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USA Cycling National Festival - NE

Seven Springs, PA, USA, July 6-17, 2006

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Day 8 - July 14: Masters criteriums

Masters criterium titles awarded at Festival

By Andy Lee, USA Cycling

Nine national titles were awarded on Friday as the master's categories contested their criteriums at the USA Cycling National Festival at Seven Springs. Raced at Jennerstown Speedway, riders in categories from age 50-54, all the way to 70 plus raced for national titles and starts-and-stripes jerseys in nine hotly-contested races.

The evening capped off with two very tight races in the masters women 45-49 and masters men 50-54. Tracy Huber (Kentucky Flyers / Louisville, Ky.) took the master women's 45-49 title in a sprint finish.

"Nobody was doing anything initially and I didn't want to be the first one to attack, but of course I did and it stuck for a little while," Huber said. Just over five kilometres into the 30-kilometre criterium, Huber attacked the field of 11. As each 1.2-kilometre lap ticked away, Huber would launch three attacks and build several nine-second gaps on the field, just to be reabsorbed by the peloton.

"I sat up, caught my breath and then nobody was doing anything again so I went wide as I could and tried to do a time trial," Huber said. " I saw them catching up to me through various parts of the course, and as I came around with a lap to go, I heard everyone screaming and I just buried myself."

The master men 50-54 category saw 67 riders take to the line in the tightest race of the day. In the end, Paul Curley (Taunton, Mass / Gearworks/Spinarts) added another national championship title to the more than 20 he's amassed in his career.

The field stretched back along the Jennerstown Speedway track for most of the race with every attack getting reabsorbed by the large peloton. Midway through the second to last lap in the 40-kilometre contest, Kent Bostick (Knoxville, Tenn. / AMD Masters) attacked the group and chased Mark Sommers (Washington, D.C. / DC Velo/Martens Velo) who had a small lead on the peloton.

"When a couple of the groups went away at the end, I was at the mercy of a few of the stronger teams to bring them back," said Curley, who was riding alone. "Then Bostick took it upon himself to bring the whole thing together in the last couple laps; unfortunately he got a little of a gap on me with a lap to go so I made a super effort to get up on him and followed him to the finish. He skipped his gear coming out of the last corner and he gave me a good opening to come in the uphill side of the track."

Curley took the title at the line in a mass sprint. Bostick, who would have finished in the top three was relegated to ninth for not holding the line in a sprint.

The individual strongmen of the day, however, rode earlier in the day. John Elgart (Sacramento, Calif. / Webcor/Alto Velo) built a 30-second split just three laps into the master men 60-64 35-kilometre criterium. The field of 13 remaining riders was pulled with nine laps to go, leaving 12 riders on the track with Elgart. In the final laps of the race, Elgart lapped nearly every rider remaining but two.

In the master men's 55-59 race, David Leduc (Mercy Cycling Team) rolled in alone across the finish line because he broke away from the peloton just eight laps into their 35-lap contest. As each lap passed, he amassed a minute gap to win his category.

Other winners of the day included:

Master Men 70 +: Robert Paganini (Los Angeles, Calif. / Pasadena Athletic Association)
Masters Men 65-69: Joe Saling (Bridgewater, N.J. / Team Somerset/Van Dessel)
Masters Women 60 +: Patricia Roberts (Winston Salem, N.C. / Paceline Bicycles)
Masters Women 55-59: Kay Tsui (Falls Church, Va. / HPC/List)
Masters Women 50-54: Linda Schnepf (Newport Beach, Calif. / Simple Green)


Master Women 45-49 
1 Tracy Huber (Kentucky Flyers)                          40.48
2 Monica Neilson (Velo Bella-Kona)                            
3 Moira Gandy (Team Velo Sport)                               
4 Sarah Sauvayre (CRCA/Comedy Central-- New Canaa)        0.01
5 Cindy Dunn (Genesee Valley Cycling Club)                0.02
6 Diane Castor (Velo Bella-Kona)                              
7 Ruth Clemence (Simple Green)                                
8 Marni Harker (Revolution/Rock Creek Racers)             0.10
9 Elizabeth Benishin (Velo Bella-Kona)                    0.20
10 Pamela Gass (Susquehanna Valley Velo Club)             0.54
11 Donna Lakomski (360 Cycleworks)                        1.35
Master Men 50-54 
1 Paul Curley (Gearworks/Spinarts)                       48.17
2 Kal Szkalak (UC Cyclery/JW floorig)                         
3 Charles Townsend (Bianchi/Grand Performance)                
4 Henry Schnepf (Sonance/Specialized)                     0.01
5 John Corriveau (B.O.B. CYCLING)                         0.02
6 Craig Clark (Evolution/Team DLS)                            
7 Jim Brock (Alabama Masters)                                 
8 Mark Sommers (DC Velo/Martens Volvo)                        
9 Kent Bostick (AMD Masters)                              0.03
10 Mike Newsome (GSBMCT)                                      
11 Bob Kehl (Guys Racing)                                 0.05
12 Gregory Smith (DC Velo/Martens Volvo)                  0.06
13 Mark Kowaliw (Bianchi/Grand Performance)               0.07
14 Steven Tinston (Westwood Velo)                             
15 Tom Bain (Geri Atrix)                                      
16 Fredrick Anderson (West Michigan Coast Riders)             
17 Steve Simet (James River Velo Sport/Casey Ch)              
18 Jay Gaunt (Main Line Cycling)                          0.08
19 Phillip Sladek (Geri Atrix)                                
20 John Paproski (K2/Shirks)                                  
21 Brian Dahl (Great Plains Cycling Club)                     
22 Stan Watkins (Peoria Bicycle Club / Proctor C)             
23 Frans Verstraeten (Dutch Wheelman Team)                    
24 Patrick Kennedy (Liberty Cycle)                        0.09
25 Donald Clapp (Bikery Shebell/Shebell)                      
26 Robert Mairs (Bianchi/Grand Performance)               0.10
27 Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)                  
28 Roman Paczka (MLC)                                     0.11
29 Charles Carnila (Mambo Kings)                              
30 Michael Mueller (Sonance/Specialized)                      
31 Ken Johnson (Motovelo/Sledgehammercharlies)            0.12
32 Frank Mesi (Fortistar/Handlebars)                          
33 Gary Palmer (Team Tortuga)                                 
34 Mark Luzio (Arc en Ciel)                                   
35 Bruce Bell (GMBC/Catamount)                            0.14
36 Paul Gossi (Bicycle Warehouse/Team Easty)              0.17
37 Earl Perretti (Team Bikery/Shebell Shebell)                
38 Thomas Doughty (Discovery Channel AMD Masters)             
39 Dana Fallon (Team Bikery/Shebell & Shebell)            0.18
40 Malcolm Hill (Specialized/Sonance)                         
41 Glenn Eyler (HLHAP)                                    0.20
42 George Heagerty (Geri Atrix)                               
43 Charles Higgins (Team One Racing)                          
44 Jim Bronson (Lateral Stress Velo Inc.)                 0.21
45 Richard Brink (West Virginina Healthcare)              0.22
46 Daniel Waite (Team Dayton)                                 
47 Glenn Swan (FLCC/ Chris's Cookies)                     0.24
48 Fred Hoblit (Sonance/Specialized)                      0.47
49 Lonnie Kennedy (Mesa Cyclning Team)                    1.07
50 Keith Ketterer (Sonance/Specialized)                   1.12
51 Keith Mitchell (Team Snow Valley)                      1.39
52 Bruce Townend (Berkshire Cycling Association/V)        1.40
DNF Joseph Zuppa Jr (Wendy's/SeacoastBuilders/YSG)            
DNF Paul Siebert (BCA/VOmax)                                  
DNF Dan Skinner (Delta Faucet/Indy Velo)                      
DNF James Sauls (Vision Quest)                                
DNF Thomas Cormier (BOB)                                      
DNF Paul Steagall (Pedal Pack of the Pee Dee)                 
DNF Gordy Bolstad (Wines of Washington)                       
DNF Michael Alber (Reno Wheelmen)                             
DNF Wayne D. Stetina (US Postal - Masters)                    
DNF Jonathan Howard (Nalgene-R3)                              
DNF James Bowen (Lake Country Bike)                           
DNF Kerry Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling)                  
DNF Scott Butler (Bike Line/LWA)                              
DNF Andrew Ammon (Carolina Masters Cycling)                   
DNF William Ehler (UPMC Cycling Performance)                  
DNF Wesley Wilmer (Eastcoasters/BRBC)                         
DNF John Hamilton (Susquehanna Valley Velo Club)              
Master Men 70+
1 Robert Paganini (Pasadena Athletic Association)        52.57
2 Francois G. Mertens (Zephyr Cycling Team)               0.01
3 Kurt Eickelmann (Arts Cyclery/Trisport Visalia)             
4 Dan Maneely (BCA/VOMax)                                     
5 Robert Carlin (Atlantic Bicycle Club)                       
6 Alan Ashmore (Evolution Racing)                         0.02
7 Richard Finch (Baddlands Racing Team)                   0.03
8 Robert Wilson (NEBC/Cycle Loft)                         0.04
9 Paul Tetrick (Lakewood Racing Team)                         
10 Ronald Herr (Christiana Cycling Team)                  0.06
11 Charles Martin (Unattached)                            0.11
12 Lawrence Reade (Buffalo Bicycling)                     1.35
13 Pete Murphy (Unattached)                               2.03
Master Men 65-69 
1 Joe Saling (Team Somerset/Van Dessel)                  49.06
2 Robert Burns (Team Mack)                                    
3 Franz Hammer (First Mortgage)                           0.01
4 Scott Tucker (Schwab Cycles)                            0.02
5 Thomas Jones (Ann Arbor Velo Club/Wheels in M)              
6 John Auer (Team Somerset)                               0.11
7 William Meyers (Lakewood Racing Team)                   0.12
8 Len Pettyjohn (ACA - Subway/Peerless)                       
9 William Fallis (Peninsula Velo/Kondra)                  1.56
10 Thomas Bridges (Unattached)                                
11 Ken Lloyd (Unattached)                                     
12 Arthur Cohen (Mako Galaxy Granola)                         
13 Dwayne Thomason (Lakewood Racing Team)                     
DNF Henry Banta (NCVC/Inova Health System)                    
DNF Peter Dahlstrand (Berkeley Bike Club)                     
Master Women 60+
1 Patricia Roberts (Paceline Bicycles)                   44.10
2 Dottie Saling (Team Somerset)                           0.00
3 Patricia Baker (Lightning Velo)                         0.03
4 Sara Martin (Unattached)                                0.49
Master Women 55-59
1 Kay Tsui (HPC/List)                                    44.04
2 BJ Samuel (Tripower)                                    0.04
3 Sharon Scofield (Team Rhino)                            0.05
4 Kathleen Corbett (Midwest Masters)                      0.05
5 Phyllis Olrich (Webcor/Alto Velo)                       0.05
6 Jo Garuccio (Canyon Bicycles)                               
7 Martha Iverson (Durango Wheel Club)                     0.05
8 Lydia Barter (                              0.05
9 Louella Holter (Greggs/Specialized)                         
10 Marie Derosa (Miya Shoji)                                  
11 Nancy Waddell (DRT/Deep Blue)                          0.07
12 Diana Correa (Team American Classic)                   0.07
13 Narda Roushdi (Berkeley Bicycle Club)                  0.09
Master Men 60-64 
1 John Elgart (Webcor/Alto Velo)                         44.50
2 Rob Lea (T.E.A.M. Fuji)                                 0.44
3 Skip Higgins (Schellers Indiana Masters)                    
4 Norman Kibble (RPM)                                     1.20
5 Edwin Torres (UPMC Performance Cycling)                     
6 Philip Stanley (Morgan Stanley/24hr Fitness cyc)        1.21
7 Ronald Sutherland (NCVC/Inova Health)                   1.22
8 Fritz Tomasello (Team EDGE Cyclesports)                     
9 Manuel Aguilera (Cycle Science)                             
10 Robert Brooks (Team Hammer Gel)                        1.23
11 Jack Neyer (Freddie Fu Cycling Team)                       
12 Michael Mccollum (JRC)                                 1.26
13 John Petrakis (NCVC/INOVA Health Systems)              7.23
14 John Mckee (Paramount Racing)                              
15 Sydney Duck (South Bay Wheelmen)                           
16 David Bell (Memphis Velo/Smith & Nephew)                   
17 Weslye Bruce (River City Racing Club)                      
18 Robert Brust (River City Racing Club)                      
19 Robert Malovany (Westwood Velo)                            
20 Kenneth P Benusis (Black Hills Domestiques)                
21 Edward Burns (Tioga Velo)                                  
22 David Thomas (Southern Cycling Operations)             7.24
23 Stephen Whitsitt (South Bay Wheelmen)                      
24 Barry Nazarian (Team Bikery/Shebell Shebell)               
25 Lawrence De George (Unattached)                            
DNF John Autore (Skylands Cycling)                            
DNF James Youngblood (NVRC)                                   
DNF Robert Clifford (CRCA/Global Locate)                      
DNF Neil Sutcliffe (Unattached)                               
DNF Sami Srour (Kern Wheelmen)                                
DNF John Durrant (Unattached)                                 
Master Women 50-54 
1 Linda Schnepf (Simple Green)                           46.44
2 Linda Elgart (Webcor/Alto Velo)                             
3 Sherry Berde (Gopher Wheelmen)                          0.01
4 Elizabeth Tyrell (Somerset Wheelman)                    0.02
5 Gloria Deucher (Union Sportiv Italiano (USI))           0.03
6 Carol Heckman (Buffalo Bicycling Club)                      
7 Diane Ostenso (Spring Street Sports)                        
8 Laura Gabanski (NCVC/Edge Technologies)                 0.04
9 Barbara Grabowski (Velo Bella/Kona)                         
10 Audrey Wendolowski (CSE-CSS-Wendy's)                       
11 Margaret Thompson (Mission in Motion/Mackay Rippey)    0.08
12 Tracy Lea (TEAM Fuji)                                  0.09
Master Men 55-59 
1 David Leduc (Mercy Cycling Team)                       50.02
2 Andrew Buck (Bike Line/LWA)                             0.19
3 Randy Gaffney (Subway/Peerless Tyre/ACA)                    
4 William Holder (Raleigh Allstars)                       0.38
5 Scott Haverstick (ERA Cycling)                              
6 Patrick Gellineau (Team Squiggle)                           
7 Dan Meyer (Loon State Cyclists)                         0.39
8 Kenny Fuller (Simple Green/Cycles Veloce)               0.40
9 Gary Hoffman (DC Velo/Martens Volvo)                        
10 David Linden (Ann Arbor Velo)                              
11 Chip Berezny (Bike Line/LWA)                               
12 Barry Messmer (ACA/GS Boulder Masters Cycling)         0.41
13 Ken Louder (FFKR Architects/                       
14 John Stamm (Loon State Cyclists)                           
15 Fred Storti (Bianchi/Grand Performance)                    
16 Zealand Thigpen (Tulsa Wheelmen)                           
17 Scott Olson (Charm City Cycling/ADG/Joe's)             0.42
18 Hart Kuller (Bianchi Grand Performance)                    
19 Michael Krywanski (BiciSport West Michigan)            0.43
20 Jerry Weiner (Guys Racing)                                 
21 Gordon Paulson (Spring Street Sports)                      
22 Fred Galata (Omaha Velo Club)                          0.44
23 Paul Mack (Boulder Masters Cycling Team)                   
24 Dennis Kershner (Rapid Wheelmen)                           
25 Thomas Lobdell (Indy Velo Team Estridge)                   
26 Loren Simons (Pediatric Partners)                      0.45
27 Bill Thistle (Highland Park Hermes)                        
28 William Care (ERA Cycling)                             0.46
29 Richard Distlerath (Liberty Cycle)                     1.10
DNF Peter Swan (NCVC/Inova Health Systems)                    
DNF Stephen Bennett (DR Horton)                               
DNF David Stevens (Unattached)                                
DNF Ted Ingraham (Allied Decal Cycling Team)                  
DNF Mike Budjnoski (Morgan Stanley/Specialized/24 H)          
DNF Dennis Krueger (Unattached)                               
DNF John Epting (DC Velo/Martens Volvo)                       
DNF George Liolios (Allied Decal)                             
DNF Kevin Tuttle (Main Line/BiKyle)                           
DNF Carmen Gaita (Skylands Cycling)                           
DNF Frederick Hofman (Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc)                  
DNF John Davis (LSV/Kelly)                                    
DNF Thomas Grim (ERA Cycling)                                 
DNF Attilio Nicosia (Job One Enterprise-BBC)