Team Cyclingnews - Down Under

Rider Profiles

Name of rider: Sven De Weerdt

Nationality: Belgian

DOB: 29-03-1978

Years in Team Cyclingnews.com- Down Under: 3rd year

Aims for this year: Being able to "race" in the big pro races

When did you start cycling, and why: At age 12 because it was the only thing I ever wanted to do.

Biggest inspiration: No one special

Best experience in racing bikes so far: Being in the national team

How's life in Belgium and where do you live? I find it always better in other countries but that's probably because I live here. I live 100 m from the team house.

Favourite bar if visiting your home town: De Kolf in Leuven or Den Afgrond in Heist o/d Berg

Favourite (Belgian) beer: Depends on occasion, weather and mood: Palm, Kriek or normal Pint

Most essential non-cycling piece of equipment: My minidisk player

Latest CD you bought - Was it any good: Starsailor, Love is here: I find it really good


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