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Xilinx Cyclocross

Xilinx Corporation Campus, Boulder, Colarado, October 26, 2003

A 26" win for Brown

By Matt Pacocha

Travis Brown on his 26" CX bike
Photo ©: Matt Pacocha

Overcast skies and seasonable temperatures met racers at Boulder Racing's 2nd series race. Racing was fast and furious on a course dubbed by many as the best Colorado cyclocross course ever.

The Xilinx Corporations beautiful campus provided a mix of road, open fields and trails, a combination that made for a great European likeness. Highlights of the course included over 800 meters of paved road broken into two sections, a technical off-camber woods section, two sand pits, and a series of three ditches that would be more at home on BMX course. Riders with the "cajones" to commit to the jump would gain a serious advantage over racers opting for the safer running option. With the sizes of some fields approaching 100, racer numbers gave the course a true test of its quality.

Brandon Dwight gets some air
Photo ©: Matt Pacocha

In the men's race, the start list of 60 plus riders gave reason for the crowd to settle in for a good show. After winning the Salt Lake UCI race on Saturday and a six-hour drive back to Boulder, Marc Gullickson (Redline) showed up to give Travis Brown (Trek) a run for the money. Travis has been burning up the local Colorado cross scene; no one locally has been able to challenge his form. But with Gully in town, many thought they were in for a round for round prizefight between these two champions.

The day would prove different, Marc was forced to deal with a start line flat tire, promoters delayed the start and Marc relegated himself to the rear of the group for the start. From the time the gun went off the Colorado crowd was treated to the Travis Brown show. Travis picked up the New Belgium Brewery's 1st Lap Hot Lap Prime and just kept going, showing the form and skills of a true champion.

Brown held off the late charge
Photo ©: Bret Wade

By the time Gully made it to the chase group three laps into the race, Travis had worked up a 45 second lead. With the crowd motivating both leader and chaser, Gully whittled down the gap to Travis to a manageable 15seconds. Feeling the pressure, Travis turned on the after burners and opened the gap up to a comfortable 20 seconds for the win. Behind the leaders, local racers Christian McCarthy (Vitamin Cottage) and Jonathan Baker (Pro Peleton) kept the race interesting and the pressure on.

The women's event was also a one-rider show. Heather Szabo (Tokyo Joes) put in an impressive effort running away from the women's field at the start. Riding like a gritty Belgian, she won the New Belgium Hot Lap Prime and kept it rolling for the entire 45-minute race. All the more impressive, just the day before Heather put in a 14-hour day as one of the main coordinators for Denver's famous Velo Swap. Behind, mountain bike pros Jenny Smith (Trek Rocky Mtn Regional) and Gretchen Reeves (Rocky Mountain) put in a solid effort and kept Heather honest, riding close for the majority of the race the two chasers finished in second and third respectively.

Allison Dunlop
Photo ©: Bret Wade

Of note, former world champ Alison Dunlap was in attendance racing with the men's category 3 field. Alison showed her world class talents starting in the back of an 80-person field, showing the boys how to do it, and working herself up to a fourth place finish.

Boulder Racing's events are only made possible by our sponsors and the hard work of all those who volunteer. A special thanks goes out to Medically Based Fitness, Excel Sports, Clif Bar, Rocky Mounts, Moots Cycles, Case Logic, Xilinx, and New Belgium Brewery. As well as our supporting sponsors Vermarc Sportswear, Deuter Packs, Acelerade, Maxxis, K2 Bikes, Noodles & Co, Gofast, and Glacier Homemade Ice cream.


Images by Bret Wade/fischer-wade.com

Images by Matt Pacocha/boulderracing.com/


Pro 1,2 
1 Travis Brown (Trek/VW)
2 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose / Hyundai)
3 Jonathan Baker (Pro Peloton)
4 Christian McCarthy (Pro Peleton)
5 Joe Depaemelaere (Boulder Denver Curiers)
6 Jason Tullos (Arizona Honey Wine)
7 Mike West 
8 Douglas Campbell 
9 Brandon Dwight (7 UP)
10 Brian Smith (Trek/ Rocky Mounts)
11 Mike Hall (Carmicheal Training System)
12 Ben Turner (7 UP)
13 Tim Faia (Valdora Mountain Lodge)
14 Zak Grabowski (Hot Tubes)
15 Jeff Wardell (Louisville Velo)
16 Todd Carver (Comotion Sports)
17 Colby Pearce (5280/Subaru)
18 Dennis Farrell (Red Rocks Velo)
20 Patrick Brown (Gary Fisher/Subaru)
21 Chad Mels 
22 Chris Hopwood (Gary Fisher)
23 Scott Forrest (Victory Circle)
24 Brian Hludzinski (Vitamin Cottage)
25 Joe Taddeucci (Vitamin Cottage)
26 Lew Perna (Schwab / Torelli)
27 Jesse Riel (Laurel Street Racing)
28 Dan Depaemelaere (RMCEF)
29 Aaron Brown (CU Cycling)
30 Mitch Westall (Dean Bikes)
31 Dejan Smaic (AST)
32 Jeremy Rodgers 
DNF Chuck Coyle (Vitamin Cottage)
DNF Hugh MacEachran (FCRC- Trek)
DNF Micah Thompson (Excel Sports)
DNF Shawn Harshman (Excel Sports)
Men Cat 3  

1 Dean Dealy (KHS)
2 Russell Harding (CU Cycling)
3 Brian Hutchinson (FCRC)
4 Jonathan Coln (The Niss Niss)
5 Alison Dunlap (LunaChix)
6 Clay Harris (Red Rocks Velo)
7 Heath Garvey (FCRC)
8 Robert Karman (Excel)
9 Grant Holicky (Pedros)
10 Paul Brooks  
11 Joe Lindsey (Rocky Mounts)
12 Peter Lopez (Green Mtn Sports)
13 Rob Zillioux (Canyon Cycles)
14 Paul Des Rosiers (Swift)
15 Keith Novello (Red Rocks Velo)
16 Chris Macbeth (FCRC)
17 Emil Marinov (North Metro Cycling)
18 Joe Sullivan (Vitamin Cottage)
20 Jared Roy (Birchwood)
21 John Drake (Red Rocks Velo)
22 Adam McGrath (Nema)
23 Len Zanni (Honey Stinger)
24 Andrew Holton (Excel)
25 Kory Balic Wilson (International Chistian Cycling)
26 Brian Williams (Denver / Boulder Couriers)
27 Brian Bruggeman (FCRC)
28 John Shippy  (TPRT)
29 Ryan Amirault (CUCycling)
30 Ryan McFarling (Mountain Pedaler)
31 Todd Moyer (Eastside Wheelman)
32 Randy Clagg (Axis Racing)
33 Nicholas Legon (PPV)
34 Jamie Kilcoyne (GSCiao)
35 Brett Batchelder (Red Rocks Velo)
36 Jimmy Wills (Purdue Triathlon)
37 Greg Mueller (Mountain Pedaler)
38 Chris Kopp (Yeti)
39 Dan Burnett (FCRC)
40 Chris Setter (CZ Velo)
41 Matthw Edwards (Haul-N-Ass)
42 Parker Macy 
DNF Branden Kappius (5280 Subaru)
DNF Circ Toepel (Team Corner Stone)
DNF Glen Light (Red Rocks Velo)
Men Cat 4  

1 Craig McKessy 
2 Joe Brenner (Red Rocks Velo)
3 Seth Ramsbottom (Yeti/RPM)
4 Travis Lukens 
5 Ian Ramsey 
6 Steve Pardoe (Red Rocks Velo)
7 Peter Shaffer 
8 Duke Matthews (Swift Cycling)
9 Mike Fulton ( )
10 Todd Brady (Louisville Velo)
12 Sean Steeves (Swift Cycling)
13 Chad Corbin (Colorado Velo/Denver Spoke)
14 Gordon Hordenbergh 
15 Justin Green (Dean)
16 Frederico Medina (Green Mtn Sports)
17 Zach Vanderkooy (Swift Cycling)
18 Gary Meyer (Pikes Peak Velo)
19 Keith McHugh (Rocky Mounts)
19 Ryan Oliver (Grr Racing)
21 Craig Walker 
22 Matthew Chesaux (Ritchey Roots)
23 Bill Hanson (Denver Spoke/ CO Velo)
24 Steve Gosselin 
25 Kevin Krajewski (Colorado Velo)
26 Tim James 
27 Will Francis 
28 Gary Wolff (Trek)
29 Roger Knight 
30 David Burns (VOHC)
31 John Bevans (Rocky Mounts)
32 Chip Reynolds 
33 Benjamin Wajtowicz 
34 Philip Higgs (Red Rocks Velo)
35 Brian Frost 
36 Marcus Danko (Vitamin Cottage)
37 Todd M Kleinman 
38 Eric Burns 
39 Dan Dombroski 
40 Rob Russel 
41 Clint Kay 
42 Ed Schultz (Honey Stinger)
43 Marlon Crespin 
44 Shawn Bandell 
45 Brendan Billingsley 
46 Lane Miller (Louisville Velo)
47 Bob Roberts 
48 Michael Beck (Violet Crown)
49 Christian Leask (Accon / MMW)
50 Don Ash (Ritcchey Roots)
51 Aaron Miller 
52 Terry Jordon (Independent Fabrications)
53 Mike Ricci (Team DB)
54 Chris Bitner 
55 Doug Smith 
56 Doug Felkley (FRX)
57 Erik Werner 
58 Greg Friedman 
59 Albert Loppolo (Boulder Triathalon Club)
60 Bowman Judo (FRX)
61 Bob Prieto 
62 Greg Hammond 
63 Tim Sells (Amgen)
64 Alex Coelho (RioGrande/Monsoon)
DNF Andrew Biglow 
DNF Bill Pfaffendorf (Freewheel Bike)
DNF Chad Elmendorf 
DNF Chris Hawkins 
DNF Daniel Summerhill (RMCF)
DNF Marcus Moran (Eastside Wheelmen)
DNF Peter Kieliszewski (Ritchey Logic)
DNF Ryan Root 
DNF Ryan Real (North Metro Cycling)
DNF Steve Gabbard (Swift Cycling)
DNF Stuart Jones 
DNF Miguel Santana 
NP Jim Heuck (Red Rocks Velo)
35+ Men  

1 John Vickers (Cody Racing)
2 Terry Wheeler (Red Rocks Velo)
3 Jon Cariveau (Moots)
4 Frank Hibbits (Rainbow Racing)
5 Charlie Hayes (Excel Sports)
6 Tim Leahy (TPRT)
7 Rod Yoder (Red Rocks Velo)
8 Danny Sullivan (Red Rocks Velo)
9 Franck Abate (Valdora Mountain Lodge)
10 Brian Maslach 
11 Marc Dawes (Cody Racing)
12 Bob Bieterman (SimpleGreen/Mazda)
13 Charlie Brown (Mnt. Pedaler)
14 Mike Eyer (Zone 5 Sports)
15 Derrick Nickel (CRT)
16 Thomas Jensen (WRC / Spoke)
17 Ronald Weber (Red Rocks Velo)
18 Joel Howes (Cody Racing)
19 John Talley (GSBMCT)
20 Kirk Olson (Valdora Mountain Lodge)
21 Chris LeGault  
22 Roger Knight 
23 Dan Tomlin (Hay Hole)
24 David Hixson 
25 Scott Mares  (Pro Peleton Velo)
26 Bob Brown (Cody Racing)
27 Steven Slenker 
28 Stephen Boston  (Vitamin Cottage)
29 James Howe (Boulder Denver Couriers)
30 Cameron Brantley (Pro Peleton Velo)
31 Doug Smith 
32 David Steffen 
33 Ray Churgovich 
DNF Brian Gunnarson 
Women 1-3  

1 Heather Szabo (Tokyo Joe's)
2 Jennifer Smith (Trek)
3 Gretchen Reeves (Rocky Mountain)
4 Anne Lannan (Veritas)
5 Lora Heckman (Laurel Street)
6 Margell Abel (Boulder Racing)
7 Trish McCarthy 
8 Alison Rockwell (Outdoor Divas)
9 Catherine Johnson (Pro Peleton Velo)
10 Mara Abbott (mtbchick.com)
11 Meghan Blades 
12 Eszter Horanyi (CU Cycling)
13 Beth Jordan (BWCT)
14 Deanna Huff (LaForza)
15 Dairea Burum de Quintanilla 
Women 35+  

1 Jennifer Atkinson (Morgul Bismark)
2 Krin Soll 
3 Leslie Holton (Degree Ironman)
Women 4  

1 Mary McCarty 
2 Danielle Haulman (LaForza)
3 Tawnya Ferbiac (Swift)
4 Marija Balic-Wilson 
5 Shan Wo 
6 Neven Steinmetz (Swift Cycling)
7 Kristine Church (CU Cycling)
8 Kate Lyons 
9 Sasha Milhous 
10 Susan Prieto 
11 Celeste Howe (Superfly)
12 Nicole Gordon 
13 Michelle Bagur 
DNF Marty Caivano (Swift Cycling)
Women 45+  

1 Francis Summerhill (LaForza)
2 Cindi Toepel (Team Cornerstone)
55+ Men  

1 Bradley Snyder  (Pro Peleton )
2 John Daily (Swift Cycling)
3 Don Haywood (FCRC)
4 James Kissinger  (GSBMCT)
5 Richard Elmendorf (COBRAS)
45+ Men  

1 Gary Thacker (CVC)
2 Bob Bieterman (SimpleGreen/Mazda)
3 Brett Wade (SimpleGreen/Mazda)
4 Robert Bagley (Cody Racing)
5 Pat Zeller (Cody Racing)
6 Jon McClurg (Rocky Mounts)
7 Doug Squires (Red Rocks Velo)
8 Russell Aselson (Dogs at Large Velo)
9 Michael Donohoe (Black Sheep )
10 Kevin Healy (Rainbow Racing)
11 Jim Everett (SimpleGreen/Mazda)
12 Lee Waldman (Red Rocks Velo)
13 Walt Lee (Eastside Wheelmen)
14 Mike Zeller (CRT)
15 Rick Squires (Red Rocks Velo)
16 Ken Brecheisen (LRT)
17 Tim Downing (LVC)
18 Galen Claussen (ICCC)
19 Bryan Helstad (Active.com)
20 Charles Edwards (LRT)
21 Guillermo Garibay 
22 Eric Perryman (LRT)
23 Al Marvin (Red Rocks Velo)
24 Michael Spak (LRT)
25 Ken Sticknay 
26 Erik Nordenson (Cyclocrossworld.com)
27 Tom McKinnon 
28 Peter Strebe (FCRC)
Juniors (13-14)  

1 Daniel Summerhill (RMCEF)
2 Alex Howes (LRT)
3 Peter Stetina (5280 Subaru)
4 Colin Cares (SMBA)
5 David Glasscock (Monsoon Jr team)
6 James Anderson (Horsethooth Racing Team)
7 Jonathan McDonnell (Rio Rancholls)
8 Allen Browne (Eastside Wheelmen)
9 Tyler Gallup (Team Cornerstone)
10 Bryce Lawson (FRCC)
11 Jon Anderson (Horsethooth Racing Team)
12 Ashley Truesdale (Oschner)
13 Kyle Helstad 
Juniors (10-12)  

1 Kyle Helstad 
Juniors (13-14)  

1 Daniel Summerhill (RMCEF)
2 James Anderson (Horsethooth Racing Team)
3 Bryce Lawson (FRCC)
4 Jon Anderson (Horsethooth Racing Team)
Juniors (15-16)  

1 Alex Howes (LRT)
2 Peter Stetina (5280 Subaru)
3 Colin Cares (SMBA)
4 David Glasscock (Monsoon Jr team)
5 Allen Browne (Eastside Wheelmen)
6 Tyler Gallup (Team Cornerstone)
7 Ashley Truesdale (Oschner)
Juniors (17-18)  

1 Jonathan McDonnell (Rio Rancholls)

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