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So-Cal Cyclo-cross series #2 - Spooky Cross, Veteransí Memorial Park - Sylmar, CA October 28, 2006

Brenzlow takes revenge at spooky 'cross

The long pavement start shot racers uphill onto the grass, not long after sweeping them back down to the Redline/Clif Bar double barriers, leading up a pavement climb with little respite before hitting the Michelin dirt 'step' run up. After twisting out of the forest, racers crossed over one more stone wall obstacle leading them down toward the expo. The pavement straightaway saw some exciting sprint finishes in the Juniors and 35+ fields, and was also welcoming to each racer yearning for a chance to recover before the next lap.

Tied for first in the Elite Menís race was So Calís young star, Chance Noble (Cal Giant/Specialized), who went head to head with co-leader and veteran Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa). Chance went out from the gun, gapping Prenzlow and the rest of the Elite Menís field with Mark Noble (Cal Raisins) sitting patiently on Prenzlow. Prenzlow reeled in Chance ultimately taking only Mark with him to duke it out. Prenzlow and Noble raced head-to-head in the remaining laps with Prenzlow charging ahead in the final laps for the win.

14 year old Coryn Rivera (Major Motion) continued her dominance over the women's field, comprised primarily of Pro/Expert MTB racers turned cross racers. Pro MTB and X-Terra racer, Amy Bowen (Figueroa Farms-Redline-MS Society) charged out from the gun to take control of the race with her team including Carolyn Popovic, Dorothy Wong and Tina Galindo. Rivera took control of the race stringing the field out, with Wong and MTB Chicks.com Tonya Bray on her wheel. Rivera crashed, allowing Bray and Wong to get away, but Rivera caught up with the two then charged ahead. Wong stayed with her, but could not hold the pace of the young star. Rivera took the win, with Wong second and newbie crosser, Bray in 3rd.

Champions for the day, included: Coryn Rivera (Major Motion) winning her warm up race in the Junior (15-18 girls) race just seconds behind Oceansideí s Mile Ludi (Nytro) who won the Junior 10-14 Boys race. Sam Simmons (Scaryfast Racing) won and leads the 15-18 Junior Boys while Junior star, Didier Jourdain (Celo Pacific/Black Mountain) charged away to victory in the Men 3/4 race.

Newcomers Tim Whitaker (Unattached) won the hotly contested Menís 4 while Beatriz Rodriquez (Unattached) won her third straight in the Womenís 3/4 category. Single Speed action heated up with Fritz Bottger (PAA-Merrill Lynch-Sixtufit) overtaking Prestige Series leader Sam Berg (Vertigo Cycles). Keli Roberts (Figueroa Farms-Redline-MS Society) dressed as Tinkerbell flew away with the win in the Masters 35+ womenís field.

The Masters 35+ men treated spectators to one of the most exciting races of the day. A group of 5 formed and held on for most of the race until Mike McMahon (Team Velocity) had enough and broke up the groupd beating out Central Coast CX promoter, Keith DeFiebre (LaPierre/Ritchey) and InCycle Cross Challenge Fast lap winner, Bruce Weyman taking third (CRCA / Sakonnet Technology). Charles 'Chuck' Morris (Celo Pacific) raced to yet another victory in the Masters 45+ over Bradley Galindo (Merrill Lynch-Bicycle Johns) taking 2nd and Michael Hines (Palos Verdes Groupo Ciclismo) in third.

Speedy man, Jon Miller (Amgen) took the 55+ over Prestige Series leader, Bob Llamas (Merrill Lynch-Bicycle Johnís). As a labor of love, co-race promoters Jonathan Livesay (also course designer), Dorothy Wong (aka Tornado) and Jeff Herring (Mr. Helper Extraordinaire) brought their individual talents to the table, but wanted to thank everyone for their support in putting on this race. "We pulled off a classic event with little time to spare and could not have done it without the support of the cyclocross community in So Cal."


Elite Men 1/2/3
1 Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific / Salsa)                            
2 Mark Noble (California Raisins)                                  
3 Chance Noble (Cal Giant / Specialized)                           
4 John Behrens (Celo Pacific/ProBikeSupport.com)                   
5 Michael Easter (Non-Stop Ciclismo)                               
6 Frederick Bottger (Merrill Lynch /Sixtu Fit / Bicycle John's)    
7 Gary Hanson (Amgen Cycling Club)                                 
8 Jason Lowetz (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                    
9 Jeff Herring (Celo Pacific)                                      
10 Garnet Vertican (Giant Bikes)                                   
11 Paul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)                  
12 Lawrence Leonard (Non-Stop Ciclismo)                            
13 Kevin Ryan (Amgen Cycling Club)                                 
14 Lyle Warner (Helen's-Subaru)                                    
Men 3/4
1 Didier Jourdain (Celo Pacific/Black Mountain)                    
2 Tomas Petricko (MafiaRacing.com)                                 
3 Phillip Gray (Celo Pacific)                                      
4 Jason Siegle (JAX Bicycles)                                      
5 Michael Lilly (Shoreline Cycles)                                 
6 Mark Campaigne (Celo Pacific)                                    
7 Alex Hall (South Bay Wheelmen)                                   
8 Matthew Conner (AFP / Team Velosport)                            
9 Tim Whiteaker (Unattached)                                       
10 Miles Ludi (Unattached)                                         
11 Samuel Sweetland (NMVS)                                         
12 Glenn Masuda (Celo Pacific)                                     
13 Chase Schoen (Amgen)                                            
14 Mike Carlson (Team Stoller)                                     
15 Josh Caffrey (Team Stoller)                                     
16 Tomas Ybarrola (Unattached)                                     
17 Bobby Langin (Unattached)                                       
18 Miller Mason (Amgen)                                            
19 Scott Sampson (Da Hui Race)                                     
Men 4
1 Tim Whiteaker (Unattached)                                       
2 Bobby Langin (Awesome)                                           
3 Mark Campaigne (Celo Pacific)                                    
4 Matt Sheremeta (Celo Pacific)                                    
5 Jeffrey Goble (Canyon Velo)                                      
6 Adam Austin (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                     
7 Chad Rivetti (Amgen)                                             
8 Allen Lin (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                       
9 Scott Guyett (Canyon Velo)                                       
10 Paul Avila (High Desert Cycling Club)                           
11 Ryan Welch                                                      
12 Steven Totleben (PAA Merrill Lynch / Bicycle Johns)             
13 Mike Shaw                                                       
14 Kevin Chiang (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                   
15 Ron Hunt (Unattached)                                           
16 Gary Lucia (Unattached)                                         
Women 1/2/3
1 Coryn Rivera (Major Motion Cycling Club)                         
2 Dorothy Wong (Figueroa Farms-Redline-MS Society)                 
3 Tonya Laffey (mtbcick.com)                                       
4 Carolyn Popovic (Figueroa Farms-Redline-MS Society)              
5 Celestina Galindo (Figueroa Farms-Redline-MS Society)            
6 Heidi Kanayan (Steven K Sports and Design/661)                   
Women 3/4
1 Beatriz Rodriguez (Unattached)                                   
2 Jennifer Easter (Unattached)                                     
3 Ivana Gallegos (Unattached)                                      
Women 35+
1 Keli Roberts (Figueroa Farms-Redline-MS Society)                 
2 Christina Orlossy                                                
Junior Men 10-14
1 Miles Ludi (Nytro)                                               
2 Ben Bertiger (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)                     
3 Peter Morris (Celo Pacific)                                      
Junior Men 15-18
1 Sam Simmons (Scary Fast Racing)                                  
Junior Women 15-18
1 Coryn Rivera (Major Motion Cycling Club)                         
1 Frederick Bottger (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)               
2 Sam Berg (Vertigo Cycles)                                        
3 Paul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)                   
4 Sasha Max (Freewheel)                                            
5 Todd Whitehouse (ADT Event Center)                               
6 Matthew Gunnell (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                 
7 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                                    
Masters 35+
1 Mike McMahon (Team Velocity)                                     
2 Keith DeFiebre (La Pierre / Ritchey)                             
3 Robert (Bruce) Weyman (CRCA / Sakonnet Technology)               
4 Mark Fluss (California Raisins)                                  
5 Carlos (Matias) Mendigochea (Kahala LaGrange)                    
6 Peter Cohn (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                      
7 Mark Vandermolen (Powell Sound)                                  
8 Jon Stinzel (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                     
9 Rich Holtzman (Hup United)                                       
10 M Alex Ter-Vrugt (Celo Pacific)                                 
11 Michael Hotten (South Bay Wheelmen)                             
12 Ryan Ferro (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                     
13 Paul Bracken (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)                    
14 Bernard Georges (Hup United)                                    
15 Al Morinaka (Team Velocity)                                     
16 Stephen Smith (Turner/Kenda/Spy)                                
17 Joe Espinosa (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                   
18 Mike Leone (Unattached)                                         
19 Michael Gamsetter (Unattached)                                  
20 Matthew Gunnell (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                
21 Richard Murphy (Celo Pacific)                                   
22 Brandon Heflin (Tri-Centric Training)                           
Masters 45+
1 Charles Morris (Celo Pacific)                                    
2 Bradley Galindo (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                 
3 Michael Hines (Palos Verdes Groupo Ciclismo)                     
4 Alan Braff (Non-Stop Ciclismo)                                   
5 Gregory Page (Lightning Velo)                                    
6 Jonathan Livesay (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                
7 Robert Meeker (Specialized)                                      
8 Jeff Steinhart (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)                  
9 Gregory Townsend (Unattached)                                    
10 Thomas Reilly (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                  
11 Roberto Jourdain (Celo Pacific / Black Mountain)                
12 Bruce Temesy (Palos Verdes Groupo Ciclismo)                     
Masters 55+
1 Jon Miller (Amgen Cycling Club)                                  
2 Robert Llamas (Merrill Lynch / Bicycle John's)                   
3 Paul Springer (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                                
4 Doug Miller (Celo Pacific)                                       
5 Steve Brown (Covina Valley)                                      
6 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                                    

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