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Bayern Rundfahrt
Photo ©: Schaaf

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AirProducts Finals - 3IM

Lehigh Valley Velodrome - Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, USA, August 17, 2007




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Images by Zui Hanafusa/www.keirin.us

Images by Todd Leister/leister.smugmug.com

Elite Men's points race
1 Zach Bell (Can)              32 pts
2 Tucker Brown (USA)           23
3 Colby Pearce (USA)           16
4 Leandro Bottaso (Arg)        14
5 Dave Wiswell (USA)           11
6 Anibal Borrajo (Arg)         10
7 Pete Fitzpatrick (Aus)        6
8 Jackie Simes (USA)            5
9 Barry Miller (USA)            4
10 Clay Murfet (Aus)            3
11 Rich Schenck (USA)           3
12 Shane Kline (USA)            2
13 Jason Kenny (GBr)            2
14 Randy Smargiassi (USA)       1
15 Stephan Meyer (Can)           
16 Michael Chauner (USA)         
17 Brian Crosby (USA)            
18 Brent Moorehouse (USA)        
19 Taylor Fenstermacher (USA)    
20 Paul Pearson (USA)            
21 Jamie Russel (USA)            
DNF Josh Brown (NZl)             
DNF Andrew Armstrong (USA)    -20
DNS Thomas Mains (USA)           

Elite Men Keirin 	
Semi Final Heat 1	
1 Jason Niblett (Aus) Austrailia                0.11.4	(63.175 km/h)
2 Ryan Bayley (Aus) Austrailia                        	
3 Andy Lakatosh (USA) T-Town Express                  	
4 Matt Crampton (GBr) Great Britain                   	
5 Ben Barczewski (USA) T-Town Express                 	
6 Kasper Jessen (Den) Oldense                         	
7 Joel Leonard (Aus) Austrailia                       	
8 Travis Smith (Can) Momentum Cycling                 	
Semi Final Heat 2	
1 Roberto Chiappa (Ita) Gruppo Sportivo Fore    0.10.7	(67.258 km/h)
2 Shane Kelly (Aus) Austrailia                        	
3 Mark French (Aus) Austrailia                        	
4 Josiah Ng (Mas) Momentum                            	
5 Teun Muelder (Ned) Netherlands                      	
6 Daniel Ellis (Aus) Austrailia                       	
7 Jonathan Rawlins (Tri) Trinidad/Tobago              	
8 Adam Duvendek (USA) Momento Cycling                 	
1 Roberto Chiappa (Ita) Gruppo Sportivo Fore    0.10.9	(65.838 km/h)
2 Ryan Bayley (Aus) Austrailia                        	
3 Shane Kelly (Aus) Austrailia                        	
4 Mark French (Aus) Austrailia                        	
5 Jason Niblett (Aus) Austrailia                      	
6 Matt Crampton (GBr) Great Britain                   	
7 Josiah Ng (Mas) Momentum                            	
8 Andy Lakatosh (USA) T-Town Express                  	
9-16 Final	
1 Joel Leonard (Aus) Austrailiam                0.11.6	(62.300 km/h)
2 Adam Duvendek (USA) Momento Cycling                 	
3 Ben Barczewski (USA) T-Town Express                 	
4 Kasper Jessen (Den) Oldense                         	
5 Jonathan Rawlins (Tri) Trinidad/Tobago              	
6 Teun Muelder (Ned) Netherlands                      	
DNF Travis Smith (Can) Momentum Cycling               	
DNF Daniel Ellis (Aus) Austrailia                     	
Elite Women Keirin Finals	
1 Anna Meares (Aus) Austrailia                        	
2 Kerrie Meares (Aus) Austrailia                      	
3 Jenny Reed (USA) Momentum                           	
4 Cindy Lakatosh (USA) Tri State Velo                 	
5 Jocelyn Rastrick (NZl) Papanui Cycling              	
6 Mindi Martin (USA) Plane Team Revolutio             	
7-12 Final	
7 Laura Mccaughey (Aus) Salamander                    	
8 Colleen Hayduk (USA) Fuji/Salamander                	
9 Christin Walker (USA) Northwest Cycling             	
10 Dana Feiss (USA) Young Medalists                   	
11 Joanna Wiersma (Can) PDQ                           	
DNS Erica Allar (USA) Team Fuji                       	
Junior Men Keirin Final	
1 Shane Kline (USA) Salamander Racing           0.11.9	(60.317 km/h)
2 Lanell Rockmore (USA) Young Medalists               	
3 Daniel Walker (USA) NWCC                            	
4 Clay Murfet (Aus) Fuji/Salamander                   	
5 Ted Sheperd (USA) Young Medalists                   	
6 William Lampe (Can) Independent                     	
7 Joseph Veloce (Can) Aguila/Racer Sportif            	
REL Epes (Andrew) Harris (USA) FCS Cycling REL        	
Elite Women South Mountain Cycles 5 Mile Final	
1 Jenny Reed (USA) Momentum                    11.31.4	(41.653 km/h)
2 Laura Mccaughey (Aus) Salamander                    	
3 Gina Grain (Can) Team Canada                        	
4 Vera Carara (Ita) GS Fiamme Azzurri                 	
5 Ashley Kimmet (USA) Miya Shoji                      	
6 Veronica Martinez (Arg) JVR Sports                  	
7 Silia Castoldi (Ita) ASD Gruppo Lupi                	
8 Colleen Hayduk (USA) Fuji/Salamander                	
9 Julia Bradley (Can) Team R.A.C.E.                   	
10 Iona Wynter Parks (Jam) Colavita                   	
11 Lauren Shirock (USA) BMW-Bianchi                   	
12 Shelby Allen (USA) Unattached                      	
13 Jocelyn Rastrick (NZl) Papanui Cycling             	
14 Christin Walker (USA) Northwest Cycling            	
Elite Men 2km Dash for Cash Heats	
Heat 1	
1 Jason Kenny (GBr) Great Britain               2.29.6	(48.130 km/h)
2 Shane Kelly (Aus) Austrailia                        	
3 Pete Fitzpatrick (Aus)                              	
4 Jonathan Lewis (NZl) New Zealand                    	
5 Colby Pearce (USA) CODY                             	
6 Giddeon Massie (USA) T-Town Express                 	
7 Ryan Oelkers (USA) PA Lightning                     	
8 Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Argentina                      	
9 Ryan Nelman (USA) T-Town Express                    	
10 Kasper Jessen (Den) Oldense                        	
11 Tucker Brown (USA) PA Ligthning                    	
12 Dave Wiswell (USA) NeracPro                        	
13 Josiah Ng (Mas) Momentum                           	
14 Neil Campbell (NZl) New Zealand                    	
15 Zach Bell (Can) Semetrix                           	
16 Thomas Hanley (USA) Indiana Hand                   	
17 Brian Crosby (USA) Uni. Of Minnesota               	
18 Eduardo Cocina (USA) Elite Cycling Fitnes          	
Heat 2	
1 Rich Schenck (USA) Salamander Racing          2.32.6	(47.170 km/h)
2 Clay Murfet (Aus) Fuji/Salamander                   	
3 Simon Vanvelthooven (NZl) New Zealand               	
4 Joel Leonard (Aus) Austrailia                       	
5 Haseem Maclean (Tri) Trinidad                       	
6 Teun Muelder (Ned) Netherlands                      	
7 Leandro Bottaso (Arg) Argentina                     	
8 Jackie Simes (USA) PA Lightning                     	
9 Shane Kline (USA) Salamander Racing                 	
10 Lanell Rockmore (USA) Young Medalists              	
11 Bruce Donaghy (USA) Morgan Stanley                 	
12 Epes (Andrew) Harris (USA) FCS Cycling             	
13 Zach Watson (USA) ABD Cycling                      	
14 Tim Veldt (Ned) Schijf                             	
15 Daniel Walker (USA) NWCC                           	
16 Brent Moorehouse (USA) Unattached                  	
17 Joseph Veloce (Can) Aguila/Racer Sportif           	
18 Andy Kulkis (USA) Gotham Hansley                   	
19 Josh Brown (NZl) New Zealand                       	
20 Barry Miller (USA) Mike Frayssesport.co            	
21 Andrew Armstrong (USA) Matrix Cycling              	
1 Shane Kelly (Aus) Austrailia                        	
2 Pete Fitzpatrick (Aus)                              	
3 Jason Kenny (GBr) Great Britain                     	
4 Ryan Oelkers (USA) PA Lightning                     	
5 Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Argentina                      	
6 Kasper Jessen (Den) Oldense                         	
7 Giddeon Massie (USA) T-Town Express                 	
8 Colby Pearce (USA) CODY                             	
9 Haseem Maclean (Tri) Trinidad                       	
10 Jackie Simes (USA) PA Lightning                    	
11 Clay Murfet (Aus) Fuji/Salamander                  	
12 Lanell Rockmore (USA) Young Medalists              	
13 Shane Kline (USA) Salamander Racing                	
14 Rich Schenck (USA) Salamander Racing               	
15 Leandro Bottaso (Arg) Argentina                    	
16 Simon Vanvelthooven (NZl) New Zealand              	
17 Jonathan Lewis (NZl) New Zealand                   	
DNF Ryan Nelman (USA) T-Town Express                  	
DNF Joel Leonard (Aus) Austrailia                     	
DNF Teun Muelder (Ned) Netherlands                    	
Elite Women one mile record attempt	
1 Jenny Reed (USA) Momentum                     1.50.0	(52.363 km/h)
2 Anna Meares (Aus) Austrailia                        	
3 Laura Mccaughey (Aus) Salamander                    	
5 Gina Grain (Can) Team Canada                        	
6 Colleen Hayduk (USA) Fuji/Salamander                	
7 Iona Wynter Parks (Jam) Colavita                    	
8 Dana Feiss (USA) Young Medalists                    	
9 Lauren Shirock (USA) BMW-Bianchi                    	
10 Joanna Wiersma (Can) PDQ                           	
11 Julia Bradley (Can) Team R.A.C.E.                  	
Artie Greenburg Memorial 10 Mile final	
1 Zach Bell (Can) Semetrix                     19.48.2	(48.476 km/h)
One lap behind
2 Shane Kline (USA) Salamander Racing           
3 Simon Vanvelthooven (NZl) New Zealand         
4 Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Argentina                
5 Jackie Simes (USA) PA Lightning               
6 Pete Fitzpatrick (Aus)                        
7 Colby Pearce (USA) CODY                       
8 Bruce Donaghy (USA) Morgan Stanley            
9 Zach Watson (USA) ABD Cycling                 
10 Brent Moorehouse (USA) Unattached            
11 Clay Murfet (Aus) Fuji/Salamander            
12 Leandro Bottaso (Arg) Argentina              
13 Andrew Armstrong (USA) Matrix Cycling        
14 Josh Brown (NZl) New Zealand                 
15 Dave Wiswell (USA) NeracPro                  
16 Brian Crosby (USA) Uni. Of Minnesota         
17 Tucker Brown (USA) PA Ligthning              
18 Andy Kulkis (USA) Gotham Hansley             
19 Barry Miller (USA) Mike Frayssesport.co      
20 Randy Smargiassi (USA) Gotham Cyclists       
21 Ryan Oelkers (USA) PA Lightning              
DNF Paul Pearson (USA) Bucks County Racing      
DNF Taylor Fenstermacher (USA) TriState Velo    
DNF Stephan Meyer (Can) Coach Chris CA          
DNF Giddeon Massie (USA) T-Town Express         
DNF Ben Barczewski (USA) T-Town Express         
DNF Ryan Nelman (USA) T-Town Express            
DNF Jonathan Lewis (NZl) New Zealand            
DNF Teun Muelder (Ned) Netherlands              
DNF Tim Veldt (Ned) Schijf                      
DNF Neil Campbell (NZl) New Zealand             
DNF Eduardo Cocina (USA)                        
DNF Rich Schenck (USA) Salamander Racing        
DNF Gustavo Artacho (Arg) Colavita Sutter Home