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New York City Cycling Championship - NE

USA, August 4, 2002

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Complete Live Report

Start time: 13:30 EDT
Estimated finish time: 15:45 CEST

13:30 EDT
Welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage of the inaugural New York City Cycling Championship, presented by BMC Software. Raced just one week after the completion of the Tour de France, the NYCCC features four time Tour winner Lance Armstrong, who will probably have a hard time in this type of race, as it's more of a sprinters' special.

The weather here today is hot and sunny. There's a very large crowd gathered to see the spectacle, estimated at 15,000 people at the moment.

The course is a 1 mile (1.6 km) circuit, starting and finishing at Wall & Water Streets, with eight corners per lap (four at each end of the course). The riders will do 60 laps, for a total of 100 km.

13:40 EDT
They're underway in the NY City Cycling Championship, having completed four laps of the 1 mile circuit. The field is nearly 70 riders strong, and is strung out as they race around the circuit.

For those asking for the results of the women's race, you can find them here, as well as the amateur race.

13:50 EDT - 53 laps to go
A breakaway of five riders has a 10 second lead over the field. Frank McCormack (Saturn), Chris Baldwin (Navigators), Graeme Miller (Mercury) are in it, as Lance Armstrong leads the chase in the peloton.

14:00 EDT - 48 laps to go
Six riders now have a 20 second lead over the peloton: Antonio Cruz (USPS), Henk Vogels (Mercury), Chris Baldwin and Siro Camponogara (Navigators), Frank McCormack (Saturn) and Mariano Friedick (Jelly Belly). Harm Jansen (Saturn) is trying to bridge up. Sierra Nevada and Saturn are covering the peloton.

14:10 EDT - 43 laps to go
The break now has seven riders: Antonio Cruz (USPS), Henk Vogels (Mercury), Chris Baldwin and Siro Camponogara (Navigators), Frank McCormack (Saturn), Mariano Friedick (Jelly Belly) and Hilton Clarke (Schroeder Iron), with a 30 second lead over the peloton. On the front of the peloton, no-one is really chasing - but the Ofoto team has now decided to take matters into their own hands (or legs), and is having a go at closing the gap.

Tony Cruz has won the first prime for $400.

Celebrities here today, amongst the 100,000 or so other folks, include Jerry Seinfeld and Rocky Aoki (of Benihana restaurant fame).

14:17 EDT - 35 laps to go
The lead is starting to increase, with Vogels doing a lot of work. The gap has increased to 40 seconds. They're starting to chase behind in the peloton - still Ofoto and Sierra Nevada. Saturn and USPS are covering every move though.

14:27 EDT - 30 laps to go
The chase is getting serious, and has reduced the gap down to 49 seconds. The race is halfway now, and the average speed is over 50 km/h. Vogels is still riding well, and keeping the pressure on the break.

Armstrong is spending a lot of time at the front of the peloton, but is not chasing as his teammate Antonio Cruz is in the break. The names in the break again: Antonio Cruz (USPS), Henk Vogels (Mercury), Chris Baldwin and Siro Camponogara (Navigators), Frank McCormack (Saturn), Mariano Friedick (Jelly Belly) and Hilton Clarke (Schroeder Iron).

14:37 EDT - 24 laps to go
With 25 to go, Vogels won the $500 prime. Then Lance Armstrong did a huge attack with Chann McRae on his wheel, and ripped the peloton apart for a while. It's like when he used to race crits back in Texas. However, it's unsuccessful, in doing much other than hurting people's legs. Saturn tries to counter, but the gap remains at 55 seconds.

14:51 EDT - 19 laps to go
We're into the final third of the race now, and the situation is that the break is still powering away at 1 minute's lead. Jerry Seinfield is drinking a bottle of water next to the finish line with a blue cap on (ok, so it's not racing, but hey...). Mariano Friedick is looking good in the break, Henk Vogels is playing it smart, but don't be surprised if Hilton Clark wins this one - he's a very quick sprinter from Australia, riding for the Schroeder Iron team.

The heat is really tremendous - it's taken its toll on the riders. It's around 35 degrees out on the course.

15:02 EDT - 15 laps to go
Henk big attack and won the prime for US$750 - he's just been playing possum up till now. He's trying to soften up the two Navigators riders Baldwin and Camponogara, who are both pretty quick. The others in the break: Frank McCormack, Mariano Friedick, Hilton Clarke and Antonio Cruz are watching each other carefully.

15:08 EDT - 12 laps to go
The peloton is about 1'30 behind the break, and are in danger of getting lapped. In fact, the time between the tail of the field and the seven man break is around 40 seconds. The wind is from the south, meaning it will be a tailwind sprint.

There have been no real attacks in the break yet, which is still moving quite quickly.

15:17 EDT - 8 laps to go
With 10 to go Vogels made a big attack, and had about 50 metres lead, but was brought back by Cruz. Hilton Clarke is still sitting pretty - he's a track rider, and has a good turn of speed.

For the last 5 laps on the front of the peloton, Lance Armstrong has been riding tempo. The gap is still 1'30.

15:28 EDT - 5 laps to go
There's a big sprint with 5 laps to go for $1000, taken by Tony Cruz, followed by McCormack and Clarke. The finishing straight is about 300m long.

The heat has taken its toll on Ivan Quaranta (Alexia) who has retired from the race. There are five Saturn riders on the front of the peloton, which is losing a lot of riders now.

With all the jockeying for position, the peloton has got back to 30 seconds.

Chris Baldwin counter attacks, but Cruz tows everyone across.

15:31 EDT - 4 laps to go
Victor Rapinsky (Saturn) drops off the peloton, which is still riding hard to try and catch the break. In one lap, they lost 30 seconds.

Clarke has attacked with 4 laps to go. The gap is now 11 seconds.

The break has unbelievably self destructed. The race isn't won until the last lap.

15:33 EDT - 3 laps to go
The Navigators are towing the break, but they get caught by the Saturn led peloton. Roberto Gaggioli made a counter attack as soon as they were caught. It's a nice move from the 39 year old who is very experienced. Mike Sayers brings the peloton up.

15:35 EDT - 2 laps to go
There's still about 50 guys in the peloton, and Mercury is trying to get a train going. There are three on the front with 2 laps to go, followed by Saturn. Lance is sitting on the back.

Vogels, Clarke and Cruz are the top three in the points competition.

15:38 EDT - 1 lap to go
Wherry, Sayers and Fraser are trying to wind it up with 1.5 to go. Right on their wheel are three Navigators, with Nothstein up there. Clarke is no longer in the peloton.

Are there enough Mercury riders to lead out Fraser for the win? We'll find out very soon.

Lance has moved up, and is in sixth position with half a lap to go. Davidenko is on Fraser's wheel.

15:40 EDT - finish
Mercury continue the lead out until the end. But it's Ivan Dominguez (Saturn) who wins it, from Davidenko (Navigators) and Fraser (Mercury).


1 Ivan Dominguez (Cub) Saturn            2.06.30 (47.43 km/h)
2 Vassili Davidenko (Rus) Navigators
3 Gord Fraser (Can) Mercury

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