October 2000

September 29 - October 1
Circuit Franco-Belge - Belgium 2.4

October 1
News - Italians wait, Memorial Manuel Galera, team news: Coast-Phonak?, Weltz prolongs, Müller to Fakta, Cologne signs Kil, Heulot, Demarbaix
Results - Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, USA

October 1
Paris-Bourges - France 1.3
Memorial Manuel Galera - Spain 1.4
GP Wieler Revue - Netherlands 1.5
Trio Normand - France 1.6

October 2
News -Ullrich, German World's team, Belgian U23's, Boardman's future, Coast reconstructs, more team news, 800.com, Tour of Willamette

October 3
News - Post-Olympic UCI rankings, Ryckaert fined, Pantani for World's, team news: Van Petegem, Coast, France

October 3 - 6
Giro di Provincia della Lucca - Italy 2.3

October 4
News - Olano, Heras, team news: Italians, Peeters, World's: no Pantani, Dekker, Poland, Slovenia, Superprestige, Girard leaves, letters page
GP Zele - Belgium NE

October 4 - 8
Internationale Hessen-Rundfahrt - Germany 2.4

October 5
News -World's teams: France, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Tonkov, Sandstod, Hammond, Ballanger out, De Cauwer disagrees, team news, a Coast analysis, Ballerini, World Cup (road) and SP (cross) schedules, job opportunity

October 5 - 15
Herald Sun Tour - Australia 2.4

October 6
News -Sevilla positive, Durand aims, Antequera, Velo wins, Planckaert, team news: Traksel, Euskaltel-Euskadi, De Wilde
GP Zwevezele - Belgium NE

October 7
News - World's: Britain, Czech, Ireland, Luxembourg, Verbrugge, Ceruti accused, Van Petegem, FBD Milk Rás, González Mińano killed, Czech news, Broadmark Capital, Coast, letters page

October 7 - 9
GP de Portugal - Portugal 2.5

October 7
Subida al Naranco - Spain 1.4
Piccolo Giro di Lombardia - classe 6 - Italy 1.6
GP de la Fęte St Denis ŕ Blangy - France 1.6

October 8
News - World's: Italy, Olano/Somarriba, Galdeano positive, Poland, Portugal, Paris Tours, team news, Telekom & Giro, BA trade show, Russian MTB'ers, Santos stops, Napa WC

October 8
Paris - Tours - France CDM
Giro del Mendrisiotto - Switzerland 1.5
Paris-Tours "Espoirs" - France 1.7.1

October 9
News -Paris-Tours comments, Worlds: Ullrich unlikely, Italy update, Sweden, Denmark, Dutch women, Hour for Wilson, Van Moorsel, Galdeano, Tour de Suisse, team news, Uni Games
Results - Australia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, USA

October 9
Copa de Europa de Masters - Spain 1.11

October 10
News - World's: Zulle and Montgomery out, USA team, Cadel Evans interview, team news: VDN and more, deadline for urine samples, TdF 2001, MTB World's

October 10 - 15
Championnats du Monde / World Championships - France CM

October 10 - 14
Perlis Open - Malaysia 2.6

October 11
News - World's: preview/live schedule, Klöden, Dietz, drug tests; Kappes, Müller positive, Godkin VP, first for a woman, Canadian team, Van Petegem talks, Tour 2001, team news, Sciandri, Page

October 12
News - World's: men's TT preview, Urine test on hold?, Mapei suspends, VDB blames Cofidis, team news: Blijlevens moves, more transfers
News - Holden, Medal tally, Tchmil & Belgian preparation, Polish update; Memory Card moves, Blijlevens/Lotto , more Germans positive, team selection for TdF, new race, Wilson's hour, Kathy Urschel

October 13
News - Jaja's misfortune, Zabel out, Hanka home, Pantani to trial, riders tested, Bölts does Hawaii, Bankgiroloterij, Rotterdam World Cup, CACC survey, letters
Criterium Terrassa - Spain NE

October 13 - 15
Tour de Bosnia - Yugoslavia NE

October 14
News - World's: Boardman, Frankie's fate, LeMond's new project, Freire, Kate Bates, medals, Pantani no show, Ermenault quits, more Lotto, Mapei 2001, track for Apeldoorn, NORBA 2001
Criterium Zaragoza - Spain NE

October 14 - 22
Pan-Am Master's Championships - Cuba CC

October 15
News - World's: Freire, Tchmil, Dutch talk, Big Brother, crashes, medals, Joachim positive, Jaja for Memorycard?, major events in 2001
Results - Luxembourg, Netherlands, USA

October 15 - 21
Kerman Tour - Iran 2.6

October 16
News - World's: Comments, Goussev, medals, AIS track program, team news

October 17
News - Vainsteins, Fusi, UCI rankings, eastern Euro's, Demet and Kurreck finish, Wilson's hour record, more drug allegations in Italy, classics cancelled, Bartko out, Blijlevens, team news, kangaroo antics

October 17-22
Vuelta a Venezuela - Venezuela NE

October 17
Nationale Sluitingprijs - Putte-Kapellen - Belgium 1.4

October 18
News - Vainsteins, Fusi, UCI rankings, eastern Euro's, Demet and Kurreck finish, Wilson's hour record, more drug allegations in Italy, classics cancelled, Bartko out, Blijlevens, team news, kangaroo antics
Anna Wilson's Hour Record - Special Report

October 18
Milano-Torino - Italy 1.1 - Cancelled

October 19
News - Vainsteins, Fusi, UCI rankings, eastern Euro's, Demet and Kurreck finish, Wilson's hour record, more drug allegations in Italy, classics cancelled, Bartko out, Blijlevens, team news, kangaroo antics

October 19
Giro del Piemonte - Italy 1.1 - Cancelled
Criterium Comunidad Foral de Navarra - Spain NE

October 20
News - Giro di Lombardia, Dufaux's prostate, problems for Vainsteins, Bartoli, Bettini, ONCE, Coast, poor French season, World's 2004, Jeroen Straathof, rider paralyzed
Memorial Jacinto Gonzalez de Heredia - Spain NE

October 20 - November 1
Vuelta a Guatemala - Guatemala 2.6

October 21
News - Jalabert signs, cyclists in court: Pantani, Festina, Lefevere on Van Petegem, Mauri signs, Dutch World's team, De Wilde/Gilmore for Gent?, two track stars die, Casero compliments, SuperCup is back

October 21-22
Sunshine Cycling Classic - USA NE

October 21
Giro di Lombardia - Italy CDM
Velika Nagrada Beograda - Yugoslavia 1.5
Trofeo Mamma e Papa' Boni - Italy 1.9.2

October 22
News - World Cup winner, team news: Jalabert, Vainsteins, Lindberg, Czech team, Donati names, Festina affair: Bassons, Kiel, Paralympic categories, Montjuich, Spanish crits

October 22
Chrono des Herbiers - France 1.4
GP d'Europa - Italy 1.5
Escalada a Montjuich - Spain 1.S

October 23
News - World Track Championships, Baal alarmed, Virenque's future, new Spanish team, Van Petegem, Amherst 'cross, World's Fastest Bicycle
Results - Australia, Luxembourg, World Journalist Championships

October 24
News - Festina: Day 1, Nimke and Grichina out, VDB weds, UCI rankings, heroin smugglers, Riis, transfer market, Zabriskie, Redlands boost, U23 Thuringen Rundfahrt
Second edition news - Virenque cracks

October 25
News - Festina: day 2 - Virenque, Leblanc criticises, Armstrong, case history; Muenzer leads Canadians, Ullrich's plan, Mapei/Van Petegem, Capiot annoyed, Perez and Van Kuik sign

October 26
News - Festina: day 3 - Herve, Brochard, arguments, Rebellin comments, the beginning; World's news, UCI rankings correction, Tour 2001, Telekom have to choose, Robert Kaiser killed, team news, HPV
Special edition news - Tour de France 2001

October 27
News - Tour 2001, Boardman's hour, McGrory for World's, Festina: day 4: more allegations, Nothstein awarded, Japan Cup, US NRC rankings

October 28
News - World's: Boardman, food, Clay finishes, Hayles annoyed, Festina: risks, Virenque, Bruyneel, Spanish anger; Durand to FdJ, Van Poppel stops, Peace Race 2001

October 29
Japan Cup - Japan 1.3

October 29
News - World's: Day 4, no Gane, medals, Heras frustrated, Padilla and Indurain respond, Longo next, Team news: Lampre/VDB and more, Poles at Heffron
Results - Australia, Netherlands

October 30
News - World's: Final day, Magne on high, Boardman in pain, final medals, problems, coming up, Ballanger's last, VDB, Michaelsen, Hoj sign, Baal to defend, FdJ offer money

October 31
News - UCI 'cross rankings, Verbruggen delayed, Roussel's character, Dortmund Six, Telekom on holiday, Halgand renews, St Quentin, Vink signs

UCI Abbreviations: 
Cat 1.* = One Day Event
Cat 2.* = Multi-stage Event
Cat. *.9.* = Women's Event
Cat *.7.* = Espoir (U23) Event
HC = Hors Categorie (above category
CM = World Championships
GT = Grand Tour 
CDM = World Cup Event;
CC = Continental Championships 
JR = Regional Games
NE = National Event (no UCI points) - usually a Belgian Kermesse Race
TR = Track Event