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Giro finale
Photo ©: Bettini

US Cyclo-cross Championships - CN

Kansas City, Missouri, USA, December 11-14, 2008

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Stage 6 - December 12: Women 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+

Bruno Roy regains lost jersey

By Laura Weislo in Kansas City, Missouri

Maureen Bruno Roy (MM Racing)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Maureen Bruno Roy blew apart the women's 30-34 national title race from the first lap in Kansas City, snagging the masters champion's jersey she took home last year but later lost when USA Cycling ruled that she had been ineligible to race. Riding for MM Racing/Seven Cycles, Bruno Roy took the lead coming off of the paved starting straight and quickly put daylight between herself and the rest of the field in the technical sections on the grass.

The Massachusetts native finished 1'36 ahead of Emily Van Meter (River City Bicycles) and nearly two minutes before Anna Milkowski (Velo Bella-Kona). Defending champion Josie Jacques-Maynes (Specialized) came in fourth.

The result made the third time Bruno Roy crossed the line first in the masters championship, although only her second official title. She won the race in 2005 before placing third in the elite race. She rode the UCI World Championships in 2006, and was then not eligible for the masters category at the end of that season.

"This is the last year I qualify for this age group, so I decided to race and take back what I didn't get to keep last year," Bruno Roy said after the race, referring to the "snafu" which saw her give up the title to Jacques-Maynes.

In 2007, she won the 30-34 race but nearly two months later was informed by USA Cycling that because she raced a World Cup, she was not technically eligible to race masters, and she was forced to give up her jersey. "It was my fault for not reading the rules, and USA Cycling's fault for not stopping me! I wish someone had told me sooner, because Josie Jacques-Maynes [who was second behind Bruno Roy -ed.] didn't get to have a podium ceremony. It was really unfortunate, I felt bad for her and for my sponsors."

Kerlin rocks to 35-39 title

Sarah Kerlin (HRS/Rock Lobster) took a commanding lead in the women's 35-39 race and succeeded in winning her second career masters national title. The 2004 winner in the 30-34 category took home the prize ahead of Lisa Strong (Tough Girl) and Sally Annis (NEBC/Cycleloft).

Wendy Williams (River City Bicycles) grabbed the jersey for the women's 40-44 age group, while Kris Walker took home the 45-49 age group prize. Kathy Sarvary stormed away to victory in the 50-54 category, while Diane Ostenso was given a challenge by Carol Ruckle in the 55-59 group but succeeded in holding her off for the win. Martha Iverson defeated multiple national champion Julie Lockhart to take home the 60+ title.


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Images by Mitch Clinton/www.clintonphoto.com

Images by Dave McElwaine/www.trailwatch.net


Women 30-34

1 Maureen Bruno Roy  (MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles)         41.49      
2 Emily Van Meter  (River City Bicycle Team)               1.36
3 Anna Milkowski  (Velo Bella - Kona)                      1.59
4 Josie Jacques-Maynes  (Specialized/KMC pb Cal Giant)     2.24
5 Kristin Wentworth  (Planet Bike)                         2.31
6 Kristi Berg  (Redline Bicycles)                              
7 Rebecca Wellons  (Ridley Factory Team)                   3.39
8 (unknown)                                                4.05
9 Cara Applegate  (Inferno Racing/BMW-Bianchi)             4.47
10 Elizabeth Shogren  (Sobe Cannondale)                    5.30
11 Nicole Borem  (DRT Racing)                              5.39
12 Robin Williams  (University of Iowa)                        
13 Carolyn Popovic  (CICLE / Bear Valley Bikes)                
14 Andrea Smith  (Minuteman Road Club)                         
15 Corey Coogan  (Ridley Factory Team)                     6.23
16 Melanie Swartz  (Velo Bella - Kona)                     7.34
17 Evie Boswell-Vilt  (BMW-Bianchi)                        8.04
18 Melissa Schultz  (Cycle Sports/Trumer Pils)             8.14
19 Michelle Jensen  (FreeState Cycling Team)              10.07
20 Catherine Johnson  (OrganicAthlete p/b VegNews Mag)    10.29
One lap behind
21 Haley Beann  (Boulder Cyclesport)                           
22 Stephanie Swan  (Durango Wheel Club)                        
23 Sarah Belanus  (KCOI Boulevard)                             
DNS  Marissa Axell  (Roaring Mouse Cycles)                     
DNS  Elicia Hildebrand  (University of Wisconsin-Madiso)       
DNS  Tiffany Ballew  (SORELLA CYCLING/PB/BVM ENG)              
DNF  AnnaJean Dallaire  (SoBe-Cannondale)                      
DNF  Kathryn Mueller  (KCOI/Boulevard)                         
DNF  Heidi von Teitenberg  (C3-Sollay.com)                     

Women 35-39
1 Sarah Kerlin (Hrs/ Rock Lobster)                     44.20
2 Lisa Strong (Tough Girl/Scott)                        1.27
3 Sally Annis (Nebc/Cycleloft/Devonshire Dent)          1.34
4 Kimberly Flynn (Vantaggio/ Specialized Pro Women)     2.36
5 Jadine Riley (Team Group Health)                      3.08
6 Deb Whitmore (Bmw Bianchi)                                
7 Linda Sone (Ridley Factory Team)                      4.16
8 Lauren Costantini (Gbl-Gbd)                           4.27
9 Lora Heckman (Peloton Cycles - Specialized)               
10 Kristen Bowers (Atomic Race Team)                    5.43
11 Jennifer Rhoades (Skc)                                   
12 Allison Snooks (Landrys Bicycles)                    7.19

One lap behind
13 Alison Brooks (Mad City Velo)                            
14 Allison Baker (Bicycle Shack)                            
15 Gina Kenny (Abd)                                         
16 Janet Trubey (North Carolina Cyclocross)                 
17 Jennifer Horn (Sorella Cycling P/B Bvm Engine)           

Two laps behind
18 Melissa Putzer (Wheel And Sprocket)                      
19 Amy Fear-Bishop (Renaissance Cycling)                    
DNS Lana Atchley (Bailey Bikes)                             
DNS Dayna Deuter (Ridley Factory Team)                      
DNS Laura Kozlowski (Velo Bella/Kona)                       
DNS Katy Jossy (Roaring Mouse Cycles)                       
DNS Darcy Sanford (Team Skin)                               
DNS Theresa Thom (Sorella Cycling)                          
DNS Pamela Dobrowolski                                      
DNS Samantha Dery (Nebc/Cycle Loft/ Devonshire)             
DNS Lisa Hudson (Feedback Sports)                           

Women 40-44
1 Wendy Williams (River City Bicycles)                 37.05
2 Karen Hogan (Chipotle-Titus)                          1.24
3 Sydney Brown (Team Revolution)                        1.53
4 Cris Rothfuss (Nebc/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Den)        2.00
5 Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)             3.03
6 Melanie Black                                         4.18
7 Leah Sanda                                            6.35
8 Linda Wells (Mafiaracing.Com/Pabst)                   6.44
9 Kris Brazil (Milltown Cycles)                         7.04
10 Laura Mizener                                        7.19
11 Rebecca Cato (Velo Force)                            8.44
12 Wanda Simchuk (Twin Six / Soldergal.Com)            10.24
13 Jennifer Feix (Velo Girls)                               
14 Kayla Thomason (Schwab Cycles)                           
15 Sally Mcinnis (Jra Cycles)                          11.19
16 Cynthia Milnick                                          
17 Renee Callaway (Capitol Velo Club)                       
18 Kim Bishop (Tri-Cities Road Club)                        
19 Tina Raehsler (Ridley Factory Team)                      
DNS Kimberly Bailey                                         
DNS Beth Mason (C3-Sollay.Com)                              
DNS Christina Briseno (C3-Sollay.Com)                       
DNS Margell Abel (Tough Girl)                           
Women 45-49
1 Kris Walker (Kriegcycling.Com)                       39.11
2 Beverly Chaney (Roaring Mouse Cycles)                 1.44
3 Catherine Walberg (Kccx/Verge)                        2.12
4 Beth Lyndon-Griffith (Hagens Berman Cycling)          2.31
5 Linda Cooper (Great Plains Cycling Club)              2.59
6 Michele Bliss (Rocky Mounts - Izze Racing)            3.15
7 Lauri Webber (Secret Henry's Team)                    3.54
8 Karen Goritski (Tireless Velo)                        4.09
9 Susan Prieto (Blue Sky Velo)                          4.38
10 Elizabeth Harlow (C3 Sollay.Com)                     6.02
11 Deirdre Garvey (Team Louisville Cycle)               6.27
12 Julie Lewis Sroka (Lake Effect Cycling Team)         7.16
13 Lynn Pitson (Carolina Masters)                       8.00
14 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution Racing)                    8.49
15 Kathleen Porter (Biketech Racing)                    9.29
16 Winona Hubbard (Team Santa Cruz)                     9.36
17 Teri Carilli (Nebc/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Den)            
18 Debora Hall (Santa Fe Trail)                             
19 Darcy Tiglas                                             
20 Donna Stevens (Local Cycaling.Com)                       
21 Teresa Jarzemkoski (Trek Of Kc/Localcycling.Com)         
22 Alane Carder (Velo Force)                                
23 Anne Barnes (Turin Bicycling Society)                    
DNS Kerry Combs (Hup United/Zanconato Custom Bi)            
DNS Amy Dykema (Team Mack)                                  
DNS Anne Lannan (Tough Girl Cycling)                        
DNS Susan Wilson (Inland Btd)                               
DNF Joanne Whiterabbit (Whiterabbit Racing)  

Women 50-54
1 Kathy Sarvary (Mid State Cycling Club)               41.38
2 Lee Smith (Team Group Health)                         1.42
3 Debbie Pielet (Alberto's)                             2.02
4 Diane Grim (C3/Adg/Joe's Bike Shop)                   2.46
5 Anne Grofvert (Bicilibre)                                 
6 Patti Kaufmann (Planet Bike)                              
7 Linda Elgart (Webcor/Alto Velo)                       4.11
8 Sandra Morrissey (Team Cross)                             
9 Linda Bitner (Swift Cycling)                              
DNS Susan Maclean (Gear Works/Spin Arts)                    
DNS Julie Bates (Team Roaring Mouse)                        
DNS Susie Council (Sorella Cycling)

Women 55-59
1 Diane Ostenso (Planet Bike)                          47.20
2 Carol Ruckle (Team Possibilities)                     0.09
3 Margaret Thompson (Team Hammer Nutrition/Sonne's)     0.40
4 Tracy Lea (Team Fuji)                                     
5 Glenda Taylor (Wheatland Cycling Team)                    
6 Barbara Thiele (Unattached)                               
7 Tove Shere (Khsnm.Com Cycling Team)                       
8 Frances Summerhill (La Forza)                             
9 Emily Wamsley (Unattached)                                
10 Andrea Carvey (Team Cross)                           4.36

Women 60-64
1 Martha Iverson (Durango Wheel Club)                  50.37

Women 65+

1 Julie Lockhart (Nebc/Cycleloft/Devonshire Dent)      58.02
2 Nancy Brown                                           0.37

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