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Saturn Sports Grand Prix

Downers Grove, Illinois, USA, August 18-19, 2001


US Postal Service USPRO National Criterium  

These photo's are courtesy of Marvin Boehm, and include some great shots of the race and useful introduction pics of a number of riders. The added bonus are the podium shots, showing more balance than poise from the winning trio.

Thanks to Clark Maxwell for providing Cyclingnews with these shots of the US Postal Service USPRO National Criterium, including shots of the riders in action as well as a glimpse at what went on behind the race.

These two shots of Saturn's Harm Jansen crossing the line to win the US Postal Service USPRO National Criterium are supplied to us curtesy of Ken Carl. They show the final few seconds of the sprint race for the finish, as well as the crowd reaction to a hard won victory.

Greg Szczepanski supplied these shots. More of the top three enjoying their time on the podium, as well as some great pictures showing the combined visual effect of a 70 man peleton.

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