Team Cyclingnews.com - Down Under - 2004

Great Britain, August 12, 2004

Postcard from London

By Phil Thuaux

Well, with the belief of many of you that I'm actually on a seven-month Euro holiday, and not doing any hard work, I had to head to London for a few days of NO BIKE, and see what holidaying is about. =)

Justifying it as a mid-season rest, I've come over to London for five days, for some venturing around, seeing the sights, and hitting the mental reset button! It's day three, and thus far the list of things done includes:

A good walk around Piccadilly (where I'm staying, at a backpackers), a look at the National Gallery, seeing Phantom of the Opera, more walking, catching up with some distant relo's for lunch, a wander through another gallery on the river bank, seeing the Lion King, a bus trip all around the joint, a river cruise down to Greenwich and back, a walk through Hyde park and along Oxford street shopping area. Another feed in Chinatown, then a trip on the London Eye after dark, followed by some more walking along the river bank and through Trafalgar square.

So, that's up to day three, and still almost two full days to fill in yet.

Had enough of the typing for now, so I'll get back to you all later in the week.

And hey, once the five days is over, it's back on the bike, non-stop till late October! I'll be back in Aus in six weeks' time, so hopefully can get back to some familiar faces soon.

Till next time,

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