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Alpenrose Six-day

Alpenrose velodrome, July 29 - August 3, 2002

Six times the action at the Alpenrose

Reports - Day 1 & 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6
Results - Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6


by Jamie Mikami

Day 1 & 2 report

Well it is now day two of the six day and I have finally found the time to get out the first race report. So here is a recap of the first two days.

Day one saw the stage set for the week with the madison pursuit letting the teams know where everyone was at and getting some minor points in the process. The actual madison saw Team Oregon (Mike Murray and James Newman) attack relentlessly for the first ten minutes. This however started their demise as it just made me mad and look for a chance to gap them off at the second point sprint and then hammer until they were down a lap.

Once that happened things settled back down and there were just two teams left on even laps. Team Corben/Huntair (Chauncey Curl and Myself) and Team Rubicon (David and Norrene Godfrey) - the only married couple I know that could handle riding a six day together. Then a few sprints later I saw Team Rubicon in trouble and Chauncey got us a gap and it soon became half a lap. That is normally the breaking point, but David must have took a good break because he pulled back half of it in one attempt and then came back in a second time as Norrene finished the job up for him.

So there would be no more laps taken tonight, but the points were so close that whoever won the final sprint between Corben and Rubicon would take the madison on night one. Lucky for us Chauncey gave me a great sling to counter David's attack with 3 laps to go and we were able to take the final sprint and day one of the madison. Cleaning up the places where three teams only one lap down, Team Oregon, Team Jalabert (Jay DeBender and Dan Houghton) and two new riders on Team Purple (junior John Long and Craig Sinanian) who are doing great in their first madison keeping in contention for third place. Battling at the back are Team Saturn (Brian Abers and Darien Curl) and Team X (Sean Murray and Nils Tillstrom) both down 5 laps.

Day two, and is that a girl still fighting for the lead of North America's only six day race? Yes it is, although the action in the Madison was started by Team Jalabert today. After Team Rubicon won the first mass start race and Chauncey was able to win the second mass start race for Team Corben, Team Jalabert took it to everyone to start the madison off. Although once again, it just made me mad, as I like to start nice and slow. So now I was looking for Team Jalabert to make a mistake and when they did I attacked as hard as I could to make sure they went down a lap. And once again it was Team Rubicon who was the only team to keep up and stay on even laps.

After things started to settle back down again it was Team Rubicon that started making all the moves. One after another David and Norrene would trade off attacks and all we could do was try and bring it back together. And once again it came down to the final sprint. This time David played it safe and attacked on the bell to get the final sprint and win the madison on day two. However, with the earlier mass start races, the overall standings for the day left Team Corben in first place again for the night (by just 2 points) and still in first overall, by 17 points, but even on laps.

In the battle for third Team Oregon took a slight edge, but the only junior in the field is still very close with Team Purple in 4th and Team Jalabert paying for their early attacks and falling off the pace by a lap and sitting in 5th. I wonder which team will try and attack to start off day three?

Day 3 report

Well, you can tell the team are starting to wear down a little, especially from all the attacks from team Rubicon the day before. Then to add two important mass start events and you end up with a long night. The first race was a points race, and our goal was to get as many points as possible, since points and laps from this count for the overall. The thought was that if we got enough points in this event we could play defense the rest of the night (points every 5 laps now versus every 5 minutes in the madison). Well, our first goal went very well as Chauncey and I (team Corben) were able to lead each other out for most of the points and came away not even needed to ride hard in the second mass start event.

Or so we thought. It seems team Norrene and David of team Rubicon (in 2nd on even laps so far) had their own goal, and after team Oregon and team Purple each got a rider half a lap up, David decided to go join them. Well that put us on the defensive and we had to ride fast enough to keep them from lapping the field, but slow enough not to break the field up. Not easy, but it worked out just right and left us well ahead on points for the night going into the madison.

So onto the Madison, and lucky for me no one attacked to start off the night. Although I am not sure that is good as while we were able to keep at the front, behind us teams were get warnings left and right for dangerous riding. Basically just too many people in too small a place. Then just before the first sprint Darien Curl of team Saturn went down ... although she was back up and I dont think even really missed an exchange. However the first sprint did see things break up and attacks started flying.

It was hard to tell exactly what happened, but for most of the rest of the night either team Rubicon or team Corben just slightly infront of the other with the other team chasing. Then Chauncey and I missed our first exchange during an attack by Rubicon. That nearly killed us, but we made it back on and then were able to counter and kept Rubicon half a lap down until just 5 minutes to go. Then as they were catching us, we nearly missed a second exchange, and rode the last few laps in just watching each other as everyone got together for the final sprint. But the nightly madison had already been decided and team Rubicon won the madison despite losing the last sprint. However our points from earlier in the night allowed us to once again take the night and extend our overall lead.

In the battle for third place there was much carnage. Team Oregon was able to ride a very smart race and kept their exchanges under control, but Team Purple and Team Jalabert had a tough night and fell back a few more laps. The most improved team of the night had to go to Sean Murray and Nils Tillstrom (Team Yellow - formally team X). They kept even with Team Jalabert tonight despite Nils breaking a chain and leaving Sean to quietly (or not) ride by himself for many minutes. Darien will have to get the badge of honor for the night for getting back in so quick after her second crash of the week, the first being before the race even started.

Next up is Day 4, which is always a bit of a rest day for the six day riders as due to regular Thursday night racing the madison will be very short. I think all will be happy with that.

Day 4 report

Well day four was going to be the rest day with short races and an easy night. But just like any day of the week, you should never expect things to go as planned.

The night started with the mass start races as always and with such a short night every point counted. So Team Rubicon (David and Norrene) and Team Corben/Huntair (Chauncey and me) got to the front and made sure we got early points. Things worked out well as I got the win, but David and Norrene took 2nd and 3rd to give them a 1 point lead. The second race was basically the same with David getting the win and Chauncey and I getting 2nd and 5th to again lose one more point on the night.

However the battle for third was really heating up, and with prizes going three deep each night, 3rd place is very important. Team Saturn (Darien Curl and Brian Abers) was in third, their best effort of the week, tied with Team Purple (John Long and Craig Sinanian). By the way, have I mentioned that Team Purple has groupies. Real live groupies, they even printed up tee-shirts that say Team Purple groupies on the back and I heart John and Craig on the front. The young guys get all the luck.

Now it was time for the Madison and just before the first exchange of the night Team Rubicon launched a huge attack. Since everyone was caught by surprise, they were able to open up a huge gap. Lucky for us we were just fresh enough to close it a few exchanges later. After that things settled down and it came down to a sprinting war.

Going into the final sprint everything was up for grabs. The winner between Team Rubicon and Team Corben/Huntair would not only win the madison but also the night. The battle for third on the night was tied on points and laps between Team Purple and Team Oregon. Chauncey threw me in with a lap and a half to go and I knew I had the small gear so I hit the brakes, but kept at the front until 200 meters to go and gave it all I had. Well just not enough as David came by me right at the line for the win and behind me it was the same as Team Purple just edged Team Oregon and took third place on the night.

So day 4 saw a bunch of changes. Team Rubicon won their first day, even though they have won the last three madisons. Team Purple made the money for the first time this week, although John also crashed during the mass start races - we think he did it for the sympathy from the groupies. Team Peacock (formerly team yellow) changed jerseys once again and moved up another spot to 5th overall after moving to 6th last night. Team Saturn was in contention for third until they lost a lap late in the madison. And Team Jalabert lost a rider during the mass start events and got dinged a huge number of laps to fall into last place. Team Oregon and Team Corben/Huntair will have to lick their wounds and come out fighting tomorrow as it will be back to 1 hour madisons. Both have teams who would love to knock them down a spot riding with much more confidence after today.

Day 5 Report

Things have definitely changed at the Alpenrose six-day this year. There was a new Team Purple groupie today, Team Yellow became Team Blue after changing jerseys yet again, Team Jalabert now have new jerseys to signify their new member, but I was hoping that things would remain status quo for the top three teams.

Once again we started with the mass start events to warm things up, and with just a scratch race and an unknown distance both races were short and came down to sprints as Chauncey Curl and I (Team Corben/Huntair) were able to get the lead over Mike Murray and James Newman (Team Oregon) in second and David and Norrene Godfrey (Team Rubicon) in third. Once again Chauncey and I were feeling good and had some more points to give up in the Madison to still take the night.

However, Defense was not the theme of the night as another attack occurred before the first exchanges, this time it was Team Oregon. Since they were not a real threat to either us or Team Rubicon we sat back and let Craig Sinanian and Jon Long (Team Purple) go to the front and work. That lasted until the first sprint when we attacked but were countered by Team Rubicon.

This would be the start of a long night. Somehow Team Rubicon got a gap, and I was thinking just tempo and it will come back. What I should have been thinking is get on that wheel at any cost as soon as possible. For the next fifteen minutes there was not much of a pack as it was all out time trial mode for both Team Rubicon and Team Corben/Huntair with all the other teams trying to sit on which team they could at the time. Then as the clock hit ten minutes to go, the worst happened, David was right behind us and the lap was lost.

We did not give up, but our attack with 9 minutes to go did not even last until the sprint with 5 to go. Even though we got them down by just under half a lap, they were still able to come back. We tried again after that, but again nothing, and just to make sure we knew who won they took the final sprint as well.

The rest of the field felt the pressure as well as only Team Oregon was able to stay on even laps with us, and nearly stole second place on the night. The rest of the teams each lost laps on each other and with just one day to go things look to be set. While Chauncey and I plan to attack where possible, it will not be easy to take a lap on Team Rubicon. We still have the lead on points so we only need to worry about one thing - take the lap back.


Day 1

Madison Pursuit
1 Mikami/Curl          20 pts
2 Godfrey/Godfrey      12
3 Murray/Newman         8
4 DeBender/Houghton     4
5 Long/Sinanian
6 Murray/Tillstrom
7 Abers/Curl
1 Curl/Mikami          35 pts  Even Laps
2 Godfrey/Godfrey      28
3 Murray/Newman        10      -1 lap
4 Long/Sinanian         9
5 DeBender/Houghton     6
6 Abers/Curl            0      -5 laps
7 Murray/Tillstrom      0      -6 laps
Overall standings after Day 1
1 Curl/Mikami          55 pts  Even Laps
2 Godfrey/Godfrey      40
3 Murray/Newman        18      -1 lap
4 DeBender/Houghton    10
5 Long/Sinanian         9
6 Abers/Curl            0      -5 laps
7 Murray/Tillstrom      0      -6 laps
Day one Cat 1/2/3 Omnium
1 Morgan Montgomery (Grand Performance)
2 Duncan Oliphant (Presto velo)
3 Steve Holland (Corben Huntair)
4 David Godfrey (Team Rubicon)
5 Eric Romney (BBC)
6 Michael Dunn (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
7 Paul Mautner (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
8 Steve Hemminger (Team Oregon)
9 Norrene Godfrey (Team Rubicon)
10 Jamie Mikami (Corben Huntair)
11 Chauncey Curl (Team Rubicon)
12 Darien Curl (Team Rubicon)

Day 2

1 Godfrey/Godfrey      37 pts even laps
2 Curl/Mikami          35
3 Murray/Newman        17     -2 laps
4 Long/Sinanian        12
5 DeBender/Houghton     7     -3
6 Curl/Abers            0     -6
7 Murray/Tillstrom      2     -7
Sixday riders mass start event
1 Curl/Mikami          15 pts  even laps
2 Godfrey/Godfrey      11
3 Long/Sinanian         5
4 DeBender/Houghton     3
5 Murray/Newman         2
6 Curl/Abers            0
7 Murray/Tillstrom      0
Overall standings after Day 2
1 Curl/Mikami          50 pts even laps
2 Godfrey/Godfrey      48
3 Murray/Newman        19     -2 laps
4 Long/Sinanian        17
5 DeBender/Houghton    10     -3
6 Curl/Abers            0     -6
7 Murray/Tillstrom      2     -7
Overall six-day standings after Day 2
1 Curl/Mikami         105 pts even laps
2 Godfrey/Godfrey      88
3 Murray/Newman        37     -2 laps
4 Long/Sinanian        26
5 DeBender/Houghton    20     -3
6 Curl/Abers            0     -11
7 Murray/Tillstrom      2     -13
Junior Results Day 2
Junior Omnium A's
1 Ricky Bossen
2 Kenny Bossen
3 Ettiene Mullin
Junior Omnium B's
1 Madison Chilenski
2 Jacob Chilenski
3 Ellie Bossen
4 Taylor Dunn

Day 3

1 Godfrey/Godfrey      48 pts even laps
2 Curl/Mikami          43
3 Murray/Newman        19     -1 lap
4 Long/Sinanian         5     -3
5 DeBender/Houghton     8     -4
6 Murray/Tillstrom      5     -4
7 Curl/Abers            2     -6
Six-day riders mass start event
1 Curl/Mikami          33 pts  even laps
2 Murray/Newman        14
3 DeBender/Houghton    13
4 Long/Sinanian        12
5 Godfrey/Godfrey      11
6 Murray/Tillstrom      0
7 Curl/Abers            4      -1 lap
Overall standings after Day 3
1 Curl/Mikami          76 pts even laps
2 Godfrey/Godfrey      59
3 Murray/Newman        33     -1 lap
4 Long/Sinanian        17     -3
5 DeBender/Houghton    21     -4
6 Murray/Tillstrom      5     -4
7 Curl/Abers            6     -7
Overall six-day standings after Day 2
1 Curl/Mikami         181 pts even laps
2 Godfrey/Godfrey     147
3 Murray/Newman        70     -4 lap
4 Long/Sinanian        43     -6
5 DeBender/Houghton    41     -8
6 Murray/Tillstrom      7     -17
7 Curl/Abers            6     -18
Cat 4/5 riders Omnium
1 Steve Diamond
2 Nathan Spear (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
3 Molly Cameron
4 Kirk Matteson (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
5 Douglas Mullin
6 Mark Clem
7 Gerry Flores

Day 4

1 Godfrey/Godfrey 17 pts even laps
2 Curl/Mikami           14
3 Long/Sinanian          6
4 Murray/Newman          5
5 Drake/Houghton*        1
6 Murray/Tillstrom       1      -1
7 Curl/Abers             0      -1
*-14 lap penalty for switching partners
Six-day riders mass start events
1 Godfrey/Godfrey       15 pts even laps
2 Curl/Mikami           13
3 Curl/Abers             3
4 Long/Sinanian          3
5 Murray/Newman          2
6 Murray/Tillstrom       0
7 DeBender/Houghton      0      -6
Day Four Overall Standings
1 Godfrey/Godfrey       32 pts even laps
2 Curl/Mikami           27
3 Long/Sinanian          9
4 Murray/Newman          7
5 Curl/Abers             3       -1 lap
6 Murray/Tillstrom       1       -1
7 Drake/Houghton         1       -20
Overall six-day standings after Day 4
1 Curl/Mikami          208 pts even laps
2 Godfrey/Godfrey      179
3 Murray/Newman         77      -4 lap
4 Long/Sinanian         52      -6
5 Murray/Tillstrom       8      -18
6 Curl/Abers             9      -19
7 Drake/Houghton        42      -28
Cat 4/5 Omnium
1 Robert Hausner (BBC)                17 pts
2 Nathan Spear (Lakeside/Rivers Edge) 15
3 Solomon Woras (Team Oregon)         10
4 Gerry Flores                         5
5 Bryan Curry (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)   4
6 Andrew Letoureau                     1
7 Jen Feathergill                      1
8 Robert Cosner                        1
Cat 1/2/3
1 Mitch Weaver (Team Rose City)       17 pts
2 Ian Eglitis (BBC)                   10
3 Kyle McTeague (Corben/Huntair)       7
4 Morgan Montgomery (Grand Performance)7
5 Mark Storer (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)   6
6 Peter Drake (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)   4
7 Brian O'Neal (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)  2
8 Eric Romney (BBC) 1
9 Vince Riviere (Capitol Velo)
10 Dominic Vanhorn (Team Oregon)
11 Paul Mautner (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
12 Marjon Marik (Prime Alliance)
13 Molly Cameron
14 Kent Johnston (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)

Day 5

Six-day Madison
1 Godfrey/Godfrey       29 pts   even laps
2 Curl/Mikami           24       - 1 lap
3 Murray/Newman         17       - 1
4 Drake/Houghton         9       - 2
5 Long/Sinanian          1       - 3
6 Curl/Abers             8       - 4
7 Murray/Tillstrom       0       - 5
Six-day Riders Mass Start Events
1 Curl/Mikami           13 points
2 Murray/Newman          9
3 Godfrey/Godfrey        5
4 Long/Sinanian          4
5 Murray/Tillstrom       3
6 Curl/Abers             2
7 Drake/Houghton         0
Day Five Results
1 Godfrey/Godfre        34 pts   even laps
2 Curl/Mikami           37       - 1 lap
3 Murray/Newman         26       - 1
4 Drake/Houghton         9       - 2
5 Long/Sinanian          5       - 3
6 Curl/Abers            10       - 4
7 Murray/Tillstrom       3       - 5
Current Overall 6-day Standings
1 Godfrey/Godfrey      213       even Laps
2 Curl/Mikami          245       - 1 lap
3 Murray/Newman        103       - 5
4 Long/Sinanian         57       - 9
5 Curl/Abers            19       - 23
6 Murray/Tillstrom      11       - 23
7 Drake/Houghton        51       - 30
Women Omnium
1 Mechele Knable (Columbia River Velo)      15 points
2 Jen Featheringill                         15
3 Heather VanValkenburg (North River Race)  15
4 Lynn Godfrey (BBC)                         4
5 Shirlee Clark (BBC)                        3
6 Norene Godfrey (Team Rubicon)              2
7 LeAnne Leece
8 Allison Jones
9 Meg Mautner (EnSelle/NoMad)
10 Jennifer Coluzzi
11 Sarah Sajdak
1 Kent Johnston (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)      17 points
2 Mike Dunn (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)          13
3 John Lombard (Team Oregon)                 7
4 Paul Mautner (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)        6
5 Peter Drake (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)         6
6 Mark Clem (Santa Clara Racing)             5
7 Rob Hausner (BBC)
8 George Schreck (Corben Huntair)
9 Scott Sloat (Team Oregon)
10 Douglas Mullen
11 Bruce Werner
12 Joe Cipale (Corben Huntair)
Juniors A's
1 Ricky Bossen (Team Oregon)
2 Taylor Kneuven (BBC)
Junior B's
1 Madison Chilenski (Team Oregon)
2 Jacob Chilenski (Team Oregon)
3 Ellie Bossen (Team Oregon)
Junior C's
1 Kenny Bossen (Team Oregon)
2 Ian Megale (BBC)
3 Ian Megale (BBC)
4 Ettiene Mullen

Day 6
                                        Pts  Laps
1 Godfrey/Godfrey                        45
2 Mikami/Curl                            42
3 Murray/Newman                          25
4 Long/Sinanian                          22
5 Murray/Tillstrom                        4    -4
Six Day Overall 
                                        Pts  Laps
1 Godfrey/Godfrey                       258
2 Curl/Mikami                           287    -1
3 Murray/Newman                         128    -4
4 Long/Sinanian                          79    -9
5 Murray/Tillstrom                       17    27
6 Drake/Houghton      
7 Curl/Abers/Lombard      
Cat 1/2/3 
1 Kent Johnston (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
2 Mark Ginsberg (Team Oregon)
3 Paul Mautner (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
4 Molly Cameron (Velo Shop)
5 Vince Riviere (Capitol Velo)
6 David Godfrey (Team Rubicon)
7 Jamie Mikami (Corben Huntair)
8 Ron Magnus (Corben Huntair)
1 Jen Featheringill   
2 Anne Meinke (BBC)
3 Allison Jones (Velo Shop)
4 Meg Mautner (EnSelle/NoMad)
5 Jen Coluzzi (Velo Shop)
Cat 4/5   
1 Nathan Spear (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
2 Taylor Kneuven (BBC)
3 Rob Hausner (BBC)
4 Bryan Curry (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
5 Gerry Flores   
6 Rob Cosner   

Previous USA Results