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Saturn USCF Elite Women National Criterium

Downers Grove, Illinois, August 19, 2001

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Freedman takes the sprint

By Giana Roberge, team Saturn

The women's race began with unsettled skies, and wet pavement, but gradually the wind picked up, drying the roads and moving sunnier weather into the area, but not until after the dampness caused several crashes. Substantially outnumbered due to a rule that foreign athletes are not allowed to race in the Women's National Championships, the Saturn women were represented by Suzanne Sonye and Kimberly Bruckner. The strongest team on paper was Autotrader.com. However, in the end, it was Nicole Freedman (Credit Suisse) claiming the Stars and Stripes Jersey, and the National Championship Title.

The Autotrader Team attacked from the gun, sending their riders off to force the two Saturn women to chase. Although they had the numbers on their side, Saturn's Bruckner worked hard to try and negate the breaks, and bring the field back together for sprinter Sonye. However, at a crucial moment a break formed with Autotrader's Amber Neben and Dede Demet-Barry (Gatorade) and the two gained nearly 15 seconds. Bruckner brought them back into range, for Sonye to bridge to the two. In their efforts to secure Sonye, the Autotrader Team brought the field closer to the two up the road, and the entire field arrived together for a finishing sprint. It was Freedman for the win over Laura Van Gilder. Shannon Hutchison was in third.

Saturn's Tim Johnson and Petra Rossner also had wins today. Both competed in a 100 meter sprint against an inline skater, for a $1000 check going to the winner. Rossner easily out-sprinted her female opponent, with 50 meters to spare for a brief salute to the crowd. Johnson waited a little longer to get the gap, but by 95 meters it was clear that Johnson had the race won.


1 Nicole Freedman (Credit Suisse)
2 Laura Van Gilder (VeriZon)
3 Shannon Hutchinson (Litespeed/Atlanta VELO)
4 Tina Mayolo (AutoTrader.com)
5 Denise Brandner (Saturn of Bellevue)
6 Rebecca Conzelman (TalgoAmerica.com)
7 Allie Warfel (Credit Suisse First)
8 Emily Gloeckner (Veritas)
9 Deborah Durand (Helen's/Trek/VW)  
10 Katrina Berger (Auto Trader.com)
11 Suzanne Sonye (Saturn)
12 Cheryl Binney (Procter And Gamble)
13 Dede Demet-Barry
14 Sherri Stedje
15 Amber Neben (Auto Trader.com)
16 Mina Pizzini
17 Kori Kelly (Procter And Gamble)
18 Pam Schuster (AutoTrader.com)
19 Kimberly Bruckner (Saturn)
20 Kim Smith (Auto Trader.com)
21 Anne Rollings
22 Shawn Heidgen
23 Laura Kibelsbeck
24 Tammy Riggs
25 Julie Young (Auto Trader.com)
26 Tina Skelley-Kunstbeck (Talgo America.com)
27 Charmian Breon (Talgo America.com)
28 Brooke O'Connor
29 Candice Blickem
DNF Ashley Kimmet
DNF Beth Leasure
DNF Megan Elliott
DNF Jody Kosinski
DNF Jennifer Cooper
DNF Maria Fahrenholz
DNF Jeanne McFall
DNF Janine Verstraeten
DNF Trish McKay
DNF Tracey Sproule
DNF Joan Cuttitta
DNF Kelly Yoder (Talgo America.com)
DNF Marjon Marik
DNF Jamie Surges
DNF Tina Kunstbeck
DNF Kim Morrow (Talgo America.com)
DNF Deborah Durand
DNF Jane Vanni
DNF Anne Holterhoff
DNF Kerry Soraci-Schmatz (Boise Cascade Office)
DNF Kristin Cuilwik
DNF Martha Meyer
DNF Katie Weber
DNF Debbie Dust
DNF Karen Spore
DNF Katherine Marsal
DNF Jessica Phillips
DNF Angela Vargas
DNF Christine Miller (Trek VW Midwest)
DNF Jennifer Morris
DNF Laurel Green
DNF Catherine Walberg
DNF Elizabeth Morse (Trek VW Midwest)
DNF Susan Gasuwski
DNF Melanie Fitz
DNF Lisa Dougherty
DNF Amy Tremelling (Trek VW Midwest)
DNF Lisa Mason

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