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Results and Reports for June 29 - July 5, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Colorado Velodome Association

7-11 USOTC Velodrome, Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 28, 2002

Burritos for Everyone!

Report courtesy Colorado Veldrome Association

As the riders took to the track, the velodrome was treated to another weather situation. No rain, no smoke, no lightening, just 40 mph winds. The winds were strong enough to get the officials to take notice, warning riders that the use of disk wheels might be a bad idea. After a "wind delay" the track was deemed safe to race and the show began.

The Pro 1-2 category started the night with a Madison Kilo. The first team off was the pair of Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen) and Kevin Knapp (Hammer Racing). They set a fast time that held up for until the last to rides. Anytime you pair a Tour de France stage winner together with a two time masters world champion, you gotta expect a good effort. Steve Prokopiw (Hammer Racing) and Jeff Pierce set the new fast mark with only one team remaining. This team just happened to contain the recently crowned Colorado State Kilo champion, Che Frey (Hammer Racing) and US National Team member Andy Sparks. Andy got in a good start and Che finished it off for the win.

In the Miss-n-Out it was "Hammer Time". The field went from the rail at a high pace. Nobody wanted to play the devil as Joanne Kiesanowski was at the back tempting fate on every lap. The Hammer boys took matters into their own hands and drove the pace at the front. The real action started at with about 5 to go. Five riders came out of turn 4 in a straight line. All five crossed the line together with Jeff Pierce bowing out. Frank Luttrell (Eastside Wheelmen) had nothing to show the three remaining hammer riders. They recieved the bell and were off to the races. With a victory under his belt, Che Frey allowed Prokopiw and Knapp to battle it out. The endurance minded Knapp was unable to beat out his teamate at the line.

Explosion was the name of the game in the points race. An early attack by Dan Schmatz got the pace high. When Dan exploded a few laps later it was time for the deciding move to get under way. Marcus Black (Cody Racing) and our break-away buddies, Kevin Knapp and Dave McIntosh. These three riders took off and the field exploded. Most riders realized the chase was making no ground and the field all regrouped giving the break a target. The three riders accumulated some points and took the field. As they took the field the bell started ringing for the Chipotle Burrito Package! Knowing he was a lap down Steve Prokopiw went for the prime and won by a large margin. Just about then, Marcus Black decided that winning on points wasnt enough, he wanted another lap and off he went. Nobody was willing to chase so the lap came fast. As Marcus took the field again the bell was ringing for a crowd loose change prime. Once again it was Prokopiw winning the prime and the $30. When the dust settled, Macintosh edged out Knapp for second, Marcus Black was on top of another points race.

That Cat 3-4 started off with a simple 5 lap scratch. While there were numerous attacks, they were covered by the field. Nobody was getting away. On a late attack, Bruce Hitchcok managed to gap Jeremy Hackney and Carl "The Weasel" Boucher (Cody Racing). These to sprinted hard into the wind on the back straight and managed to get around Bruce with Jeremy taking the win, Carl in second, Bruce held on for third.

In the Miss-n-Out, Joanne Kiesanowski (DietRite) was back to play. Showing that she had a whole bag of tricks and a sprint to back them up, she gave the guys a run for their money! Realizing that Jo was slowly picking of the field, Bruce Hitchcock went to the front to drive the pace with the Weasel on his tail. Everybody thought Jo was out on every lap but she found a way to nip people at the line. When Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo Racing) was eliminated it was time for the three up sprint. Bruce Hitchcock went early, still towing the Weasel. Carl showed why Bruce rides pursuit and Carl sprints. Jo tried to get them at the line but had to settle for third.

In the points race, solo break was the prefered tactic. Early in the race, John McAlpine took off and earned a couple of sprints. As he was brought back the field heard the bell for their cash prime. Robert Roth and the Weasel sprinted like mad men, going for the line at break-neck speeds. On the line, the youngster edged out Robert. Back in the field, the riders were beginning to see a lot more of the DietRite rider, Joanne Kiesanowski. They were only seeing her on the sprint laps as she was riding a very smart race. Getting a little bit nervous about this, Jeremy Hackney launched his solo attack. For a while it looked like he was going to take a lap. Back in the field, Jo was still picking up points. When it cae down to the double points sprint, it was Jo making it exciting. Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen) and Bruce Hitchcock were battling it out for second place and like a bullet, Jo rocked the sprint coming in to take her double points and second place in the event! Jeremy Hackney picked up enough points for the win. Michael Pederson finished off the podium

We will pause our regular season racing next week for the American Velodrome Challenge. Look for a 2002 Season Points Update coming to a website near you! One third of the way through the season, the racing is still heating up!

For more information about racing in Colorado and/or the Colorado Velodrome Association, check out www.Colorado-Velodrome.org.


Pro 1-2 - Madison Kilo
1 Che Frey (Hammer Racing Team) and Andy Sparks (Hammer Racing Team)
2 Steve Prokopiw (Hammer Racing Team) and Jeff Pierce 
3 Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen) and Kevin Knapp (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Carl Boucher (Cody Racing Team) and Rick Boucher (Cody Racing Team)
5 Marcus Black (Cody Racing Team) and Frank Luttrell (Eastside Wheelmen)
Pro 1-2 - Miss-n-Out
1 Steve Prokopiw (Hammer Racing Team)
2 Kevin Knapp (Hammer Racing Team)
3 Che Frey (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Frank Luttrell (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Jeff Pierce 
Pro 1-2 - Points Race
1 Marcus Black (Cody Racing Team)
2 Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Kevin Knapp (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Steve Prokopiw (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Frank Luttrell (Eastside Wheelmen)
Cat 3-4 - 5 Lap Scratch
1 Jeremy Hackney 
2 Bruce Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark)
3 Carl Boucher (Cody Racing Team)
4 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo Racing)
Cat 3-4 - Miss-n-Out
1 Carl Boucher (Cody Racing Team)
2 Bruce Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark)
3 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)
4 Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo Racing)
5 Kip Biese (Cody Racing Team)
6 Michael Pederson 
Cat 3-4 - Points Race
1 Jeremy Hackney
2 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)
3 Michael Pederson 
4 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Bruce Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark)
6 Kip Biese (Cody Racing Team)

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