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Track Cycling - Day 5, September 20

Men's Sprint    Women's Sprint    Men's Points Race    Cycling medal tally

Men's Sprint

Semi Finals

Nothstein v Fiedler
Photo: © cyclingnews

After some torrid sprinting between the two favourites, American Marty Nothstein progressed through to the Gold Medal final against Frenchman Florian Rousseau.

In the first semi-final Nothstein faced up to German rider Jens Fielder and the two riders tried to outdo each other on the banks of the Dunc Gray velodrome, with the American winning out after some shoulder-barging on the final lap of the first ride.

In the second ride, the American was just too strong for Fiedler, who was hoping to repeat his Gold Medal performance from Atlanta.


Heat 1                     Ride 1  Ride 2

Marty Nothstein (USA)      10.930  10.903
Jens Fiedler (Ger)

Heat 2                     Ride 1  Ride 2  Ride 3

Florian Rousseau (Fra)             10.877  11.536           
Laurent Gane (Fra)         10.882

5th-8th place

1 Jan Van Eijden (Ger)     11.04
2 Jose Villanueva (Spa)
3 Sean Eadie (Aus) 
4 Craig Maclean (GBr)

Finals - Nothstein Olympic champion

The podium
Photo: © cyclingnews

In the first ride of the Gold Medal final, Nothstein followed Rousseau off the line and trailed by five metres coming into the final lap, but then stepped on the gas and easily passed the Frenchman on the outside halfway through the final lap.

In the second ride of the Gold Medal event Nothstein once again kicked hard from five metres back and the Frenchman tried to outrun the chasing the American to the line, but Nothstein easily passed with 100 metres to go and won by a clear bike-length. Nothstein, the Olympic silver medallist from 1996 went one better in Sydney, and was clearly the classiest and fastest sprinter on the track tonight.

"I'm ecstatic right now," said Nothstein. "All the hard work over the years, the sacrifices, the travel... This is why I did it. To win a gold medal. Since 1996, this is all I have thought about," he added. Jens Fiedler won the gold medal in 1996, just edging out Nothstein for the Gold. "Beating Fiedler in two straight definitely gave me confidence for the final against Rousseau," said Nothstein. "But I know Fiedler will be tough in the keirin which is my favourite event so I'd love to win another gold medal. I have the form to do it, but in the keirin, anything can happen," said Nothstein.

In the Bronze Medal final, German Jens Fielder led out both heats with well over a lap to go and kept ahead of Rousseau, who just could not catch the defending Olympic champion.


Gold Medal sprint final

Heat 1 Ride 1 Ride 2
Marty Nothstein (USA) 10.874 11.066 (Gold Medal) defeated Florian Rousseau (Fra) (Silver Medal)
Bronze Medal sprint final Ride 1 Ride 2 Jens Fiedler (Ger) 10.732 10.918 (Bronze Medal) defeated Laurent Gane (Fra)

Women's Sprint

Semi Finals

Heat 1                     Ride 1  Ride 2

Felicia Ballanger (Fra)    12.310  12.124
Michelle Ferris (Aus)

Heat 2
Oxana Grichina (Rus) 12.594 12.726 defeated Iryna Yanovych (Ukr)

5th-8th place

1 Szilvia Noemi Szabolcsi (Hun)    12.429
2 Tanya Lindenmuth (USA)
3 Tanya Dubnicoff (Can)
4 Daniela Larreal (Ven)

9th-12th place

1 Kathrin Freitag (Ger)          12.971
2 Fiona Ramage (NZl)
3 Mira Kasslin (Fin)
4 Yan Wang (Chn)

Finals - Ballanger does it in three

Felicia Ballanger won for France in three rides when she repeated her performance from Atlanta and scored her second Gold Medal of the Sydney Olympics. Ballanger won the first in the relatively slow time of 13.112 for the final 200 metres, but then the Russian Oxana Grichina hit back in the second with a great ride to come around the outside of the Frenchwoman on the back straight and lead all the way across the line.

In the final ride, the Russian did a track stand at the start/finish line with two laps to go but Ballanger jumped and quickly built up a 20 metre lead over the Russian, whose tactics clearly backfired against such an experienced competitor. With such a lead, Ballanger won comfortably and secured her second Gold Medal in Sydney.

In the Bronze Medal final, the Ukrainian Iryna Yanovych won in convincing fashion and in the second ride, she came around the outside of Michelle Ferris to win by a bike length and secure the Bronze for the Ukraine.


Bronze Medal sprint final        Ride 1  Ride 2

Iryna Yanovych (Ukr)             12.156  12.310 (Bronze Medal)
Michelle Ferris (Aus)

Gold Medal sprint final
                                 Ride 1  Ride 2  Ride 3

Felicia Ballanger (Fra)          11.81           12.533  (Gold Medal)
Oxana Grichina (Rus)                     13.112          (Silver Medal)

Men's 40 km points race

World Champion Llaneras wins Gold

The final podium
Photo: © AFP

The points race is one of the hardest events to race and pick the winner, and tonight was no exception. With sprints every 10 laps (160 laps in total) the action was right on from the start. The points were shared evenly for the first few sprints, with Alexey Markov (Rus) emerging as the early leader.

Noted six day specialists such as Bruno Risi (Swi) and Matthew Gilmore (Bel) were also in the thick of things, but Uruguayan Milton Wynants surprised many with a high placings in the first half of the race. Stuart O'Grady (Aus) and Jonny Clay (GBr) were also getting in the thick of things, and they led at half way (80 laps) with 10 points each.

Their reign was shortlived however, as three riders took off to lap the field right on lap 100 (60 to go). The three were Spaniard Juan Llaneras (World Madison champion in 1999), Alexey Markov (Rus) and Korean Ho Sung Cho.

O'Grady attacks
Photo: © cyclingnews

There was an immediate counterattack after the sprint, with Jamie Carney (USA), Brian Walton (Can), Silvio Martinello (Ita), Franz Stocher (Aut) , Glen Thomson (NZl) and Milton Wynants (Uru) attacking. However, Llaneras was very vigilant, and went with the move which succeeded in lapping the field again. The Spaniard was now the clear leader and the race was in its final 40 laps. Markov was second, but there were plenty of others on the same lap to threaten his lead.

After that, Stuart O'Grady took a couple more sprints but he was not a threat to the overall, as he was two laps behind. Throughout the race, he looked fast but was dropping a long way back and missed the crucial breaks. Llaneras on the other hand was always up the front, even after he had lapped the field.

The Spaniard held his lead and led out the final sprint, won by Hong Kong's Kam Po Wong from Wynants and O'Grady. This gave Wynants the silver, a fantastic result for the Uruguayan who had qualified for the Games via the "B" World Championships last year. In third place was Markov, who had some consolation at not winning anything in the pursuits. O'Grady finished with the most points.


Sprint 1 (lap 10)             Points             

Vasyl Yakovlev (Ukr)          5
Milton Wynants (Uru)          3
Makoto Iijima (Jpn)           2
Sergey Lavrenenko (Kaz)       1

Sprint 2 (lap 20)             Points             

Ho Sung Cho (Kor)             5
Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          3
Christophe Capelle (Fra)      2
Glen Thompson (NZl)           1

Sprint 3 (lap 30)             Points             

Milton Wynants (Uru)          5
Alexey Markov (Rus)           3
Matthew Gilmore (Bel)         2
Kam Po Wong (HKg)             1

Sprint 4 (lap 40)             Points             

Johnny Clay (GBr)             5
Bruno Risi (Swi)              3
Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          2
Brian Walton (Can)            1

Sprint 5 (lap 50)             Points             

Jamie Carney (USA)            5
Kam Po Wong (HKg)             3
Bruno Risi (Swi)              2
Makoto Iijima (Jpn)           1

Sprint 6 (lap 60)             Points             

Juan Esteban Curuchet (Arg)   5
Matthew Gilmore (Bel)         3
Franz Stocher (Aut)           2
Milton Wynants (Uru)          1

Sprint 7 (lap 70)             Points             

Johnny Clay (GBr)             5
Juan Esteban Curuchet (Arg)   3
Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          2
Silvio Martinello (Ita)       1

Points at half-race distance

Johnny Clay (GBr)             10
Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          10
Franz Stocher (Aut)           9
Matthew Gilmore (Bel)         8
Alexey Markov (Rus)           8

Sprint 8 (lap 80)             Points             

Alexey Markov (Rus)           5
Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          3
Makoto Iijima (Jpn)           2
Matthew Gilmore (Bel)         1

Sprint 9 (lap 90)             Points             

Juan Llaneras (Spa)           5                  
Alexey Markov (Rus)           3                  
Ho Sung Cho (Kor)             2                  
Bruno Risi (Swi)              1

At lap 100 three riders lapped the field: 
Alexey Markov (Rus), Juan Llaneras (Spa), Ho Sung Cho (Kor)

Sprint 10 (lap 100)           Points             laps
Alexey Markov (Rus)           5                  +1
Juan Llaneras (Spa)           3                  +1
Ho Sung Cho (Kor)             2                  +1
Franz Stocher (Aut)           1

Sprint 11 (lap 110)           Points             

Juan Llaneras (Spa)           5
Milton Wynants (Uru)          3
Jamie Carney (USA)            2
Milton Wynants (Uru)          1

By lap 120, seven more riders lapped the field:
Jamie Carney (USA), Brian Walton (Can), Juan Llaneras,
Silvio Martinello (Ita), Franz Stocher (Aut),
Glen Thomson (NZl) and Milton Wynants (Uru)

Sprint 12 (lap 120)           Points             

Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          5
Wilco Zuijderwijk (Ned)       3
Bruno Risi (Swi)              2
Franz Stocher (Aut)           1

Sprint 13 (lap 130)           Points             

Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          5
Jamie Carney (USA)            3
Franz Stocher (Aut)           2
Makoto Iijima (Jpn)           1

Sprint 14 (lap 140)           Points             

Bruno Risi (Swi)              5
Ho Sung Cho (Kor)             3
Silvio Martinello (Ita)       2
Juan Llaneras (Spa)           1

Sprint 15 (lap 150)           Points            

Glen Thompson (NZl)           5
Ho Sung Cho (Kor)             3
Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          2
Franz Stocher (Aut)           1

Sprint 16 (lap 160)           Points            

Kam Po Wong (HKg)            10
Milton Wynants (Uru)          6 
Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          4 
Silvio Martinello (Ita)       2
Final points
1  Juan Llaneras (Spa)           14 pts (Gold Medal)

1 lap behind:

2  Milton Wynants (Uru)          18 (Silver Medal)
3  Alexey Markov (Rus)           16 (Bronze Medal)
4  Ho Sung Cho (Kor)             15
5  Jamie Carney (USA)            10
6  Franz Stocher (Aut)           8
7  Glen Thompson (NZl)           6
8  Silvio Martinello (Ita)       5
9  Brian Walton (Can)            1

2 laps behind:

10 Stuart O'Grady (Aus)          26
11 Kam Po Wong (HKg)             14
12 Bruno Risi (Swi)              13
13 Johnny Clay (GBr)             10
14 Juan Esteban Curuchet (Arg)   8
15 Matthew Gilmore (Bel)         6
16 Makoto Iijima (Jpn)           6
17 Vasyl Yakovlev (Ukr)          5
18 Sergey Lavrenenko (Kaz)       3
19 Christophe Capelle (Fra)      2
20 Sergey Lavrenenko (Kaz)       1
21 Marlon Perez (Col)            0
22 Jimmi Madsen (Den)            0
23 Thorsten Rund (Ger)           0

Cycling Medal Tally - Day 5

                    Gold   Silver  Bronze  Total
France              3       2       0       5
Germany             2       2       1       5
Great Britain       1       1       2       4
Spain               1       0       0       1
Netherlands         1       0       0       1
USA                 1       0       0       1
Australia           0       1       3       4
Russia              0       1       1       2
Ukraine             0       1       1       2
Uruguay             0       1       0       1
China               0       0       1       1

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