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Track World Cup 07-08 Round 1 - CDM

Sydney, Australia, November 30-December 2, 2007

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Session 3 - December 1: Men: Qualifying: Team pursuit, Scratch, Keirin; Women: Qualifying: Team sprint, Points race

It's Great Britain V New Zealand for the team pursuit

By Karen Forman in Sydney

Qualifying for one of the most exciting - and most recognised - track cycling events, the men's team pursuit, got the first session of Day Two on the Sydney round of the 2007 Track World Cup off to a crowd-pleasing start and set the scene for an awesome ride off for medals tonight.

Fourteenth of 20 teams to hit the boards, Team Toshiba (Jack Bobridge, Peter Dawson, Zakkari Dempster and Mark Jamieson) set the hopes of the host country high when it marched its way into the lead with 4.06.316.

"I am pleased with how they went. They rode around what they thought I would. Hopefully we can go a bit quicker in the next round," coach Ian McKenzie told Cylingnews shortly after the event.

There are a couple of experienced guys in there with Dawson and Jamieson, Bobridge is still a junior and Dempster, so I was pleased all round."

After that result, the crowd was curious to see what Toshiba's somewhat more experienced stablemates Graeme Brown, Mathew Hayman, Mark Renshaw and Luke Roberts (forming the Australian National Team) would come up with. Brown had been part Australia's Olympic Games gold medal winning Australian men's teams' pursuit lineup in 2004.

Of course, given the Cyclones are all professional road riders who have spent the year racing on the European circuit - and haven't ridden together on the track since the Worlds over a year ago - their 4.09.105 (which qualified them in eighth spot) didn't come as too much of a shock.

"I am Reasonably pleased with how they went, it was the first competition for ten years for Hayman, three years for Brown and Roberts and four for Renshaw so yeah I didn't expect to much of them. The plan was to give them as much of a training camp as we could," McKenzie said.

Then it was time for the New Zealanders (Sam Bewley, Westley Gough, Marc Ryan and Jesse Sergent) to line up for the gun.

They hit the ground running, took an early lead, dropped back, and then hammered their way back, swooping like a pack of magpies in their black and white skinsuits to clock 4.05.976 - 0.340 quicker than early leaders Toshiba.

With the Kiwis holding first spot; the Australian Team Toshiba second, all eyes were then turned to the highly favored Great Britain team, last to ride off, to see what time current World Champions Bradley Wiggins and Edward Clancy; and team mates Stephen Cummings and Chris Newton, would produce. It was worth the wait.

The Brits rode a dignified race to qualify fastest in 4.04.160.

"We came here, we are not 100% prepared, Chris Newton just got off the plane. Its his first team pursuit for a couple of years. Bradley [Wiggins] just got off the plane. It's the first time that the lads have ridden together; they haven't actually trained together at all. We are pleased to qualify fastest, that was the aim, it was achieved, so we will just build on that for the final," Britain's high performance manager, Dave Brailsford said of the ride.

Tonight's finals will therefore pit Great Britain against New Zealand for the gold and silver and Team Toshiba against the Netherlands, who qualified in 4.07.078, for the bronze.

The Russians - winners at the last two Sydney World Cups - won't figure in the medals in the ride-offs tonight. The team of Mikhail Ignatiev, Alexei Markov, Alexander Serov and Nikolay Trusov, qualified fifth in 4.07.693.

Other finals on tonight's program include the women's 500 metre time trial and pointsrace, the men's keirin and kilo time trial and scratch race.

Despite almost 400 riders contesting this Beijing Olympics qualifying event - almost double the usual numbers for this fixture in Sydney - the program is running smoothly and the Dunc Gray velodrome coping admirably.


Men's Team Pursuit Qualifying
1 Great Britain                  4.04.160 (58.977 km/h)
 Edward Clancy                                  
 Stephen Cummings                               
 Chris Newton                                   
 Bradley Wiggins                                
2 New Zealand                    4.05.976 (58.542 km/h)
 Sam Bewley                                     
 Westley Gough                                  
 Marc Ryan                                      
 Jesse Sergent                                  
3 Team Toshiba                   4.06.316 (58.461 km/h)
 Jack Bobridge                                  
 Peter Dawson                                   
 Zakkari Dempster                               
 Mark Jamieson                                  
4 Netherlands                    4.07.078 (58.281 km/h)
 Levi Heimans                                   
 Jenning Huizenga                               
 Jens Mouris                                    
 Peter Schep                                    
5 Russian Federation             4.07.693 (58.136 km/h)
 Mikhail Ignatiev                               
 Alexei Markov                                  
 Alexander Serov                                
 Nikolay Trusov                                 
6 Ukraine                        4.08.241 (58.008 km/h)
 Volodymyr Dyudya                               
 Lyubomyr Polatayko                             
 Maksym Polishchyuk                             
 Vitaliy Shchedov                               
7 Denmark                        4.08.348 (57.983 km/h)
 Casper Jorgensen                               
 Jenserik Madsen                                
 Michael Morkov                                 
 Alex Rasmussen                                 
8 Australia                      4.09.105 (57.806 km/h)
 Graeme Brown                                   
 Mathew Hayman                                  
 Mark Renshaw                                   
 Luke Roberts                                   
9 Spain                          4.09.158 (57.794 km/h)
 Sergi Escobar Roure                            
 Asier Maeztu Billelabeitia                     
 David Muntaner Juaneda                         
 Carlos Torrent Tarres                          
10 France                        4.09.629 (57.685 km/h)
 Damien Gaudin                                  
 Christophe Riblon                              
 Nicolas Rousseau                               
 Fabien Sanchez                                 
11 Germany                       4.11.881 (57.169 km/h)
 Robert Bengsch                                 
 Patrick Gretsch                                
 Leif Lampater                                  
 Olaf Pollack                                   
12 Colombia                      4.11.998 (57.143 km/h)
 Carlos Eduardo Alzate Escobar                  
 Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal                   
 Arles Antonio Castro Laverde                   
 Jairo Perez Suarez                             
13 Team Focus                    4.12.698 (56.985 km/h)
 Daniel Becke                                   
 Henning Bommel                                 
 Jörg Lehmann                                   
 Frank Schulz                                   
14 Belgium                       4.13.098 (56.894 km/h)
 Kenny De Ketele                                
 Ingmar De Poortere                             
 Tim Mertens                                    
 Stijn Steels                                   
15 Moscow                        4.13.672 (56.766 km/h)
 Evgeny Kovalev                                 
 Ivan Kovalev                                   
 Alexander Petrovskiy                           
 Alexey Shmidt                                  
16 Chile                         4.15.787 (56.296 km/h)
 Antonio Arriagada Marco                        
 Antonio,Roberto Cabrera Torres                 
 Enzo Cesario Farias                            
 Luis,Fernando Sepulveda                        
17 Korea                         4.16.974 (56.036 km/h)
 Dong Hyun Choi                                 
 Sun Jae Jang                                   
 Joon Yong Seo                                  
 Jung Hwan Youm                                 
18 People's Republic of China    4.19.059 (55.585 km/h)
 Libin Chen                                     
 Wei Li                                         
 Teng Ma                                        
 Xuelong Qu                                     
19 Iran                          4.21.369 (55.094 km/h)
 Abbas Saeidi Tanha                             
 Mostafa Rezaei Khormizi                        
 Mehdi Sohrabi                                  
 Amir Zargari                                   
20 Malaysia                      4.25.999 (54.135 km/h)
 Akmal Amrun                                    
 Amir Rusli                                     
 Hariff Salleh                                  
 Jasmin Ruslan                                  
Men's Keirin First Round
Heat 1
1 Chris Hoy (Great Britain)                 
2 Gregory Bauge (France)                    
3 Itmar Esteban Herraiz (Spain)             
4 Yury Karzheneuski (Belarus)               
5 Leonardo Narvaez Romero (Colombia)        
 Giddeon Massie (United States Of America)  
Heat 2
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands)                    
2 Scott Sunderland (Australia)              
3 Justin Grace (New Zealand)                
4 Stefan Nimke                              
5 Leandro Hernan Bottaso (Argentina)        
6 Matej Slivovsky (Slovakia)                
Heat 3
1 Ross Edgar (Great Britain)                
2 Carsten Bergemann (Germany)               
3 Denis Spicka (Czech Republic)             
4 Hodei Mazquiaran Uria (Spain)             
5 Damian Zielinski (Poland)                 
6 Wen,Hao Li (People's Republic of China)   
Heat 4
1 Mickaël Bourgain                          
2 Sergey Borisov (Russian Federation)       
3 Ricardo Lynch (Jamaica)                   
4 Hersony Canelon (Venezuela)               
5 Christopher Sellier (Trinidad and Tobago) 
6 Christos Volikakis (Greece)               
Heat 5
1 Lam Josiah Ng (Malaysia)                   
2 Lae Sun Choi (Korea)                      
3 Toshiaki Fushimi (Japan)                  
4 Yahui Gao                                 
5 Ahmed Lopez Naranjo (Cuba)                
 Andriy (Ukraine) Vynokurov                 
Heat 6
1 Shane,John (Australia) Kelly              
2 Mahmoud (Islamic Republic Of Iran) Parash 
3 Travis (Canada) Smith                     
4 Roberto Chiappa (Italy)                   
5 Ruben Donet Gregori (Spain)               
6 Gabriel Alberto Pellecer Castro (Guatemala)    
7 Denis Dmitriev (Russian Federation)       
Women's Team Sprint qualifications
1 Netherlands              33.672 (53.456 km/h)
 Yvonne Hijgenaar                        
 Willy Kanis                             
2 Australia                34.635 (51.970 km/h)
 Kaarle Mcculloch                        
 Kerrie Meares                           
3 France                   34.648 (51.951 km/h)
 Sandie Clair                            
 Virginie Cueff                          
4 Germany                  34.690 (51.888 km/h)
 Dana Glöss                              
 Miriam Welte                            
5 Italy                    35.204 (51.130 km/h)
 Valentina Alessio                       
 Elisa Frisoni                           
6 Gpc Giant Pro Cycling    35.265 (51.042 km/h)
 Jinjie Gong                             
 Fang Tian                               
7 Russian Federation       35.282 (51.017 km/h)
 Swetlana Grankowskaja                   
 Oksana Grishina                         
8 New Zealand              35.314 (50.971 km/h)
 Natasha Hansen                          
 Jocelyn Rastrick                        
Men's Keirin Repechages
Heat 1
1 Yahui Gao                                 
2 Christopher Sellier (Trinidad and Tobago) 
3 Travis Smith (Canada)                     
4 Gregory Bauge (France)                    
5 Wen,Hao Li (People's Republic of China)   
Heat 2
1 Toshiaki Fushimi (Japan)                  
2 Scott Sunderland (Australia)              
3 Matej Slivovsky (Slovakia)                
4 Damian Zielinski (Poland)                 
5 Hersony Canelon (Venezuela)               
Heat 3
1 Carsten Bergemann (Germany)               
2 Ricardo Lynch (Jamaica)                   
3 Hodei Mazquiaran Uria                     
4 Giddeon Massie (United States Of America) 
5 Leandro Hernan Bottaso (Argentina)        
Heat 4
1 Stefan Nimke                              
2 Sergey Borisov (Russian Federation)       
3 Leonardo Narvaez Romero (Colombia)        
4 Denis Spicka (Czech Republic)             
5 Gabriel Alberto Pellecer Castro (Guatemala)    
Heat 5
1 Andriy Vynokurov (Ukraine)                
2 Lae Sun Choi (Korea)                      
3 Ruben Donet Gregori (Spain)               
4 Justin Grace (New Zealand)                
5 Yury Karzheneuski (Belarus)               
Heat 6
1 Roberto Chiappa (Italy)                   
2 Christos Volikakis (Greece)               
3 Mahmoud Parash (Islamic Republic of Iran) 
4 Denis Dmitriev (Russian Federation)       
5 Itmar Esteban Herraiz (Spain)             
6 Ahmed Lopez Naranjo (Cuba)                
Men's Scratch Qualifying Heat  
1 Alexandr Pliuschin (Republic of Moldova)
2 Oleksandr Martynenko ISD
3 Nikita Novikov (Moscow)
4 Roger Kluge (Team Focus)
5 Milan Kadlec
6 Bobby Lea (United States Of America)
7 Jérôme Neuville (France)
1 lap down
8 Martino Marcotto (Italy)
9 Robert Slippens (Netherlands)
10 Antonio Miguel Parra (Spain)
11 Vadim Shaekhov
12 Kampo Wong (Hong Kong, China)
13 Chan Jae Jang (Korea)
DNF Roland Garber (Austria)
DNF Mahammad Alakbarov (Azerbaijan)
DNF Vadim Vdovinov (Kazakhstan)
DNF Hariff Salleh (Malaysia)
DNF Martin Liska (Slovakia)
Men's Scratch Qualifying Heat 2  
1 Alexander Khatuntsev (Russian Federation)
2 Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Denmark)
1 lap down
3 Vladimir Tuychiev (Uzbekistan)
4 Michael Friedman
5 Ben Swift
6 Olaf Pollack (Germany)
7 Miquel Alzamora Riera (Spain)
8 Travis Meyer 
9 Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)
10 Mostafa Rezaei Khormizi (Islamic Republic of Iran)
11 Roman Kononenko (Ukraine)
12 Arles Antonio Castro Laverde (Colombia)
13 King Wai Cheung
14 Loïc Perizzolo (Switzerland)
15 Vasili Kiryienka (Belarus)
16 Stephen Pelaez (Philippines)
DNF Luis Mansilla (Chile)
DNS Magnus Backstedt (Sweden)
Women's Points Race Qualifying
Heat 1
1 Jianling Wang (People's Republic of China)    8 pts
2 Olaberria Dorronsoro (EUS)                    7
3 Pascale Jeuland (France)                      6
4 Charlotte Becker (RAD)                        5
5 Rebecca Quinn (United States Of America)      4
6 Katherine Bates (TMT)                         4
7 Danielys Garcia (Venezuela)                   3
8 Joanne Kiesanowski (New Zealand)              3
9 Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic)               3
10 Tatiana Guderzo (Italy)                      1
11 Gina Grain (Canada)                           
12 Belem Guerrero Mendez (Mexico)                
13 Louise Moriarty (Ireland)                     
14 Satomi Wadami (Japan)                         
15 Elizaveta Bochkarova (API)                    
16 Paola Munoz (Chile)                           
17 Neva Day (SBW)                                
18 Seon Ha Ha (Korea)                            
19 Jessie Maclean (VBR)                          
Heat 2
1 Trine Schmidt (Denmark)                      20 pts
2 Marlijn Binnendijk (Netherlands)             20
3 Christy King (SBW)                           20
4 Inga Cilvinaite (AGS)                        20
5 Uracca Leow (Malaysia)                       20
6 Sarah Hammer (OPC)                            8
7 Eugeniya Romanyuta (Russian Federation)      20
8 Lesya Kalitovska (Ukraine)                    5
9 Kele Murdin (PRO)                             5
10 Karelia Judith Machado Jaimes (Venezuela)    5
11 Belinda Goss (Australia)                     4
12 Vera Carrara (Italy)                         4
13 Yoanka Gonzalez Perez (Cuba)                 2
14 Lisa Friend (DPC)                            2
15 Svetlana Paulikaite (Lithuania)               
16 Wei Li (GPC)                                  
17 Jessica Jurado (Mexico)                       
18 Paola Maria Salazar Rabbe (Guatemala)         
19 Kate Cullen (SCO)                             
20 Catherine Cheatley (New Zealand)              

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