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US Junior Track Championships - CN

ADT Events Center, CA, USA, June 30-July 3, 2004

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Day 1 - June 30

Junior track riders christen the track

Morning session

Jared Downing (Major Motion)
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
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Winning the very first race on the brand new ADT event centre velodrome today was defending champion of the men's 17-18 year old Aaron Kacala (Cody Racing). It was Jared Downing (Major Motion) who took the honour of being the first rider out of the starting blocks on the new track, but Kacala's time of 1:07.898 later in the event was fast enough to take the win which adds to his already successful season, having won a Gold Medal at the Pan American Championships in May. Taking second place in the kilo today was Michael Schnabel (East Coast Velo)with a time of 1.09.248, with Daniel Holloway (Lombardi Sports/Klie) taking the Bronze medal.

In the men's 13-14 year old 500-meter time trial, it was Alex Coelho (Rio Grande) who clocked the fastest time to take the Gold medal. Coelho rode at 48.443km/h to beat out Alex Garcia (Major Motion) and Daniel Walker (NWCC/Alkek).

Tela Crane
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
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The first girl to win a medal at the new center was Colleen Hayduk (Los Gatos Cycling), who took out the women's 13-14 year old 500m time trial with a time of 39.738second to defend her title. Michelle and Kelly Lafleur (TeamSwift) took second and third place respectively.

Finally, Tela Crane (Red Racing) took out the women's 17-18 years 500m time trial with a time of 39.802 just edging out Natalie Klemko (ABD) for the Gold medal with Kara Snyder (Vortex) taking Bronze.

In other events of the day, Benny Swedberg and Lawson Craddock won their heats in the Junior Men 10-12 Scratch Race, Miguel Chavez and Shane Kline took out their heats in the mens 15-16 Scratch and Paulina Lopez and Shelby Eck won their heats of the womens 10-12 age groups two kilometer scratch race. The finals for these events will be held in the evening session.

Evening session

In the Junior Women's scratch race, Kimberly Geist (East Coast Velo) from Emmaus, Trexlertown, showed what a thorough Junior track program can produce. This year she graduated from the 15-16 age group to immediately become successful in the 17-18 category. She won the National title in the scratch in a time of 12:28.016 (36.095 km/h) from the morning's winner of the 500m, Tela Crane (Rad Racing NW) with Natalie Klemko (ABD) taking third place.

In the men's points race Chris Ruhl took home the stars and stripes jersey for the first time in the 17-18 category. Like Geist, Ruhl also moved up from the 15-16 age group category this year after having won the Scratch race last year.

Finally in the men's 17-18 Keiren final, Ryan Nelman (Cody Racing) took the win in a time of 11.456 (62.849 km/h). Taking the Silver medal for the second time in the day was Michael Schnabel (East Coast Velo) with his teammate Ben Barczewski taking the Bronze.


Images by Mitch Friedman Photography


Morning session

Junior Men 10-12 Scratch Race heats

Heat 1

1 Benny Swedberg
2 Gabriel Alva
3 Davis Mefford
4 Jakob Smith
5 Aloysius Vita
6 Mark Cross

Heat 2

1 Lawson Craddock
2 Dennis Nowak
3 Erik Volotzky
4 Derek Smith
5 Braden Smith

Junior Men's 13-14  500m TT final

1 Alex Coelho (Team Rio Grande)                 37.157 (48.443km/h)
2 Alex Garcia (Major Motion)                    37.971 (47.405km/h)
3 Daniel Walker (NWCC/Alkek)                    38.173 (47.154km/h)
4 Afredo Cruz (Major Motion)                    40.285 (44.682km/h)
5 Njisane Phillip (Cuavas)                      40.327 (44.635km/h)
6 Alan Ting (NWCC/Alkek)                        40.458 (44.491km/h)
7 Ethan Bing (NWCC/Alkek)                       40.997 (43.906km/h)
8 Richard Suditu (BBC-Bike N' Hike)             41.481 (43.393km/h)
9 Iggy Silva (Eddie B Racing)                   41.737 (43.127km/h)
10 Parker Craddock (NWCC/Alkek)                 42.144 (42.711km/h)
11 Chase Womack (LaGrange)                      43.027 (41.834km/h)
12 Frank Vita (East Coast Velo)                 43.496 (41.383km/h)
13 Andrew Harris (East Coast Velo)              43.587 (41.297km/h)
14 Jeremy Shirock (East Coast Velo)             43.954 (40.952km/h)
15 Samuel Womack                                44.368 (40.570km/h)
16 Eric Dicorrado (Big Orange)                  46.135 (39.016km/h)
17 Alexander Quintero (San Diego Bicycle Cl)    46.166 (38.990km/h)
18 Morgan Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)              46.947 (38.341km/h)
19 Joshua Womack (LaGrange)                     47.329 (38.032km/h)

Junior men 15-16 Scratch Heats

Heat 1

1 Miguel Chavez
2 Brett Jacoby
3 Cody O'reilly
4 Justin Williams
5 Taylor Brown
6 Matthew Fox
7 Joseph Tokarski
8 Tristin Clark
9 Grant Boursaw
10 David Espinoza
11 Benny Volotzky

Heat 2

1 Shane Kline
2 Daniel Hopkins
3 Jackie Simes
4 Ricky Cruz
5 Luke Cavender
6 Emil Marinov
7 Joe Perez
8 James Ryan
9 Ian Crane
10 Travis Burandt
11 Joshua Kelley

Junior Men 17-18 Kilometer Time Trial Final

1 Aaron Kacala (Cody Racing)                  1.07.898 (53.021km/h)
2 Michael Schnabel (East Coast Velo)          1.09.248 (51.987km/h)
3 Daniel Holloway (Lombardi Sports/Klie)      1.10.966 (50.729km/h)
4 Elliot Gaunt (Main Line Cycling Cl)         1.11.032 (50.681km/h)
5 Spencer Hartfeld (Echelon Santa Barbar)     1.11.434 (50.396km/h)
6 Devin Flaherty (ACT-Fraysse)                1.13.565 (48.936km/h)
7 Chase Renick (Team Swift)                   1.14.155 (48.547km/h)
8 Richard Schenck (Salamander Racing)         1.14.292 (48.457km/h)
9 Brian Friend (East Coast Velo)              1.15.670 (47.575km/h)
10 Kyle Hughes (Canyon Velo)                  1.15.989 (47.375km/h)
11 Philip Isaksen (Wheelsport)                1.16.658 (46.962km/h)
12 Jared Downing (Major Motion)               1.17.227 (46.616km/h)
13 Alex Kinzey (Vortex Cycling Club)          1.17.602 (46.391km/h)
14 Matt Cross (NWCC/Alkek)                    1.17.899 (46.214km/h)
15 Ben Lanz (NWCC/Alkek)                      1.18.288 (45.984km/h)
16 Matt Mosby (Los Gatos Bicycle Ra)          1.20.695 (44.612km/h)
17 Nick Vita (East Coast Velo)                1.22.032 (43.885km/h)

Junior Women 10-12 - 2km

Heat 1

1 Paulina Lopez
2 Elissa Stolman
3 Hannah Hayduk
4 Alexis Ryan
5 Amanda Duarte
6 Natalie Bing

Heat 2

1 Shelby Eck
2 Coryn Rivera
3 Kendall Ryan
4 Alyssa Kimura
5 Taylor Meilahn
 Kelley Cahill

Junior Women 17-18 500m Time Trial Final
1 Tela Crane (Rad Racing NW)                    39.802 (45.224km/h)
2 Natalie Klemko (ABD)                          39.868 (45.149km/h)
3 Kara Snyder (Vortex Cycling Club)             41.714 (43.151km/h)
4 Kelli Williams (Big Wheel)                    41.868 (42.992km/h)
5 Sarah Levy (Rio Grande)                       42.888 (41.970km/h)

Junior Women 13-14 500m TT

1 Colleen Hayduk (Los Gatos Bicycling )         39.738 (45.297km/h)
2 Mchelle Lafleur (TeamSwift)                   41.331 (43.550km/h)
3 Kelly Lafleur (TeamSwift)                     41.491 (43.383km/h)
4 Allyson Brunner (Kenosha Velosport)           42.644 (42.210km/h)
5 Shelby Reynolds (NWCC/Alkek)                  42.683 (42.171km/h)
6 Mary Costelloe (East Coast Velo)              43.136 (41.728km/h)
7 Colleen Gulick (Lehigh Wheelmen Futu)         44.157 (40.764km/h)
8 Lauren Levy (San Diego Bicycle Cl)            49.171 (36.606km/h)

Evening session

Junior Men 17-18 Points Race

1 Chris Ruhl                                     25
2 Elliot Gaunt                                   24
3 Michael Schnabel                               23
4 Daniel Holloway                                20
5 Richard Schenck                                20
6 Michael Chauner                                14
7 Matt Mosby                                     11
8 Alex Kinzey                                    3
9 Devin Flaherty                                 1
10 Philip Isaksen                                0
11 Matt Cross                                    -16
12 Chase Renick                                  -16
13 Brian Friend                                  -19
14 Ben Lanz                                      -20
15 Nick Vita                                     -20
15 Christopher Remaly                            0

Junior Men 17-18 Keiren Final

1 Ryan Nelman (Cody Racing)                      11.456 (62.849 km/h)
2 Michael Schnabel (East Coast Velo)
3 Ben Barczewski (East Coast Velo)
4 Spencer Hartfeld (Echelon Santa Barbara)
5 Aaron Kacala (Cody Racing)
6 Carl Boucher (Cody Racing)

Junior Women 17-18 Scratch Final

1 Kimberly Geist (East Coast Velo)               12:28.016 (36.095 km/h)
2 Tela Crane (Rad Racing NW)
3 Natalie Klemko (ABD)
4 Cassandra Osorio-Mckenna (Hot Tubes)
5 Kelli Williams (Big Wheel)
6 Kara Snyder (Vortex Cycling Club)
7 Mary Geier (Scarlet Fire Cycling)
8 Sarah Levy (Rio Grande)

Junior Women 15-16 5km Scratch Race Final  

1 Cindy Lakatosh (Tri-State Velo)                  7.40.9  
2 Catherine Fiedler (Veloworx)
3 Amara Boursaw (Greggs/Trek)
4 Lauren Shirock (Coyote Cycling)
5 Kim Lafleur (TeamSwift)
6 Taylor Boglioli (Greggs/Trek)
7 Cristin Walker (NWCC/Alkek)
8 Stef Oltmann (Aurora Cycles)
9 Virginia Gini Harris (East Coast Velo)
DNF Megan Cross 

Junior Women 10-12 2km Scratch Race Final  

1 Shelby Eck (Leigh Valley Wheelma)
2 Elissa Stolman (Bay Area Velo Girls)
3 Paulina Lopez (Unattached)
4 Coryn Rivera (Paramount Racing)
5 Kendall Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)
6 Hannah Hayduk (Lehigh Wheelmen Futu)
7 Alyssa Kimura (Red Line)
8 Alexis Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)

Junior Men 15-16 5km Scratch Race Final  

1 Cody O'reilly (Echelon Santa Barbar)
2 Shane Kline (Salamander Racing)
3 Justin Williams (Major Motion)
4 Luke Cavender (Wolverine Sports Clu)
5 Jackie Simes (East Coast Velo)
6 Ricky Cruz (Excel Sports)
7 Joe Perez (Encino Velo)
8 Miguel Chavez (Unattached)
9 Joseph Tokarski (The Woodlands Cyclin)
10 Daniel Hopkins (Beaverton Bicycle Cl)
11 Taylor Brown (Tri State Velo)

1 lap behind

12 James Ryan
DNF Tristin Clark (East Coast Velo)
DNF Matthew Fox (Hayes On Track)
DNF Brett Jacoby (Krank'd)
DNF Emil Marinov (Vitamin Cottage)