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Results and Reports for May 10-17, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



US Collegiate National Championships

Burlington, VT, USA May 10-12

May 10: Summit Street Criterium, Burlington, VT.

Div. 1 Men 

1 Jeff Angermann (University of California - Davi)
2 Ben Jacques-Maynes (University of California - Sant)
3 Andy Jacques-Maynes (University of California - Berk)    0.01.8
4 Ian Dille (University of Texas)                          1.31.5
5 Jacob Loverich (Penn State)                              1.37.8
6 Matthew Sadauckas (University of California - San )      1.46.7
7 Kevin Livingston (Fort Lewis College)                    1.50.3
One lap behind
8 Steven Wheeler (University of Texas)
9 Kirt Fitzpatrick (University of New Hampshire)
10 Nathan Dills (University of Colorado)
11 Rusty Beall (University of Idaho)
12 Mike Wilk (Fort Lewis College)
13 Rahsaan Bahati (Indiana University)
14 Waclaw Godycki (Columbia University)
15 Jeff Johnston (Texas A&M University)
16 Jeremie Texier (University of Colorado)
17 Cody Harple (University of Arizona)
18 Nathanael Ziccardi (Ohio State Universtiy)
19 Jonathan Baggett (Georgia Tech)
20 Marc Collard (University of California - Davi)
21 Dylan Taylor (Appalachian State University)
22 Kevin Bouchard-Hall (University of Vermont)
23 Hugo Pradoneto (University of Florida)
24 Roman Kilun (University of California - Berk)
25 Jeffrey Austin (Arizona State University)
26 Hugh Moran (University of Florida)
27 David Pierce (Stanford University)
28 Ray Sanchez (Midwestern State University)
29 Robert Novy-Marx (University of California - Berk)
30 Michael Cody (University of Vermont)
31 Eric Walters (Miami University of Ohio)
32 Dan Heavner (Marian College)
33 Brian Dziewa (University of Missouri - Columb)
34 Joseph Alachoyan (University of Massachusetts)
35 Brian Martin (University of Idaho)
36 Geoffrey Rapoport (University of California - San )
37 Kris Stanton (Washington State University)
38 John Peterson (University of Wyoming)
39 Christopher Pelto (University of Wisconsin)
40 Bryan Smith (University of Wisconsin)
41 Peter Everett (Harvard University)
42 Eric Fleming (Boston University)
43 Jordan Roessingh (University of Wisconsin)
44 Benjamin Peters (University of Vermont)
45 Peter Beland (University of Wyoming)
46 Christopher Herby (University of Virginia)
47 Ted Chauvin (Washington State University)
48 Andrew Brockway (University of NorthCarolina)
49 Adam Mckannay (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wheelm)
50 Michael Herman (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wheelm)
Div. 2 Men 
1 Andrew Inglis (Johns Hopkins University)    
2 Mark Legg (University of Montana)                        0.46.9
3 Kyle Wamsley (Millersville University)
4 Todd Yezefski (Dartmouth College)
5 Kris Hedges (Johns Hopkins University)
6 Tyler Wren (Princeton University)
7 Matthew Merrill (Colorado College)
8 Robert King (Colorado College)
9 Daimeon Shanks (University of Oregon)
10 Matthew Cooke (American University)                     0.49.8
11 David Thompson (Massachusetts Institute of Tech)
12 Zach Winter (University of Oregon)                      1.10.0
13 Reid Mumford (Johns Hopkins University)                 1.29.8
14 Alan Shockley (East Tennessee State University)         2.49.6
15 Ian Mensher (Wesleyan University)
16 Tobin Strom (Brown University)
17 Andrew Deters (Emory University)
18 Nathaniel Cornelius (University of Kentucky)
19 Robert Giannini (Emory University)
20 Cody Powell (Colorado College)
21 Bill Danyluk (U.S. Air Force Academy)
22 Timothy Swain (Loyola University)
23 Cameron Hoffman (Weber State University)
24 Jeffrey Dickey (Washington & Lee  University)
25 Joel Slezak (Loyola University)
26 Ari De Wilde (Bates College)
27 Timothy Clement (Dartmouth College)
28 Ian Robertson (University of Nebraska )
29 Edward JR. Parsons (Yale University)
30 Mark Nathe (Dartmouth College)
Div. 1 Women
1 Kate Maher (University of California - Berk)            53.50.4
2 Carolyn Donnelly (University of New Mexico)              0.12.9
3 Julia Oh (Harvard University)                            2.08.6
4 Lori Palmer (University of Florida)
5 Meghan Morse (Boston University)
6 Jennifer Wangerin (Indiana University)
7 Ivana Bisaro (Midwestern State University)
8 Emily Kachorek (University of California - Davi)
9 Katherine King (University of Colorado)
10 Anya Hinkle (University of California - Berk)
11 Diana Hassel (University of Californai - Davi)
12 Jenna Loyd (University of California - Berk)
13 Margaret Shirley (University of Georgia)
14 Sara Tarkington (University of Colorado)
15 Laura Resor (University of California - San )
16 Abby Brearton (Marian College)                          2.22.0
17 Rebecca Mc Clintock (University of Florida)
18 Ivana Miucic (Midwestern State University)
19 Amanda Hall (University of Florida)
20 Sheila Vibert (University of New Hampshire)
21 Carolyn Eller (University of Washington)
22 Naomi Keilwitz (Washington State University)
23 Andrea Dvorak (University of Virginia)
24 Michelle Minikel (University of Wisconsin)
25 Megan Melamed (University of Colorado)
26 Janna Jackson (Midwestern State University)
27 Kathleen Billington (Appalachian State University)
28 Brett Witmer (West Virginia University)
29 Katherine Kakis (Ohio State University)
30 Holly Phipps (Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo Wheelm)
31 Laura Hanlon (Penn State)
32 Amy Kerdok (Harvard University)
33 Sarah Uhl (University of Vermont)
34 Ryan Layhee (Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo Wheelm)
35 Leah Trapp (Colorado State University)
36 Janine Verstraeten (Marian College)
37 Elizabeth Harrison (University of Connecticut)
38 Kathryn Vanvalkenburg (Colorado State University)
39 Ramlah Nehring (University of California - San )
40 Nicole Raspa (Harvard University)
41 Stephanie Swinerton (University of New Hampshire)
42 Bridget Koller (Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo Wheelm)
43 Kerry Hartsell (West Virginia University)
44 Courtney Bollman (Miami University of Ohio)
45 Kristin Friedman (Texas A&M University)
46 Nina La Rosa (University of Vermont)
47 Anna Kelso (University of Georgia)
48 Sally Harmon (Miami University of Ohio)
49 Shonda Smith (Texas A&M University)
50 Jennifer Mabie (West Virginia University)
51 Nicole Gardner (University of Idaho)
Div. 2 Women 
1 Amanda Lawrence (Yale University)                       56.02.4
2 Lauren Gaffney (Vanderbilt University)
3 Marissa Kellogg (Yale University)
4 Kathleen Jones (University of Montana)
5 Heather Edwards (St. Louis University)
6 Amy Wallace (Dartmouth College)
7 Cloe Shelton (Dartmouth College)
8 Mary Rudy (U.S. Air Force Academy)
9 Katherine Sherwin (Northwestern Universtiy)
10 Emma Tucker (U.S. Air Force Academy)
11 Kristina Eaton (Dartmouth College)
12 Leona Kutsko (U.S. Army)
13 Josephine Hinds (U.S. Army)
14 Reilly Dibner (Yale University)
15 Kate Stange (Brown University)
16 Melanie Barnes (U.S. Air Force Academy)
17 Jessica Price (U.S. Army)

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