Team Cyclingnews - Down Under

Rider Profiles

Name of rider: Cameron Jennings

Nationality: Australian

DOB: 27/04/1979

Years in Team Cyclingnews.com- Down Under: 3rd year

Aims for this year: Continue my physical development within the sport, remain consistent, win and hopefully move up a level professionally.

When did you start cycling, and why: Started cycling when I was approximately 16. Started cycling as my brother was involved.

Biggest inspiration: My family and friends. Scott and Allan Davis who I have grown up with racing the local QLD cycling scene. They have made it to the highest level(s) in cycling and I know they made it through hardwork, and hardwork alone. Scott Sunderland also comes to mind as someone who inspires me with his professionalism.

Best experience in racing bikes so far: Getting my first Australian jersey and racing in Europe against the world's best.

How's life in Belgium and where do you live? Life is pretty good in Belgium however there is no place like home. Currently living in Booischot.

Learning Flemish (if English-speaking): Yes I am learning Flemish.

Favourite bar if visiting your home town: The Criterium Hotel with Milesy, Chaddy, Grunta, Wiggum, Raoul...

Favourite (Belgian) beer: Hoegaarden, but only a little.

Most essential non-cycling piece of equipment: Good music and something to play it on.

Latest CD you bought - Was it any good?: Radiohead "Hail to the Thief". Good.


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