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Giro finale
Photo ©: Bettini

Letters to Cyclingnews - October 24, 2008

While Lance Armstrong's return to professional cycling might be the big news at the moment, Cyclingnews readers have their say on the other issues affecting their favourite sport.

Comments and criticism on current stories, races, coverage and anything cycling related are welcomed, even pictures if you wish. Letters should be brief (less than 300 words), with the sender clearly identified. They may be edited for space and clarity; please stick to one topic per letter. We will normally include your name and place of residence, but not your email address unless you specify in the message.

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McQuaid's approach
Re-testing samples
Chris Horner
Germans pull the plus
Basso and Liquigas
Does doping work?
Lifetime bans
LeMond's power test
Rashaan Bahati


The doping issues coming out of the world of cycling seem to be endless, yet the focus is limited to the cyclists.

However, getting hold of and using illegal performance-enhancing drugs is not easy. Someone must supply the goods, make sure that they are used properly, and that they are used in a manner that is not detectable. I cannot imagine that Ricco, Sella, Kohl or any other of the CERA-using pros just strolled into a pharmacy and asked for a two-week supply of the drug - nor can they have fooled some doctor to accidentally prescribe any illegal drug that they then pick up at the local Boots.

So why just focus on the ill-behaving cyclists? What about the doctors, the middle-men, the manufacturers, and everyone else involved? Surely, they have played their roles too. In most countries, someone who assists a criminal in performing criminal activities is also responsible and can be charged.

In the fight against drugs, law-enforcers chase the bigger fish, not the small ones trawling the streets. Maybe focusing on the big fish of cycling would have a clean-up effect too?

Erik Nordlie
Oslo, Norway
Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Doping #2

I just learned of the Italian professional federation's statement regarding life expulsions for riders found guilty of doping. I applaude this decision and look forward to hearing of its consideration by the various agencies involved with officiating the sport - I support full convictions for all/any others who are involved in doping (doctors, etc.). I also advocate for the development of a legitimate testing process that will only establish true guilt in terms of riders use of drugs.

I am a former racer and current fan of the sport, and agree that the crisis is at a threshold of no return. If such measures are not taken soon, we can kiss whatever respect there still is for the sport goodbye.

Patrick Pickens
Thursday, October 23, 2008

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McQuaid's approach

After the exposure of big name cheats in recent weeks, including Bernard Kohl, Stefan Schumacher and Ricardo Ricco, Pat McQuaid was quick to hail the drug testing system in place, and that the net was closing in cheats. He confidently asserted that they would be caught. In the midst of yet another drug scandal cycling could at least hold its head up high and say that it was trying to catch the cheats.

But alas this week Pat has had a change of heart. Mr McQuaid has realised that yet another positive from a big name rider would probably not be the best PR for cycling, the reasoning seemingly been 'We've shown we're serious but that's enough of that for this season.'

Now the UCI is against retrospective testing. Certain individuals in the peloton sigh in relief. Pat McQuaid believes retrospective testing of Giro and Vuelta samples could cause more problems than it solves. I believe testing the Giro samples for CERA is extremely important. This was the time period where this form of EPO was creeping into the doping practices of many riders.

Instead of rooting out some more cheats and sending a message, we are on the verge of letting them get away with it. I think the case of Stefan Schumacher shows that riders who get away with cheating once, or even twice will continue to dope until they are caught.

Niall Bleeks
Dungannon, Ireland
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Re-testing samples

The day Ricco was announced as positive, you had an interview with a professor who said that micera was definitely used at the Giro but they didn't have a test for it. Cycling is in trouble right now, and it's no time for politics in terms of doping and public perception.

How dare they claim they're trying to clear up the sport, and not retest those Giro samples. When the Italians announced there would be no retest, I wondered if they are trying to protect their own riders as well as the race. But the UCI is taking a lot of heat because the biological passport system isn't fully functional yet, and now I'm starting to believe that they'd rather have Giro cheaters in the system so they can catch them later with the biological passport - if they continue to cheat.

But people won't be using micera again - well, the stupid ones might try at smaller events. I watched all three Grand Tours online this year, plus the Olympics and some other events, and if it wasn't for Lance, I might have switched to another sport.

John Calliott
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Chris Horner

After watching Chris Horner at this year's Giro di Lombardia, can USA cycling please make a statement on why he was left off both the Olympic and WC road race teams (and don't say collarbone, that was after the fact)? All due respect to those that raced, but Horner is one of the best one-day racers we have, especially in hilly terrain. And since Levi evidently said from Day 1 he wasn't going to race the road, why did we leave that spot open. I guess my real question is: who did Horner piss off and can they please kiss and make up so we have the best the US has to offer racing in the world championchips?

Christopher Carey
Monday, October 20, 2008

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Germans pull the plug

We do not need the Germans and their negative attitude to cycling.

As big of a cancer the drug cheats are in cycling, people and fans with very negative attitudes like the Germans are not needed, either. If we will ever turn the corner and get a clean peloton, we need fans and sponsors that are hopeful and believe, instead of the constant gloom and doom like the German TV stations and their fans express.

Also, cancelling races is not going to solve anything either, so the Germans really need to realise they are just as big of a part of the cancer as those that dope are, with their kind of attitude. Other 'cycling mad' countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Belgium, I am sure are disappointed as well, but unlike the Germans, they at least have a positive attitude and are not ready to give up.

Last but not least, instead of constantly blaming the riders and their mentors and so on and trying to punish them, we need to look at, what is really causing various riders over the last 20 years to cheat and need performance enhancement drugs? I mean we can ban and punish them all we want, but until we find the cause of what the problem is, the war on doping in Cycling will continue and the bans and suspensions will solve nothing

Cycling's problem is more of a creditability issue, then it is a doping issue and once we address the cause of the problems and get to the bottom of them, then we will have a peleton that does not dope and then creditability in the sport will be restored, but until then we will get remain in a quagmire of doping and creditability problems that will just drag the sport down more and more

Mark Schmidt
Dayton, Ohio
Friday, October 17, 2008

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Germans pull the plug #2

So apparently the German media has had its bellyful of the doping scandals caused by riders from its country. Not soon after the Deutschland Rundfahrt, German crownjewel, calls it a day, after other one-day races did so before them.

It is absolutely regrettable that, despite the so called 'new wave' of a young anti-doping generation, precisely guys from that group were caught out cheating. It's bad news that this form of cheating is still going on, but at the same time the fact that the cheaters are not getting away with is should be encouraging, not the other way around.

That the Germans pull the plug also shows the lack of historical awareness this country has with cycling, and that apart from Rudi Altig and later Dietrich Thurau, that big country has no real cycling culture comparable with Belgium, France, Italy and Spain... to name a few. I believe they're making a big mistake by capitulating while they should have make a firm statement by continuing to support the majority of clean riders, rather than using a few cheaters as an excuse for pulling out of cycling.

Friday, October 17, 2008

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Basso and Liquigas

On the day the Italian rider's association appealed to the UCI's Pat McQuaid to punish dopers with life bans, Cyclingnews reports on the return to the professional peloton of one Italy's, ummm, more tarnished professional riders, Ivan Basso, after serving a 16-month ban for his relations (nice way of putting it) with Operación Puerto's Eufemiano Fuentes.

And Team Liquigas is allowing Basso to race at the first moment possible following his suspension for doping - tomorrow, in the Japan Cup. Their Italian web-site even celebrates the fact (although, interestingly, the English language version of the site is silent on the topic). A quick look at my old Italian-English dictionary reminds me that basso means, in English, (variously) low, lower part, bottom and deep. Liquigas SPA is an Italian producer and distributor of liquefied gas with, it promises, un basso impact on the environment. Unfortunately it would appear this low impact does not extend to the environment of professional cycling.

So, just how basso will Team Liquigas go? I figure Ivan's entry in the 2009 Giro is a near certainty, but do they propose also entering him in le Tour next year (assuming Liquigas' entry is accepted)? And what does the UCI and ASO have to say about this state of affairs? Are they prepared to go as basso as Team Liquigas?

Rick O'Brien
Sydney Australia
Friday, October 24, 2008

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Does doping work?

Baseball, track and field, cross-country skiing and bodybuilding all have participants who take advantage of doping. It works. Look at the way Ricardo Ricco dropped those guys on that climb. The first thing that came to my mind was, "Hmmm, I wonder if he is on something". Those guys he dropped, by the way, were not exactly weekend cyclists either.

Did you see the 2002 winter Olympics cross country skier Johann Muhlegg, the way he just bombed away from the other skiers? Barry Bonds just clobbering everything thrown at him? The problem with doping and sports is that it works. True, no amount of doping will ever make me a Tour winner, but for the top level, a 3-5% difference is huge. I think the best thing that has happened is keeping the samples for later testing, since the dopers are always a step ahead of the testers.

Tom Zander
Reno, NV, USA
Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Lifetime bans

Standard penalty: five years for the individual and the team stops riding for one month. Second doping offence: The whole team (incl. managers, soigneurs, mechanics etc) stop for one year. Confessions which result in the successful prosecution of significant aiders and abettors reduce the penalty to the current two years. Cycling will continue to have a doping problem while we punish mere individuals. Ride (incl. manage, direct etc.) as a team; take responsibility as a team. Then doping will be everybody's business; not just that of those who are caught.

Trevor Bond
Friday, October 17, 2008

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LeMond's power test

Several people have asked about LeMond's Proposed Power Test to stop doping in cycling.

According to LeMond: "You'd get a continuous output of power recorded during a Tour stage and then if you found someone who had a VO2 Max of 80 and he was doing 500 watts for 30 minutes, you'd know that that was statistically and mathematically impossible to do. So then he's positive - boom! - he's out - that's doping. That's it - it's simple."

Where would Floyd Landis be today if we had been using LeMond's test? If we followed LeMond's test, Floyd would never have been accused of doping, since his VO2 Max, and his power output on Stage 17 in the 2006 TdF were perfectly within his capabilities. His power output for the entire 2006 TdF have been made available to any and all to study.

I know Greg is sure Floyd doped, but according to Greg's test, Floyd would have never been under suspicion - and he would still be acknowledged as the 2006 Winner, and probably would be a lot wealthier.

I think the LeMond test would be good for cycling - but Greg would have to realise that science would show that many of the people he's accused of doping are clean. Just a thought.

Charlie Mack
Friday, October 17, 2008

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LeMond's power test #2

As a sports physiologist and with plenty of experience in VO2max testing, one I do know is that an exceptionally high VO2max in a very well trained rider, even in the mid-80's (mg/kg/min), doesn't necessarily result in a matching high power output due to individual variations in metabolic and mechanical efficiency. But can a rider with a relatively VO2max generate exceptionally high power? I would think this is also likely for the same reasons, therefore how would this testing control for such inter-individual variablilty, not to mention the variablilty in athlete response to the training stimulus alone?

Frank Russo
Friday, October 17, 2008

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LeMond's power test #3

I think that testing the power output and VO2 max of athletes to catch out the cheats, as suggested by Greg LeMond, would be at best useless and at worst counterproductive.

It may well be impossible to put out 8 watts per kilo without doping, but if the UCI were to lay down a rule saying "If you ride at 8 watts per kilo you will be convicted of doping" then you can guarantee that there will be a whole bunch of riders climbing at 7.9 watts per kilo, and it will make for a very boring race. In fact, no matter where you draw the line (6, 7 watts per kilo), if everyone has a power meter on their bike and everyone knows the maximum power output they are 'allowed' to ride at, then they will all simply make sure they don't exceed that level.

It won't stop anyone from doping, because no matter where you set the level, there will always be riders who can't reach that level without doping. Furthermore, if you set the level low enough that some riders can reach that level without doping, then you will end up with false positives, destroying the careers of those riders who are the most talented and hardest working.

To me, the whole idea smacks of 'tall poppy syndrome' - the mentality of 'He's riding faster than me, therefore he must be cheating', and it provides little incentive for clean riders to train harder and smarter to achieve better results.

Tom Byrt
Melbourne, Australia
Monday, October 20, 2008

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Rashaan Bahati

Thanks for mentioning Nelson Vails. As a racer here in the New York circuit I was surprised he was not mentioned in the first article. Here in the tri-state area we have many minority cyclists capable of racing on the pro level. Let us not forget cycling legend Patrick Gellineau, who was just inducted into the New Jersey Cycling Hall of Fame.

Romel Campbell
Oakland, New Jersey, USA
Friday, October 17, 2008

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  • November 2: What does this mean?, Le Tour 08, Mayo's B sample, Bike design originality, Trimble, UCI says Mayo case not closed, Drug testing procedures ... and false positives, Kashechkin: controls violate human rights, Drug testing procedures, Mayo, UCI, Kashechkin, et al... Great, now it's coming from both ends, Positive tests, Why even bother with B samples then?, Mayo's positive EPO test, Falling barriers
  • October 26: Rider passports & Cadel Evans, Drug testing procedures ... and false positives, Iban Mayo's false positive, Iban Mayo and Landis, Armstrong on Landis, Mayo's B sample, UCI turns Mayo's case into a debaucle, they hand pick the results, No justice for Mayo, UCI says Mayo case not closed, Bike design originality, 2006 Tour de France, A bad week for cycling, A fitting end to the season
  • October 19: 2006 Grand Tour trifecta!, 2006 Tour de France, A fitting end to the season, Armstrong on Landis, Bike design originality, doping in cycling, Doping numbers, Paris-Tours testing mishap, UCI and the lack of testing!, Vino's other Tour stage win, The absolute best?
  • October 12: Armstrong on Landis, Bike design originality, Cycling drama, Doping is unfair; but so is discrimination, It’s not doping that's..., Landis case - everyone's a loser, Length and cost of the Landis case, R & R, The Landis decision, Tour of America
  • October 5: Cycle drama, It's not doping that's"killing"the sport, Why is VAM a benchmark, Tour of America, The Landis decision, DYNEPO, Worlds, Rock & Republic's CEO Michael Ball, Please explain, Giuseppe Guerini, FICP
  • September 28: Tour of America, World champion zany-ness, The Landis decision, ASO v UCI, McQuaid vs ASO vs the riders, Please explain, Why is VAM a benchmark, Giuseppe Guerini, Menchov felt betrayed by Rasmussen, ProTour and Le Tour, Where is the due process
  • September 21: Astana's future and Bruyneel, Bruyneel's afterlife, Floyd Landis decision, Why is VAM a benchmark, Lifetime bans, Menchov felt betrayed by Rasmussen, Ungrateful Levi, Spanish cycling, Where is the due process
  • September 14: Astana & Bruyneel, Cycling vs. soccer, Cycling will survive, Floyd Landis decision, LeMond's comments, Menchov felt betrayed by Rasmussen, Ungrateful Levi, Why is VAM a benchmark?
  • September 7: Cycling vs. soccer, Floyd Landis decision, UCI, ASO, LeMond, et al who cares? Riders, Lawyers in the Landis case, LeMond's comments, Riders taking the fall?, US Postal/Discovery R.I.P.

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