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Microsoft Emerald City Cyclocross Series #2

South SeaTac Park, September 28, 2003

Report by Craig Undem

Spend one day watching cross racing in Seattle this fall and you will see that cyclocross does not need its characteristically wet, muddy, and cold conditions to provide pain and suffering. It felt more like the middle of summer as opposed to the beginning of fall as dry conditions and above 85* temperatures welcomed over 270 riders to the second race in the 2003 Microsoft Emerald City Cyclocross Series, and the first race in the Seattle vs. Portland Grail de la Grunge competition - welcome Portland!

The newly designed north SeaTac course would present every rider with challenging single-track, deep and thick sand pits, heavy clouds of dust, and scorching temperatures. Today's race continued to deliver excitement and entertainment, complete with drama in the intense battle for first place in the free kids 12 and under race at noon, and raffle prizes provided by race day sponsor, Starbucks doubleshot.

Competition is always intense in the beginning categories, and the beginning women are no exception. Elizabeth Salvo threw down the hammer and the sparks flew as she danced through the sand to finish above Amara Boursaw (Gregg's Cycles), and Lisa Miller in the women's C category. All three of these rides moved up form their mid-pack finishes from the week before at North SeaTac.

The beginning men saw new faces on the podium as these guys continue to get faster and faster. James Johnson plowed through the pack to finish first, and Chris "Dobie" Dobrick answered back with a close second, saying, "you just wait until next week!" Bryce Given finished third in his series debut.

The Jr. A field saw some hard racing as riders refused to sacrifice their overall positions. Collin Carbaush, Devin Anderson, and Severin Skolrud provided an instant replay as they once again placed 1 - 2 - 3 across the line.

Two riders - Joey Rogerson and Nathan Bannerman - met face to face for a back-and-forth battle for points in the Jr. B competition. In the end, it would be Joey across the line in 1st place.

In the Jr. C category, Grady Weiler held onto his first place position with a repeat first place finish over Noah Buckley and Benny Swendberg

JD Fette, Ethan Mair, Paul Sales placed themselves 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, continuing their domination of the age 9 - 12 Jr. D category.

Jadine Riley and Denielle Crandel maintained their positions at the top of the Women's B field, while new comer Lisa Given finished third. Lisa upgraded after proving her speed and power with a strong finish in last weeks women's C race.

Dan Neyens of EA cross could not be touched as he once again made a seemingly effortless launch of the front of the killer B's group. Dan continued to ride smooth to roll across the line for 1st. Matt Hayes and Mark Young would work hard to close down the gap, but would instead have to settle for 2nd and 3rd.

The master B men saw another huge field of 54 riders come to the line. Joe Sales would be the first to emerge from the dust to finish first, with Glen Conley in a close second, and David Sullivan in third.

Adam Van Dyke spun his way into the first place position of the single speed category. Adrian Hegyvary also moved up, finishing second. Ed Husted finished in third for his first race of the season.

Cross A

The super fast women never cease to be amazing! After having put on an incredible show at the Star Crossed event the night before, these women came out strong, less than 24 hours later, for an encore presentation. Josie Beggs of Redline raced as hard as she could to shut down Kona's Anne Knapp - as if seeking revenge for their intense battle the night before. Rhonda Mazza of Sellwood Cycles rode hard to hold onto the train and complete the trio by finishing third.

The Masters Women field continues to be dominated by Ti Cycles' Nicola Marr and Kathy Smith, who placed first and second respectively. Kim Lucas survived the punishing conditions and landed a third place finish for the day.

Every week these guys prove that 'masters' does not mean old and slow. In the Master A field, we saw a runaway win by Rich Maile of Clif Bar. Randy Daniels pulled off another top finish for the Ti Cycles team by finishing 2nd, and Tim Ellis finished with a very respectable third place

This week's races produced mixed results at the top of each category as several riders upgraded and changed categories. Perhaps the biggest change in the A Men was the absence of Dale Knapp of Kona, K2s Johnny Sundt, and Russell Stevenson. Without this locomotive engine at the front of the 'A' train, many new faces made their way to the podium. As the elite men blasted off the line and disappeared in a cloud of dust, it would be Amoy Jacques-Maynes of Clif Bar who would dominate the grueling sand pits and dusty single track to battle his way to the top over Kona's Eric Tonkin, and Adam Craig of Giant, who finished in third place.


A Men
1 Amoy Jacques-Maynes (Clif Bar)
2 Erik Tonkin
3 Adam Craig (Giant Pearlizumi)
4 Mark Hanson
5 Shannon Skerritt
6 Andrew Kyle (Sugoi)
7 Ryan Trebon (Easton/Kona)
8 John-Christian Flack
9 Troy Heithecker (Recycled Cycles)
10 Loren Hanson
11 Matt Hill
12 Mike Schindler (Sunnyside Sports)
13 Steven Williams
14 Ben Thompson
15 Tim Erickson
16 Shawn McDonald (Sunnyside Sports)
17 Rob Campbell
18 David Fleischhauer
19 Richard McClung (Broadmark)
20 Don Wesley
21 Jeff Bannink
22 Pete Groblewski (EA Cross)
23 Greg Ulrich (Crow Cycles)
24 Matt Mahoney (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW)
25 Jackson Stewart (Clif Bar)
26 Nick Adsero
27 Patrick Love
28 Mikkel Bossem (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW)
29 Jimmy Lingwood (Recycled Cycles)
30 Ben Smith
31 Seth Davis
DNF Eric Atwood
DNF Christian Young
DNF Will Freeman
DNF Dale Plant
DNF Ian Mackie
DNF Matt Slaven (Spot Brand)
A Women
1 Josie Beggs
2 Anne Grande
3 Rhonda Mazza
4 Ingrid Spies
5 Kristi Berg
6 Kelly Jones
7 Maribeth Evezich
8 Shannon Whitlach
C Jr
1 Grady Weiler
2 Noah Buckley
3 Benny Swedberg
4 Grant Boursaw
5 Lugiano Worl
6 Johnathon Skeehan
7 Fletcher Farrar
8 Spencer Mattan
9 Wes Furlong
C Men
1 James Johnson
2 Chris Dobrick
3 Bryce Given (Starbucks)
4 David Schmidt
5 Greg Valentin
6 Chris Kutach
7 David Wilton
8 Eric Layland
9 Doug Bernard (Aurora CC)
10 Peter Vincent
11 David Shoultz
12 Dan Warren
13 Joel Liefke
14 John Randolps
15 Ed Murray (Pazzo Velo)
16 David Garccione
17 LeRoi Smith
19 Brian Hogan
22 Shawn Pedersen
23 Brian Drye
24 Paul Scanlon
26 Phillip Meyer (Team Tailwind)
28 Steve Prager
29 Nicholas MacDonald
30 Dan Davidson
31 Don Perry
33 Alan Adams
34 Carl Moczydlowsky
35 Greg Hyra (BI Cycle)
37 Bernie Hayden
38 David Scott
40 Roy Tongue
41 George Weiss
DNF Dee Rasabout (ASC Racing)
DNF Steven Skeehan, Sr (ASC Racing)
C Master Men
1 Tom Sowards
2 Dave Prenslow
3 Mike Hayes
4 Bob Wilson (Olympic Bike)
5 Douglas Carter
6 Steven Basden (Half Fast Velo)
7 Brian Volkert
8 Craig Smith
9 Steve Fall
DNF ER Brown
C Women
1 Elizabeth Salvo
2 Amara Boursaw
3 Lisa Miller
4 MJ Redman
5 Ann Scanlon
6 Lindsey Lawrence (Dirtworld)
7 Lesley Augustine
8 Alison Mack
9 Alina Boursaw
10 Lesley Trivett (Atomic)
D Jr
1 JD Fette
2 Ethan Mair
3 Paul Sales
4 Samuel Walters
5 Austin Clevenger
6 Casey McBreen
7 Brittany Wentz
8 Nolan Hayden
9 Avi Mahan
A Jr
1 Collin Carbaush
2 Devin Anderson
3 Severin Skolrud
4 Tristan Skolrud
5 Mike Wentz
6 Tyler Given
7 Luke Brechward
8 Walker Owcel
B Jr
1 Joey Rogerson
2 Nathan Bannerman
B Men
1 Dan Neyens
2 Matt Hayes
3 Mark Young
4 Troy White
5 Eric Noll
6 Cameron Charles
7 Kyle Felmley
8 Keith Robinson
9 David Henson (Spoke & Sprocket)
10 David Volkert
11 Jose Ramirez
12 Matt Cary
13 Pat Tongue
14 Paul De Jong
15 Glenn Soja
16 Isaas Gmazel
17 Matt Gossage
18 Rory Cameron
19 Jay Murray (Trek/VW)
20 Aaron Lee
21 Brian Spears (Half Fast)
22 JJ Ecker
23 Chris Johns
24 Lance Simanek
25 Jim Tyree
26 Marco Desimone
27 Sean Conto (JF2 Racing)
DNF Paul Anderson
DNF Peter Vincent
DNF Robert Velez (Ashmead/King)
DNF Mike Wellborn (Valley/CBC)
DNF Lance McClure
DNF Jason Dallas
B Women
1 Jadine Riley
2 Denielle Crandall
3 Lisa Given
4 Holly Walker
5 Tela Crane
6 Kristin Smith
7 Robyn Embrey
8 Kim Pitkanen
9 Robyn Angliss
10 Kathy Carver
11 Paula Schmitz
12 Melodie Ross
DNF Maria Arcorace
DNF Leana Farrard
Single Spd
1 Adam Van Dyke
2 Adrian Hegyvary
3 Ed Husted
4 Kevin Beshlian
5 Dennis Rose
6 Tim Otway
B Master M
1 Joe Sales
2 Glen Conley
3 David Sullivan
4 Kevin Reinkensmeyer
5 Nathan Kiger
6 Bradley Marquardt
7 Brad Collins
8 Jeff Spence (Soliton)
9 Mark Reudink (Byrne Spec. Gas)
10 Tom Homes
11 Pete Brunner
12 Brian Wentz
13 Kent Johnston
14 Tero Pitkanen
15 Mike Jancola
16 Don Tyler
17 Mike Albright
18 Cris Bevens (Ragnarok)
19 Bernie Miller (Valley)
20 Greg Goad
21 Hahn Rossman (Alki/Rubicon)
22 Brad Oppedal
23 James Wagner
24 Rick Heckenlialle
25 Ken Embrey
26 Andrew Malakoff
27 David Graves (Byrne Spec. Gas)
28 Andrew Novikoff
29 Rick Knowles
30 Justin Harman
31 Dave Reed
32 John Herzog
33 Bob Acteson
34 Jeff Evans
35 Fabien Pichard (Seattle Velo)
36 John Drenning
37 Rex Caldwell (Gregg's)
38 Mark Lambie
39 Dave Renslow
40 Jim Clevenger (Running Shoes.com)
41 Reeve Geary
42 Mark Kunnecke
43 David McCormick (Vegas Velo Racing)
DNF Andrew Greene
DNF Brett Larson
DNF Brian Volkert
DNF Andrew Ferguson (Soliton)
DNF Darren Jeung
DNF Dean Burton (Ragnarok)
DNF Ed Rickert
DNF John McClure (Spoon)
DNF Reese Lindblad (Wheelsport)
DNF Stephen Cork (Ashmead/King TV)
Master W
1 Nicola Marr
2 Kathy Smith
3 Kim Lucas (Clif Bar)
Master A
1 Rich Maile (Clif Bar)
2 Randy Daniels
3 Tim Ellis (Recycled Cycles)
4 Jim Brown
5 Dan Norton
6 Andy Dahlstrom
7 Mike Rolcik
8 Derek Shiers
9 John Weller
10 Alex Andel (Broadmark)
11 Tom Phillips
12 Randy Iddings
13 Dave Pearson
14 David Stonich
15 Chad Berg
16 Brad Lewis
17 Phil Oppenheimer
18 Robert Ballinger
19 Jeffrey McConaughy
20 Todd Bandy
21 Ed Arthur
22 Michael Murdin (Seattle Velo)
23 Pat Weiler (REI Novara)
24 Doug Carlton
25 Anthony Dickson
26 Greg Carmichael
27 Steven Henderson
28 Chris Torgerson
29 Brad Ross (Bike n Hike)
30 Dana Parnello
31 Robert Huff (Half Fast Velo)
32 Sean Wittmer
33 Daniel Wynn
34 David Neubeck
35 Carl Roberts (Clif Bar)
DNF Troy Coleman
DNF Dave Hull (Second Ascent)
DNF Kent Johnston
DNF Pablo Espinosa

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