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Chicago Cyclocross Cup Racing Series

Race # 1, Carpenter Park, Carpentersville, Illinois, Sunday, October 15, 2006


The race attracted 126 finishers, an increase of nineteen riders when compared to 2005. Among the competitors was Robbie Ventura, formerly from the USPS Pro Cycling Team. At race time, the weather was partly cloudy, with no wind and a temperature of mid 40 Fahrenheit. The Carpenter Park course is flat, non-technical, with a small hill run up and a creek crossing; a perfect venue for the beginner to advance racer.

In the last few weeks, the series added two additional sponsors. Local bike shop, Yojimbo's Garage of Chicago donated three 2007 Fuji cyclocross framesets for raffle prizes. Each racer is be given one entry into the raffle for every race entered. Racers have multiple opportunities to win the frame set.

Alpha Q has signed on as series sponsor for the Men's Cat 3 and Women's Cat 1/2/3 races. Winners of the overall series in these categories will be awarded an Alpha Q CX20 cyclocross.


Masters 35+
1 Robbie Ventura (Vision Quest)                     
2 Brian Conant (Training Bible)                     
3 John Gatto (SRAM)                                 
4 Randy Warren (xXx Racing AthletiCo)               
5 Tim Boundy (Active Endeavors)                     
6 Thomas Flynn (Killjoy)                            
7 Bryan Rheude (Met Life)                           
8 Jim Nowak (ABD)                                   
9 Devin Heppner (Killjoy)                           
10 Pete Rolowiecz (Met Life)                        
11 Ara Oggojan (Training Bible)                     
12 Marc Dietrich (Turin)                            
13 Steven Forss (Kegelsin)                          
14 Mark Rouer (Unattached)                          
15 Greg Neidbala (Project 5)                        
16 Mark Wold (Albertos)                             
17 Christopher Mosora (Indy Velo)                   
18 Benson Friedman (Albertos)                       
19 Mark Moller (North Branch)                       
20 Shane Winn (xXx Racing AthletiCo)                
21 Todd Molby (Unattached)                          
22 Uwe Krueger (ABD)                                
23 John Okan (Unattached) 
Masters 45
1 Josh Mallan (Pony Shop/2CC)                       
2 John Handlogten (1% More Racing)                  
3 Fabio Orlandi (PYOC)                              
4 Jim Real (Turin)                                  
5 John Bucksbaum (Vision Quest)                     
6 David Pouton (Vision Quest)                       
7 Mark McNeill (Main Street Bikes)                  
8 Tom Knoebl (ABD)                                  
9 Michael Jones (2CC)                               
10 Darin Steiner (RVO)                              
11 William T Waters (South Chicago Wheelmen)        
12 Eddie Bartley (Active Endeavors)                 
13 Brian Levereyz (VCR)                             
14 Thomas Rees (Met Life)                           
15 Marc Dettman (Alltel Bike Team)                  
16 Mike Ruzich (Lone Wolf Racing)                   
17 Al Weigel (VCR)                                  
18 Paul Forsythe (Vergesport.com)  
Men Pro 1-2
1 David Sachs (Vision Quest)                        
2 Gannon Myall (Cal Giant/Specialized)              
3 Scott McLaughlin (SRAM)                           
4 Chris Strout (Pony Shop)                          
5 Brian Conant (Training Bible)                     
6 Kevin Klug (Killjoy)                              
7 Matthew Stewart (Revolution Bike Center)          
8 Kou Kuhn (Pony Shop/2CC)                          
9 Jason Wagner (Sping Rock Cycling)                 
10 Matt Silvia (Unattached)                         
11 Sean Metz (Turin)  
Women Cat 1-2-3
1 Holly Klug (Killjoy)                              
2 Corie Berrigan (ABD)                              
3 Christine Raymo (SRAM)                            
4 Kris Over (Kenda)                                 
5 Emily McDonald (xXx Racing AthletiCo)             
6 Jessica Prinner (ABD)   
Men Cat 3
1 Michael Berman (Albertos)                         
2 Joe Farris (Turin)                                
3 Luca Lenzi (Vision Quest)                         
4 Nicholas Westlund (xXx Racing AthletiCo)          
5 Teddy Ramos (Snickers Marathon)                   
6 John Girak (Active Endeavors)                     
7 Brian Doughorty (Unattached)                      
8 Robert Springer (Hayes Disk Brake)                
9 Rich Delgado (Redline)                            
10 Tony Pacini (xXx Racing AthletiCo)               
11 Brain Parker (xXx Racing AthletiCo)              
12 Greg Heck (xXx Racing AthletiCo)                 
13 Ryan Cate (Unattached)                           
14 Brad Dash (ABD)                                  
15 Kurt Tromp (Turin)                               
16 David Kockler (Active Endeavors)                 
17 Eric Wiecek (ABD)                                
18 Jonathan Tenney (ABD)                            
19 Jason Klein (Schwin Homegrown)                   
20 Angelo Di Giovine (ABD)    
Men Cat 4
1 Jordan Heimer (Team Mack)                         
2 Dean Hewson (Unattached)                          
3 Adam Clark (xXx Racing AthletiCo)                 
4 Chris Waterstraut (Unattached)                    
5 Jason Senffner (ABD)                              
6 Kyle Bush (KCOI Blvd)                             
7 Anthony Bestamante (Unknown)                      
8 Michael Sommer (Blue Racing)                      
9 Michael Stee (Unknown)                            
10 Adam Lueken (Polish LOT)                         
11 Jay Corgiat (ABD)                                
12 Ted Burger (Unknown)                             
13 Adam Lund (Unknown)                              
14 Greg Gonman (Unknown,)                           
15 Steel Bokhog (Turin)                             
16 Michael Hoffart (Albertos)                       
17 Aspen Gorry (Unattached)                         
18 Scott Chapin (Unknow)                            
19 Michael Wakeley (ABD)                            
20 Matt Bardelli (Unattached)                       
21 Jaques Carier (xXx Racing AthletiCo)             
22 Christian Sotd (Turin)                           
23 Michael Kirby (xXx Racing AthletiCo)             
24 John Tomlinson (xXx Racing AthletiCo)            
25 Greg Poulson (North Branch)                      
26 Ryan Gingerich (Unknown)                         
27 Jason Pati (Unknown)                             
28 Jeff Provisor (North Branch)                     
29 Dave Schertz (North Branch)                      
30 William Evans (Higher Gear)                      
31 Roman Mandoij (Unattached)
Women Cat 4
1 Wendy Gadden (Colavita)                           
2 Debbie Piclet (Albertos)                          
3 Lindsay Jones (Unattached)                        
4 Dawn Haskell (University of Chicago Velo Club)    
5 Megan Myrick (University of Chicago Velo Club)    
6 Jennifer Greenberg (Unattached)                   
7 Anne Barnes (Turin)                               
8 Amy Dykema (Team Mack)                            
9 Imelda March (xXx Racing AthletiCo)               
10 Gina Kenny (ABD)  
1 Luca Lenz (Vision Quest)                          
2 Simon Buettner (North Branch)                     
3 Adam Spituinik (xXx Racing AthletiCo)             
4 Aaron Harrison (xXx Racing AthletiCo)             
5 Alexandra Corgiat (ABD)                           
6 Andy Harrison (xXx Racing AthletiCo)              
7 David Swick (Unattached )                         

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