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15th La Ruta de los Conquistadores - NE

Costa Rica, November 14-17, 2007

2006 results     Stage List     Preview    Map     Past winners   Start List

The Stages

  • Stage 1 - November 14: Jaco Beach - El Rodeo, 95km
  • Stage 2 - November 15: El Rodeo - Terremall, 75.2km
  • Stage 3 - November 16: Terramall - Aquiares, 66.7km
  • Stage 4 - November 17: Aquiares - Playa Bonita (Limon), 120km

La Ruta goes bigger for 15th anniversary

By Rob Jones

..and off they go at 0515 hours
Photo ©: Rob Jones
Click for larger image

On November 9, the organizers of Costa Rica's most famous bike race, La Ruta de los Conquistadores, held a press conference in San Jose to introduce the 2007 edition. This year is the 15th anniversary of La Ruta, and the organizers have added an extra day (up to four from three), and extra distance and climbing.

For 2007 La Ruta has increased by 72 kilometres, to 360 kilometres, with the vertical gain now up to a staggering 12,000 metres (39,000 feet). The reasons for the additional day are twofold:

1. Last year a significant proportion of participants could not complete the first day (which contained approximately half of the total climbing for the event). The final climb was a brutally steep and long off-road muddy slog, which did people in (earlier years had used a paved climb). Thomas Frischknecht exclaimed at the time "the hardest day of racing I have ever done".

2. The organizers wanted to truly make this a 'coast to coast' event. Previous years had a gap around San Jose.

The first stage, from Jaco Beach on the Pacific Coast to El Rodeo (west of San Jose), has gone back to the previous course, with the final climb paved. The course is by no means easy, with 4420 metres of vertical gain over 95 kilometres. The first portion of the course contains the most technical trails of the entire race, with riders slogging through tropical rain forest, mud bogs and river crossings. They also pass through the beautiful Carara National Park - Carara is a local native word for crocodile...

The new second stage takes the riders in a long loop south around San Jose. This stage has the most pavement (50%), but also 3624 metres of vertical gain, with steep climbs and descents - this may be the crucial stage of the race for the top competitors.

The Ruta presentation
Photo ©: Rob Jones
Click for larger image

Day three is unchanged from last year, at 66.7 kilometres. It is nearly 60% on gravel roads and takes the riders to the highest point of the race at 3010 metres, on the slopes of the Irazu volcano. Immediately after cresting the summit, riders plunge 10 kilometres downhill to the stage finish. The first portion of the descent is fairly treacherous, with large, loose 'baby skull' rocks littering the route. Last year, Jeremiah Bishop attacked race leader Leonardo Paez on this section and crashed heavily in a corner, breaking his cheekbone. Thomas Frischknecht also lost the lead (which he regained on the following day) on this descent in 2005 when he suffered multiple flats.

The final day, at 120 kilometres, is the longest, but also trends mostly downhill to the finish on a Caribbean beach in Limon. The first half of the stage is mostly gravel roads, interspersed with short sections of pavement, but the second half features long stretches of muscle jarring railway track and trestle bridges, with a final swampy, muddy run into the beach.

Neither of last year's winners - Colombian Paez or Canada's Marg Fedyna - are returning, so the race is open to crown a new winner. One of the favourites for the women's crown, Canadian Melanie McQuaid - a former Xterra champion - pulled out a couple of days ago, so it looks to be a race between cross-country pro Sue Haywood in her first La Ruta, against two former winners - Louise Kobin and Hillary Harrison. On the men's side, there are a number of Costa Ricans who would like to take the title back after two years of foreign wins - Deiber Esquivel, Manuel Prado, Federico Ramirez (the only 3-time winner of La Ruta) and Paolo Montoya. The foreign challengers will be Canada's Max Plaxton, Tinker Juarez (USA), Sandro Spaeth (Switzerland - 2nd in Trans Alp) and Thomas Dietsch (France, World #1 ranked in Marathon).



Click for larger image

Start List

Open Men

1 Deiber Esquivel Benavides (CRc) IBP Pensiones                                          
2 Federico Ramirez Mendez (CRc) BCR-PIZZA HUT-POWERADE-KHS                               
3 Marco Antonio Pohlond Madrigal (CRc) Scotiabank / DHL / Sweaters                       
4 Sandro Spaeth (Swi) Ride Magazine - Texner BMC                                         
5 Thomas Zahnd (Swi) Team Stoeckli-Craft                                                 
6 Manuel Prado (CRc) Sho Air / La Ruta                                                   
7 Frederick Dreier (USA) VeloNews                                                        
8 Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Gewiss Bianchi                                                    
9 Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain / Haywood Securities                              
10 David Tinker Juarez (USA) Cannondale                                                  
11 Paolo Montoya Cantillo (CRc) Macosta Lee Cougan Santa Ana BCT                         
12 Rom Kanga Akerson (USA) Rock Shox - Sram                                              
13 Juan Alberto Solis Rodas (CRc) BCR-PIZZA HUT-POWERADE-KHS                             
14 Max Plaxton (Can) Rocky Mountain / Haywood Securities                                 
15 Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona                                                               
16 Luis Carlos Araya Aguilar (CRc) Ciclo Paraíso                                         
17 Gonzalo Bonilla Pereira (CRc) Ciclo Paraíso                                           
18 Luis Villanea Viquez (CRc) Scotiabank / DHL / Rock Shox-Sram                          
19 Jonathan Carballo Ramírez (CRc) IBP Pensiones                                         
20 Salvador Borrego-Crum (USA) Hunter Cycles/Championships Unlimited                     
21 Cesar Alcazar Mendez (CRc)                                                            
22 Wayner Mata Gutierrez (CRc) TLMQ                                                      
23 Pablo Carpio Leiva (CRc) Acipa Paraiso                                                
24 Carlos Daniel Fernandez Vegas (Ven) Pan de Azucar Bike Team, edo.miranda venezuela    
25 Christian Lesko Madriz (CRc)                                                          
26 Gerard Joliat (Swi) Bogy's                                                            
27 Cory Wallace (Can) Team Jasper                                                        
28 Brandon Dwigth (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport                                              
29 Alfredo Acosta Gonzalez (CRc) Fiesta Total                                            
30 Juan Diego Jimenez Sequeira (CRc) Fiesta Total                                        
31 Jon Nutbrown (Can) Ridley's/Giant                                                     
32 Jason First (USA) Crank Brothers                                                      
33 Gabriel Carbajal (USA) Dos Compas Racing                                              
34 Tom Beentjes (Ned) Autobedrijf Dirk v/d Steen, kroone Liefting                        
35 Carlos Ganoza (Per) Swissport                                                         
36 Bill Apeldoorn (Ned) Autobedrijf Dirk v/d Steen, kroone Liefting                      
37 Miguel Labarta Del Castillo (Spa) Matxacuca                                           
38 Erik Bakke (USA) Deadgoat Racing                                                      
39 Marcin Gulbicki (GBr)                                                                 
40 Andy Sanidas (USA) Igleheart Custom Frames / Western Cycle                            
41 Jimmy Davis (USA) Boca Hawaii-Island Triathlon & Bike-Oakley-Try                      
42 Matthew Young (Can)                                                                   
43 Hamish Bingley (GBr) Ben Hayward Cycles, Cambridge, UK                                
44 Alex Bramford (GBr)                                                                   
45 Sean Grady (USA) Route 15 Bicycle Outlet                                              
46 Felipe Caycedo (Col) Átomos Volando Bogotá                                            
47 Tomás Castrillón (Col) Átomos Volando Bogotá                                          
48 Brian Cimmiyotti (USA) Scott's cycle and sport/sigma management                       
49 Gabriel Byrne (USA) Kovarus/Squadra Ovest                                             
50 Pedro Bento (Por) Ribabike                                                            
51 Jason Asay (USA) Tahitian Noni International                                          
52 Chucky Gibson (USA) Tahitian Noni International                                       
53 Peter Biedenharn (USA)                                                                
54 Michael Spoerri (Swi)                                                                 
55 Tobias Jakob (Swi)                                                                    
56 Alex Wyss (Swi)                                                                       
57 Jason Masterman (USA)                                                                 
58 Iker Maiz Urtiaga (Spa) Bici y Montaña                                                
59 Joel Grimmett (USA) Lonestar Racing Club                                              
60 Rufus Pichler (Ger) Kissena Cycling Club                                              
61 Ruud Groot (Ned) Autobedrijf Dirk v/d Steen, kroone Liefting                          
62 Manuel Valverde (Mex) BaseFirma                                                       
63 Ricardo Rosero (Col) BaseFirma                                                        
64 Webb Embry (USA)                                                                      
65 Victor Manuel García Montoro (Spa) Bidones Roma S.A                                   
66 Werner Van Der Merwe (RSA)                                                            
67 Javier Lerma (Mex) Global Niches                                                      
68 Joel Martinez Gonzalez (Spa)                                                          
69 Christopher Craig (USA) Craig Associates, PC                                          
70 Ran Begin Meiri (Isr) Team Skinny                                                     
71 David Bragulat Vila (Spa) Btt Llagostera - Medina                                     
72 William Sullivan (USA) Cowbell Challenge                                              
73 Timmy Dougherty (USA) BearNaked / Cannondale                                          
74 Douglas Jenne (USA) Vicious Cycles / BareKnuckleBrigade / Twin Six                    
75 Andrew Clayton (RSA)                                                                  
76 Bart Gillespie (USA) MonaVie/Cannondale                                               
77 Jason Sager (USA) MonaVie/Cannondale                                                  
78 Marcos Reichert (Gua) Xerox / Donde Jose / Trefrateli                                 
79 Jake Pantone (USA) Biker's Edge / Destination Homes                                   
80 Harry Precourt (USA) North Atlantic Velo / Classbook.com                              
81 Charles St Jeor (USA) ALG Worldwide                                                   
82 Peter Butt (Aus)                                                                      
83 Zack Heim (USA) Paragon Cycling/San Tan Racing                                        
84 Jonny Hintze (USA) Biker's Edge / Destination Homes                                   
85 Devin Beedle (USA)                                                                    
86 Jay Cruickshank Donald (USA) Robert Earl Racing / Swobo                               
87 Rolando Flores Mercado (Mex) Burger King Mazatlan                                     
88 Christopher Lang Arce (CRc) Ulicori - Cycling Solutions - Specialized                 
89 Álvaro Quesada Loría (CRc)                                                            
90 Martin Bain Venn (RSA)                                                                
91 John Cordoba (USA) Masterman/rnr                                                      
92 Michael Gabor (USA)                                                                   
93 Andrés Fernández Salazar (CRc)                                                        
94 Alberto Gamboa Pacheco (CRc) Caribbean Bikers / Seven Capital Ltd                     
95 Steven Rule (USA) Blake's Lotaburger                                                  
96 Federico Hazera Fernández (CRc) CIRCUITO                                              
97 Fabricio Loaiza Granados (CRc) Hospira Holdings / Costa Rica                          
98 Jhony Madrigal Zumbado (CRc) Xerox                                                    
99 René Quesada Morales (CRc) Asocaci Bikes and Friends Cartago                          
100 Arnoldo Loaiza Duran (CRc) Team Isostar                                              
101 Orion Akerson (USA) Heart Transverter                                                
102 Teal Akerson (USA) Heart Transverter                                                 
103 Stream Akerson (USA) Heart Transverter                                               
104 Forest Akerson (USA) Heart Transverter                                               
105 Jose Santos Miranda Blandon (Nic) Cisa Seguridad - San Alberto                       
106 Enrique Artavia Cedeira (CRc) Super Pro Banco BCT Santa Ana                          
107 Alejandro Madrigal Guerrero (CRc) Artillería Pesada                                  
108 Eddy Pérez Mata (CRc) Ulicori Bticino                                                
109 Sebastian Conejo Quesada (CRc) Bike Station - Gary Fisher                            
110 Carlos Eduardo Jiménez Méndez (CRc) FADASA S.A                                       
111 Marvin Solano Gomez (CRc) Techos y Estruct. de CR-Ciclo Brenes Paraiso               
112 Miguel Montoya Chinchilla (CRc) Avimil                                               
113 Emilio Brenes Jiménez (CRc)                                                          
114 Brian Guillermo Arias Chaves (CRc)                                                   
115 Oscar Marín Jimenez (CRc)                                                            
116 Olman Abarca Miranda (CRc)                                                           
117 Alex Ramirez Salas (CRc) Complejo Wilmer Lopez/Ciclo Guilly Brumoso                  
Open Women

118 Maria Alejandra Carvajal Brenes (CRc) BCR-PIZZA HUT-POWERADE-KHS                     
119  Kobin Louise (USA) Sho Air/Rock and Road                                            
120 Hillary Harrison (Can) Kenda Tires-Mo Training                                       
121 Kerrie Noonan (Aus) Ride Beyond - MS Racing                                          
122 Audrey Adler (USA)                                                                   
123 Kristen Cadle (RSA)                                                                  
124 Caroline Pinard (Can) Corazon-CBRS                                                   
125 Shannon Boyd (USA)                                                                   
126 Elizabeth Ward (RSA)                                                                 
127 Ana María Sarmiento (Col)                                                            
128 Carey Lowery (USA) Team Outdoor Store                                                
129 Becky Reimann (USA) The Alpineer - Crested Butte, CO                                 
130 Rennie Greene (USA) Privateer                                                        
131 Tori Fahey (Can) Deadgoat Racing                                                     
132 Dawn Kaczor (USA) MTBMIND/LUNACHIX                                                   
133 Paula Waite (USA)                                                                    
134 Amy Bennett (USA)                                                                    
135 Cricket Butler (USA)                                                                 
136 Anna Cain (USA) Sixsixone                                                            
137 Sheila Gardner (Can) J&J Cycle Racing                                                
138 MaryClare Haley (Can) Coach Chris/Ted Velikonja Cycling Team                         
139 Bethany Elson (USA) Jan´s                                                            
140 Jessy Broyles (USA) BaseFirma                                                        
141 Heather Simmons (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                  
142 Charlotte Ireland (NZl)                                                              
143 Michiko Kawamoto (Jpn) Vista Guapa Surf Camp                                         
144 Fanny Paquette (Can) MountainBiking Magazine / Rocky Mountain                        
145 Jennifer Sica (USA) Schampa Racing                                                   
146 Erika Beckley (Mex) Gary Fisher Coxflor                                              
147 Trish Grajczyk (Can) Deadgoat Racing                                                 
148 Susan Haywood (USA) Trek / VW                                                        
149 Tamara Goeppel (Can) Leki BikeXtreme                                                 
150 Ileana Soto Alvarez (CRc)                                                            
151 Marianela Rivera Zúniga (CRc) VisiteCosta Rica.com                                   
152 Rebeca Hidalgo Vargas (CRc) Powerade                                                 
153 Cintia Coto Elizondo (CRc) Powerade                                                  
154 Angela Parra Sierra (Col) SAFETY, Hammer Nutrition, BSS                              
155 Rebeca Marín Solano (CRc) Rios Tropicales - Disexport - Mawamba                      
156 Silvia Cob (CRc) Muscle                                                              
157 Samantha Phillips (Can) Nordicsportcenter.com                                        
158 Patti Plagmann (USA) Team Bike Lane                                                  
159 Maria Gabriela Rivera Guevara (CRc)                                                  
160 Ana Lucia Arias Fernández (CRc) Ulicori-Bticino                                      
161 Jeannie Batán Solera (CRc) Planet Gym                                                
162 Melanie McQuaid (Can) Nature's Path - BMC                                            
Master A

163 Carlos Barreto Herrera (Ven) Chimanta-Venoco                                         
164 Jorge Castillo (CRc) Santa Cruz Manitou                                              
165 Michel Bujold (Can) Lessard Cycle                                                    
166 Peter D'Aquanni (USA)                                                                
167 Alejandro Castro Anderson (CRc) Reto de Los Volcanes/www.bikecr.com                  
168 Ismael Peraza Chavarria (CRc) Muscle                                                 
169 Marcelo Silva Guistiniani (CRc) 1804242                                              
170 Francisco Jiménez Fuentes (CRc)                                                      
171 Rafael Alberto Marrero Molina (CRc) Team Isostar                                     
172 Philippe Bukovec (Fra) Team Isostar                                                  
173 Efrain Arturo Bolaños Garro (CRc) VisiteCosta Rica.com                               
174 Scott Henry (USA) Trek / VW                                                          
175 José Arguedas Morera (CRc) Rios Tropicales - Disexport - Mawamba                     
176 Edward Anderson (USA) 2CC-Pony Shop-LEEDA Services of Illinois, Inc.                 
177 John Mercer (USA) Mama Osa                                                           
178 Derk Wynia HOL Team Endurance Curacao                                                
179 Christopher Cook (USA)                                                               
180 Sergio Alejandro Paez Gallo (Col) Synergy Adventure Colombia                         
181 Luis De Ezpeleta Aguilar (CRc) Aval / Litespeed                                      
182 Kenny Stephen Ihnot (USA)                                                            
183 Mark Russel (USA)                                                                    
184 Dan Barlow (USA)                                                                     
185 Mike Savitch (USA) Verve Health & Fitness                                            
186 Bryan Bowles (USA)                                                                   
187 Shehbaz Butt (Can)                                                                   
188 David Toth (USA)                                                                     
189 Tomas Hidalgo Gomez (Spa) C C San Antonio                                            
190 Drew Jordan (USA) Revolution Mountain Sport                                          
191 Steve Glazer (USA) Marin Bikes                                                       
192 Chris Sohayda (USA)                                                                  
193 Marc Brummelhuis (Ned) Kooyman Techniek Cycling Team                                 
194 Peter Reijmer (Ned) Kooyman Techniek Cycling Team                                    
195 Raymond Brummelhuis (Ned) Kooyman Techniek Cycling Team                              
196 Kevin Perry (USA)                                                                    
197 Adam Baker (USA)                                                                     
198 Christian Pelletier (Can) Micro Monde                                                
199 Diego Castro Martínez (CRc) ESCO                                                     
200 Thomas Blackmon (USA) Blackmon Auctions                                              
201 Kevin Clark (USA) The Bicycle Escape / Vassago Cycles                                
202 Sam Dowling (GBr) Fanylion Racing                                                    
203 Andrés Martín Ovares (CRc)                                                           
204 Michael Voie (USA) Touchstone                                                        
205 David Alfaro (USA) Touchstone                                                        
206 Dan Stern (USA)                                                                      
207 Jerry José Zamora Rojas (CRc) CVG ALUNASA                                            
208 Garry Christopher (GBr) Ride Beyond - MS Trust                                       
209 Vik Chaudhuri (GBr)                                                                  
210 Stuart Spies (RSA) Madengine Racing                                                  
211 Fabio Roberto Villalobos Benavides (CRc)                                             
212 Kip Mikler (USA) Bike Magazine                                                       
213 Mauricio Osorio (Col) Synergy Adventure Colombia                                     
214 Edward Frayer (USA)                                                                  
215 Robert Los (USA)                                                                     
216 Rich Dillen (USA) Team Dicky                                                         
217 Peter Paelinck (Bel) www.reevax.be                                                   
218 Matthew Kemp (GBr) Ride Beyond - MS Trust                                            
219 Harry K. McIntosh (USA) David's World Cycle                                          
220 David Dowdall (Irl)                                                                  
221 Perry Thomas (USA) Cycle South                                                       
222 Gary Barwick (GBr)                                                                   
223 Javier Clares Lázaro (Spa) A.C. El Prat                                              
224 Raymond Velez (USA)                                                                  
225 Travis Underwood (USA) The Alpineer - Crested Butte, CO                              
226 Jose Vicente Lucas Martinez (Spa)                                                    
227 Eduardo Cortez (Ven) Henry Pittier, Vzla                                             
228 Richard Blair (USA) www.mtbmind.com                                                  
229 Robert Blunt (USA) Two Muddy Ruckers                                                 
230 Emile Bruneau (USA) Two Muddy Ruckers                                                
231 Shayne Myers (USA) Scott's Cycle & Sport                                             
232 Chad Wilson (USA) Reno Wheelmen                                                      
233 Kris Wood (Can)                                                                      
234 Aaron Thall (USA)                                                                    
235 James Love (USA)                                                                     
236 Matthew Wakdheim (Can)                                                               
237 Joseph Stein (USA) MTBMIND                                                           
238 Wilfredo Rafael Ospina Uribe (Col) Synergy Adventure Colombia                        
239 Trevor Luke Hughes (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                               
240 Matt Gordon (USA) Orbea                                                              
241 Richard Wray (USA) Staats Bicycles                                                   
242 Jason Boynton (USA)                                                                  
243 Jamerson Kent (USA) Staats Bicycles                                                  
244 Matt Bradley (USA) Staats Bicycles                                                   
245 Warner Smith (USA)                                                                   
246 Jairo Vargas (Col) Átomos Volando Bogotá                                             
247 Matthew Davis (USA) Staats Bicycles                                                  
248 Jon Sarver (USA) BioWheels Asheville/Sarver Realty Group, LLC.                       
249 Daniel Kaufman (USA) GDI                                                             
250 Jarrett Keim (USA) RJ Griffin & Company                                              
251 Benjamin Thompson (USA) www.bendelitemtb.com                                         
252 Lester Pardoe (Can) Chipotle/Titus                                                   
253 Trent Marshall (Can) Kelowna Cycle                                                   
254 John Fojtek (USA) Altitud Cycle                                                      
255 Charlie Eustace (GBr) Ellsworth / Freeborn.co.uk / Torq                              
256 Flemming Lund (Den) Team Inmobia Extreme                                             
257 Billy Mollina (USA) Team Inmobia Extreme                                             
258 Marco López (Nic) Team Inmobia Extreme                                               
259 Scott Buswell (USA) FTWB                                                             
260 Derek Biesheuvel (USA)                                                               
261 Marc Ouellet (Can) Les Boys                                                          
262 John Foley (USA)                                                                     
263 Warren Ellis (Can) NRG / EAGLE HOMES                                                 
264 Marvin Elizondo Solano (CRc) Gimnasio Todd                                           
265 Marco Antonio Beltran (Mex) Gary Fisher Coxflor                                      
266 Michel Schaffner (Swi)                                                               
267 Laudalino Ferreira (USA)                                                             
268 Matt Ohran Ohranran (USA) MonaVie/Cannondale                                         
269 Mike Cushionbury (USA) MonaVie/Cannondale                                            
270 Thomas Spanning (USA) MonaVie/Cannondale                                             
271 Shawn Luphco (USA) MonaVie/Cannondale                                                
272 Troy Luphco (USA) MonaVie/Cannondale                                                 
273 Chris Peters (USA) MonaVie/Cannondale                                                
274 Jefrey Pinzón Chavarria (CRc) FedEx                                                  
275 Jose Morales Zuger (Gua) Xerox / Donde Jose / Trefrateli                             
276 Jose Manuel Hurtado (Gua) Xerox / Donde Jose / Trefrateli                            
277 Jeremy Woodall (GBr)                                                                 
278 Eelco Docter (Ned) Macclesfield Wheelers                                             
279 Rob Wells (USA) Robert Earl Racing / Swobo                                           
280 Raul Rojas (CRc) DCMTB-City Bikes-Metro Gutter                                       
281 Randal Solano Quiros (CRc) Rios Tropicales-Disexport-Mawamba                         
282 Edgar Gomez (Mex) KURODA MEXICO                                                      
283 Scott Slingerland (USA)                                                              
284 Ronald Arias Blanco (CRc) K-RO TEAM                                                  
285 Óscar Sánchez Esquivel (CRc)                                                         
286 Ron Ellis (Can) Eagle Homes                                                          
287 Shawn Collison (Can) Ryeka Sport                                                     
288 Edgar Leonel Oliva Rodas (Gua) Trek de Guatemala                                     
289 Peter Dunham (Can) Tristone Capital                                                  
290 Roberto García Lachner (CRc) Rock Shox - Sram                                        
291 Thomas Sandí Campos (CRc)                                                            
292 Jonathan Rouse (USA) Robert Earl Velo / Swobo                                        
293 Brian Spring (USA) MTBMIND.COM                                                       
294 Hernando Castro (Ven) Chimanta-Venoco                                                
295 Joseph Nuss (USA) Endurance Magazine                                                 
296 Daniel Tuggle (USA) Robert Earl Racing / Swobo                                       
297 Luis Rubi Quant (CRc) Auto Lavado Pinares                                            
298 Jeffrey Cote (Can) TwinSix                                                           
299 Steven Melkman (Ned) Team Endurance Curacao                                          
300 Xavier Gonzalez Bautista (Spa) Platja D'aro                                          
301 Bentley Blackmon (USA) Blackmon Thomas                                               
302 Tom Hipsz (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                        
303 Gabriel Diaz Diaz (Spa) Sappysport                                                   
304 Alexander Torres Solano (CRc) Cafetalera Aquiares                                    
305 José Herrera Herrera (CRc) Hospira Holdings / Costa Rica                             
306 Gustavo Herrera Díjeres (CRc) Asocaci Bikes and Friends Cartago                      
307 Jose Angel Beltran Bernal (Mex) Turbo                                                
308 Carlos Quiros Llobet (CRc) Xerox                                                     
309 Gustavo Manzur Orosco (CRc) Xerox                                                    
310 Victor Alonso Araya Pereira (CRc) Xerox                                              
311 Guillermo Gómez Sequeira (CRc) Xerox                                                 
312 Milton Fallas Barboza (CRc) Xerox                                                    
313 José Rojas Alvarado (CRc)                                                            
314 Roy Soto Arguedas (CRc)                                                              
315 Martin Fuentes Ruiz (CRc) Chiquita Cobal                                             
316 Alejandro Arias Victory (CRc)                                                        
317 John Hillstrom (USA) Team Wrong Way                                                  
318 José Ramón Castañeda Gallegos (CRc)                                                  
319 William Valverde Barquero (CRc) Vedova Y Obando / Husquarna                          
320 Aramis Chinchilla Luna (CRc) Grupo Colono                                            
321 Ronald Obando Corrales (CRc) Artillería Pesada                                       
322 Jairo Garita Hernández (CRc) Wabe S.A                                                
323 Marco Chinchilla Vaglio (CRc) Mani La Guaria                                         
324 Alejandro Wong Campos (CRc)                                                          
325 Roger Mercaldi (USA) Seaside Cycle                                                   
326 Miguel Jara Padilla (CRc) Inresa de Costa Rica                                       
327 Jerry Alberto Angulo Masis (CRc)                                                     
328 Manfred Avila Kopper (CRc) TiTus / Vitalissimo                                       
329 Melvin Rojas Alfaro (CRc) Ciclo Guilly                                               
330 Randall Aguilar Quesada (CRc) Acipa Paraiso                                          
331 Rafael Ramírez Quirós (CRc)                                                          
332 Carlos Aguilar Quesada (CRc) Acipa Paraiso                                           
333 Cacho Rodríguez Alvarado (CRc) Hotel Cortez Azul                                     
334 Federico Soto Castro (CRc)                                                           
335 Marco Moreno Hernández (CRc) Ciclo Deportes M.Moreno - Marzocchi                     
336 Taro Smith (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport                                                 
337 Edgar Zumbado Madrigal (CRc) Bike Station - Gary Fisher                              
338 Dean Payne (Can) BC BIKE RACE                                                        
339 Ronald Esteban Hernandez Mora (USA) Jeep / Autostar Vehiculos S.A                    
340 Juan Carlos Marín Valenciano (CRc)                                                   
341 William Vargas Ramirez (CRc) SCOTT                                                   
342 Alejandro Nietzen (CRc) Caribbean Bikers                                             
343 Ewdin Arce Hernández (CRc) Ciclo Mobi Heredia                                        
344 Leonel Gómez Navarro (CRc) Ciclo Guilly - Flor del Café                              
345 Rafael González Arce (CRc)                                                           
346 Mauricio Garro Carvajal (CRc)                                                        
347 Victor Hugo Loría Ramírez (CRc) Ciclo Guilly - Flor del Café                         
348 Luis Diego Chaverri Madden (CRc)                                                     
349 Omar Gerardo Jara Rodríguez (CRc) P.Guisa Hotel Arenal Rivera Ciclo Movi             
350 Werner Eichler Contreras (CRc) Ulicori Bticino                                       
Master B

351 Enrique De Alba (Mex) Bike Style                                                     
352 Angelo Mascitelli (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                
353 Krzysztof Kolada (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                 
354 Modesto Jimenez Vargas (CRc)                                                         
355 Fernando Salazar Chavarría (CRc) Nitidos                                             
356 Francisco Cespedes Alvarez (CRc) Asocaci Bikes and Friends Cartago                   
357 Enrique Valverde Solano (CRc)                                                        
358 Berthold Schwarz (Ger) Quick & Dirty                                                 
359 David Boyd (USA) Team Bike Lane                                                      
360 Bo Mopera (USA) Pinoy MTB                                                            
361 Bruce Wilson (USA) Team Cycopath                                                     
362 John W. Miller (USA)                                                                 
363 Andrew Rollin (USA) Cupertino Bike Shop                                              
364 Steven Kaufman (USA)                                                                 
365 Chas Ryan (USA)                                                                      
366 Mark Cadle (GBr)                                                                     
367 David Green (USA)                                                                    
368 Oliver Carbonell (USA) Inwood Velo                                                   
369 Manuel Pardo Rodriguez (Spa)                                                         
370 Humberto Rodriguez (Mex)                                                             
371 Sergio Correa (USA)                                                                  
372 Franklin Aguilar Jimenez (CRc) Camara Comercio, Turismo e Industria Limón            
373 Jono Senk (USA) Monte Hewett Homes                                                   
374 Raymond Woodruff (USA)                                                               
375 Carlos Schietekat Ballesteros (Mex)                                                  
376 Dan Swanson (Can)                                                                    
377 Paul Granger (Can)                                                                   
378 J-Patrick Bédard (Can)                                                               
379 Daniel P. Thauvette (Can) Corazon-CBRS                                               
380 Jean Marc Ballard (Can) CBRS                                                         
381 Cary Smith (USA)                                                                     
382 Todd Henne (USA) Yell Country Veterinary Service                                     
383 Thomas Greene (USA) BlessoConsulting.com                                             
384 David Troast (USA) Nantucket Numbnuts                                                
385 Edward Toole (USA) Nantucket Numbnuts                                                
386 Todd Moyer (USA)                                                                     
387 Robert Quinn (USA)                                                                   
388 Russ McDonough (USA)                                                                 
389 Robert Myint (USA) BikeFactory                                                       
390 Gerry McCuaig (Can) Deadgoat Racing/ Bow Cycle                                       
391 Mark Greenslit (USA)                                                                 
392 Jorge Ricardo Schiller (Mex) Global Niches                                           
393 John Wyrick (USA)                                                                    
394 John Wong (Can) Team Whistler                                                        
395 Silvio Andrade Santinelli (USA)                                                      
396 Luis Lizarraga (USA)                                                                 
397 Jose Juan Vega (USA) Promerica Bank                                                  
398 Tim Wilkie (USA) Riverbrook Bike & Ski                                               
399 Omar Jimenez (CRc) Grupo Nación                                                      
400 Gerardo Prieto Castillo (Mex)                                                        
401 Andrew Combs (USA)                                                                   
402 Trevor Lyons (GBr)                                                                   
403 Robert Baxter (GBr)                                                                  
404 Fernando Manuel Branco Quintino (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                  
405 Paul Millar (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                      
406 Krys Tomaszewski (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                 
407 Franklin Matamoros Alpizar (CRc) Ciclo Varela Ciudad Colon                           
408 Daniel Poortvliet (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                
409 William Wilson Robert (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                            
410 John Myers (USA) Myers Mechanical                                                    
411 Sean Wood (USA)                                                                      
412 Michael Jacobs (USA) Team Evergreen / Performance Labs HC                            
413 Jeffrey Heide (USA)                                                                  
414 John Gardner (USA) J&J Cycle Racing                                                  
415 Trever Bushnell (USA) Construction Zone                                              
416 Michael Thiele (USA) Thieles Automotive                                              
417 Dave Cormier (USA)                                                                   
418 Andrew Caputo (USA) Central Wheel                                                    
419 Craig Vandelist (USA)                                                                
420 Harry Monroe (USA)                                                                   
421 Mark Daley Johnson (USA)                                                             
422 Thomas Calton (USA)                                                                  
423 Paul Collin (GBr)                                                                    
424 Bruce Frazier (USA) OFS/SCOTT/HAMMER NUTRITION                                       
425 Bradley Youse (USA)                                                                  
426 Stewart Stafford (USA) Austin Flyers/BSS                                             
427 Andrew Yates (USA) Beef and Pie                                                      
428 Kevin Storer (USA)                                                                   
429 Jeff Schooler (USA) Dos Compas Racing                                                
430 Clark Seadon (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                     
431 Mike Charuk (Can) Team Whistler                                                      
432 David Campbell (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                   
433 Timothy Collinson (NZl)                                                              
434 Luis Escobar (USA) Montrail Ultra Running Team                                       
435 Daniel McCarthy (USA)                                                                
436 Ron Wood (USA)                                                                       
437 Marco Chalaby (USA) Solar Eclipse                                                    
438 John Finetto (USA)                                                                   
439 Andrew MacDowall (ESA) Stirling Bike Club                                            
440 Michael Belser (USA)                                                                 
441 Roman Cabello Verdugo (Mex)                                                          
442 Pedro Paris (CRc) XEROX                                                              
443 Karl Davidson (USA) Bonita Bikers                                                    
444 Lance E Torre (USA) MARCLOTHING.COM                                                  
445 Tom Ebbern (Can) Tristone Capital                                                    
446 Michael Robert Orr (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                               
447 Mark Parsons (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                     
448 Hal Haberman (USA)                                                                   
449 Andreas Wittmann (Ger) Team Cube Mr.Bike Germany                                     
450 Klaus Ruebensaal (Ger) Team Cube Mr.Bike Germany                                     
451 Doug Andrews (USA) gpsUPLOAD.com / Geoladders.com                                    
452 Arturo Perez Arias (Mex) Gary Fisher Coxflor                                         
453 Manuel Salguero Montoya (CRc) Asocaci Bikes and Friends Cartago                      
454 Pablo Arrieta Guzmán (CRc)                                                           
455 León Federico Amador (CRc)                                                           
456 Luis Alberto Araya Fonseca (CRc)                                                     
457 Rodolfo Carranza Ulloa (CRc)                                                         
458 Thomas Tetz (Ger) Leki BikeXtreme                                                    
459 Matt Luhn (USA) Gopher Gulch Dirt Alert                                              
460 Javier Guardián Astua (CRc)                                                          
461 Marvin Hernández Monge (CRc) VisiteCosta Rica.com                                    
462 Roberto Garita Calvo (CRc) VisiteCosta Rica.com                                      
463 Mike Lawler (USA) Team Daylon                                                        
464 Piccolo Gularte Casteñada (Gua) Xerox / Donde Jose / Trefrateli                      
465 Renato Alvarado Rivera (CRc) Powerade                                                
466 Mauricio Alvarado Rivera (CRc) Powerade                                              
467 Javier Zanora Víquez (CRc)                                                           
468 Julio Molina Arias (CRc) Ciclo Guilly                                                
469 James Wilson (Can) BC BIKE RACE                                                      
470 Geovanny Gómez Navarro (CRc) Banco Nacional de Costa Rica                            
471 Lincoln Bermúdez Morgan (CRc) Café Mar                                               
472 James David (USA) Bicycle Butler                                                     
473 Felipe Segura Vargas (CRc) Grupo Nación                                              
474 Walter Fernández Vargas (CRc) Grupo Nación                                           
475 Jorge Luis Campos Sanabria (CRc) EYMAC S.A                                           

476 Paul Newcomb (CRc) EATON/CH                                                          
477 Monte McKelvie (Can)                                                                 
478 Yvon Ignac (Can)                                                                     
479 Ricardo Vela Del Valle (Spa) Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia                             
480 Thomas Daley (Can) Rebound Cycle                                                     
481 Steve Cole (USA)                                                                     
482 Jack Funk (Can) Deadgoat Racing/ Bow Cycle                                           
483 Zeke Lilly (USA) Cycle South                                                         
484 Rick Sederberg (USA) Parkside Cycling                                                
485 Tom Politzer (USA) Cupertino Bike Shop                                               
486 Dennis Mizerski (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                  
487 Thomas Dugdale (USA) Cycling Concepts                                                
488 Douglas Radandt (USA)                                                                
489 Saul Preciado (USA)                                                                  
490 Stephen Taft (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                     
491 Michael Slattery (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                 
492 Herman Quirynen (Bel)                                                                
493 Vincent Tangredi (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                 
494 Doug McInnis (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                     
495 Cliff Richmond (USA) Team Solar Eclipse                                              
496 Samuel Gray (USA) Team Karma                                                         
497 Andrew Burton (GBr)                                                                  
498 Rodolfo Reichert (Gua) Xerox / Donde Jose / Trefrateli                               
499 Don Martin (Can)                                                                     
500 Tony Routley (Can) Team Whistler                                                     
501 Roy Wallack (USA) Mountain Bike Magazine                                             
502 Marty Halprin (Can) Olympia Cycle                                                    
503 Kirk Schizas (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                     
504 Heinrich Grebner (Ger) Team Cube Mr.Bike Germany                                     
505 Steve Howell (Can) Mattamy Homes / Aquila Racing                                     
506 Calvin Burgart (USA)                                                                 
507 Clemente Hernández Muñoz (Spa) Freebike                                              
508 Sandy Mitchell (Can) Gerick Cycle Nelson                                             
509 Federico García Herrera (CRc)                                                        
510 Jorge Luis Espinoza Loaiza (CRc)                                                     
511 Heart Akerson (USA) Heart Transverter                                                
512 Luis Mariano Oreamuno Ramos (CRc) SF Mountain Bike School                            
513 Avishay Dekel (Isr) Bicycle Magazine Israel                                          
514 Ricardo Mata Brenes (CRc) Comite Cantonal Deportes y Recreción Paraiso               
515 Gonzalo Mena Rojas (CRc)                                                             
516 Augusto Galvan Alves-Milho (CRc)                                                     
517 Marvin Avila Vindas (CRc) Planet Gym                                                 

Past winners

2006 Leonardo Hector Paez (Col) Full Dynamix
2005 Thomas Frischknecht (Swi)
2004 Paolo Cesar Montoya (CRc)
2003 Marvin Campos (CRc)