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Results and Reports for July 6-12, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



American Velodrome Challenge

7-11 USOTC Velodrome, Colorado Springs, July 4-5, 2002

Photos     Results

Session 1

After a hot morning of racing the dust is settling on the Colorado Velodrome. This morning brought us pursuit, Women's 500m time trials and Men's Sprint Qualifying. The racing was safe and the speed was high! Several national records fell today, more details on that below.

Session 2 - Colorado's only fireworks at the velodrome!

By Scott Patton

With the extremely dry conditions in Colorado, fireworks are banned. That didn't stop some of America's best cyclist from blowing stuff up! Incredible racing!

Women's Keirin

As the sprint tournement got started, we took a break to run the women's keirin final. Suzie Tignor drew the motor but Rebecca Conzelman wasn't about to let that stop her from going to the front to control this from the beginning. She held the motor until it pulled off. Shortly after that, Tammy Thomas attacked early. Showing she had two 500 meters sprints in her, she solo'd for victory. The rest of the riders came in together with Rebecca Conzelman beating out Suzie for second place.

Men's Points Race

After we lined up the sprint finals, it was time to give the spinters a break and move onto the men's points race. Early on, the race lacked identity. Some short attacks gave riders points but they quickly were discarded as the pace picked up. A powerful break of Colby Peace, Jame Carney, Mike Creed, Kenny Williams and Marcus Black developed. These riders worked well together taking several sprint laps and eventually a lap. With Colby watching Jame and Jame working with teammate, Mike Creed it was anybodies race. Mike Creed took off on a solo break getting a good gap. While off the front Mike managed to win himself a six pack of beer from Breckenridge Bewery and a Chipotle Burrito Prize Pack. Colby worked hard and brought Mike back to the field. It was then the two teammates and Colby working together off the front to take yet another lap. On this mission, Mike managed to score his second six pack of the night! Creed and Carney took turns gaining points on the outnumbered Pearce. Coming in for the final sprint, with another Chipotle Burrito pack on the line, it was Carney taking the double points and winning the race.

Women's 5 Mile

With high wind conditions, the record in this event was unlikely to fall. That opened the race up to a host of other tactics. The field worked well together but when they realized they were off record pace, that all went away. The bell started ringing and it was Missy Thompson winning a Chiptole Burrito Prize Pack! A few laps later with beer on the line Missy decided to make it a good dinner and won herself a Breckenridge Brewery 6 Pack! Missy held a good gap and it looked like this might be the move that would win. The field drove hard, brought Missy back and it came down to a field sprint. Rebecca Conzelman came in for the win followed by Suzie Tignor and Missy Thompson.

Women's Elimination

Another sprint fest going on here between the men's sprint rounds showed us that tomorrow night will be just as exciting. The ladies were battling for position from the gun. As the field was whittled away, it was Rebecca Conzelman taking another win in front of Missy Thompson. Suzie Tignor worked her way into another top three position!

Men's Sprints

I wish I had notes of all the sprint rounds, I don't think words would do most of the justice. The two final rides were incredible. The battle for 4-6 came down to youth vs. experience and or the AAA ride of the night! Anton Quist pulled on his masters world championship skinsuit and headed out agains junior Andy Lakatosh and Espoir Kilo National Champion, Adam Duvendek. It appeared that Andy and Adam seemed to be watching each other which left Anton Quist a little lattitude in his tactics. The pace was high on the first lap when Anton jumped hard leaving the other to chase. In this long drag race to the finish Anton managed to hold off the younger riders with Andy edging out Adam for 5th place overall.

The 1-3 ride kept was set to finish off the night of racing. Giddeon Massie drew the first position, Jame Carney "fresh" off his points race win was next on the track followed by Indy sprint winner, Stephen Alfred. Giddeon and Stephen were really busy watching each other while Jame stalked the two of them in third position. As the riders crossed the start finish line with two laps to go Jame was well hidden behind Giddeon. Jame jumped like there was no tomorrow suprising the big sprinters. Stephen took up the chase with Giddeon on his wheel. Both sprinters used every bit of the banking to gather speed on this 500m drag race. As Steven tired he moved out of the lane just a little bit going into turn three. This opened the door for a hard charging Massie. Giddeon dove underneath and had the now tiring Jame in his sites. At the line, it was Giddeon by less than half a wheel.


Images courtesy Mike Gladu & www.velodrome.com


2km pursuit
1 Terry Roach                  2.40.20
2 Kathleen Clinton             2.53.54
Men 3km Pursuit
1 Tyler Farrar                 3.29.33
2 Josh Kerkhof                 3.33.45
3 Victor Williams              3.33.67
4 Steve Prokopiw               3.35.10
5 Hans Taufen                  3.40.34
6 Zach Grabowski               3.40.93
7 Blake Caldwell               3.42.30
8 Bruce Hitchcock              3.48.50
9 Bart Sheldrake               3.51.26
10 Sean Madsen                 4.05.72
Women 3km Pursuit
1 Rebecca Conzelman            3.54.58
2 Katrina Berger               3.59.62
3 Jenn Wangerin                4.05.60
4 Renee Eastman                4.05.63
5 Rebecca McClintock           4.18.07
6 Amy Zirneklis                4.26.27
7 Gabby                        4.43.29
Men 4km Pursuit
1 Marcus Black                 4.48.95
2 Kenny Williams               4.51.17
3 Joey D' Antoni               4.56.78
4 Dan Larson                   5.00.12
5 Ian Robertson                5.05.85
6 Chris Burton                 5.07.33
7 Jeremy Hackney               5.18.43
8 Carter Allgood               5.26.43
9 Jay DeBender                 5.28.46
10 David Williams              5.32.77
Women 500m Time Trial
1 Tammy Thomas                   35.19
2 Rebecca Conzelman              36.14
3 Suzy Tignor                    37.52
4 Jenn Wangerin                  38.26
5 Martha Dunne                   38.27
6 Rachel Herring                 38.55
7 Cindy Lakatosh                 38.58
8 Linelle Betts                  39.93
9 Amy Zirneklis                  40.65
10 Kathleen Clinton              42.07
Men 200m TT
1 Stephen Alfred                10.529
2 Adam Duvendeck                10.538
3 Anton Quist                   10.654
4 Giddeon Massie                10.658
5 Andy Lakatosh                 10.829
6 Jame Carney                   10.864
7 Andy Sparks                   10.864
8 Mark Guerin                   10.944
9 Morgan Montgomery             10.987
10 Tim Goodwin                  11.031
11 Carl Boucher                 11.136
12 Che Frey                     11.194
13 Larry Detrist                11.282
14 Rocco Mazzei                 11.349
15 Kevin Belz                   11.422
16 Mike Creed                   11.511
17 Giovanni Rey                 11.534
18 Kevin Vick                   11.760
19 Jay DeBender                 11.971
20 John Marshall                12.062
21 Ron Hargrave                 12.158
22 Vergil Warren                12.374
Women's Keirin
1 Tammy Thomas
2 Rebecca Conzelman
3 Suzie Tignor
4 Rachel Herring
5 Martha Dunne
6 Cindy Lakatosh
7 Amy Zirneklis
Men's Points Race
1 Jame Carney        59
2 Mike Creed         57
3 Colby Pearce       40
One lap behind
4 Kenny Williams     18
5 Marcus Black        8
Two laps behind
6 Dan Larson          6
7 Dave McIntosh       2
8 Blake Caldwell      1
9 Chris Burton        0
10 Frank Luttrell     0
Three laps behind
11 Jeff Pierce        6
Women's 5 Mile
1 Rebecca Conzelman
2 Suzie Tignor
3 Missy Thompson
4 Jenn Wangerin
5 Renee Eastman
6 Rebecca McClintock
7 Cindy Lakatosh
8 Jenner Yaeso
9 Kathleen Clinton
10Maria Dollagara
Women's Elimination
1 Rebecca Conzelman
2 Missy Thompson
3 Suzie Tignor
4 Renee Eastman
5 Jenn Wangerin
6 Cindy Lakatosh
7 Rebecca McClintock
8 Jenner Yaeso
9 Gabriela Dollagara
Men's Sprints
1 Giddeon Massie
2 Jame Carney
3 Stephen Alfred
4 Anton Quist
5 Adam Duvendeck
6 Andy Lakatosh
7 Andy Sparks
8 Mark Guerin
9 Tim Goodwin
10 Carl Boucher

Day 2 Results

2km Pursuit
1 Cindy Lakatosh             2.52.47 (New National Record)
Out of Competition 500m
1 Ron Hargrave                 37.66
2 Terry Roach                  40.39
3 Kathleen Clinton             42.38
Women's Sprint Qualifying
1 Tammy Thomas                11.142
2 Becky Conzelman             11.657
3 Suzie Tignor                11.838
4 Rachel Herring              12.108
5 Cindy Lakatosh              12.228
6 Martha Dunne                12.357
7 Amy Zirneklis               12.670
8 Linelle Betts               12.747 (New Masters National Record)
Men's Kilo
1 Anton Quist                1.05.98
2 Mark Guerin                1.06.77
3 Che Frey                   1.07.15
4 Morgan Montgomery          1.07.63
5 Larry Detris               1.08.06
6 Steve Prokopiw             1.08.45
7 Rocco Mazzei               1.10.53
8 Kevin Vick                 1.11.13
9 Kevin Belz                 1.11.16
10 Giovani Rey               1.11.36
11 Patrick Vest              1.11.47
12 Ian Robertson             1.12.11
13 Jeremy Hackney            1.12.53
14 Michael Sandler           1.16.77

Courtesy Scott Patton/www.fixedgearfever.com

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