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Swedish National Championships - CN

Sunne, Sweden, June 24-29, 2003

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Day 5 - June 28: Elite Women/Junior Men & Women's Road Races, 97/130/54 km

Two titles for Ljungskog

By Gabriella Ekström

The in form World Champion Susanne Ljungskog came to the start of the road race with the ambition to match her TT yellow and blue jersey with its road race equivalent, even though she won't wear it until after October. She was also ambitious to get some good racing in, not an easy task in a race that saw only 19 riders take the start, half of whom finished.

As Susanne wrote in her Cyclingnews diary, "I had decided beforehand to try and beat down every attempt from the other riders, because I was so fed up with situations like the one that occurred during last year's Champs, where all I saw was negative racing. Today, I felt the situation had changed. The girls were suddenly willing to attack, especially the new and younger ones, so I put my thumbs up for them!"

Despite the willingness to attack, the others couldn't withstand Susanne's hard attacks when she really wanted to go away. With Team Mälarenergi’s Madeleine Lindberg and Laxå CK’s Monica Holler last to surrender, a group of five were left to fight it out for second and third, while Ljungskog increased her lead to over three minutes during the 60 kilometres she was away.

With her last road race victory dating back to '98, Susanne herself says it was about time she did it again.

Read more about Susanne's victory in her diary.


Elite Women - 96.3 km
1 Susanne Ljungskog (CK Thor Ale-Göteborg)       2.30.06
2 Madeleine Lindberg (Team Mälarenergi CK)          3.26
3 Camilla Larsson (Upsala CK)                           
4 Monica Holler (Laxå CK)                           3.27
5 Emma Johansson (Härnösands CK)                    3.29
6 Åsa Hagberg (Borlänge CK)                             
7 Johanna Reeder (CK Valhall)                      10.10
8 Caroline Eriksson (CK Falken)                    10.13
9 Karin Aune (FK Volvo)                            10.16
10 Madelene Olsson (Svanesunds GOIF)               10.20
11 Natalie Visser (Team Mälarenergi CK)            1 lap   
12 Daniela Profir (CK Falken)                          
DNF Maria Andersson (CK Hymer)                          
DNF Sara-Mari Reinikainen (CK Norrtälje)                
DNF Maria Landström (Falu CK)                           
DNF Marianne Larsson (Kristianstad CK)                  
DNF Lisa Nordén (Kristianstad CK)                       
DNF Tove Wiklund (Kristianstad CK)                      
DNF Erika Gergely (Trampen FK)                          
DNS Lisa Svenningsson (Burseryds IF)                    
DNS Maria Eriksson (CK Falken)                          
DNS Linda Josefsson (CK Master)                         
DNS Lotta Green (CK Revanche)                           
DNS Tilisha Levin (Malmö-Staffanstorps CK)              
DNS Tina Levin (Malmö-Staffanstorps CK)                 
DNS Victoria Persson (Malmö-Staffanstorps CK)           
DNS Emma Grenestam (Motala AIF CK)                      
DNS Jenny Algelid-Bengtsson (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)    
Junior Men - 128.4 km
1 Viktor Renäng (Kopparbergs CK)                 3.08.51
2 Johan Lindgren (Falu CK)                              
3 Marcus Fast (Team Ridley Laholmscyklisten)        1.57
4 Viktor Folkesson (Örebrocyklisterna)              6.59
5 Mattias Westling (Kopparbergs CK)                10.13
6 Joacim Andréasson (Team Ridley Laholmscyklisten)      
7 Mattias Lundin (Kopparbergs CK)                  10.13
8 Anders Montelius (Falu CK)                            
9 Joel Ljungberg (Team Ridley Laholmscyklisten)         
10 Fredrik Larsson (CK Wänershof)                       
11 Rikard Alatalo (Team Ridley Laholmscyklisten)        
12 Krister Persson (Falkenbergs CK)                     
13 Johan Park Dahlgaard (CK Hymer)                      
14 Carl-Magnus Eriksson (CK Wänershof)                  
15 Christoffer Rodas (Svanesunds GOIF)                  
16 Adam Andreasson (CK Wänershof)                       
17 Marcus Larsen (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)               
18 Mattias Haal (CK Revanche)                           
19 Tobias Åkerberg (Landskrona CK)                      
20 Johan Eriksson (CK Uni)                              
21 Petter Persson (CK Fix)                              
22 Daniel Arvidsson (Team Ridley Laholmscyklisten)      
23 Robin Hennig (Ramnäs CK)                             
24 Erik Eriksson (Västerås CK)                          
25 Jonatan Andersson (CK Wänershof)                     
26 Andreas Bengtsson (Kristianstad CK)             10.34
27 Mattias Stenberg (Falkenbergs CK)               10.53
28 Axel Nordell (CK Bure)                          27.26
29 Marcus Fröidh (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)         5 laps       
30 André Röijer (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)          6 laps       
DNF Erik Jannesson (Borlänge CK)                        
DNF Niklas Brissmyr (CK Bure)                           
DNF Ivar Fridén (CK Ceres)                              
DNF Jonathan Ingevaldsson (CK Falken)                   
DNF Martin Cameron (CK Revanche)                        
DNF Andreas Granberg (CK Revanche)                      
DNF Christian Björkman (Falu CK)                        
DNF Jon Danielsson (Falu CK)                            
DNF Anders Rindborg (Falu CK)                           
DNF Patrik Morén (Fredrikshofs IF)                      
DNF Hans Seger (Team Ridley Laholmscyklisten)           
DNF Ramiz Karnal (Klubben Cyklisten)                    
DNF Anders Andersson (Malmö-Staffanstorps CK)           
DNF Nikolai Berglund (Mölndals CK)                      
DNF Martin Arvidsson (Sandvikens CK)                    
DNF Christian Olsson (Svanesunds GOIF)                  
DNF Jimmy Bodin (Värnamo CK)                            
DNF Niclas Forsberg (Västerås CK)                       
DNS Dennis Källman (Borlänge CK)                        
DNS Fredrik Johansson (Kopparbergs CK)                  
Junior Women - 53.5 km
1 Carolina Asplund (Örebrocyklisterna)           1.31.49
2 Louise Karlsson (Västerås CK)                     0.02
3 Annika Löfström (Sandvikens CK)                   0.10
4 Martina Thomasson (Ulricehamns CK)                0.24
5 Karolina Larsson-Lindgren (Landskrona CK)         1.16
6 Charlotta Bengtsson (Kristianstad CK)             2.35
7 Emelie Holgersson (IK Vinco)                          
8 Daisy Bell (Landskrona CK)                        2.52
9 Catrine Josefsson (Spårvägen CF)                      
10 Erika Olofsson (Eslövs CK)                       2.55
11 Petra Bengtsson (Malmö-Staffanstorps CK)        15.29
DNF Jessica Hermansson (CK Wänershof)                   
DNF Erica Jormhage (Kinds CK)                           
DNF Ulrika Sonesson (Motala AIF CK)