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Results and Reports for June 15-21, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Nature Valley Grand Prix

Minnesota, June 14-16, 2002

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Stage 3 - June 16: Criterium, Stillwater


Report courtesy of Doug Shidell


Chris Horner (Prime Alliance) and Jason McCartney (Jelly Belly) attacked a field of 81 pro men half an hour into the Stillwater Criterium to create a breakaway that would hold off the field through a race that included a thunder storm, high winds and 20 laps up Chilcote hill. The infamous hill rises at a 26% grade, levels, and then climbs again before the riders have a chance to recover.

John Lieswyn (7UP), an early motivator in the criterium, had to back off during the thunderstorm when he felt his rear wheel slip 2 to 3 inches on the wet hairpin corners marking the descents. When the pavement dried, around 44 minutes into the criterium, Lieswyn attacked the chasing field, creating a gap that quickly grew to half a minute. He closed to within 14 seconds of the leaders, then faded with 20 minutes of racing left.

Up front, Jelly Belly’s McCartney attacked Horner and built a 7 second lead. The lead was short lived. Horner reeled him in and counter attacked with four laps to go, quickly building an 18 second lead over his rival. Horner was never seriously challenged again and finished the race with a 24 second lead. Lieswyn finished nearly a minute down on the leader. The rest of the diminished field finished nearly two minutes down.


Lyn Brotzman (Trek), one of the strongest climbers in US women’s racing, didn’t know about Chilcote Hill until two days before the Stillwater Criterium. Better yet, as far as the Californian was concerned, Chilcote was quickly followed by a second climb that suited her riding style perfectly. Her competitors weren’t happy.

Brotzman launched an early attack to test the field. The attack held and Brotzman was never seriously challenged again. Kristy Scymgeour (Saturn) mounted the only creditable chase, closing to within 19 seconds of the leader. Brotzman proved too much for the Saturn rider, however. Brotzman and Scymgeour soloed to first and second.

Report courtesy of Jason Waddell, Mathis Brothers

I had been hearing about this crit course for over a month and I was deathly afraid of it. I went so far as to tell my team-mates to quit talking about the hill when I was around as I didn't want to think about it. Well it was everything that I feared and worse, glad I brought a 25t rear cassette. This hill was a straight up monster and worse yet the rain clouds were moving in, threatening to deliver some seriously bad weather and racing conditions.

The course was fun, except for the hill, and the rain, and the hill, and the rain. The amount of spectators on the hill and around the course was incredible considering the weather. I heard the words Flanders, Koppenberg, Kemmelberg, Muur and a host of others from knowledgeable cycling fans that thought they were in Belgium, all the while they were beating on buckets with drumsticks and screaming in my ear. I am SO GLAD that the hill was not brick or cobblestones, this hill was 24-26 % and 250 meters long and it earned your respect.

The rain finally stopped and the course dried out in some places and I rode in with the third group on the course. I won the sprint in my group and went directly to a garden hose and took an impromptu shower in some very nice people's backyard (the people on flight 483 to Oklahoma City thank you), and waited for the results. 23rd for me and 16th for my team-mate Steve.

I was really happy with my weekend's racing and want to thank my team-mates for their help and support this weekend, as my 6th place overall is as much theirs as mine. We showed this weekend that we can compete with the best and all our hard work is now paying off. We are looking forward to the second half of our season starting with Elite Road Nationals in Nashville, TN.


Stage results - Men Pro 1/2    Men Cat 3/4    Women
Final classification - Men Pro 1/2    Women

Men Pro 1/2
1 Chris Horner (Prime Alliance)
2 Jason McCartney (Jelly Belly)
3 John Lieswyn (7 UP)
4 Ivan Dominguez (Saturn)
5 Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
6 Frank McCormack (Saturn)
7 Jonathan Page (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
8 Adam Bergman (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
9 Robbie Ventura (US Postal)
10 Brian Sheedy (Navigators)
11 Cameron Evans (Broadmark)
12 Jacob Erker (Schroeder Iron)
13 Pete Knudson (Schroeder Iron)
14 Vicktor Repinski (Saturn)
15 Brent Dawson (Jelly Belly)
16 Steven Cate (Mathis Brothers)
17 Cameron Hughes (Pharmacia)
18 Dale Sedgwick (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
19 Frank Dierking (Great Dane Velo Club)
20 Ben Raby (Athletes by Design)
21 Mike Lange (
22 Michael Johnson (Schroeder Iron)
23 Jason Waddell (Mathis Brothers)
24 Jamie Paolinetti (Schroeder Iron)
25 Jay Bausch (Schroeder Iron)
26 Tone Coughlin (Nature Valley)
27 Paul Ellis (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
28 Geoff Burndred (Broadmark Capitol)
29 Paol Holm (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
30 Matthew Gates (Nature Valley)
31 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)
32 Scott Ralston (FCCC/Nature Valley)
33 Ken Toman (Schroeder Iron)
34 Ryan Gamm (Athletes by Design)
35 Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)
36 Frank Pipp (Great Dane Velo Club)
37 Roberto Gaggioli (Amore e Vita)
38 Jonny Sundt (Broadmark Capitol)
39 Trevor Thomas (West Michigan Coast Riders)
40 Bryce Mead (Turin)
41 Brian Koeneman (Nature Valley)
42 Michael Eberlein (Nature Valley)
Men Cat 3/4
1 Pascal Dalseth (Flanders Brothers)
2 Joe T McWilliams (NHS UNMC)
3 Christopher Spence (nhs/unmc-team kaos)
4 Maciej Pike-Biegunski (Hinckley Springs)
5 Aaron Johnson
6 Jared Roy (Birchwood/ GIS)
7 Jason Snider (Orbea/Moex)
8 Charlie Townsend (SPBRC)
9 Andy Powell (Orbea/Moex)
10 Daniel Arden (gis)
11 Jason Tamminea (Orbea/Moex)
12 Shawn Brick (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
13 Mario Macaruso (Flanders/MBRC)
14 Jake Musich (Birchwood/ GIS)
15 Michael Tocko (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
16 Chris Flood (Orbea MOEX)
17 Eric Dahl (Flanders/MBRC)
18 Benjamin Harper (Tran Boutranger)
19 Peter Maxwell (Birchwood/ GIS)
20 Ron Trebesch (Loon State)
21 Richard Webowenko (Birchwood/ GIS)
22 Dan Casebeer (SPBRC)
23 Daniel Stahlman (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
24 Ian Robertson (NHS/UNMC - Team KAOS)
25 Mike Bobusch (Team Salsa)
26 Barry White (Apache Racing)
27 Steven Plagge (SPBRC)
28 Bill Kuster (Loon State)
29 Mark Dykes (Flanders/MBRC)
30 JaYSON Short (Orbea MOEX)
31 Barrett Zoltai (Orben/Mo-Ex)
32 David Dingmann (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
33 Shelby Miller (Gopher Wheelman)
34 Ronald Leblanc (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
35 Daniel Parobek
36 Tim Cuse (Squadra Corsa)
37 David Zimmerman (BVBC)
38 Ted Macleod (SPBRC)
39 Bruce Harick (Flanders/MBRC)
40 Mark Pico (Fairwheel Racing)
1 Lynn Brotzman (Trek)
2 Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn)
3 Sophie St. Jacques (Trek Plus)
4 Laura Vangilder (Trek Plus)
5 Teresa Moriarty (MBRC/Flanders)
6 Charm Breon (Freddie Fu)
7 Kim Davidge (Saturn)
8 Tania Duff-Miller (Freddie Fu)
9 Jessica Phillips (Saturn)
10 Alison Dwyer (Team Mack Racing)
11 Emily Gloeckner (VERITAS Womens Cycling Team)
12 Kori Kelly (Citrus Valley Velo)
13 Larssyn Staley (Saturn Development)
14 Kristen Meshberg (Trek VW)
15 Shawn Heidgen (Athletes by Design)
16 Erin Syth (CVC TDS Telecom)
17 Elizabeth (Morse Trek VW)
18 Amyazellie Tremelling (Trek VW)
19 Kelly Benjamin
20 Emily Kachorek (Harbour Lights/Velo Motion)
21 Heather Woodhouse (Trek-VW)
22 Christine Miller (Mercy Cycling)
23 Rebecca Anderson (CVC TDS Telecom)
24 Rachel Purvis (Athletes by Design)
25 Jimena Arce Vargas
26 Mary Georgetti (NEBC/Cycleloft)
27 Martha Meyer (Colorado Velo)
28 Laurel Green (Team Mack)
29 Debbie Dust (Trek-Volkswagen)
30 Courtney Bollman (Mercy Cycling)
31 Kelly Yoder (Freddie Fu)
Final Classification - Men Pro 1/2
1 John Lieswyn (7 UP)                              910 pts
2 Chris Horner (Prime Alliance)                    900
3 Robbie Ventura (US Postal)                       880
4 Frank McCormack (Saturn)                         870
5 Jason McCartney (Jelly Belly)                    750
6 Jason Waddell (Mathis Brothers)                  700
7 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)                     690
8 Jonathan Page (Wheelworks/Cannondale)            670
9 Dale Sedgwick (Bianchi/Grand Performance)        630
10 Jamie Paolinetti (Schroeder Iron)               620
11 Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/Grand Performance)      610
12 Brent Dawson (Jelly Belly)                      590
13 Vicktor Repinski (Saturn)                       550
14 Michael Johnson (Schroeder Iron)                530
15 Roberto Gaggioli (Ahore a Vita)                 500
16 Frank Dierking (Great Dane Velo Club)           490
17 Jacob Erker (Schroeder Iron)                    450
18 Ivan Dominguez (Saturn)                         420
19 Cameron Hughes (Pharmacia)                      420
20 Frank Pipp (Great Dane Velo Club)               420
21 Adam Bergman (Bianchi/Grand Performance)        380
22 Cameron Evans (Broadmark Capitol)               380
23 Steven Cate (Mathis Brothers)                   380
24 Brian Sheedy (Navigators)                       360
25 Ben Raby (Athletes by Design)                   360
26 David McCook (Prime Alliance)                   360
27 Pete Knudson (Schroeder Iron)                   330
28 Rahsaan Bahati (Saturn)                         310
29 Hilton Clarke (Schroeder Iron)                  300
30 Mike Lange (                          250
31 Ryan Guay (Navigators)                          230
32 Jay Bausch (Schroeder Iron)                     210
33 Jonas Carney (Prime Alliance)                   210
34 Tone Coughlin (Nature Valley)                   200
35 Michael Olheiser (veloclips)                    200
36 Paul Ellis (Bianchi/Grand Performance)          190
37 Paol Holm (Bianchi/Grand Performance)           190
38 Geoff Burndred (Broadmark Capitol)              180
39 Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)                   180
40 Matthew Gates (Nature Valley)                   160
41 Scott Ralston (Nature Valley)                   140
42 Kurt Rees (Churchill-Higher Gear)               140
43 Ken Toman (Schroeder Iron)                      130
44 Ryan Gamm (Athletes by Design)                  120
45 Jonny Sundt (Broadmark Capitol)                 120
46 Cory Steinbrecher (Jelly Belly)                 120
47 Wesley Seigler                                  120
48 Evan Elken (Broadmark Capitol)                  110
49 Kirk Obee (Navigators)                          100
50 Remi McManus (Jelly Belly)                       90
51 Jame Carney (Prime Alliance)                     90
52 Trever Thomas (West Michigan Coast Riders)       70
53 Bryce Mead (Turin)                               60
54 Brian Koeneman (Nature Valley)                   50
55 Rad Cunningham (Broadmark Capitol)               50
56 Michael Eberlein (Nature Valley)                 40
57 Ben Sharp (Pharmacia)                            40
58 Ryan Nenninger                                   20
59 Darren Pipp (GDVC)                               10
60 Jason Snider (Orbea/Moex)                        10
Final Classification - Women
1 Laura Vangilder (Trek Plus)                     1020 pts
2 Kim Davidge (Saturn)                             940
3 Teresa Moriarty (MBRC/Flanders)                  920
4 Lynn Brotzman (Trek)                             900
5 Jessica Phillips (Saturn)                        900
6 Charm Breon (Freddie Fu)                         880
7 Emily Gloeckner (Veritas Womens Cycling Team)    860
8 Sophie St. Jacques (Trek Plus)                   800
9 Tania Duff-Miller (Freddie Fu)                   730
10 Kori Kelly (Citrus Valley Velo)                 730
11 Larssyn Staley (Saturn Development)             680
12 Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn)                      630
13 Alison Dwyer (Team Mack Racing)                 630
14 Shawn Heidgen (Athletes by Design)              600
15 Elizabeth Morse (Trek VW Midwest)               480
16 Emily Kachorek (Harbour Lights/Velo Motion)     470
17 Kelly Benjamin                                  440
18 Mary Georgetti (NEBC/Cycleloft)                 440
19 Amyazellie Tremelling (Trek VW Midwest)         430
20 Erin Syth (CVC TDS Telecom)                     380
21 Kristen Meshberg (Trek VW Midwest)              340
22 Christine Miller (Mercy Cycling)                330
23 Jimena Arce Vargas (none)                       330
24 Sarah Tillotson (Athletes by Design)            330
25 Rebecca Anderson (CVC TDS Telecom)              310
26 Laurel Green (Team Mack)                        300
27 Kerry Sorachi (Diet Rite)                       300
28 Suzanne Sonye (Saturn)                          270
29 Martha Meyer (Colorado Velo)                    250
30 Jody Koch (Trek-VW Midwest)                     230
31 Rachel Purvis (Athletes by Design)              220
32 Laurel Sundberg (Tonka cycle and Ski)           180
33 Debbie Dust (Trek-Volkswagen)                   170
34 Courtney Bollman (Mercy Cycling)                160
35 Kelly Yoder (Freddie Fu)                        150
36 Sara Russell                                     60


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