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Results and Reports for June 8-14, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Colorado Velodrome Association Week 3

Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 14, 2002

The rain can't cool off the CVA Race Season!

Afternoon thunderstoms threatened to shorten or delay the night of racing but as the world turns, so does Colorado Weather. By race time the track was dry, the air was cool and we were ready to take off into week three of the CVA Race Season.

Starting off the night were the Chariot Race Heats. Always a good event to warm up with, they provided some exciting sprint action for the crowd. With the PA system back in action, the announcer was back at home.

After an upset last week, Giddeon Massie (Focus 2004) was on a mission. He came down the home straight shoulder to shoulder with big Mark Guerin (Cody Racing). Giddeon got Mark at the line. Three Hammer Racing riders followed them across the line (Andy Sparks, Che Frey, Kevin Knapp)

In the Women's Chariot Event, US National Record Holder Tammy Thomas was on the line to take on T-Mobile sprinter Missy Thompson and a pair of Diet Rite riders (Sarah Hammer and Jo Kiesanowski). After a shaky start, the women flew through their lap with Tammy earning the victory, Jo coming in for the second and Missy finishing off the top 3.

In the Chariot Race, Carl "The Weasel" was back to show his sprinting talent. The line was stocked with talent from Pikes Peak Velo (John Marshall), roadie Jeremy Hackney, Lance "On the comeback" Ohlesson and Mike Aggson from the Eastside Wheelmen. Carl took the lead from the start and showed why he is leading the Cat 3-4 points competition. The 16 year old sprinter is on fire.

Once again, Carl took home the Chipotle Cat 3-4 Burrito of the night! Carl is three for three on the Chipotle primes! His father does appreciate this!

The three juniors took to the track for their chariot. Daniel Summerhill (Lakewood Racing) got the early lead and held it to the line. Neither Jonathan Malinaric (Front Rangers) nor Alex McAlpine (Eastside Wheelmen) could get around the youngest rider int he race.

In the Snowball events, attacks were the key word. An early attack from Chris Burton (Front Range Cycling Association) took off to earn some early points. Following a Steve Prokopiw (Hammer Racing) sprint, Che Frey took off with Kirk Robinson for a few laps as Chris was brought back. Waiting back in the field was Rider of the Year leader, Marcus Black (Cody Racing) waiting to make a late attack and take the big points. In the end it was Marcus followed by Che and Kirk.

The women's snowball was about the same type of race. Tammy Thomas jumped and got an early sprint followed by Missy Thompson. Jo Kiesanowski attacked and got a good gap on the field picking up some early points. Jo's teamate Sarah Hammer (Diet Rite) quickly bridged up and the two took turns earning points. In the end it was Sarah taking the win over Jo by just 2 points.

The 3-4 race was also filled with attacks. Charlie Higbie (Eastside Wheelmen) took an early points lead while Teammate Mike Aggson tried to control the field. As Charlie was brought back, Pike Peak Velo's John Marshall charged the line to pick up points with Bruce Hitchcock on his wheel. Bruce took the next points before Mike Aggson and Jeremy Hackney seperated them from the field. Jeremy and Mike traded sprints with Jeremy taking the victory.

The juniors did a 5 lap scratch. In this event, Jonathon Malinaric was able to best Daniel in the sprint with Alex McAlpine trying her hardest to get into the points.

In the final rounds of the night, the watches were pulled out for record attempts. The women went out for the five mile record. Missy Thompson wasnt about to do the lions share of the work with two Diet Rite speedsters in the field. In the long run, the two Diet Rite riders were able to wear down the field and finish 1-2. Once again, Sarah taking the advantage.

Sarah Hammer was the Chipotle Most Aggressive Rider for the night winning a Chipotle Burrito for her attacks.

The Categoy 3-4 men went for the record but were not able to get to the line fast enough. Early on it looked as if they might hit the mark but then riders started sitting out pulls an not following through. The field still came apart but was not able to hold up to record pace. In the end it was Vitamin Cottage rider Bruce Hitchcock getting to the line first. Jeremy Hackney was on his wheel but could not get around him for another victory.

The men's 10 mile race was fast from the gun. Everybody was keeping an eye on Prime Alliance ride Mike Creed. Mike kept forcing the pace as did others like Kevin Knapp from the Hammer Racing team. Marcus Black made several solo attempts only to be brought back in. In the end, the field had thinned and Mike Creed launched a blistering attack leaving the field behind. Nobody could close the gap. Eastside Wheelmen's Dave McIntosh brought the field home for second with Marcus Black and Kevin Knapp in tow.

Finishing out the card was the junior handicap race. In this one, Alex McAlpine was DETERMINED toshow the boys she could run with them. After three laps of hard racing, Alex managed a second behind Jonathon Malinaric. The cheers from her father (who was racing the Category 3-4 competition) were heard for miles!

This week the CVA takes a break from normal Friday night racing to host the Colorado State Championships.

For more information about track racing and/or the Colorado Velodrome Association please check the CVA web page


Pro 1-2 Chariot

1 Giddeon Massie (Focus 2004 Cycling Team)
2 Mark Guerin (Cody Racing Team)
3 Andy Sparks (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Che Frey (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Kevin Vick (Hammer Racing Team)
Pro 1-2 Snowball
1 Marcus Black (Cody Racing Team)
2 Che Frey (Hammer Racing Team)
3 Kirk Robinson (Pro Peleton Velo)
4 Steve Prokopiw (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Chris Burton (Front Range Cycling Association)
Pro 1-2 10 Mile
1 Mike Creed (Prime Alliance)
2 Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Marcus Black (Cody Racing Team)
4 Kevin Knapp (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Kirk Robinson (Pro Peleton Velo)
Women's Open Chariot
1 Tammy Thomas (US National Team)
2 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)
3 Missy Thompson (T-Mobile)
4 Sarah Hammer (Diet Rite)
Women's Open Snowball
1 Sarah Hammer (Diet Rite)
2 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)
3 Missy Thompson (T-Mobile)
4 Tammy Thomas (US National Team)
Women's Open 5 Mile
1 Sarah Hammer (Diet Rite)
2 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)
3 Missy Thompson (T-Mobile)
4 Karen Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage)
Cat 3-4 Chariot
1 Carl Boucher (Cody Racing Team)
2 John Marshall (Pikes Peak Velo)
3 Jeremy Hackney 
4 Lance Ohlesson 
5 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
Cat 3-4 Snowball
1 Jeremy Hackney 
2 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Bruce Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage)
4 John Marshall (Pikes Peak Velo)
5 Charlie Higbie 
Cat 3-4 5 Mile
1 Bruce Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage)
2 Jeremy Hackney 
3 Carl Boucher (Cody Racing Team)
4 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Lance Ohlesson 
Juniors Chariot
1 Daniel Summerhill (Lakewood Racing)
2 Jonathon Malinaric (Front Rangers)
3 Alex McAlpine (Eastside Wheelmen)
Junior 5 Lap
1 Jonathon Malinaric (Front Rangers)
2 Daniel Summerhill (Lakewood Racing)
3 Alex McAlpine (Eastside Wheelmen)
Junior Handicap
1 Jonathon Malinaric (Front Rangers)
2 Alex McAlpine (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Daniel Summerhill (Lakewood Racing)

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