Redlands Bicycle Classic - Cat. 2.5

USA, March 7-12, 2000

1999 Results     Start list

Stage List

  • Prologue - March 7: Carousel Mall San Bernadino Street Sprints, 200 metres
  • Stage 1 - March 8: Highland Circuit Race, 82 km (men)/60 km (women)
  • Stage 2 - March 9: San Bernadino County Time Trial, 16 km
  • Stage 3 - March 10: Redlands-Oak Glen, 150 km (men)/Lake Matthews-Oak Glen, 106 km (women)
  • Stage 4 - March 11: Criterium, 90 minutes (men)/60 minutes (women)
  • Stage 5 - March 12: Road Race, 141 km (men)/84 km (women)

Preview - new UCI ranking boosts field

By John Alsedek, correspondent

Since 1985, the face of US stage racing has changed considerably. The Coors Classic, Tour DuPont and Pepsi Tour of the Americas are all long gone; the much-anticipated South Carolina Heritage Tour has been postponed until 2001; and events such as the American Derby and the Empire State Tour never got off the ground. One of the few constants over the past sixteen years has been the Redlands Classic, which has evolved over the years into America's top domestic stage race.

For six days each March, the race travels through the cities of Redlands, San Bernadino, and other communities nestled in the foothills of the San Bernadino Mountains, just east of Los Angeles. It has something for everyone - criteriums for the sprinters, a time trial and hard road stages for the roleurs, even a mountaintop finish for the climbers. Redlands also has something for the teams- a UCI Category 2.5 ranking, which guarantees that squads, anxious to move up in the world standings, will come ready to race. There's also some US$52,000 in prze money on offer - with US$30,000 to the men and US$20,000 for the women.

The result? This year's Redlands men's field is the strongest and deepest in the event's history. Three-time defending champion US Postal Service has a team entered again in 2000, but they'll be hard-pressed to repeat a fourth time. Instead, it's the Mercury squad, coming off of successive victories in the Tour of Langkawi, Valley of the Sun, and Another Dam Race, that looks to be the one to beat - after playing the bridesmaid to teammates Chris Horner, Gord Fraser, and Steve Zampieri - so look for hot prospect Floyd Landis to have a big race.

However, the other domestic pro squads have shown over the past few weeks that they won't roll over for Mercury, and riders such as Trent Klasna (Saturn), Brendan Vesty (Navigators), and David Zabriski (7 UP/Colorado Cyclist) have both the form and the backing to pull off an upset. And then there's the overseas contingent, which includes a Telekom developmental squad, plus entries from Big Mat (France), Wustenrot-ZVVZ (Czech Republic), Mat-Ceresit-CCC (Poland), and the British National Team.

The biggest surprise might end up coming from the Volvo-Cannondale squad, a hybrid road/mountain bike entry that includes perennial Redlands strongman Cadel Evans and a pair of neo-pros from the Saeco squad, Michael Creed and Danny Pate. If the duo can help give Evans the support he's lacked in previous years, he could pull off a major upset.

In the women's race, it is suffering a bit from a scheduling conflict with several major events Down Under, but has still attracted a quality field. Though Saturn riders Anna Wilson and Susy Pryde (Redlands champion in 1997) and the Timex Sports squad of '98 winner Mari Holden will not be attending, there won't be a lack of competition. The team is coming off a dominant performance in Another Dam Race in Parker, Arizona, and certainly has the horses in riders such as Anke Erlank, Kimberly Bruckner, and Julie Young.

However, they'll have to get past several high-powered competitors: Saturn boasts Clara Hughes, who might well have won the '98 edition if not for a rolled tire; Team Elita is led by Karen Dunne and Annie Gariepy, who went one-two overall in the Valley of the Sun; and the Volvo-Cannondale and Charles Schwab entries pose threats as well, as does Katrina Berger of the Harbour Lights team, who turned heads with her performance in Parker.

The Redlands Classic begins on March 7 with a unique street sprint prologue event in San Bernadino, and concludes with the United Shuttle Sunset Road Race on March 12. The race's key stage will be on Friday, March 10th; a 93-mile road race for the men (150km) and 66 miles (106km) for women that finishes atop the 4,883-foot (1500m) climb of Oak Glen.

Overall, the Redlands Bicycle Classic draws over 300 professionals each year. The fields consist of road, track, and mountain bike racers. The Saturn USPRO Cycling Tour will award a $100,000 purse at the end of the tour. In addition to the professional racers, over 400 non-professional athletes will participate in the public races. The events planned include a fun ride that is open to the public called the "Legends of Cycling McTour." This charity ride will be led by famous cyclists with the proceeds benefiting the Ronald McDonald House in Loma Linda.

Start list

Saturn Cycling Team

301 Lyne Bessette (USA)
302 Clara Hughes (Can)
303 Julie Hanson (USA)
304 Petra Rossner (Ger)
305 Nicole Reinhart (USA) 


306 Annie Gariepy (Can)
307 Sophie St. Jacques (Can) 
308 Cybil Di Guistini (Can)
309 Melanie Dorion (USA) 
310 Karen Dunne (USA) 


311 Tina Mayolo (USA) 
312 Laura Shuford (USA)
313 Julie Young (USA) 
314 Anke Erlank (RSA) 
315 Kimberly Bruckner (USA)


320 Alla Epifanova (Rus) 
321 Carmen Richardson (USA)
322 Annabelle Stropparo (Ita) 
323 Alison Sydor (Can)

Team Helen's

326 Stacey Spencer (USA) 
327 Niki Pippin (USA) 
328 Suzanne Sonye (USA)
330 Gina Hall (USA)

USA Women's Team

331 Ann Trombley (USA)
332 Rachel Lloyd (USA)
333 Megan Elliott (USA)
335 Ruthie Matthes (USA) 

Gary Fisher/SAAB

336 Chrissy Redden (Can) 
337 Barbara Blatter (Swi) 
338 Chantal Dancourt (Swi)
339 Mary Grigson (Aus)
340 Sarah Hedger (USA)


341 Maureen Vergara (USA) 
342 Christy Nicholson (USA)
343 Nicole Gingles (USA) 
344 Leah Goldstein (USA) 
345 Stacey Peters (USA)

Team Jane Cosmetics

346 Jennifer Eyerman (USA)
347 Annelie Chapman (USA) 
348 Aileen Loe (USA) 
349 Karen Menge (USA) 
350 Rebecca McClintock (USA) 

La Grange/Bristol Farms

351 Adriana Sanchez Perez (USA)
352 Dotsie Cowden (USA)
353 Tomarra Notch (USA)
354 Andrea Foster (USA)
355 Desira Utzig (USA)

Team Voler

356 Brenda Black (USA)
357 Susan Latshaw (USA)
358 Lauren Gilliland (USA)
359 Amy Stenner-Roberts (USA) 
360 Traci Brown (USA) 

Alto Velo/Webcor/

363 Cynthia Ferguson (USA)
364 Troy Watson (USA) 

Harbour Lights/Velo Motion

366 Katrina Berger (USA) 
367 Tamara House-Williamson (USA) 
368 Deirdre Murphy (USA)
369 Laurie Furman (USA)
370 Daphne Wilhelm (USA) 

Charles Schwab

371 Leigh Hobson (USA)
372 Laura Van Gilder (USA)
373 Nicole Freedman (USA) 
374 Catherine Cardwell (USA) 
375 Elizabeth Emery (USA) 

RLX Polo Sport

376 Melissa Spooner (USA) 
377 Lesley Tomlinson (USA)
378 Jimena Florit (USA)
379 Shari Kain (USA) 

Proctor & Gamble Women's Health

380 Cheryl Binney (USA)
382 Heather Cole (USA)
383 Kori Kelly (USA) 
384 Ashley McCullough (USA)
385 Mina Pizzini (USA)

Great Britain National Team

401 Tracey Brunger (GBr) 
402 Caroline Alexander (GBr) 

Escape Velocity

403 Mandy Poitras (USA)
404 Karen Timewell (USA) 

Team GT

405 Alison Dunlap (USA)

Olympic Club

406 Lisa Hunt (USA)
407 Cynthia Mommsen (USA) 

La Grange/Bristol Farms

424 Trish Sinclair (USA)                  
426 Maria Calle (USA)

Team Voler

427 Tracie Tonello
428 Katie Safford
429 Pam Wolkoff


408 Gabriella Gonzalez S. de Ferrat (Mex) Mexican National Team
409 Kirsten Kotval (USA)              	  Giant
410 Kathleen Scully Weiner (USA)      	  Team La Sport
411 Lara Ruthven (USA)                	  TXcycle Sport
412 Brandy Bounds (USA)               	  Fort Leven
414 Caren Spore (USA)                 	  Davis Bike Club
415 Jessica Phillips (USA)            	  unattached
418 Cynthia Carroll (USA)             	  Northwest Pro Cycling
419 Deborah Durand (USA)              	  Russ Denny Bikes
421 Marie Holjer (Swe)                	  Swedish National Team
422 Ann Trombley (USA)                	  Women's National Team
423 Deirdre Murphy (USA)              	  CRCA/RLX Polo Sport


US Postal Service

1 Dylan Casey (USA)
2 Marty Jemison (USA)
3 Levi Leipheimer (USA)
4 Kirk O'Bee (USA)
5 David George (RSA)

Team Deutsche Telekom

11 David Kopp (Ger)
12 Ronny Jahn (Ger)
13 Steffen Weigold (Ger)
14 Ricardo Schlemonat (Ger)
15 Chrisian Knees (Ger)
16 Stefan Kink (Ger)
17 David Branstner (Ger)

Mercury Cycling Team

21 Chris Horner (USA)
22 Gord Fraser (Can)
23 Scott Moninger (USA)
24 Floyd Landis (USA)
25 Henk Vogels (Aus)
26 Steve Zampieri (Swi)
27 Michael Sayers (USA)

Big Mat Auber 93

31 Carlos Dacruz (Fra)
32 Alexandre Chouffe (Fra)
33 Denix Leproux (Fra)
34 Jay Sweet (Aus)
35 Jeremy Hunt (GBr)
36 Alexel Sivakov (Rus)
37 Sebastian Talabardon (Fra)

Saturn Cycling Team

41 Frank McCormack (USA)
42 Bart Bowen (USA)
43 Trent Klasna (USA)
44 Mark McCormack (USA)
45 Antonio Cruz (USA)
46 Brian Walton (Can)
47 Mike Barry (USA)


51 Todd Littlehales (USA)
52 Adham Sbeih (USA)
53 Mark Walters (USA)
54 Brendon Vesty (NZl)
55 Vassili Davidenko (Rus)
56 Jonathan Hamblen (USA)
57 Franky VanHaesebrouke (Bel)

Wustenrot ZVVZ

61 Tomas Konecny (Cze)
62 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Can)
63 Rene Andrle (Cze)
64 Jaroslav Bilek (Cze)
65 Milos Pejcha (Cze)
66 Mat Anand (Can)
67 Allan Iacuone (Aus)

Team Mat-Ceresit-CCC

71 Tomasz Kloczko (Pol)
72 Krzysztof Szafranski (Pol)
73 Marci Gebka (Pol)
74 Piotr Przydzial (Pol)
75 Zbigniew Piatek (Pol)
76 Artur Krasinski (Pol)
77 Slawomir Chrzanowski (Pol)

Team Shaklee

81 Graeme Miller (NZl)
82 Colby Pearce (USA)
83 Eric Wohlberg (Can)
84 John Lieswyn (USA)
85 Glen Mitchell (NZl)
86 Sylvain Beauchamp (Can)
87 Christian Valenzuela (Mex)

Jelly Belly-Lexus

91 Eddy Gragus (USA)
92 Scott Cochran (USA)
93 Adam Livingston (USA)
94 Mariano Frederick (USA)
95 Norm Carter (USA)
96 Steve Hegg (USA)
97 Derek Wilkerson (USA)

7UP/Colorado Cyclist

101 Doug Ziewacz (USA)
102 Paul Collins (USA)
103 Anton Villatoro (USA)
104 Dave Zabriskie (USA)
105 Clark Sheehan (USA)
106 Steve Speaks (USA)
107 John (Jeff) Corbett (USA)

The Zaxby's Cycling Team

111 Jason  (USA)
112 Ryan Barnett (USA)
113 Scottie Weiss (USA)
114 Jessie Lawler (USA)
115 Tommy Mulkey (USA)
116 Chris Pic (USA)
117 Thomas Kalstrup (USA)

Nutra Fig

121 Jason Van Marle (USA)
122 Jason McCartney (USA)
123 Jesse Kiefer (Can)
124 Kenny Williams (USA)
125 Ryan Allison (USA)
126 Aaron Olson (USA)
127 Ron Schmeer (USA)

Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajar

131 Alejandro Sanchez (Mex)
132 Noe Camacho (Mex)
133 Jose Robles (Mex)
134 Florencio Ramos (Mex)
135 Arquimedez Lam (Mex)
136 Jose Garcia (Mex)
137 Camil Sidharta (Mex)

Canadian National Team

141 Andreas Hestler (Can)
142 Eric Tourville (Can)
143 Chris Sheppard (Can)
144 Seamus McGrath (Can)
145 Mathieu Toulouse (Can)
146 Charles Dionne (Can)
147 Jason Crookham (Can)

Great Britain

151 Ian (Wilko) Wilkinson (GBr)
152 Paul Lasenby (GBr)
153 Oliver (Oli) Beckinsale (GBr)
154 Phil Dixon (GBr)
155 Tim Morley (GBr)
156 Kirk Albers (GBr)

DeFeet Lemond

161 Luke Mauritsen (USA)
162 Chris Harkey (USA)
163 Ben Bernard (USA)
164 Brandon Lovick (USA)
165 Ryan Cady (USA)
166 Steve Chrapchynski (USA)
167 Roberto Gaggioli (USA)

Team USA

171 Ryan Miller (USA)
172 Brad Buccambuso (USA)
173 William Skinner (USA)
174 Michael Luther (USA)
175 Devon Hoff-Weeks (USA)
176 Erin Hartwell (USA)
177 Adam Laurent (USA)


181 Brian Lopes (USA)
182 Christoph Sauser (Swi)
183 Kashi Leuchs (NZl)
184 Cadel Evans (Aus)
185 Danny Pate (USA)
186 Michael Creed (USA)
187 Pelle Kil (USA)

National Mountain Bike Team

191 Skyler Reeves (USA)
192 Steve Larsen (USA)
193 Jess Swiggers (USA)
194 Carl Swenson (USA)
195 Marc Gulickson (USA)
196 Travis Brown (USA)
197 Ben Scherrer (USA)

Team GT

201 Mike Lamb (Can)
202 Matt Minard (USA)
203 Roel Paulisssen (Bel)
204 Roland Green (Can)
205 Josh Thornton (USA)
206 Steve Tilford (USA)
207 Greg Randolph (USA)

Mercury Jets

211 Rahsaan Bahati (USA)
212 Justin Spinelli (USA)
213 Will Frischkorn (USA)
214 Jon Retseck (USA)
215 Phil Zajecek (USA)
216 Ernie Lechuga (USA)
217 Sterling Magnell (USA)

Gary Fisher/SAAB

221 Ken Helgeson (USA)
222 Pavel Tcherkassov (Rus)
223 Kirk Molday (USA)
224 Andy Bishop (USA)
225 Matt Kelly (USA)
226 Ryder Hesjedel (Can)

GS Lombardi

231 James Hodnett (USA)
232 John (J.D.) Durso (USA)
233 Tim Larkin (USA)
234 Michael Taylor (USA)
235 David Smith (USA)
236 Patrick Heaney (USA)
237 John Hunt (USA)

Kissena Cycling Team

241 Joe Guiliano (Can)
242 Bill Innes (USA)
243 Sean Nealy (USA)
244 Alex Lavallee (Can)
245 Peter Mazur (Can)
246 Antoine Varghese (Can)
247 Andrew Randall (Can)

Mercy Fitness Cycling Team

251 Brice Jones (see Nat'l) (USA)
252 Shane Thellman (USA)
253 Ryan Peterson (USA)
254 John Matthews (USA)
255 Gus Tietsort (USA)
256 Brian Fagan (USA)
257 Steven Cate (USA)

Team Wheelworks/Cannondale

261 Ken Toman (USA)
262 Robert Dapice (USA)
263 Donny Lopez (USA)
264 Sandy Perrins (USA)
265 Mathew Svatek (USA)
266 Shawn McCormack (USA)
267 Chris Donald (USA)

Team Jamis-Columbus Group

271 Stephen Gilligan (USA)
272 Fabio Cardoso (USA)
273 William Cuello (USA)
274 Grant Potter (USA)
275 John Cipolla (USA)
276 Steve Mlujeak (USA)
277 Chris Frederick (USA)
281 Dereck Butterrield (USA)
282 Victor Ayala (USA)
283 Lane Packwood (USA)

Dynamite/In Cycle

284 Patrick Caro (USA)
285 Ryan Lane (USA)
286 Anthony Martin (USA)
287 Richard Thomas (USA)