Team Cyclingnews.com - Down Under - 2004

Belgium, July 3, 2004


By Cameron Jennings

Hi all,

Well, it has been over a week since I crashed and returned from Spain and the leg has taken its time in getting better, that's for sure. The first week I did not even contemplate riding the bike as I could not bend my leg past 15 degrees and I resigned myself to walking around like Kevin Spacey from the movie Usual Suspects between the couch and my bedroom.

Stitches are out courtesy of Dr. Me (look out Warren), swelling is starting to go down and my leg is starting to look normal again. Happy to say for the last three days, I have been able to ride though slowly I might add and only for 1-2hrs, but it is a start. Hopefully by early next week, some decent training rides can begin and that I can start building up again for the rest of the year.

Other news: a documentary has been completed on the team by a few English guys and can be found on the website www.cycling.tv. Just get to the website and follow the prompts and depending on how fast your connection is you can watch the doco there and then on your computer screen. We had a look last night and it turned out ok. Hopefully the doco comes of well to those who view it and gives you an insight into what I/we do.


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