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Swedish National Championships - CN

Sunne, Sweden, June 24-29, 2003

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Day 6 - June 29: Elite Men's Road Race, 216 km

Bianchi dominates with Holmkvist winning

By Gabriella Ekström

With Team Bianchi Scandinavia taking second, third, fifth and sixth in the time trial, they certainly posed the biggest threat to Magnus Bäckstedt, who had won the 50 kilometre time trial. Now in the road race, he would have to defend himself in a whole different way.

After the criterium, where Bäckstedt finished fourth, he was quoted in, saying "Bianchi had too many strong riders in the race, and I was marked all the time. There was nothing much I could do. Over the 220 kilometers (on Sunday. Ed) a few more riders will join in, like Stefan Adamsson, Martin Rittsel, and my teammates in fakta, Tomas Grönqvist and Fredrik Modin. In order to stop the Bianchi's, we will all have to work perfectly together. Won't be easy though!"

The attacks were on from the start, but even though Team Bianchi had a rider placed in the first real breakaway, they were not satisfied. After some 70 kilometres, with some assistance from Bianchi, the break was neutralised. Again the attacks started, and again Bianchi was more than well represented in all groups. Finally, the decision came when no less than five Bianchi riders (Jonas Holmkvist, Tomas Lövkvist, Jonas Ljungblad, Tobias Lergård and Mikael Segersäll) got away together with Magnus Bäckstedt. The obvious tactics was to attack Bäckstedt by all means, but by doing that, they only tired themselves, and eventually Ljungblad lost contact with the group.

Behind them chased a group of 16 riders, containing Stefan Adamsson, Tomas Grönqvist, Gustav Larsson, John Nilsson among others, and they kept the group at a distance of 20 to 40 seconds. Tactics had to change at the front, and Holmkvist was parked behind Bäckstedt and told to do very little, and the same tactics appealed to Bäckstedt. Despite hard work from the remaining three Bianchi riders, they could not lose Bäckstedt, and he was able to outsprint most of them for second place, beaten in a photo finish by a confident Jonas Holmkvist.


1 Jonas Holmkvist (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)     5.01.06
2 Magnus Bäckstedt (Kopparbergs CK)                     
3 Thomas Lövkvist (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)            
4 Tobias Lergård (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)         0.03
5 Mikael Segersäll (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)       0.06
6 Stefan Adamsson (Örebrocyklisterna)               0.17
7 Johan Nyman (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)                  
8 Jan Mattsson (Upsala CK)                          0.17
9 Tomas Grönqvist (CK Eci Champion)                     
10 Fredrik Johansson (Team Mälarenergi CK)              
11 Martin Johansson (Mölndals CK)                       
12 John Nilsson (Sollerö IF)                            
13 Jonas Ljungblad (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)           
14 Martin Axelsson (Degeberga CK)                       
15 Jesper Ingevaldsson (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)       
16 Johan Svensson (Team Mälarenergi CK)                 
17 Mattias Carlsson (Degeberga CK)                      
18 Michael Johansson (CK Hymer)                         
19 Petter Renäng (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)             
20 Gustav Larsson (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)        0.21
21 Christofer Stevenson ( CK)    0.26
22 Andreas Papp (CSK Ludvika)                       4.35
23 Jonas Gartman (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)               
24 Anders Johansson (Alingsås CK)                       
25 Martin Rittsel (Trampen FK)                          
26 Martin Lindgren (IK Vinco)                       5.20
27 Benny Elofsson (Värnamo CK)                          
28 Johan Levin (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)             5.20
29 Håkan Nilsson (Degeberga CK)                         
30 Kristian Hallsten (CK Valhall)                       
31 Tommy Mlekus (Västerås CK)                           
32 Lars Robertsson (Värnamo CK)                         
33 Daniel Eriksson (CK Eci Champion)                    
34 Anders Dellien (CK Ringen)                           
35 Patrik Löfving (Klubben Cyklisten)               6.26
36 Johan Flodin (Tranemo IF)                            
37 Rikard Sjöberg ( CK)          6.26
38 Rickard Almquist (CK Hymer)                          
39 Robert Österling (Södertälje CK)                     
DNF Mattias Jansson (Alingsås CK)                       
DNF Peter Johansson (Alingsås CK)                       
DNF Mats Hedlund (Borlänge CK)                          
DNF Mikael Hägg (Borlänge CK)                           
DNF Mattias Carlzon (Borås CA)                          
DNF Niklas Jonsson (CK Ceres)                           
DNF Robert Sandell (CK Ceres)                           
DNF Henrik Andersson (CK Eci Champion)                  
DNF Anders Grönqvist (CK Eci Champion)                  
DNF Henrik Jansson (CK Eci Champion)                    
DNF Mikael Olausson (CK Eci Champion)                   
DNF Marcus Rothqvist (CK Hymer)                         
DNF Marcus Svensson (CK Master)                         
DNF Jesper Andersson (CK Norrtälje)                     
DNF Colin Ray (CK Norrtälje)                            
DNF Mathias Forslund (CK Revanche)                      
DNF Mikael Johansson (CK Revanche)                      
DNF Jonas Nilsson (CK Revanche)                         
DNF Joakim Rundh (CK Revanche)                          
DNF Thomas Bengtsson (CK Ringen)                        
DNF Martin Brink (CK Ringen)                            
DNF Rickard Hopp (CK Ringen)                            
DNF Anders Gerhardsson (CK Valhall)                     
DNF Bengt Jonsson (CK Valhall)                          
DNF Andreas Larsson (CK Valhall)                        
DNF Magnus Norlinder (CK Valhall)                       
DNF Henric Wilert (CK Valhall)                          
DNF Morgan Sidenbäck (CK Wimer)                         
DNF Peter Sidenbäck (CK Wimer)                          
DNF Gustav Elmvik (CK Wänershof)                        
DNF Christer Hermansson (CK Wänershof)                  
DNF Morgan Larsson (CK Wänershof)                       
DNF Robert Johansson (CSK Ludvika)                      
DNF Johan Kullberg (CSK Ludvika)                        
DNF Anton Hulth ( CK)                
DNF Ove Nilsson ( CK)                
DNF Johan Balck (Degeberga CK)                          
DNF Roger Karlsson (Degeberga CK)                       
DNF Fredrik Lindberg (Degeberga CK)                     
DNF Joakim Åleheim (Degeberga CK)                       
DNF Marcus Nihlén (Eslövs CK)                           
DNF Dennis Persson (Eslövs CK)                          
DNF Lucas Persson (Eslövs CK)                           
DNF Gabor Veszpremi (Eslövs CK)                         
DNF Magnus Darvell (Falu CK)                            
DNF Johan Landström (Falu CK)                           
DNF Henrik Öijer (Falu CK)                              
DNF Ola Åkesson (IK Vinco)                              
DNF Martin Halvarsson (Kinds CK)                        
DNF Frederik Åkerman (Klubben Cyklisten)                
DNF Fredrik Rudenstam (Motala AIF CK)                   
DNF Björn Sjöberg (Motala AIF CK)                       
DNF Mattias Johansson (Mölndals CK)                     
DNF Patrik Johansson (Mölndals CK)                      
DNF Darryll Lottering (Mölndals CK)                     
DNF Jonas Olsson (Skara CK)                             
DNF Henrik Åbom (Skara CK)                              
DNF Per Gustafsson (Sollerö IF)                         
DNF Mikael Hallberg (Sollerö IF)                        
DNF Peter Resar (Sollerö IF)                            
DNF Fredrik Josefsson (Spårvägen CF)                    
DNF Johannes Karlsson (Svanesunds GOIF)                 
DNF Rickard Olsson (Svanesunds GOIF)                    
DNF Mikael Angestav (Södertälje CK)                     
DNF Tobias Wäppling (Södertälje CK)                     
DNF Jonas Olsson (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)             
DNF Anders Juhlin (Team Mälarenergi CK)                 
DNF Marcus Juneholt (Team Mälarenergi CK)               
DNF Fredrik Modin (Team Mälarenergi CK)                 
DNF Henrik Oldin (Team Mälarenergi CK)                  
DNF Alexander Gustafsson (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)       
DNF Martin Nyman (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)               
DNF Marcus Warhed (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)              
DNF Henrik Edwardsson (Trampen FK)                      
DNF Fredrik Eriksson (Upsala CK)                        
DNF Thomas Klevebratt (Upsala CK)                       
DNF Peter Gustavsson (Värnamo CK)                       
DNF Lars Johansson (Västerås CK)                        
DNF Peter Lundblad (Västerås CK)                        
DNS Pontus Andersson (Alingsås CK)                      
DNS Andreas Hägg (Borlänge CK)                          
DNS Kalle  Sandell (CK Ceres)                           
DNS Joakim Ekenhjälm (CK Norrtälje)                     
DNS Peter Lindqvist (CK Norrtälje)                      
DNS Michael Nolin (CK Norrtälje)                        
DNS David Scott (CK Norrtälje)                          
DNS Joel Ericsson (CK Valhall)                          
DNS Luca Mara (CK Valhall)                              
DNS Martin Erlandsson (CK Wänershof)                    
DNS Johnny Molinder (CSK Ludvika)                       
DNS Andreas Johansson ( CK)          
DNS Michael Stevenson ( CK)          
DNS Gustav Karlsson (Eslövs CK)                         
DNS Marcus Ljungqvist (Falu CK)                         
DNS Daniel Söderström (Falu CK)                         
DNS Per-Erik Johansson (Motala AIF CK)                  
DNS Andreas  Svensson (Motala AIF CK)                   
DNS John Svensson (Motala AIF CK)                       
DNS Amel Gozic (Oskarshamns CK)                         
DNS Tobias Ingvarsson (Oskarshamns CK)                  
DNS Johannes Carlsson (Skara CK)                        
DNS Mikael Lomfjord (Spårvägen CF)                      
DNS Fredrik Kessiakoff (Team Bianchi Scandinavia)       
DNS Jens Thögersen (Team Trek - Åstorps CK)             
DNS Robert Nilsson (Trampen FK)                         
DNS Mikael Nystrand (Uddevalla CA)