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Results and Reports for June 29 - July 5, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Colorado Velodome Association

7-11 USOTC Velodrome, Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 25, 2002

The Mac Attack!

Report courtesy Colorado Veldrome Association

With all the usual stuff threatening our night or racing, the local masters have come to believe the show must go on! The smoke is dying down, the thunderstorms ending early... heck, the wind even died down! All that made for a great night of racing at the Colorado Velodrome!

Masters A - Just call it the Mac Attack!

After a frustrating season ending in 2000, a rough season in 2002, the Eastside Wheelmen's Dave McIntosh is finally finding his form.

We started off the evening with some keirin heats which advanced 6 riders to the Final. Two Eastside Wheelmen, two Hammer Racing, a Pikes Peak Velo Racing and a Pro Peleton Velo. McIntosh drew the number one and went to the motor. Terry Lott (Eastside Wheelmen) did a good job of controlling the rest of the field for Dave. Mark Pelletier (Hammer Racing) tried to give Masters National Champion Rich Voss (Hammer Racing ) a clean line to the finish but Terry was doing his best imitation of a psycho. Until the motor pulled off, everything was under control. As the motor pulled off it was a long sprint. McIntosh took the sprint long, Lott holding his wheel for second. Rich Voss rounded off the podium.

In the 12 lap scratch, the field was animated. McIntosh took matters into his own hands and separated himself from field with a few other riders. The field knew the three paying spots were up track so Rick "Ricochet" Boucher (Cody Racing) launched a brutal attack bring himself up with the leaders. That move took a little more effort than expected and left Ricochet feeling no love. In the end, McIntosh showed his form once again followed by Michael "6-Minute" Sandler (Pro Peleton Velo), Rich Voss found the bronze yet again.

In the 5 mile, McIntosh was the odds on favorite. He finally got to the endurance event. With 2 victories under his skinsuit, he wanted the hat trick! The field started riding in the typical smooth and methodic pace line. Then came the Mac Attack part III. Dave attacked taking about 1/2 the field with him. As the laps wound down, the field disinigrated leaving just a few in the lead group. With about 2 laps to go, Dave went for the Triple and got it! The GS Boulder Masters Cycling Team duo of Larry Bosch and Paul Mack came in for second and third.

Masters B - Old Dogs using crazy tricks!

The masters B Keirin was every bit as exciting as the A's. With a about the same team layout, the took to the track. As the motor pulled off everything was together and the sprinters were all watching each other. Out of nowhere, Old Man Murdock (Hammer Racing) lit up an incredible sprint! It came on slow but the top end was out in the stratosphere! Turns out Jim had put on the big meat (98") for the night. He showed he knew how to handle it! Coming to the line shoulder to shoulder was Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen) and Scott Hendricks (Simple Green). Aggson nipped him at the line.

In the point-a-lap, the Eastside Wheelmen were out to flex their team muscles again. Ken Rodriguez jumped early and picked up a few points. As he was caught, Eastside wasn't ready for the attack, leaving the door open for Bruce "I'm Back" Neal (Hammer Racing) to grab a digit. Late in the race, Scott Hendricks launched a highly unusual attack. Going with 2 laps to go, Scott picked up 1 and then the 5 point finish. Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo Racing) brought the field in for second place followed by Mike Aggson).

In the five mile, the field stayed together and never got the organization needed. Eastside was not willing to pull the train again, nobody else would step up to the task. Eastside tried to wear the field down with some attacks. Pikes Peak Velo was active in the attacks as well, sending John Marshall and Robert Roth up the track a few times but there was never a full commitment to any attack. In the end, it was the sprinter, Scott Hendricks launching an attack with a lap and a half to go. Mike Aggson tried to hold the wheel and come around, but at the line, it was Hendricks by less than 3". Robert Roth and Todd Moyer (Eastside Wheelmen) led David Williams across the line to finish off the B's night of racing.

Category 4-5 - Good old fashioned racing!

The beginners took off to the track for the 10 lap scratch. All eyes were on track newbie, but experienced roadie, Steve Owens. When the tension dropped and the show came to the finish, it was Virgil Warren taking his first track win. Steve Owens showed his speed coming in second with big man, Jeffery Jimeson taking third.

Eric "Rattlecan" Barr tried to take matters into his own hands early and off he went. On a solo mission, Eric was wishin the field would not chase. That was certainly not the case. With sprinters like Jimeson and Eastside Wheelmen big man Geof Suits in the field chomping at the bit, the field quickly brought Eric back. Chandler Snyder picked up a few points after Eric was brought back, Jimeson and Suits grabbed a few sprints and then it was Steve Owens taking the final few sprints winning the event.

In the five mile, it was the endurance riders doing the job. Steve Owens went early with Eric Barr in tow. As the field shattered and reformed, the two speedsters headed to the line, the sprinters prepared for third place. In the end it was Steve, Eric followed by Jeffery Jimeson.

Developmental women

Once again, the ladies were back for more! The developmental women's category has been growing weekly!

Nobody was feeling to excited in the three lap scratch. Nobody wanted to suffer for a full kilo. The riders stalked each other waiting for somebody to make the move. It was the Front Range Cycling Association rider, Jenner Yaeso going for it first. Emily Huang tried her hardest to catch and pass Jenner but was unable to match the speed. Emily held off a late charge from Eastside Wheelmen's Angie Vandehey.

In the point-a-lap, the field stayed together for most of the event. Riders battling out the sprints with Angie picking up a few, Emily a few, Meggan Flaherety (Eastside Wheelmen) a few and Carrie Richards (Eastside Wheelmen) picking up a point. In the end, Jenner took the solo break winning the event with Angie and Emily trading places.

The 15 lap points race found the agression the 3 lap race lacked. Little Alex McAlpine (Eastside Wheelmen) went for the first sprint and managed to get the win! She fought to hold on for the second sprint, but when she was caught it was her teammate Meggan going on the solo mission. Meggan picked up the middle sprint and fought hard to hold off a charging Emily. Meggan couldn't hold her off for the final double point sprint but in the end earned enough points to win her first track bike race! Emily earned second place with Carrie, Jodi Walzer (Eastside Wheelmen) and Alex finishing out the the results.

Authors Note: All three of the women's races were won by riders coached by Renee Eastman (Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark) who was competing in the Masters B category!

For more information about track racing in Colorado and/or the CVA, please visit www.Colorado-Velodorme.org.


Masters A - Keirin
1 Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen)
2 Terry Lott (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Rich Voss (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Mark McCafferty (Pikes Peak Velo)
5 Michael Sandler (Pro Peleton Velo)
Masters A - 12
1 Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen)
2 Michael Sandler (Pro Peleton Velo)
3 Rich Voss (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Mark Pelletier (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Mark McCafferty (Pikes Peak Velo)
Masters A - 5 Mile
1 Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen)
2 Larry Bosch (GS Boulder Masters Cycling Team)
3 Paul Mack (GS Boulder Masters Cycling Team)
4 Mark McCafferty (Pikes Peak Velo)
5 Michael Sandler (Pro Peleton Velo)
Masters B - Keirin
1 Jim Murdock (Hammer Racing Team)
2 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Scott Hendricks (Simple Green)
4 Ron Hargrave (Hammer Racing Team)
5 John Marshall (Pikes Peak Velo)
Masters B - Point-a-Lap
1 Scott Hendricks (Simple Green)
2 Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo)
3 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
4 Ken Rodriguez (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Bruce Neal (Hammer Racing Team)
Masters B - 5 Mile
1 Scott Hendricks (Simple Green)
2 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo)
4 Todd Moyer (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 David Williams (Eastside Wheelmen)
Women's Development - 5 Lap Scratch
1 Jenner Yaeso (PedalHome.com/RogueWave)
2 Emily Huang 
3 Angie Vandettey (Eastside Wheelmen)
4 Meggan Falherty (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Jodi Walzer (Eastside Wheelmen)
Women's Development - 10 Lap Point-a-Lap
1 Jenner Yaeso (PedalHome.com/RogueWave)
2 Angie Vandettey (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Emily Huang 
4 Meggan Falherty (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Carrie Richards (Eastside Wheelmen)
Women's Development - 15 Lap Points Race
1 Meggan Falherty (Eastside Wheelmen)
2 Emily Huang 
3 Carrie Richards (Eastside Wheelmen)
4 Jodi Walzer (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Alex McAlpine (Eastside Wheelmen)
Cat 4-5 - Scratch Race
1 Virgil Warren
2 Steve Owens 
3 Jeffery Jimeson
4 Stan Lambros 
5 Chandler Snyder 
Cat 4-5 - Point-a-Lap
1 Steve Owens 
2 Geof Suits (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Jeffery Jimeson 
4 Chandler Snyder 
5 Eric Baar (Ground UP)
Cat 4-5 - 5 Mile
1 Steve Owens 
2 Eric Baar (Ground UP)
3 Jeffery Jimeson 
4 Stan Lambros 
5 Geoff Suits (Eastside Wheelmen)

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