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Cross Crusade series #3

Oregon, October 19, 2003

Skerritt Wins as Tonkin's Challenge Falls Flat and Mazza Dominates

Following last week's high-profile Cannondale Stumptown Classic, the Oregon cyclo-cross regulars came back to the fore in the third round of the 2003 River City Cyclo-Cross Crusade held at the new Barton Park venue on October 19. Two perennial series front-runners, Shannon Skerritt (Trek/VW/Bike Gallery) and Rhonda Mazza (Team S&M/Sellwood Bicycles) scored their first victories in the 2003 series in convincing fashion.

The Barton course had a unique ambiance as it was set in a rock quarry operated as a county road maintenance facility. The site had an industrial feel as the course passed by piles of rock, heavy machinery and maintenance buildings. The circuit was straightforward with the surface split half-and-half between gravel road that favored speed and soggy turf that racers had to power through. Two steep run-ups tested strength and surefootedness while a few tricky sections were able to be ridden with good technique.

As the morning started, the rain had just subsided and gave way to warm sunshine by mid-morning. The overnight showers ensured plenty of mud and long lines at the hose stations after every race.

Skerritt Takes Race of Attrition

The 40-plus racers in the Men Category A field rocketed off the line down a long opening section of hard-packed gravel road. Skerritt, who is known for his speed, led the pack into the first turn, followed closely by Eric Tonkin (Kona/Kenwood) and Mark King (Sunnyside Sports).

As the race developed during the first lap, a leading trio of Skerritt, Tonkin and King formed followed by a second threesome of Mike Schindler (Sunnyside Sports), Shane Beers (Bike-n-Hike/Presto Velo) and Brody Anderson (River City Bicycles). By the end of the second lap, the Skerritt-led group was more than 30 seconds ahead of the next three.

On the third lap, Tonkin jumped into the lead but was immediately covered by Skerritt and King, who was confirming the fine form he showed a week before in landing a top 10 place in the UCI Category 3 race. Unfortunately, during the third lap of eight total, King suffered a mishap and lost more than a minute by the time the leaders came through the finish area. Anderson, Beers and Schindler were right on King's wheel.

The leading pair continued to spar lap after lap. Skerritt was visibly faster on the turf road leading to the finish and would put four or five seconds into Tonkin every time. Then, they would drop down into a muddy section which favored Tonkin who would close it down. Meanwhile, King had recovered and was pulling away from the group in which he had found himself.

Coming to the finale, it looked as if Skerritt knew he could outduel Tonkin in the last section, so he was marking his familiar competitor. However, bad luck for Tonkin, in the form of a deflated front tire, intervened and mitigated the need to wait. As Skerritt ripped through the finish, Tonkin trailed in 32 seconds down and got a quick bike change.

Skerritt refused to let up and drove his advantage to the line where he scored a solo victory. Even though he benefited from the bad luck that befell his rivals, the way the Trek/VW/Bike Gallery rider was motoring, it is difficult to imagine that the result would have been any different. Tonkin finished 75 seconds later, with King nearly another minute back. Beers won a tight race over Anderson, with Schindler in sixth.

Mamma Mia, It's Mazza!

Although Mazza, the 2001 and 2002 'Cross Crusade series champion, had to be considered the favorite at the start, it was hard to imagine the superiority she demonstrated during the Category A Women's Race. After the first 100 meters, no rider would put a wheel in front of her for the rest of the 45-minute event.

For the first lap, Mazza's Team S&M/Sellwood Bicycles teammate Alice Pennington kept her in sight at 15 seconds, with Brigette Stoick (River City Bicycles) trailing another 16 seconds back, followed by Karen Kenlan (Sunnyside Sports) and Wendy Williams (River City Bicycles).

Mazza was unstoppable as she lapped more than 20 seconds faster than Pennington, who herself was rapidly increasing her gap over third-placed Stoick. The best race among the leading women was for fourth between Kenlan and a rapidly closing Kori Kunz (Sorella Forte). With two to go, Kunz pounced and got in front of the Sunnyside Sports rider.

The final time through the finish, Mazza's gap had grown to a whopping two minutes, 12 seconds over Pennington, with Stoick finishing more than three-and-a-half minutes behind. Kunz held on for fourth in front of Kenlan and Williams in seventh.


Category A
1 Shannon Skerritt (Bike Gallery/Trek VW)
2 Eric Tonkin (Kona/Kenwood)
3 Mark King (Sunnyside Sports)
4 Shane Beers (Bike-N-Hike)
5 Brody Anderson (River City)
6 Mike Schindler (Sunnyside Sports)
7 Spencer Paxson (Discovelo)
8 Mikkel Bossen (Bike Gallery/Trek VW)
9 Chris Brandt
10 Chad Swanson (S&M)
11 Jeff Bannink (Team O)
12 Solomon Waras (United Finance)
13 Shawn McDonald (Sunnyside Sports)
14 Ian Brown (Fred Meyer)
15 Scott Willson (GS Cameratti)
16 Jon Myers (Team S&M)
17 Mark Matson (S&M)
18 Jeff Struck (S&M)
19 Russell Cree
20 Molly Cameron (Veloshop)
21 Damian Schmitt (Sunnyside Sports)
22 Matt Mahoney (Bike Gallery/Trek VW)
23 Ryan Weaver (GS Cameratti)
24 Tim Coffey (Lombardy)
DNF Jonathon  Smith (Sand M)
DNF Lonny Knabe (Team O)
DNF Dale Knapp (Kona)
DNF Coren Hanson (Bianchi)
DNF Caan Zaroinski (Half-Fast Velo)
Master Men 30-39
1 Troy Tucker (Bike Gallery)
2 John McCaffrey (Bike-N-Hike)
3 Sean Kelsey
4 Sean Garvin (River City/GS Cameratti)
5 Ian Leitheiser (Half Fast Velo)
6 Michael Jones (Discovelo)
7 John Mitchem (Team Lombardi)
8 Jeff Mitchem (Lombardi)
9 Mike Martin (Team Compass)
10 Martin Baker (Bike-N-Hike/Giant)
11 John Bravard (Half Fast Velo)
12 Michael Keep
13 Todd Rosier (Team Rose City)
14 Carl Roberts (Cliff Bar)
15 Chris Cook (Team O)
16 Kent Johnston (Fred Meyer)
17 Brad Ross (Club Vivo/River City)
18 Chris Allins (Columbia River Velo)
19 Mark Duff (Rubicon)
20 Andrew Barret (Lombardi)
21 Chris Morscheck (Santiam Bicycles)
22 Kelly Weiber (Emerain Velo)
23 Bob Jacobs
24 Jason Crago
25 Dan Quirk (Veloce Bicycles)
26 David Johnson
27 John Climaldi
DNF Barry Holman
DNF Jason Pfeifer (Presto Velo)
DNF Brad Cockman (Half Fast Velo)
DNF Steve Yenne (Excel Sports)
Women A
1 Rhonda Mazza (Sellwood)
2 Alice Pennington
3 Brigette Stoick (River City)
4 Kori Kunz (SorellaForte)
5 Karen Kenlan (Sunnyside Sports)
6 Wendy Williams (River City)
7 becky Walter (SorellaForte)
8 Tina Reeb
9 JoAnne Stevens (SorellaForte)
10 Susan Robinson (SorellaForte)
11 Martha Handford (Independent Fabrication)
Women B
1 Kristan Wantabe
2 Michelle Swift (SorellaForte)
3 Megan Schubel
4 Valerie Groesz (S&M)
5 Lea Julson (CompassCommercial)
6 Melanie Haliburton
7 Dawn Guildner
8 Julie Lyons (Pump)
9 Marila Alvarez (Bike Gallery)
10 Anna Saltonstall (S&M)
11 Amanda Havens
12 Rachel Bagley (ICUP)
13 Jessica McLaughlin (Veloshop)
14 Alicia Streit
15 Shannon Thorne (RiverCity Bicycles)
16 Erika Jackson
17 Emily Smith (Sunnyside)
18 Christine Hilderbrand
19 Gretchen Strohleir (ICUP)
20 Erica Macy (White Trash Racing)
21 Kelly Witty (Nomads)
22 Ann Weinstein
23 Cheryl Willson (Nomads)
DNF Laurel Gitlen (Vanilla)
DNF Erin Moran
DNF Stephanie Sullivan (RiverCity Bicycles)
DNF Carrie Hutchinson
Women 35+
1 Julia Bestland
2 Kristan Dillon (TeamDisco)
3 Kim Lucas (TeamClifBar)
4 Mary Skrzynski
5 Martha Brown (Columbia River Velo)
6 Debra Krichko
7 Roxy Cate (EnSelle/NoMad)
8 Karen Goritski
9 Shari White
10 Connie Vine (EnSelle/NoMad)
11 Laurie Binder
12 Lori Miller (Team Oregon)
13 Elise Ross
14 Theresa Waldon
15 Barbara Thiele
16 Stephanie Smith
17 Melody Ross (Club Vivo)
18 Monika Gold
19 Jennifer Laughlin (Bicycle Jones)
20 Meg Mautner (EnSelle/NoMad)
21 Laura Wiles
22 Candi Murray (EnSelle/NoMad)
Single Speed
1 John Walrod (River City)
2 Erik Tonkin (S&M)
3 Steve Fassbinder (Vanilla)
4 Nathan Coffey (Team Oregon)
5 Rich Cramer (Presto Velo)
6 Kevin Condron (GS Camarati)
7 Pat Kudszus (Ranch Record)
8 Christian Ward
9 Kevin Thompson (Half Fast Velo)
10 Aaron Zarosinski (Half Fast Velo)
11 Aaron Leritz (S&M)
12 Gary Johnson
13 Jon Bloomfield (TeamO)
14 Adam Zucker
15 Chauncey Curl (Team Rubicon)
16 Thomas Rydzenski
17 Jonathan Hall
18 Richard Kilshaw (ACF)
19 Joseph Marek (S&M)
20 Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)
21 Doug Moak (River City)
22 Doug Shanks (Half Fast Velo)
23 Stephen Hemminger (TeamO)
24 George Schreck (Corben Huntair)
25 Steve Basden (Half Fast Velo)
DNF Chris Cottingham (Presto Velo)
DNF Zack Blacksher
DNF Brian Witty (Half Fast Velo)
DNF Geoff Raynak (Half Fast Velo)
DNF Sasha Mac
DNF Greg Keeling
DNF Daniel Pasley
DNF Sam Richardson (BikeGallery/TREK)
DNF Mathew Hall
Men B
1 Shane Fletcher
2 Cameron VanderStoep (Half FastVelo)
3 Tre Hendricks (DiscoVelo)
4 Steve Davee (Velocebicycles)
5 Kurt Brown (Columbia river Velo)
6 Andrew Reed (GSCamerati)
7 Daniel Rockholm (S&M)
8 Caan Zarosinski (Half FastVelo)
9 Nathan Hobsen (Half FastVelo)
10 Matt Berg
11 Dan Quirk (Velocebicycles)
12 Andrew Haliburton (Fred Meyer)
13 Andreas Oswald
14 Kurt Krichko
15 Paul Anderson (Half FastVelo)
16 Fred VanVactor
17 Jim VanDyke
18 David Swift
19 Andrew Beehler (T&E)
20 Stan Langdon (Bicycle Jones)
21 Chris Thomen
22 Clark Ritchie (Half FastVelo)
23 Rod Beutista
24 Ian Penner (Half FastVelo)
25 Brooke Hoyer
26 Bruce Cannon
27 Jed Floding
28 Aaron Erbeck
29 Mark Schwyhart (PrestoVelo)
30 Jesse Sampson (Velocebicycles)
31 Bruce Cannon
32 Matthew When
33 Peter Zlatnik (Bike Gallery)
34 Brian Austin (Bike & Hike)
35 Jeff Fuchs (Sunnyside)
36 Russell Stigall (Team Russell)
37 Tim Schauer
38 Stan Arrigotti
39 Greg Johnson
40 Aaron Sander (Half FastVelo)
41 Richard Hogan (Sims)
42 Brian Spears (Half FastVelo)
43 Greg Doan (LogieVelo)
44 Chris Bright (Corben Huntair)
45 Anthony McCray (TeamO)
DNF Mikkel Anderson
DNF Nathan Hult (Corben Huntair)
DNF Robert Johnson
DNF Barrry Holman (Team Fuji)
DNF Kent Johnston (Fred Meyer)
DNF Kent Heli (Los Ciclistas)
DNF Jeremy Smith
DNF Doug Evans
DNF Peter Drach
DNF Michael Henry (RecycledCycles)
DNF Taylor Kneuven
DNF Michael Dunn
DNF Tom Thompson
DNF Eric Nachtrab (Revolution/Bio-Wheels)
DNF Jason Horner
DNF Greg Talbert (CompassComemrcial)
1 Taylor Kneuven (BBC)
2 Jon Long (FredMeyer)
3 Carson Miller (Hutch's)
4 Keith Beckman (BBC)
5 Ian Megale
6 Kenny Bossen (TeamO)
7 Luke Harrison (Corben Huntair)
8 Jacob Chilenski (TeamO)
9 Kayla Woolcock (TeamO)
10 Madison Chilenski (TeamO)
11 Patty Roper
12 Jordan Beecher
DNF Carmeon Breuz
Category C
1 Larry Marti
2 Mike McDonald
3 Justin Iverson
4 Julien Diess
5 Chris Boyce
6 Tom Lenth
7 Kris Schamp
8 Matt Brownfield (TeamO)
9 Kirk Edwards (T&E)
10 Darrell Beck
11 Scott Bowman
12 David Luoma
13 David Rosen (Team Oregon)
14 Evan MacKenzie
15 Russel Weygant
16 Rich Cowan (North River Racing)
17 Paul Blackburn (Disco Velo)
18 Scott Temple (Mt. Shop)
19 Jesse Bolling
20 Jared White
21 Matthew Wolpert
22 Dean Giblin
23 Jerome Dumortier (BBC)
24 Doug Smith
25 Nate Armbrust (Corben Huntair)
26 James Cavalieri
27 Ken Benderly
28 Vern Serafetz (Bike Peddler)
29 Shawn Irwin
30 Michael Benedict (Bicycle Jones)
31 Steve Basden (Half Fast Velo)
32 Larry Wiharski
33 Alan Snodgrass
34 Jeff Vine
35 Brian Cawthorne
36 Casey Davidson (Multnomah Athletick Club)
37 Doug Brecht
38 Jason Franklin
39 Victor Weinstein
40 Dennis Glenn
41 John Dorfer
42 Shane Young
43 Dean Duitsman
44 Dan Burton (S&M)
45 Scott Klinger
46 Fred Ford
47 Sean Vali
48 Ed Chrisman (S&M)
49 Marcus Swanson (Half Fast Velo)
50 Andy Wilson
51 Troy Scott
52 Paul Tarfel (Landis)
DNF Matthew Gustafson
DNF Dan Hitchcock
DNF Owen Hutchinson
DNF Brian Andriot (Mt. Shop)
DNF Jeff Anderson
DNF Thomas Thompson
DNF Nick Adamy (T&E)
DNF Erik Barber
DNF Brett Shrohleinn
Masters 40-49
1 Dean Lucas (Corbin Huntair)
2 Greg Talbert (Compass)
3 Mike Wilson
4 Robert Huff (Half Fast Velo)
5 Joe Marek (S & M)
6 Steve Morse (Sunnyside)
7 Peter Spir
8 Joe Lieullen
9 Rich Slingsby (River City)
10 Jim Miller (Sunnyside)
11 Jim Juenger (Sunnyside)
12 David Deatherage (Fred Meyer)
13 Mark Hildebrandt
14 Rick Potestio (Club Vivo/ River City)
15 Chauncy Curl (Rubicon)
16 Bill Ehlers
17 Stephen Hemingson (Team O)
18 Paul Mautner (Fred Meyer)
19 Gerry Parson (Independent)
20 Andy Wilson
21 Paul Agrimis
22 Jeff Cumpston (Team Rose City)
23 John Sage
24 Brett Michaud
25 Bruce Werner
26 Gregg Carmichael
27 Ivan Meadors (Corbin Huntair)
28 Michael Beckman (BBC)
29 Mike Davis (Pedal Sports)
30 NA
31 Mark Dunn
DNF Bill Zale
DNF Alan Snodoris
DNF Ernie Conway (Team O)
DNF David Luoma
Masters 50+
1 Mark Schwyhart (Bike-N-Hike)
2 Don Leet
3 George Schreck (Corbin Huntair)
4 Gil Ormerod (S & M)
5 Paul Montgomery (S & M)
6 Jim Rose
7 John Gustatson
8 John Forbes (Corbin Huntair)
9 Ted Wilson
10 Edward Lanton
11 Ike Kendnick
12 Jim Haase (S & M)
13 Del Scharffenberg (Corbin Huntair)
DNF Buck Lorts
DNF Richard Busby
1 Bob Croucher
2 Grant Ebright (Lazy Tarantulas)
3 Ben Wiczch
4 Adam Turco
5 Dick Hansen
6 Joe Curran
7 John Jackson
8 Geoff Rice (Lazy Tarantulas)
9 Bill Huff (T & E Racing)
10 Noah Cowgill
11 Tony Hobkirk
12 Joe Samos
13 Nigel Clift
14 Steven Hunter
15 Paul Van Camp
16 Mike Bene
17 Mitch Yoder
18 Michael Gilbert
19 Michael Carnes
20 Justin Transeth
21 John Schroeder
22 Gavin Brown
23 Brett Hadley
24 Dani Dance
25 Jason Jones
26 Drew Holmes (Hutch's Bicycles)
27 Brain Engelen
28 Greg Bernards
29 Eric Davis (Team Chickent Butt)
30 Tim Lawlor
31 Fat Guy Gravity
32 John Fortes
33 Greg Rice (Lazy Tarantulas)
34 Brent Dombrowski (Pump)
35 Justin Klahn (Logie Velo)
36 Jason Rohrer
37 David Andres
38 Karl Jackson
39 Josh McCrow
40 David Liebert
41 Hatasha Carmichael
42 Greg Umscheid
43 Rosalee Gladden
44 Mark Liebert
45 Greig Fredricks (Team S & M)
46 Dennis McCord
47 Dan  Mullooly (Pump)
48 Brent Force (Sellwood Cycle Repair)
49 Rick Toth
DNF Curtis Milander
DNF Steven Burger
DNF Tim Smith
DNF David Fagan
DNF Mark Wilson
DNF Kevin Blackwell
DNF Paul Stewart
DNF Gerry Doyle

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