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Results and Reports for the USA

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Colorado Velodrome

Tuesday Night Racing, June 6, 2006

The first night of Tuesday Night Racing is under our belt! What a night! After the press that the SPiKE riders got for their efforts on Thursday Night, the Vitamin Cottage boys were out to show they too had some legs. In the 5 lap scratch it was speed specialist Brent Hanlin (Vitamin Cottage) taking the win over Mark Legg (SPiKE) by the narrowest of margins! Victor Williams (Vitamin Cottage) showed the boys how to ride the first Tempo race of the year with Mike Cubison (CU Cycling) grabbing second. Jeff Paul (Vitamin Cottage) scored the 3rd position. In the A/B Grade Combined madison, 11 teams came to the line for the first madison of the year. The competition between the team of George Hertner (Excel Sport)/Brent Hanlin and the SPiKE team of Mark Legg and National Cyclocross Champion Katie Compton was fierce from the start. At the end, Hertners flat out speed and Hanlin's sprint speed were too much for Legg/Compton to overcome. SPiKE filled up the podium with third place as well. David McIntosh and Kevin Knapp earned the bronze.

The FixedGearFever Racing/ESW Squad was in force in the B Grade Events with Racin-Jason Williams edging out his teammate, Emil Marinov in the 5 lap Scratch. Thom Miller grabbed the third place. The Tempo race was fast from the get-go. Jason Williams was able to grab yet another victory. Hammer Racing's David Williams scored the second with Thom Miller making it a double-third place night.

The C Grade Racing was good and safe! The scratch race saw Shawn Sharkey blasting to the line ahead of Graham Pratt and George Oliver (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW). George was not content with this finish as he went on to win the Tempo Race. Graham Brown scored another deuce with Ed -Too-Tall- Brown (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW) bringing in the bronze.

The Women had an interesting field. It was the Hammer Racing squadra vs. Katie Compton (SPiKE). The Hammer ladies were not willing to just give the races to SPiKE's multi-time National Champion, but in the end it was Katie taking the win in the 5 Lap. Kim Nuffer and Michelle Sneath followed Katie in for second and third. Katie was able to take the Tempo race in a solo break with Kim Nuffer and Marsha Macro battling it out for second and third. Kim Nuffer was able to step up to the top of the podium in the points race with Michelle Sneath earning another second and Melissa McCafferty coming in third.

Report & results courtesy fixedgearfever.com


A Grade
5 Lap Scratch

1 Brent Hanlin (Vitamin Cottage)
2 Mark Legg (SPiKE)
3 Mike Cubison (Cu Cycling)
4 Rich Voss (Hammer Racing Team)
5 George Hertner (Excel)
6 Ben Ollett (W. School Of Sport)
7 Kevin Knapp (SPiKE)
8 Dave Lindsey (Excel)
1 Vic Williams (Vitamin Cottage)
2 Mike Cubison (Cu Cycling)
3 Jeff Paul (Vitamin Cottage)
4 Ben Ollett (W. School Of Sport)
5 Mark Legg (SPiKE)
6 Brent Hanlin (Vitamin Cottage)
7 Kevin Knapp (SPiKE)
8 Dave Mcintosh (SPiKE)
1 George Hertner/Brent Hanlin
2 Katie Compton/Mark Legg
3 Dave Mcintosh/Kevin Knapp
4 Bruce Hitchcock/Jeff Paul
5 Dave Williams/Rob Roth
6 Dave Lindsey/Mark Mccafferty
7 Ben Ollett/Lee Cherry
8 Pat Bernard/Mike Cubison
B Grade
5 Lap Scratch

1 Jason Williams (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
2 Emil Marinov (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
3 Thom Miller (Unattached)
4 Mark Mccafferty (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Tom Propst (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
6 Dave Williams (Hammer Racing Team)
7 Lee Cherry Smarty Pants
8 Scott Patton (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
1 Jason Williams (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
2 Dave Williams (Hammer Racing Team)
3 Thom Miller (Unattached)
4 Lee Cherry (Smarty Pants)
5 Emil Marinov (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
6 Mark Mccafferty (Hammer Racing Team)
7 Tom Propst (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
8 Katie Compton (SPiKE)
C Grade
5 Lap Scratch

1 Shawn Sharkey (Unattached)
2 Graham Pratt (Unattached)
3 George Oliver (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
4 Ed Browne (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
5 Paul Vana (Unattached)
1 George Oliver (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
2 Graham Pratt (Unattached)
3 Ed Browne (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW)
4 Shawn Sharkey (Unattached)
5 Paul Vana (Unattached)
Women Open
5 Lap Scratch

1 Katie Compton (SPiKE)
2 Kim Nuffer (Hammer Racing Team)
3 Michele Sneath (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Melissa Mccafferty (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Marsha Macro (Hammer Racing Team)
6 Jodi Walzer (Hammer Racing Team)
7 Jan Lischer (Hammer Racing Team)
1 Katie Compton (SPiKE)
2 Kim Nuffer (Hammer Racing Team)
3 Marsha Macro (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Shannon Youngquist (Hammer Racing Team)
5 Melissa Mccafferty (Hammer Racing Team)
6 Michele Sneath (Hammer Racing Team)
1 Kim Nuffer (Hammer Racing Team)
2 Michele Sneath (Hammer Racing Team)
3 Melissa Mccafferty (Hammer Racing Team)
4 Jodi Walzer (Hammer Racing Team)

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