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Results and Reports for the USA

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Colorado Velodrome Association

June 1, 2006

And the CVA season is under way!

By Scott Patton, www.FixedGearFever.com

There was a lot of tension in the air as people tried to remember where they left their track bikes, what gear is a 48x14, would the big grey cloud dump rain on us, could we get through 15 bicycle races before dark, where is registration? You know, typical first night jitters!

One thing was for sure, the turn-out for this first Thursday night of racing was very good! The A Grade races started with heats for their 1 mile event as the race organizers thought there might be a little first night jitter type things going on! Everybody did well advancing nine riders to the final The final came down to a fast sprint with Mark Legg of the SPiKE team taking the honors Hammer Racing's Rich Voss showed he has been training coming in for second with Excel Sports rider George Hertner coming in third.

The A Grade Miss and Out 'featured' our only mishap of the evening We chatted with Steve Whitmore (Excel Sports) about his crash The only thing hurt was his pride We are happy to report his is fine With just a 5 riders left on the track, and Victor Williams (Vitamin Cottage Racing) off the front.. Greg Pont had to feel outnumbered with 3 SPiKE jerseys circling around him Greg did well to eliminate Logan Wealing but the team tactics of Kevin Knapp and Mark Legg left in in 4th place Kevin was able to secure the second place with Mark coming in 3rd A great solo effort for Victor Williams got him his first win of the season.

In the A grade 5 mile, it was the SPiKE guys taking and Victor Williams In the end, Victor could not contain both SPiKE riders and he had to settle for second Mark Legg scored another win with Kevin Knapp in third.

In the B Grade Racing, Jason Williams of FixedGearFever Racing/ESW showed the field a clean pair of wheels winning the 5 mile race in a good sprint Mark McCafferty (Hammer Racing) and Chad Latta battled it out for second and third respectively.

The 10 lap Scratch gave Jason a chance to show he has a little endurance taking the race in a solo break In this one, Mark McCafferty had to deal with Tom Propst (FixedGearFeverRacing/ESW) to take another second place.

For the B Grade final event, the C Grade riders joined in to save some time The race was smooth and methodic from the start With about 9 Laps to, Scott Patton (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW) sent his boys off the front to catch Scott Hendriks (Team Blue Skinsuit) Jason Williams and Tom Propst reeled in the break and continued towards the finish A little last lap debate over who would take the win cost Jason a better placing but Tom was able to complete the FixedGearFever Racing/ESW sweep of the B events! Randy McClain scored the second with Mike Paulin (Hammer Racing) grabbing the third.

The C Grade racing offered some great relaxed racing, allowing people to get their feet wet and have a of fun Randy McClain managed to grab both the 1 mile and the 10 lap Scratch.

The Developmental Men showed us one of the biggest fields of the night It was impressive to see so many new riders out there giving it a go! Lex Nichols (FixedGearFever Racing/ESW) did well, winning the one mile and the 10 Lap Scratch, Todd Borth fought hard, but was not able to hold off Lex in either case In the Developmental Men & Women Combined Field 5 Mile, Lex met his match with Cari Higgins showing the men she means business! It was a fast and furious sprint!

The Developmental Women had a small field, but track Veteran Charlotte Miller (Hammer Racing) out there giving some valuable training/mentoring information to the riders Cari Higgins and Heidi Wahl got in some great racing!

This may very well be our last Thursday night without lights!


A Grade
1 Mile

1 Mark Legg
2 Rich Voss
3 George Hertner
4 Vic Williams
5 Kevin Vick
6 Ken Rodriguez
7 Matt Benassi
8 Bruce Hitchcock
9 Terry Lott
Miss And Out
1 Vic Williams
2 Kevin Knapp
3 Mark Legg
4 Greg Pont
5 Logan Wealing
6 Steve Whitmore
7 Jeff Paul
8 Ben Ollett
9 George Hertner
10 Terry Lott
11 Rob Roth
12 Ken Rodriguez
13 Bruce Hitchcock
14 Sean Burke
15 Kevin Vick
16 Scott Hendricks
17 Eric Baar
18 Rich Voss
19 Mike Paulin
20 Matt Benassi
5 Mile
1 Mark Legg
2 Vic Williams
3 Kevin Knapp
4 Ben Ollett
5 George Hertner
6 Rob Roth
7 Kevin Vick
8 Jeff Paul
9 Scott Hendricks
10 Eric Baar
11 Bruce Hitchcock
12 Terry Lott
B Grade
1 Mile

1 Jason Williams
2 Mark Mccafferty
3 Chad Latta
4 Heidi Wahl
5 Greg Wilson
6 Scott Hendricks
7 Tom Propst
8 Ron Hargrave
9 Scott Patton
10 Melissa Mccafferty
10 Lap Scratch
1 Jason Williams
2 Mark Mccafferty
3 Tom Propst
4 Scott Hendricks
5 Mark Pelletier
6 Melissa Mccafferty
7 Greg Wilson
8 Ron Hargrave
9 Scott Patton
B and C Grade (Combined)
5 Mile

1 Tom Propst
2 Randy Mclain
3 Mike Paulin
4 Scott Hendricks
5 Jason Williams
6 Chad Latta
7 Brian Hoff
8 Lee Cherry
9 Mark Mccafferty
10 Graham Peatt
11 Melissa Mccafferty
12 Mark Pelletier
13 Rich Voss
14 Greg Wilson
15 Scott Patton
Group C
1 Mile

1 Randy Mclain
2 Lee Cherry
3 Brian Hoff
4 Graham Peatt
5 Jodi Walzer
10 Lap Scratch
1 Randy Mclain
2 Lee Cherry
3 Graham Peatt
4 Chad Latta
5 Steve Truesdale
6 Brian Hoff
7 Jodi Walzer
Development Men
1 Mile

1 Lex Nichols
2 Todd Borth
3 Shawn Sharkey
4 Brian Milnick
5 Nathan Schwartz
6 Frank Teneralli
7 Tony Quaranta
8 Alejandro Vieira
9 Mark Ming
10 Tom Pace
11 Jeremy Sie
12 John Drake
13 Nicholas Santistvan
10 Lap Scratch
1 Lex Nichols
2 Todd Borth
3 John Drake
4 Brian Milnick
5 Nathan Schwartz
6 Jeremy Sie
7 Frank Teneralli
8 Alejandro Vieira
9 Tom Pace
10 Shawn Sharkey
11 Tony Quaranta
12 Nicholas Santistvan
Development Men And Women (Combined)
10 Lap Scratch

1 Cari Higgins
2 Lex Nichols
3 Nathan Schwartz
4 Brian Milnick
5 Tom Pace
6 Tony Quaranta
7 Alejandro Vieira
8 John Drake
9 Shawn Sharkey
10 Jeremy Sie
11 Charlotte Miller
12 Nicholas Santistvan
Development Women
1 Mile

1 Cari Higgins
2 Charlotte Miller
3 Heidi Wahl
10 Lap Scratch
1 Cari Higgins
2 Charlotte Miller
3 Heidi Wahl

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