Team Cyclingnews - Down Under

Rider Profiles

Name of rider: David "Harro" Harrigan

Nationality: Aussie

DOB: 26/05/75

Years in Team Cyclingnews.com - Down Under? 2nd year

Aims for this year: To regularly place in the points of the bigger races on our calendar, main goals to win a 1.3 or 1.2 and represent Australia at the worlds

When did you start cycling, and why: 2000. I turned to cycling from triathlon after a bad season of running injuries. Never looked back

Biggest inspiration: My need to be competative, and to improve.

Best experience in racing bikes so far: You cant beat winning or scary stuff like crazy bunch kicks into small windy tight streets or flying down mountains at insane speed

How's life in Belgium and where do you live? It's great. We are well looked after the training is good and there is heaps of racing plus a great Illy coffee shop close to home. We live in a old pub in booischot makes us Aussies feel at home

Learning Flemish (if English-speaking): Yeah but it's slow going, not the sharpest tool in the shed...haha.

Favourite bar if visiting home town: Green House Tavern (Wed nights)

Favourite (Belgian) beer: Stella, Duvel, Leffe, Palm, Hoegaarden. Only one, too tough to chose.

Most essential non-cycling piece of equipment: Coffee machine, golf clubs

Latest CD you bought - Was it any good? A single by Khia - My neck, my back. It was the edited version so I wasn't happy. [ed- after looking at the lyrics, I'm glad you got the edited version. You are supposed to be training]


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