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Cascade Classic - NE

Bend, Oregon, USA, July 9-13, 2003

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Stage 1 - July 9: Pacific Power Road Race, 110 miles

Clinger takes breakaway sprint

By Kristy Scrymgeour

Clinger puts down the power
Photo: © Bryan Hilts

David Clinger (Prime Alliance) won the first stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic today taking the sprint out of a seven person breakaway. On a perfect 85 degree day in the Cascade Mountains the 95 mile stage set the scene for the kind of hilly terrain to come and was aggressive from the start.

It was Clinger’s teammate Danny Pate who initiated the first convincing break just as the race hit the second climb early in the race. He attacked over the climb taking a Schroeder Iron rider with him. The two stayed away for at least 50 miles of the race but never got more than a minute on the field. The Saturn team was instrumental at keeping the two at a safe distance and as the riders reached the business end of the race, the two were reeled in.

The final climb of the day was where the decisive break got away as riders attacked up the hill. In the break was David Clinger (Prime Alliance), Mike Sayers (Health Net), Tom Danielson (Saturn), Chris Wherry (Navigators), Drew Miller (Trek), Andy Bajadali (Ofoto-Lombardi Sports) and Greg Drake (Webcor).

With the break remaining away to the finish line, it was Clinger who took the stage adding to a very successful season to date. Taking second place was Sayers followed by Danielson with Jackson Stewart taking the bunch sprint for 8th place. Clinger will go into tomorrow’s stage in the yellow jersey as riders face the McKenzie Pass and 7000 feet of climbing. Also tomorrow, the elite women begin their tour with a 70mile race over the same course as the men.


Images by Bryan Hilts/


1 David Clinger (Prime Alliance)                 3.46.24
2 Micheal Sayers (Healthnet)                            
3 Tom Danielson (Saturn)                                
4 Chris Wherry (Navigators)                             
5 Drew Miller (Trek/VW All Stars)                       
6 Andy Bajadale (                    
7 Greg Drake (Webcor Cycling Team)                      
8 Jackson Stewart (              0.26
9 Doug Ollerenshaw (Broadmark Capital)                  
10 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)         
11 Gord Fraser (Healthnet)                              
12 Tim Larkin (                      
13 Alex Kozlov (Healthnet)                              
14 Zachary Walker (Olympic Club)                        
15 Cameron Evans (Broadmark Capital)                    
16 Nieko Biskner (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)              
17 Blake Caldwell (Prime Alliance)                      
18 Andy Jacques-Maynes (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)        
19 Eric Murphy (Healthy Choice-Guru's)                  
20 Daniel Bowman (Suburban Homes/WSC)                   
21 Geoff Rapoport (Minute Maid-Dasani)                  
22 Chris Horner (Saturn)                                
23 Todd Littlehales (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)           
24 Josh Horowitz (Minute Maid-Dasani)                   
25 Scott F. Blanchard (Eclipse Racing)                  
26 John Hunt (Healthnet)                                
27 Matt Dubberly (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)              
28 Marc Harsncocher (Webcor Cycling Team)               
29 John Osguthorpe (Healthy Choice-Guru's)              
30 gustavo Gomez (Central Valley cycling)               
31 Andrew Touchstone (GS Lombardi/Foundry)              
32 gordon McCauley (Schroeder Iron Pro Cy)              
33 Phil Zajicek (Saturn)                                
34 Antonio Cruz (US Postal)                             
35 Adam Livingston (Schroeder Iron Pro Cy)              
36 glen Mitchell (Navigators)                           
37 Will Frischkorn (Saturn)                             
38 Solomon Woras (Team Rubicon)                         
39 Benjamin Haldeman (Santa Cruz Spokesman)             
40 Kelly Williamson (iomega-ORBEA)                      
41 Evan Elken (Broadmark Capital)                       
42 Mitch Moreman (Team Dean)                            
43 Jacob Erker (Schroeder Iron Pro Cy)                  
44 Jonathan Vaughters (Prime Alliance)                  
45 Todd Herriott (Healthnet)                            
46 Troy E. White (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)              
47 Timothy Duggan (Duane Duggan ReMax)                  
48 Justin Spinelli (Navigators)                         
49 Calvin Allan (Broadmark Capital)                     
50 Steve Larson (Webcor Cycling Team)                   
51 Stuart Gillespie (Harvard Univ. Cycling)             
52 Cody Peterson (Intermountain Orthopedi)              
53 Paul S. Thomas (Eclipse Racing)                      
54 Nate Dille (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW)                    
55 Adham Sbeih (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)                
56 Zach Vestal (Trek/VW All Stars)                      
57 Chris Walker (Team Compass Commercial)               
58 Jon Stierwalt (Team Rio Grande)                      
59 Walker Ferguson (Trek/VW All Stars)                  
60 Michael J. Anker (KB Home Cycling Team)              
61 Chris Baldwin (Navigators)                           
62 Cameron Brenneman (KB Home Cycling Team)             
63 Danny Pate (Prime Alliance)                          
64 Nathin Oneil (Saturn)                                
65 Mark Southard (Trek/VW All Stars)                    
66 Tim Carolan (Trek/VW All Stars)                      
67 colin Rooney (E-caps/Hammer Gel)                 2.26
68 Bryson Perry (Healthy Choice-Guru's)             2.46
69 David Wyandt (Webcor Cycling Team)                   
70 Craig Wilcox (Broadmark Capital)                     
71 Sandy Perrins (Healthy Choice-Guru's)                
72 Jesse Westergard (Healthy Choice-Guru's)             
73 Tim Johnsin (Saturn)                             3.07
74 Adam Curry (Team Rubicon)                            
75 russell Hamby (                   
76 Nat Faulkner (Trek/VW All Stars)                     
77 Ted Huank (Webcor Cycling Team)                      
78 Peter Knudsen (Schroeder Iron Pro Cy)                
79 eddy Hilger (Subaru/Athlete's Foot)                  
80 Neil Shirley (KB Home Cycling Team)                  
81 Saro Campono (Navigators)                            
82 Luke Pennington (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW)               
83 Aaron Olson (Schroeder Iron Pro Cy)                  
84 Michael King (Hutch's of Bend)                       
85 Ian MacGregor (Duane Duggan ReMax)                   
86 Jason Jablonski (Wenatcher Vally Velo)               
87 Ryan Guay (Navigators)                               
88 Roman Killin (--)                                5.51
89 Neil Flock (Duane Duggan ReMax)                      
90 Jeff Angerman (Webcor Cycling Team)                  
91 Hugo Pradoneto (Cody Racing/Brazil)                  
92 Jason Lokkesmoe (Healthnet)                          
93 Daivd Robinson (--)                                  
94 Patrick Dunaway (Healthnet)                          
95 Jason Tullous (Grand Canyon Cycling)                 
96 Eric Ranson (iomega-ORBEA)                           
97 Eddy Gragus (Trek/VW All Stars)                      
98 Chris McGovern (Healthnet)                           
99 Dane Jankowiak (Schroeder Iron Pro Cy)               
100 Rusty Beall (Healthnet)                             
101 John Peters (Prime Alliance)                        
102 Joseph Smith (Healthy Choice-Guru's)            6.36
103 Gianluigi Piacentini (Broadmark Capital)            
104 Ian J. Mensher (Saturn for Seattle)             8.24
105 Lance Doherty (3BRT-Cyfac)                          
106 Jacob Rubelt (Trek/VW All Stars)                    
107 Joseph T. Cooper (Colorado Velo/Denver Sp)          
108 Alex Candelario (Prime Alliance)                    
109 Allan Butler (Healthy Choice-Guru's)                
110 Lucas Euser (Napa Valley Velo)                 10.12
111  Ayestan (Saturn)                                   
112 Daniel Adams (Healthy Choice-Guru's)                
113 Michael Stroud (DARE)                               
114 Randy Rocchi (Healthnet)                            
115 Burke Swindlehurst (Navigators)                     
116 James Mattis (Webcor Cycling Team)                  
117 Ryan Miller (Prime Alliance)                   12.25
118 Todd Coglon (Broadmark Capital)                13.00
119 Patrick Caro (Trek-VW)                         15.48
120 Kyle Gritters (Team Monex)                          
121 Sam Richardson (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW)          17.21
122 Douglas Donovan (Team Compass Commercial)      26.36
123 Thomas E. Nelson (Nike Cycling)                31.23
124 Jason Bausch (Schroeder Iron Pro Cy)                
125 Asraham Taylor (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)            
126 Robert Cambell (Broadmark Capital)                  
127 Aaron Norman (Redding Velo)                         
128 Tom Crawford (Broadmark Capital)                    
129 David Godfrey (Team Rubicon)                        
130 John Leonard (Trek/VW All Stars)                    
131 Jason Klikna (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)              
132 trevor Mays (Saturn for Seattle)                    
133 Francesco Bondi (Broadmark Capital)                 
134 Akira Wong (McGuire)                           36.51
135 John Hygelund (Sierra Nevada/Cliff Bar)        38.11
136 Chuck Coyle (Vitamin Cottage)                       
137 Matt Mahoney (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW)                 
138 Jeff Hoppert (Eclipse Racing)                       
139 Benjamin Stafford (Webcor Cycling Team)             
140 Jason Karew (Eclipse Racing)                   43.42
141 Robbie Rubinette (Team Diabetic / Mapei)       53.34
142 Mathew Braun (G.S. Camerati)                        
143 Michael D. Fors (RMS Cycling)                  55.32
144 Esteban Jukich (iomega-ORBEA)                       
145 Dan Distefana (Eclipse Racing)                 55.35
146 Derek Stallings (Team Compass Commercial)    1.19.27
1 Navigators                                    11.20.04
2 Ofoto.Com / Lombardi                                  
3 Prime Alliance                                        
4 Saturn                                                
5 Trek / VW All Stars                                   
6 Webcor Cycling Team                                   
7 Healthnet                                             
8 Sierra Nevada / Clif Bar                          0.26
9 Broadmark Capital                                     
10 Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling                       1.26
11 Healthy Choice-Guru's                            2.46
12 KB Homes Cycling Team                            3.07
13 Duane Duggan Remax                               8.32
14 Bike Gallery / Trek VW                          20.02
15 Team Rubicon                                    34.04
16 Eclipse Racing                                  43.42
17 Iomega-Orbea                                  1.00.57