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Results and Reports for June 8-14, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Colorado Velodrome Association

Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 11, 2002

Guest star Carney cleans up

By Scot Patton

Another hot night here in Colorado. The smoke from multiple fires decided to leave the velodrome alone and bike racers came from all over the state to give it a go!

In the Masters A category, we had a special guest star, Jame Carney of the Prime Alliance. Jame showed up, put on his little gear and gave it a go.

In the Chariot race, Mark Guerin (Cody Racing) gave Jame a good run for his money, but on the line it was Jame. Terry Lott of the Eastside Wheelmen managed to hold off the Hammer Racing twins of Mark Pelletier and Rich Voss.

The elimination race was fast from the rail. Nobody wanted the devil to edge them out and the sprints were heated! As the field thinned, riders were going their best to get over the top, under the bottom, anyplace they could go. Tour de France stage winner, Jeff Pierce came across the line for third leaving Jame and Mark out there for another sprint.

In the 10 mile, it was a race of attrition. Rider took their pull, got back in line and headed back to the front. The last 15 laps, only 3 riders remained. Jame Carney, Kevin Knapp (Hammer Racing Team) and Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen). With 2 laps to go Jame lit it up in his 84" gear and left McIntosh and Knapp to fend for themselves. Feeling the effects of the long break, Dave faded and Kevin came in for second. Jame did set the Masters A track record for the to mile (19:42.30). He donated his prize money to his breakaway companions.

The Eastside Wheelmen were out in force in the B races. Robert Roth of Pikes Peak Velo Racing was there to spoil their party! With a field full of red and green, it was the long legged Roth that narrowly edged out Mike Aggson for the victory in the 5 lap Scratch. Ken Anderson of Lakewood racing worked hard for a third.

Eastside quickly took control of the Elimination with big Winston Schultz running tempo on the front. The pace line was moving and other riders quickly got picked off. It came down to Robert Roth against most of the boys in red and green. With a little tactical work and some serious sprinting, Robert had to settle for a third place in this race as David Williams (Eastside Wheelmen) edged out his teammate Mike Aggson for the win.

Roth was disgruntled and came back in the points race to work out his frustrations. It was a tough fight between Mike Aggson and Robert Roth from the guy. They went sprint for sprint, point for point, all the way to the line. In the end, it was Robert on top of the field once again. Mike Aggson grabbed his third deuce of the night and Jim Murdock (Hammer Racing Team grabbed third).

The Women's development field was huge! Racers all over the track, it was quite a site to see! In the 5 Lap Scratch race, CVA Board Member, Claire Olsen-Swaidner handily outsprinted Jenner Yaeso (Front Range Cycling Association) and Amy Zirneklis (Cody Racing Team).

The women's elimination race was exciting, perhaps too exciting. Joy Focht of the Eastside Wheelmen had mishap in turn 2 after being eliminated from the race. She left in an ambulance but reports from the hospital are that she is OKAY! Her teamate and fellow track newcomer, Barb Loughran set out to win the race for her, but was unable to over-power Jenner and Amy. Amy took the win.

The Eastside girls attacked early in the Point-a-Lap with junior Allison Jones taking an early point. Allison would hold on to finish 4th! Allison is a member of the US Disable Cycling team, she is racing with just one leg! Meggan Flaherty was next to earn some points. Then the Amy Z vs Jenner battle raged on! In this one, Jenner was able to take the advantage!

Cody Racing's Kip Biese kept the Cat 4-5 racing animated from the start. In the 5 lap, he tried several times to string out the field but it all came down to the sprint. Kip was able to edge out Jeffrey Jimeson and Geof Suits (Eastside Wheelmen).

It was Kip's solo break that won him the advantage over Jeffrey in the Point-a-Lap. Tim Halfpop fought hard for his third place in front of the charging Eastside duo of Gary Brewington and Goef Suits.

After a couple of seconds to Kip, Jeffrey had enough. He set out to set the 5 mile record. The field worked well together and in the end, it came down to a battle between Kip and Jeffrey. Jeffrey outsprinted Kip at the line.

For more information about the Colorado Velodrome Association and/or track racing in Colorado, please check out www.Colorado-Velodrome.org.


Masters A Chariot
1 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)
2 Mark Guerin (Cody Racing)
3 Terry Lott (Eastside Wheelmen)
4 Mark Pelletier (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Rich Voss (Hammer Racing Team)
Masters A Elimination
1 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)
2 Mark Guerin (Cody Racing)
3 Jeff Pierce
4 Steve Worley (GS Boulder Masters Cycling Team)
5 Kevin Knapp (Hammer Racing Team)
Masters A 10 Mile
1 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)
2 Kevin Knapp (Hammer Racing Team)
3 Dave McIntosh (Eastside Wheelmen)
Master B 5 Lap Scratch
1 Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo)
2 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Kurt Anderson (Lakewood Racing)
4 David Williams (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 John McAlpine (Eastside Wheelmen)
Masters B Elimination
1 David Williams (Eastside Wheelmen)
2 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo)
4 Todd Moyer (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 John McAlpine (Eastside Wheelmen)
Masters B Points Race
1 Robert Roth (Pikes Peak Velo)
2 Mike Aggson (Eastside Wheelmen)
3 Jim Murdock (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Doug Novy (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 David Williams (Eastside Wheelmen)
Women's 5 Lap Scratch
1 Claire Olsen-Swaidner
2 Jenner Yaeso (Front Range Cycling Association)
3 Amy Zirneklis (Cody Racing)
4 Barb Loughran (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Karen Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage)
Women's Elimination
1 Amy Zirneklis (Cody Racing)
2 Jenner Yaeso (Front Range Cycling Association)
3 Barb Loughran (Eastside Wheelmen)
4 Joy Focht (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Meggan Flaherty (Eastside Wheelmen)
Women's Point-a-Lap
1 Jenner Yaeso (Front Range Cycling Association)
2 Amy Zirneklis (Cody Racing)
3 Meggan Falherty (Eastside Wheelmen)
4 Allison Jones (Eastside Wheelmen)
Cat 4-5 Scratch
1 Kip Biese (Cody Racing)
2 Jeffery Jimeson
3 Geof Suits (Eastside Wheelmen)
4 Eric Baar (Ground UP)
5 David Flaks
Cat 4-5 Point-a-Lap
1 Kip Biese (Cody Racing)
2 Jeffery Jimeson
3 Tim Halfpop (Mad Dog)
4 Gary Brewington (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Geof Suits (Eastside Wheelmen)
Cat 4-5 5 Mile
1 Jeffery Jimeson
2 Kip Biese (Cody Racing)
3 Eric Baar (Ground UP)
4 Geof Suits (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 Gary Brewington (Eastside Wheelmen)

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