam Branfman (USA)                          0.36.66
141 William Dugan (USA) Watchung Wheelman                     0.36.98
142 Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon / Litespeed                     0.37.35
143 Stan Jurga (USA) Independent Fabrications                 0.37.38
144 Joe Guiliano (Can) Jet Fuel                               0.37.63
145 David Guttenplan (USA) Subaru                             0.37.88
146 John Seehafer (USA) Team Einstein's                       0.38.00
147 Sam Johnson (USA) Broadmark/Hagens
148 Kyle Colavito (USA) Eclipse Racing                        0.38.16
149 Willliam Elliston (USA) TargetTraining                    0.38.39
150 Jason Karew (USA) Eclipse Racing                          0.38.50
151 Shane Weaver (USA) Abercrombe & Fitch                     0.38.59
152 Michael Necessary (USA) Mesa Cycles                       0.39.23
153 Malachi Peacock (USA) Abercrombe & Fitch                  0.39.48
154 Emile Abraham (Tri) AEG-Toshiba-JetNetwork                0.39.51
155 Stephan Kincaid (USA) Nevada      0.39.52
156 Jafer Beizer (USA) Subaru                                 0.39.64
157 Daniel Vaillancourt (USA) CCB/Volkswagen                  0.40.33
158 Robert Ketchell (USA) Nerac/             0.40.58
159 Joshua Carter (USA) Mesa Cycles                           0.40.74
160 Peter Morse (Can) Jet Fuel                                0.41.10
161 Jake Hollenbach (USA) CCB/Volkswagen                      0.41.28
162 Edwin Ramos (USA) Caico                                   0.41.40
163 Ruben Borrero (USA) Caico                                 0.41.88
164 Bartolo Torre (USA) VMG Racing                            0.41.95
165 Luke Krisch (USA) Independent Fabrications                0.42.13
166 Stephen Weller (USA) IBC/NERAC                            0.42.21
167 Werling David (USA) Nerac/               0.42.56
168 Scott Jackson (USA) Watchung Wheelman                     0.42.93
169 Nick Friesen (Can) Bicisport Calgary                      0.43.85
170 Jonathan Bruno (USA) Independent Fabrications             0.44.37
171 Shawn Forsythe (USA) CCB/Volkswagen                       0.44.51
172 Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Calyon / Litespeed                0.44.66
174 Jarod Gilyard (USA) Eclipse Racing                        0.45.91
175 Nathaniel Buyon (USA) Watchung Wheelman                   0.46.14
176 Trevor Connor (Can) Bicisport Calgary                     0.46.55
177 Zach Reed (USA) Mesa Cycles                               0.48.66
178 Brian Hayes (USA) IBC/NERAC                               0.49.69
179 Tom Gosselin (USA) Independent Fabrications               0.50.08
180 Lang Reynolds (USA)                          0.50.78
181 Brian Wyrick (USA) Mercy Cycling Team                     0.52.56
182 David Beeryman (USA) Independent Fabrications             1.00.80
183 John-Christopher Reid (Can) Bicisport Calgary             1.02.88
184 Ivan Stevic (SCG) Toyota - United                         1.06.31
185 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Toyota - United                    1.38.19
186 Mathew Helming (USA) Kenda/Raleigh                        1.38.20
DNS Brooke Boocock (Can) Calyon / Litespeed
DNS Scott Blanchard (USA) Eclipse Racing
DNS David Glick (USA) Eclipse Racing
DNS Emiliano Jordan (USA) Eclipse Racing
DNS Joseph Whitman (USA) Nevada
DNS Brian Bibens (USA) Subaru
1 Alison Powers (USA) Advil-Chapstick                         5.41.92
2 Kristin Armstrong (USA) TEAm Lipton                         0.05.30
3 Alex Wrubleski (Can) Team Biovail                           0.09.67
4 Laura Van Gilder (USA) TEAm Lipton                          0.11.57
5 Kori Seehafer (USA) TEAm Lipton                             0.12.45
6 Lauren Franges (USA) Victory Brewing                        0.13.65
7 Katherine Sherwin (Can) Victory Brewing                     0.15.62
8 Kristin Sanders (USA) Cheerwine                             0.16.70
9 Felicia Gomez (USA) Webcor-Platinum                         0.16.78
10 Katherine Carroll (USA) Victory Brewing                    0.17.87
11 Charmian Breon (USA) Cheerwine                             0.18.12
12 Iona Wynter (Jam) Colavita Cooking Light                   0.19.00
13 Amber Rais (USA) Webcor-Platinum                           0.19.14
14 Rachel Heal (GBr) Victory Brewing                          0.19.37
15 Meshy Holt (NZl) Colavita Cooking Light                    0.19.59
16 Grace Fleury (USA) TEAm Lipton                             0.19.94
17 Tina Mayolo-Pic (USA) Colavita Cooking Light               0.20.91
18 Heather Labance (USA) Advil-Chapstick                      0.21.13
19 Jennifer Stephenson (USA) Team Biovail                     0.21.85
20 Brooke Miller (USA) PABW Powered by TIBC                   0.23.02
21 Megan Guarnier (USA) TRIA                                  0.23.43
22 Katheryn Curi (USA) Webcor-Platinum                        0.23.78
23 Anne Samplonius (Can) Team Biovail                         0.24.42
24 Beltina Hold (USA) Webcor-Platinum                         0.24.77
25 Stacy Marple (USA) PABW Powered by TIBC                    0.25.16
26 Brenda Lyons (USA) Victory Brewing                         0.25.53
27 Sarah Tillotson (USA) Colavita Cooking Light               0.25.83
28 Leigh Hobson (Can) Victory Brewing                         0.26.32
29 Shannon Willock (Can) Webcor-Platinum                      0.26.98
30 Lara Kroepsch (USA) TEAm Lipton                            0.27.12
31 Julie Marceau (Can) Equipe du Quebec                       0.27.28
32 Meredith Miller (USA) TEAm Lipton                          0.27.61
33 Christina Ruiter (USA) Victory Brewing                     0.27.74
34 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) Verducci Breakaway                0.28.02
35 Cat Malone (USA) Webcor-Platinum                           0.28.54
36 Joell Numanville (Can) Team Biovail                        0.29.40
37 Shannon Hutchison-Krupat (USA) Aaron's Corp. Furnishing    0.30.19
38 Nichole Wangsgard (USA) Colorado Premier Training          0.30.97
39 Sharon Allpress (USA) TRIA                                 0.31.14
40 Mackenzie Dickey (USA) Aaron's Corp. Furnishing            0.31.78
41 Susan Haywood (USA) Aaron's Corp. Furnishing               0.32.26
42 Emilie Roy (Can) Equipe du Quebec                          0.32.48
43 Gina Grain (Can) Colavita Cooking Light                    0.32.70
44 Marisa Asplund (USA) Colorado Premier Training             0.33.33
45 Joanie Caron (Can) Equipe du Quebec                        0.33.50
46 Dotsie Bausch (USA) Colavita Cooking Light                 0.33.87
47 Suz Weldon (USA) TRIA                                      0.34.64
48 Amanda Shaw (USA) Team Biovail                             0.35.71
49 Liza Rachetto (USA) TEAm Lipton                            0.36.23
50 Alison Testroete (Can) Team Biovail                        0.36.51
51 Kelly Benjamin (USA) Cheerwine                             0.37.24
52 Flacia Oliveira (USA) PABW Powered by TIBC                 0.37.52
53 Allison Beall (USA) TRIA                                   0.37.92
54 Kristen LaSasso (USA) TEAm Lipton                          0.38.59
55 Audrey Lemieux (Can) Colavita Cooking Light                0.38.65
56 Robin Farina (USA) Team Kenda Tire                         0.38.92
57 Kathleen Billington (USA) Team Kenda Tire                  0.39.49
58 Arielle Filiberti (USA) TRIA                               0.39.86
59 Laura Yoisten (Can) Victory Brewing                        0.39.93
60 Anna Milkowski (USA) Advil-Chapstick                       0.40.20
61 Kristen Wentworth (USA) Team Kenda Tire
62 Rachel O'Connell (USA) Cheerwine                           0.40.95
63 Caitlyn McCullough (USA) Advil-Chapstick                   0.41.68
64 Andrea Myers (USA) Team Kenda Tire                         0.42.22
65 Anne Guzman (Can) TRIA                                     0.44.07
66 Carli Figueroa (USA) Verducci Breakaway                    0.45.07
67 Stephanie Bourbeau (Can) Team Biovail                      0.49.10
68 Beth Leasure (USA) Cheerwine                               0.49.47
69 Mandy Lozano (USA) Cheerwine                               0.50.25
70 Gina Kavesh (USA) TRIA                                     0.50.59
71 Marie-Pier Bedard (Can) Equipe du Quebec                   0.50.62
72 Julia Farell (Can) TRIA                                    0.53.96
73 Molly Hummel (USA) Colorado Premier Training               0.56.26
74 Yukie Nakamura (USA) PABW Powered by TIBC                  0.58.15
75 Abby Cooper (USA) Team Kenda Tire                          0.58.38
76 Catherine Powers (USA) Aaron's Corp. Furnishing            1.01.43
77 Katy Ligler (USA) Team Kenda Tire                          1.04.76
78 Chamblee Abernethy (USA) Team Kenda Tire                   1.07.76
79 Rebecca Larson (USA) Aaron's Corp. Furnishing              1.08.50
80 Diana Panchyk (USA) Advil-Chapstick                        1.13.65
81 Kristin Keim (USA) Verducci Breakaway                      1.14.30
82 Dee Clark (USA) Verducci Breakaway                         1.29.04
83 Lisa Sweeney (Can) Colorado Premier Training               2.28.05
DNS Holli Steelman (USA) Cheerwine