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86th Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders) - CDM

Belgium, April 7, 2002

News for April 7

Museeuw wants a duel on the Muur

Johan Museeuw would love to take a fourth Ronde Van Vlaanderen, and become the outright record holder in terms of wins. The Lion of Flanders has won pretty much everything that he has set his sights on, and the RVV record would be "fantastic" but not essential for his palmares.

The Domo rider will have to rely on a weaker team: "No Vainsteins, Van Bon, Wadecki, VDB: two of the four have the goods for the finale. So I was annoyed that we missed the front echelon on Thursday morning in De Panne. I did not understand it."

for the Ronde "Peter Van Petegem is the top favourite...[My dream] is to have a one-on-one on the Muur with my friend-rival Van Petegem. A real battle and then a deciding attack from Museeuw."

No Peers

Chris Peers (Cofidis) decided today that he will not start tomorrow. Peers was injured in the terrible crash on the Kemmelberg on Wednesday, and although he did not break any bones he was still confined to a wheelchair due to heavy bruising. He says he has only ridden on the home trainer for half an hour since then and doesn't want to start without being fully recovered and fit. Peers does intend on starting in next week's Gent-Wevelgem and Paris-Roubaix.


The weather today in Belgium was still sunny, but a lot cooler as a strong nor-easterly wind blew up, chilling thousands of fanatics who participated in the "Wielertoerist Ronde Van Vlaanderen" and making life very tough over the final 80 kilometres. If this holds tomorrow, then we can expect a very hard race, with the combination of wind and cobbles certain to weed out the weak from the strong.

The hills in the Ronde Van Vlaanderen

No. Name     Height diff (m) Total length  Average %  Max. %
1 Molenberg       32 m           325 m       9.8%     11.0%
2 Wolvenberg      50 m           800 m       6.3%     19.0%
3 Kluisberg       66 m           1100 m      6.0%     15.0%
4 Knokteberg      88 m           1100 m      8.0%     13.0%
5 Oude-Kwaremont  93 m           2200 m      4.3%     11.0%
6 Paterberg       48 m           350 m       12.5%    20.0%
7 Koppenberg      64 m           550 m       11.6%    22.0%
8 Steenbriekdries 37 m           700 m       5.3%     6.7%
9 Taaienberg      45 m           475 m       9.5%     18.0%
10 Eikenberg      65 m           1175 m      5.5%     11.0%
11 Kapelleberg    50 m           700 m       6.4%     9.3%
12 Leberg         39 m           850 m       4.6%     16.0%
13 Berendries     65 m           900 m       4.7%     14.0%
14 Tenbosse       27.5 m         250 m       11%      14.0%
15 Muur-Kapelmuur 77 m           825 m       9.3%     20.0%
16 Bosberg        40 m           475 m       8.4%     11.0% 

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