Team Cyclingnews - Down Under

Rider Profiles

Name of rider: Leigh Palmer

Nationality: Australian

DOB: 29 July 1980

Years in Team Cyclingnews.com- Down Under: 1st year

Aims for this year: To help the team progress and to hopefully win a couple of races and help team mates win races.

When did you start cycling, and why: Started in 1994, and started cause my brother justin was riding and I just wanted to copy him.

Biggest inspiration: Parents for putting up with me all these years.

Best experience in racing bikes so far: US PRO cycling championships, racing against Lance and all the US Postal guys and some big Italian teams. The atmosphere was just amazing.

How's life in Belgium and where do you live? Life in Belgium is great, loving the training rides and the coffee, plus the team has us set up in a really nice place with a good bunch of guys so that makes it alot easier. Living in Booischot

Learning Flemish (if English-speaking): Trying to learn a little, would be good to speak Flemish as it would make live easy.

Favourite bar if visiting your home town: There is to many to choose from but I would probably have to say the Fringe Bar in the valley, good crowd.

Favourite (Belgian) beer: Well I couldn't say since I haven't tried any yet.

Most essential non-cycling piece of equipment: Mobile phone - can't live without it.

Latest CD you bought - Was it any good: Murphey Lee and I love it.


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