Team Cyclingnews - Down Under

Rider Profiles

Name of rider: Cody Stevenson

Nationality: Australian

DOB: 8 June 1980

Years in Team Cyclingnews.com- Down Under: 2 years

Aims for this year: Be more consistent, help the team, Win.

When did you start cycling, and why: When I was 4 I started BMX. (Mum wouldn't let me have a Motorbike)

Biggest inspiration: My family.

Best experience in racing bikes so far: The travel, the different life, my first pro race, GP Pino Cerami.

How's life in Belgium and where do you live? It's really good for training, and everyone is really friendly. Life is alot different here, so the variety of both worlds is good. I'm living in Booischot

Learning Flemish (if English-speaking): Klein beetje. I'm trying.

Favourite bar if visiting your home town: Tris Elies, The Alex, The Carro....

Favourite (Belgian) beer: I get drunk too quickly to know! Duvel is good!

Most essential non-cycling piece of equipment: All of my shoes, my Alfa Romeo!

Latest CD you bought - Was it any good: Haven't bought any lately, my favourite CD is Sneaker Pimps.


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